Destiny 2 but no one's having a good time

  • alternate reality zanny be coming

    Big shoutout to Blasters4Masters for sending me the Thorn!
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    And if you want some art of your Destiny Guardian like mine feel free to reach out to this talented artist! ViVidly_Stories
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    ►Music used
    Song : Yummy Flavor
    Produced by Umbrtone
    Provided by Umbrtone-No copyright music
    Video Link:
    Toploader - Dancing in the Moonlight - Instumental Cover by Anton V
    Destiny 2: Beyond Light Original Soundtrack - Track 06 - Deep Stone Lullaby
    Destiny 2 OST - Shell of What Was (Riven Heart Edition)
    Destiny 2 Original Soundtrack - Track 08 - Battle Stations
    Music credits:
    Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill (Cover) by Koji Kobura
    Art credits:
    Knight walking puppies animation - bluescluesv...
    Medieval overgrowth - mdesgn099
    Sitting with the pups - lazy__drawi...
    Dathomir -
    Floating temple - titiknoda_
    Alien fantasy - kyle_cochra...
    Medieval sunset - DainsArt
    White castle - fyctionv

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  • zanny
    zanny  12 days ago +196

    the DDM discord is free for anyone to join 👀

    • Alex D
      Alex D 10 hours ago

      You can’t ignore how good of a singer zany is. He actually has a great voice lol

    • Enough Mirror494
      Enough Mirror494 Day ago

      You should make a kingdom hearts video considering you used footage from the game

    • Jus jus gaming Tutorials
      Jus jus gaming Tutorials 2 days ago

      How tf do you have better stuff but a lower Mission then me

    • echo
      echo 5 days ago

      I have titan fall and titan fall 2

    • Micke42
      Micke42 6 days ago

      Play battlefront 2

  • jovan milenkovic
    jovan milenkovic 3 hours ago

    I will start destiny 2 again, ty for the corruption.

  • King Rufus901
    King Rufus901 8 hours ago

    "Destiny 2 but no one is having fun."
    So just Destiny 2

  • Esaú Pichilingue
    Esaú Pichilingue 14 hours ago

    I don't now sht about stats, i'm justo here for the drip

  • Spicywaterbucket
    Spicywaterbucket 17 hours ago

    The titan skin look like a futuristic sun wu kong from the China myth

  • X Cole
    X Cole 22 hours ago

    😂Damn man can sing

  • Gamma 2.0
    Gamma 2.0 23 hours ago

    So normal destiny

  • UncleR4y
    UncleR4y Day ago

    Ayy anyone know what's that Wreckfest map at 10:08 called?

  • Germanic hams
    Germanic hams Day ago

    People who grind and grind for hours and don’t enjoy the story or have fun doing quests confuse and scare me.

  • Anthony Valli
    Anthony Valli Day ago

    hey i started playing the avengers game its bad but bad in a confusing was like it tells you to do some thing but not where to go...ive been playing for three days so ye (lmao why did i type this?)

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper Day ago

    Zanny in his car : *keering over a ledge*
    YetiForHire : "Long Live The Drip King"

  • ghostrider 666
    ghostrider 666 Day ago

    I have that same sparrow

  • benboboston
    benboboston Day ago

    You gotta make a full voice over of dancing in the moonlight. Your singing is built different.

  • abby rosestone
    abby rosestone Day ago

    on my god i just realised the outro is gorillaz melancholy hill

  • Axel Isacsson
    Axel Isacsson 2 days ago

    An I the only one that likes zanny s destiny drip

  • Not a People person
    Not a People person 2 days ago

    As a big destiny player I agree I haven’t had real fun in the game in the in ages but I still play it cause I love it

  • HappyFunBall
    HappyFunBall 2 days ago

    I can tell you now that google wasn't lying about domestic abuse in New Zealand

  • dogieshrimp
    dogieshrimp 2 days ago

    at 12:55 as a brittish person i am so offended im going to go beat my wife

  • WarmButtered Toast
    WarmButtered Toast 2 days ago

    14:30 Somewhere in an alternate reality female Zanny is having the same conversation

  • Gaige Winter
    Gaige Winter 2 days ago

    As soon as I finished downloading the game, I made all three classes 😅

  • He - Man
    He - Man 2 days ago

    I never wipe

  • -An Actual Doggo -
    -An Actual Doggo - 3 days ago

    Alternative title: destiny 2 but no one ever had fun

  • batt3ryac1d
    batt3ryac1d 3 days ago

    Zanny singin my favourite song POG

  • Owen Jones
    Owen Jones 3 days ago +1

    When he sings dancing in the moonlight it makes me so happy. It's so wholesome. I love that song so much

  • Chicago’s Builder
    Chicago’s Builder 3 days ago

    Zanny lwk hella good at singing

  • Ghost of Ronin
    Ghost of Ronin 3 days ago

    Destiny 2 but no one is having a good time Destiny 2?

  • Busy Gamin’
    Busy Gamin’ 3 days ago

    11:08 if hitler played destiny

  • mehmet gurdal
    mehmet gurdal 3 days ago

    I thought I was the only person who has tear on his boxer.
    Not one or two all of them.

  • Joshua Seyferth
    Joshua Seyferth 3 days ago

    "Heres my god roll sword"
    well actually...

