Braun Strowman and boxing champion Tyson Fury in huge brawl: Raw, Oct. 7, 2019

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • A face-off between Braun Strowman and heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury devolves into a chaotic brawl, requiring WWE security and Superstars to separate the two behemoths.
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Comments • 8 351

  • gmy33
    gmy33 41 minute ago

    ..its so good to realise .. fury isn t great at everything !!!! love this man ..!

  • Ky Zavros
    Ky Zavros 2 hours ago

    Fury’s hook missed by soo much 😆

  • Geum Ji-min
    Geum Ji-min 5 hours ago

    Manly hug, angry hug, metal hug.
    As long as it's not soft, it's not gay.

  • MelonHead1848
    MelonHead1848 5 hours ago

    3:30 I thought that was his beard

  • p00ki
    p00ki 9 hours ago +1

    This is so funny

  • xShiroNekox
    xShiroNekox 9 hours ago

    Now Tyson Fury defeated Wilder he is the king of boxing heavyweight

  • Oi Stop
    Oi Stop 10 hours ago

    I’m glad I left just before it got even worse

  • Marvin Raymundo
    Marvin Raymundo 12 hours ago +2

    bruh at 2:17 you can see tyson air punch they guy on the left and the guy acted like he got punched.🤯

  • Gregory Lynn
    Gregory Lynn 18 hours ago

    I can’t believe people enjoy watching this tripe.

    METHATIMES 19 hours ago +7

    Who's here after he's still undefeated?

  • Mattew val
    Mattew val 19 hours ago +1

    How tall they are both? Who is taller?

  • RaYugo
    RaYugo 20 hours ago

    I want 2016/17 heel Braun Strowman back

  • JackGeezy
    JackGeezy 20 hours ago

    Congrats Tyson World Champion

    MAGNOLIA SELECTA 20 hours ago

    Hugs and hugs and hugs. Thats all they can do 😂😂

  • Cody Thrive
    Cody Thrive 21 hour ago

    This is so cringe. Real boxing is so much better. Furry should go to AEW next time.

    NOOBPLAYZZZ 23 hours ago

    Let them fight!! Let them fight!!

  • Personal Best
    Personal Best Day ago +1

    This is awful.
    Your damn right

  • Lukáš Červeňák

    ABSURD 😂😂😂

  • whoisgibby
    whoisgibby Day ago +1


  • kyle
    kyle Day ago

    Is it just me or idk I don’t recognize anyone from the locker room that came out

  • lily aldrin
    lily aldrin Day ago +1

    Fury vs wilder 2
    Congrats fury

  • Yasiel Escalona
    Yasiel Escalona Day ago

    Who’s here after Tyson won today?

  • Jolo Rotoni
    Jolo Rotoni Day ago

    Look at 2:15 fury have magical punch or air punch

  • Dave C
    Dave C Day ago

    This is lame and sad wwe sucks ... at least stone cold and mike tyson made it more entertaining and believable lol

  • John Snoe
    John Snoe Day ago

    Naw not rehearsed. Not even once

  • Mohammad Conte
    Mohammad Conte Day ago

    Brawn stroman sounds like the undertaker

  • Franklin Clinton

    This is one of many reasons why they should tone down scripted promos

  • siddharth barik
    siddharth barik Day ago

    Fake crowd voice 😂😂😂

  • mistertoet kroenchot

    This is why I think that Deontay Wilder will win sat 22 of feb 2020

    CLAPZZEY __ 2 days ago

    Tyson would go through him

  • BlackDavincii
    BlackDavincii 2 days ago

    the fakest punches ever were thrown

  • Jason Farrall
    Jason Farrall 2 days ago

    Laughed all the way through!!! But admire Fury 🥊🥊🥊🥊

    MISHEK MWANGI 3 days ago

    Majority of Africans think it's real

  • Aaron Diaz
    Aaron Diaz 3 days ago

    00:05 I spot a takuache

    PUBG LOVERS 3 days ago

    Love u wrestling

  • TheFigureLover
    TheFigureLover 3 days ago

    you big dosser

  • A Don
    A Don 3 days ago

    the acting is worst than an 80s soap opera lol

  • Daniel Santiago
    Daniel Santiago 3 days ago

    They really wanted to hug eachother

  • Bobby Goninton
    Bobby Goninton 4 days ago

    Bloody cringe I miss the old wwe and wwf

  • Fahim Hussain
    Fahim Hussain 4 days ago

    2:15 Tyson’s punches are so powerful they don’t have to connect

  • Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz 5 days ago

    This was harddd to watch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • watchman
    watchman 5 days ago

    Utter garbage

  • Debora Kim
    Debora Kim 5 days ago

    I love how at one point there was more security on Tyson then Braun.

  • Gabe Salinas
    Gabe Salinas 5 days ago

    One of those security guards will be WWE champion one day

  • Neetyam Solanki
    Neetyam Solanki 5 days ago

    Wow, what a script

    PATHAN GAMING 6 days ago

    0.25x speed at 2:15 and enjoy the drama

  • The Shape
    The Shape 6 days ago

    This is awful television. Gotta like it haha

  • Russel P
    Russel P 6 days ago


  • Bertie G
    Bertie G 6 days ago


  • vikash thapa
    vikash thapa 6 days ago

    How many people think that they r not fighting just playing

  • La Débilyty Family
    La Débilyty Family 7 days ago

    But the slap in security guys by brawn strongman its real in speed 0.25 Tyson Fury fake braun strowman real

  • La Débilyty Family
    La Débilyty Family 7 days ago

    Put the speed in 0.25 and watch the action on 2:16 in video

  • La Débilyty Family
    La Débilyty Family 7 days ago

    It's fake Tyson Fury not fight I see in speed 0.25 the punch and kick is false

  • Subik Shrestha
    Subik Shrestha 8 days ago

    2:15 to 2:22 Just in case

  • reju p.varghese
    reju p.varghese 10 days ago

    Tyson vs khali how about that sound

  • Vtr0 BlaZe
    Vtr0 BlaZe 10 days ago

    If this was real strowman will be knocked out

  • Jett Robinson
    Jett Robinson 10 days ago

    Anyone see his bum lmao

  • Chico Bddd
    Chico Bddd 10 days ago

    Real af

    METHODZz 10 days ago

    Omg those punches fury did were so bad

  • Mark Guest
    Mark Guest 10 days ago

    I know its fake but how funny is it? Bodies flying everywhere lol,like an episode of Batman. Splat ! Kapow! Thwack! Biff!