The Most Festive Houses You've Ever Seen | VLOGMAS

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • The Most Festive Houses You've Ever Seen
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Comments • 96

  • Erin Ginn
    Erin Ginn Month ago +1

    but, was it actually Sunday?

  • Alyssa Roa
    Alyssa Roa Month ago +55

    Loving these Zoe/ Zach hangout sesh vlogs! Lol

  • saff M.
    saff M. Month ago +6

    wow the houses looks so magical! 🌝✨💕 i couldn't believe it!!

  • jamiejenelle
    jamiejenelle Month ago +238

    I’m curious if you were awake for your room service lol

  • Dermatillomaniac
    Dermatillomaniac Month ago +1

    That ending lol

  • tas ema
    tas ema Month ago +8

    7:12 it's like the black and pink house meme christmas version😂

  • M.C. MINX
    M.C. MINX Month ago +11

    Freakin vlogmas goals

  • M.C. MINX
    M.C. MINX Month ago +12

    Thee most festive vlogmas vlog yet well done from Canada

  • uriellyhigh
    uriellyhigh Month ago +13

    those houses are just magical! 😍

  • Kate Nicholson
    Kate Nicholson Month ago +1

    Probably my fave vlogmass vlog so far 😍

  • Dot Belanger
    Dot Belanger Month ago +1

    Love you Christmas vlogs 🎅🏼🎄Merry Christmas 🎅🏼🎄

  • Kate Nicholson
    Kate Nicholson Month ago

    This was sooo good lysm zoe 💞❤️

  • Adrienne Lucky
    Adrienne Lucky Month ago +552

    The houses that were decorated were massive. Absolutely gorgeous with all the lights though. Does anyone else ever wonder what the people who live there do for work? I’m always so curious!

  • Gary Jolly
    Gary Jolly Month ago +3

    Great. FLash-player. Video

  • Denise Farrell
    Denise Farrell Month ago +318

    "Does it smell like donuts or chicken? I can't tell." This is why I love her

  • Kelly Reed
    Kelly Reed Month ago +15

    The lights are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. And Happy Holidays. 💚🎄

  • Eddie Gannon
    Eddie Gannon Month ago +2

    Love the calligraphy one really beautiful

  • Aparna Chandran
    Aparna Chandran Month ago +2

    Love you Zoe ❤️😍

  • mia black
    mia black Month ago +5

    this reminds me of 2013 vlog,as for some reason

  • xxangelbrxx
    xxangelbrxx Month ago +55

    who else heard something’s gotta give by camila cabello at the end

  • Mildred Nolasco
    Mildred Nolasco Month ago +3

    I was at Dyker Heights on Saturday :'(((((

  • Mollie Curnow
    Mollie Curnow Month ago

    Love the NYC blogs! You should check out the roof of the 1 Hotel for beautiful views, and of course check out catbird while you are there!

  • Josefine Öijer
    Josefine Öijer Month ago +11

    what a dream to go there during christmas 🤩 and you are right that is the most festive house I've ever seen! #goals

  • Charlie Field
    Charlie Field Month ago +377

    That cliffhanger at the end😂

  • Sylvia Ida
    Sylvia Ida Month ago +1

    Does it smell like Donuts? Or Chicken? :DD

  • charlierose214
    charlierose214 Month ago +27

    Adventures of Zack and Zoe 💛🙌🏻

  • Maria tutunjian
    Maria tutunjian Month ago +4

    I can see you buyin a house there with the decos outside for xmas🎄😁

  • Princess_Greenleaf _xx

    Ooh yay love you Zoe

  • Ellie Boosey
    Ellie Boosey Month ago +7

    I'm early 😆 hope you are having the most amazing time in NYC ❤

  • Annie Raja
    Annie Raja Month ago +5

    I love you sooooo much and I absolutely love your vlogs x❤️

  • Caít Walsh
    Caít Walsh Month ago +9

    I live in Brooklyn! We go to Dyker every year. It's so exciting watching you explore my hometown. :) So cute!!!

  • Emily Wakeling
    Emily Wakeling Month ago

    What is Zoe's bag?? Love it!

  • Felicity Berry
    Felicity Berry Month ago +3

    I love your Vlogmas

  • Charlotte Rees
    Charlotte Rees Month ago +5

    I do love this time of year ❤️

  • Nimisha Kalra
    Nimisha Kalra Month ago +3

    I just love Zoe❤️

  • Felicity Berry
    Felicity Berry Month ago +3

    Heyyyyyyy You are my fav youtuber 💗💗

  • Stephanie Lake
    Stephanie Lake Month ago +3


  • Aleah Lawrence
    Aleah Lawrence Month ago +19

    these vlogs make me so happy and they make me feel all warm and cozy, thanks zoe!! love you 💗

  • Iris c
    Iris c Month ago +8

    Loving the new york and festive vibes ly and your vlogmas zoe! Xx

  • Ronan Morgan
    Ronan Morgan Month ago

    I’ve just been watching Last years Vlog Mas Zoe❤️

  • Mehar.crishedistian edits

    Are u an automatic magnet for aesthetics? I mean you Are the MOST aesthetically pleasing!!!!!!
    Also, btw your food I jut next level🥰

  • Freya Marshall
    Freya Marshall Month ago +3

    Loving the New York vlogs💗

  • Paul Cooke
    Paul Cooke Month ago +101

    I love the hair colour of Zoe’s hair

  • Helena Lee
    Helena Lee Month ago +4

    Best vlogs ever! Love you xx

  • Lucy Cunnachie
    Lucy Cunnachie Month ago +5

    Omg I love Christmas

  • Ruby Leigh
    Ruby Leigh Month ago +7

    Love these new york vlogs zoe💕

  • Aishwarya M
    Aishwarya M Month ago +2

    I love you so much

  • C Elizabeth
    C Elizabeth Month ago +2


  • Brianna Wallace
    Brianna Wallace Month ago +17

    I love your vlogmas videos! They make my day and get my mind off of finals. Thank you 💜

  • Angelica Hovanessian
    Angelica Hovanessian Month ago +12

    I really want to go to New York for Christmas now!!

  • Sondos
    Sondos Month ago +4


  • Penelope Penguin
    Penelope Penguin Month ago +1


  • Arty Crafts
    Arty Crafts Month ago +2

    Merry Christmas

  • Dear Old World
    Dear Old World Month ago +32

    Here at two mins. Why do I feel accomplished when realistically this not a good lifestyle habit 😂

  • Abbie Barker
    Abbie Barker Month ago +49

    this is why we love you!!

  • heymickii
    heymickii Month ago +2

    Woooo early club! Love your vlogmas content Zoe!

  • Liv Legg
    Liv Legg Month ago +6

    Loving the ny vlogs ❤️

  • Isabelle Phillips
    Isabelle Phillips Month ago +4

    Love these christmassy vlogs!!

  • Hnin Aung
    Hnin Aung Month ago +1

    liked it before watching!! and I'm first!! xxx

  • Sharon Foss
    Sharon Foss Month ago +1

    # 28 to 👍🏻!!! It’s a Christmas miracle!!!! Absolutely adore you and everything you share!! Love and Merry Christmas from Maine!! 💚❤️💚❤️