  • Ruben Sanchez
    Ruben Sanchez 3 days ago

    DAMIT! This video got me to redownload the game, anyone wanna play some day, I’m on Xbox

  • Joe Sutton
    Joe Sutton 4 days ago

    Where did you get the IRL gun

  • Tiger YumYums
    Tiger YumYums 4 days ago

    Rather than a Destiny 2 player than a WoW player right now 😂

  • BlueReaper6561
    BlueReaper6561 4 days ago

    5:37 Warmind cells are better

    • Uryen Atienza
      Uryen Atienza 3 days ago

      Does it matter? We here to watch Zanny suffer/have fun.

  • Crimson Moon
    Crimson Moon 4 days ago

    Vex drops from the shield itself, its not a drop from killing atheon

  • Bready Mold
    Bready Mold 4 days ago

    So you guys are relatives of LOL players?

  • jge treched346
    jge treched346 4 days ago

    Yo I already lost my existence playing this game.......who wanna play and be pals 👍

  • Simply Voxalis
    Simply Voxalis 4 days ago

    Still waiting for my THOC Titan M o n k e

  • Kevin Tito
    Kevin Tito 4 days ago


  • Weegameboy118 !
    Weegameboy118 ! 4 days ago

    I’m one of the few who can play destiny and then not play destiny both 2 and 1 and yes I’m halo fan

  • Space Griffin
    Space Griffin 4 days ago

    Not enough people realize your alternate reality girl/boy version of yourself is basically your twin(you're related)

  • TheSuperDude
    TheSuperDude 4 days ago

    Im so sad
    Btw zanny pls tell me how to get good gear pls

  • The Boss BT
    The Boss BT 4 days ago +1

    I started playing this game again after like 3 years. What a foolish man I was

  • Oliver Doughty
    Oliver Doughty 5 days ago

    Am I the only British guy watching or something

  • Owl
    Owl 5 days ago


  • CreditCardz
    CreditCardz 5 days ago

    First it’s the warden in his last for honor video and now it’s his destiny character zannys fashion sense is fading

  • Supahtek3000
    Supahtek3000 5 days ago

    Zanny can I have your dogs

  • Skyler Lewis
    Skyler Lewis 5 days ago

    Destiny 2 is pain and i cant escape, Zanny help what have you doNE

  • Padilla
    Padilla 5 days ago +1

    Caleb screaming woke up my cat

  • Riley SFPc Destiny
    Riley SFPc Destiny 5 days ago

    Alternate Title: Destiny 2

  • Ryan Harkin
    Ryan Harkin 5 days ago +1

    I just want to say that I played against Calub in comp recently, and he played like a little stasis hunter bitch.

  • Za Amburancu
    Za Amburancu 5 days ago

    Yo is that wreckfest?

  • Forsak3n Breed
    Forsak3n Breed 5 days ago

    Go play some Deep Rock Galactic.
    much more fun

    • Uryen Atienza
      Uryen Atienza 3 days ago

      Always more fun this, more fun that. Just let us have fun!

    • Jp Pesto
      Jp Pesto 4 days ago

      Too late I already have 700 hours in destiny

  • Cockaroach Communist

    Roman cant pay his car insurance anymore

  • Giovanni Buttigieg
    Giovanni Buttigieg 5 days ago

    Battlefront 2!!!!!!!

    • Uryen Atienza
      Uryen Atienza 3 days ago

      You know he can't just play that game forever?

  • Alex Rubio Alcerreca

    I need help guys, I made a new character and I need the sub class and I don't know how to get it

    • Michael Fackelman
      Michael Fackelman 5 days ago

      If you go to Ikora rey in the tower, she should give you the quests for the subclasses. Just complete these and then you should get the subclasses

  • Dark Titan
    Dark Titan 6 days ago

    Btw do you know SirZanny_cheese?

  • THEE goku black
    THEE goku black 6 days ago +10

    We've lost him, if he makes a hunter, he's truly gone..

  • Hot Dog
    Hot Dog 6 days ago

    I love how you deep stone lullaby playing while you’re telling us about your sun racers loadout

  • Andrew Soudbash
    Andrew Soudbash 6 days ago

    Bruh no one ever has a good time playing destiny

  • Renzo Russell
    Renzo Russell 6 days ago

    Zanny are you gonna do a spiderman Miles Morales playthrough

  • koen
    koen 6 days ago


  • Tyler Nicholson
    Tyler Nicholson 6 days ago

    We should get a video of zanny just singing for 10 minutes. It would be great 👍

  • lucas Heazlewood
    lucas Heazlewood 6 days ago

    Don't lie, you were vibing when "dancing in the moonlight" was playing

  • rico
    rico 6 days ago

    Hey I've been wondering for a while it's a dumb question but do you record your voice during play or do you just add it on after recording the audio separate

    • rico
      rico 6 days ago

      Also I love your videos I watch em every day your my favorite FLash-playerr sadly tho I never can catch your streams

  • ODSTSniper68
    ODSTSniper68 6 days ago

    The title is just the average description of destiny

    ELCHAPO GANG 6 days ago

    The baby looks so adorable in the cone but so sad 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Grayson Cothren
    Grayson Cothren 6 days ago


  • kota 7713
    kota 7713 6 days ago

    What happened to destiny, ppl still playing this shit of a game?

  • Silas Nolan
    Silas Nolan 6 days ago

    Hey Zanny could you play Splitgate

  • Aske
    Aske 6 days ago

    Isnt his sponsor just a fake fire & steel basically?