Creating The WORST F1 Circuit Ever!

  • Published on Jun 1, 2020
  • There are plenty of ultimate F1 circuits out there but we've created the ultimate BAD one using the worst parts of tracks from the current calendar.
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Comments • 100

  • BucketBound
    BucketBound 2 hours ago

    Name: Langeweile Kreislauf der Selbsthasser

  • harshit shah
    harshit shah 5 hours ago

    I have to say it may just be the circuit tht tests the skills to the limits id luv to see it😅😅

  • PedanticGaming
    PedanticGaming 5 hours ago

    And to top it all off, when it's raining the mechanics only put drys on

  • Term26
    Term26 6 hours ago

    someone needs to make a modded map of this..

  • OutrunninKarma
    OutrunninKarma 10 hours ago

    Monza tunnel so often it makes a ring

  • Kung-fu Fighter11
    Kung-fu Fighter11 14 hours ago

    Hell Grand Prix. The devils thrown circuit

  • manat31790
    manat31790 15 hours ago

    I'm sure someone will turn this into a mod for a racing sim. That's where the fun starts.

  • Averagegamer 16
    Averagegamer 16 15 hours ago

    Circuit name: *American politics visualized: a clusterfuck noone wants to understand*

  • Your Username
    Your Username 17 hours ago

    Adding a novelle chicane would make it worse

  • Samniss Arandeen
    Samniss Arandeen 17 hours ago

    Still not as bad as Abu Dhabi and Sochi...

  • Superbogan
    Superbogan 17 hours ago

    Not gonna lie was expecting just Paul Ricard as that circuit is trash

  • Lila Rai
    Lila Rai 19 hours ago +1

    Name: devhell

  • Yohan
    Yohan 20 hours ago

    My circuit of hell would be 4 straights from different tracks, some tight 80-110 degree corners (turn 2, 3, 4, 16 from Baku maybe), forming a weird quadrilateral. Just thinking about it makes me bored.
    At least some bits of your track flow a little and there are some good corners.
    There might be overtaking but it's a crappy lap.

  • Jeffrey Phang
    Jeffrey Phang 21 hour ago

    What about just an oval ring?

  • Gabriel Tagle
    Gabriel Tagle 22 hours ago

    I hope you don't want to brake or change gear after a couple of laps😂😂

  • Miguel Soffarelli
    Miguel Soffarelli 23 hours ago

    Name: Mercedes 1-2

  • Blur4strike
    Blur4strike Day ago

    Circuit de Merde is what I'd name it.

  • Martín E.
    Martín E. Day ago

    easy, just make an oval. . .

  • Keltec Racing
    Keltec Racing Day ago

    Name it circuit de vil and stick it somewhere in europe

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    Is the halo of your car photoshopped ? I think that is a McLaren

  • Hayden De'Ath
    Hayden De'Ath Day ago

    De 2020 mayhem circuit. It matches the year

  • Chun Hei SO
    Chun Hei SO Day ago

    You just gave Hermann Tilke some really good ideas

  • Raden Rizki
    Raden Rizki Day ago

    Circuit de Helle

  • Modest Gamertag
    Modest Gamertag Day ago

    Circuit de Maldonado

  • Efe
    Efe Day ago

    still not paul richard level

  • Sam Todd
    Sam Todd Day ago

    Shit circuit should be the name

  • FinTroller
    FinTroller Day ago +1

    Someone needs to make this for Assetto Corsa so we can have Jimmy driving it

  • TTYL
    TTYL Day ago

    Canada is so nice, not even 1 corner from Canada were added to this circuit

  • itzChayz
    itzChayz Day ago +2

    Name: Circuit de Maldonado

    • Red Beta
      Red Beta Day ago

      itzChayz Circuit de Peklo. The Czech term, or Circuit de DiYan. The Chinese Pinyin term.

  • auliarhmn
    auliarhmn Day ago

    there is already a bad circuit and the name is Monaco

  • JamesGodden
    JamesGodden Day ago +1

    **reads title** Creating the WORST F1 track
    Me: Huh you must be reviewing Sochi

  • Adam Bainbridge
    Adam Bainbridge Day ago

    Looks like a ducking amazing circuit for a motorcycle race or a one lap time attack!


    The Wiliams Ring

  • Rafael Akapohi
    Rafael Akapohi 2 days ago

    the only thing i understood from this video, is that Interlagos is perfect

  • Pannuminator
    Pannuminator 2 days ago

    who needs to design a worst circuit when there's paul ricard

  • Jamie Hawkins
    Jamie Hawkins 2 days ago

    Name: death valley circuit

  • Vlad Vorniceanu
    Vlad Vorniceanu 2 days ago

    Name: The CoronaDrome

  • Sparey44
    Sparey44 2 days ago

    We should probably leave shit F1 tracks to the professionals in America

  • Nesnej Productions
    Nesnej Productions 2 days ago

    Herman tilke: right that down! right that down!

  • HAVYN88
    HAVYN88 2 days ago

    A rectangular circuit with only left turns.

  • Bradley Stevens
    Bradley Stevens 2 days ago


  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas 3 days ago

    The Pastor Maldonado-no-no

  • galekzy
    galekzy 3 days ago

    Hermann Tilke wants to know your location

  • NIno Fleischer
    NIno Fleischer 3 days ago

    Only take Texas that´s bad enough

  • Tiago Sousa Graça
    Tiago Sousa Graça 3 days ago

    Circuit BolsoTrump

  • NIno Fleischer
    NIno Fleischer 3 days ago

    Austin Texas circuit

  • Becky Phu
    Becky Phu 3 days ago

    The worst circuit would look like Sochi

  • Luckybro vlogs and gaming

    curcuit de corona

  • Vyas Ponnuri
    Vyas Ponnuri 3 days ago

    Kemmel straight is awesome not bad

  • Idiot Idiot
    Idiot Idiot 3 days ago

    Highway to hell

  • filipe figueiredo nunes

    To make the worst circuit its simple : only get the chinese Gran prix

  • Antoine Forakis
    Antoine Forakis 3 days ago

    It should be called Renault (because they suck) Red Bull for life

  • adrian frampton
    adrian frampton 3 days ago

    Circuit Paul Ricard

  • luis cassol
    luis cassol 3 days ago

    so we can all agree that the brazilian circuit is epic and should host the final race again?

  • Paul McElligott
    Paul McElligott 4 days ago +80

    Don’t worry about elevation changes. To be a proper “circuit from hell,” it should be completely flat, with an industrial park on one side and a parking lot on the other. It should also be in Phoenix, AZ, and the race held in the middle of August.
    Name: The Tilkering.

  • Giulio Posenato
    Giulio Posenato 4 days ago

    Worst circuit for f1? A speedway

  • bluepuppy 154
    bluepuppy 154 4 days ago

    Sochi dhabi

  • Sharkobtf4
    Sharkobtf4 4 days ago

    Gp of India

  • Balázs Harza
    Balázs Harza 4 days ago

    Name: Circuit de la Shite

  • Adart Adart
    Adart Adart 4 days ago

    Idea: Hellring

  • TheBlueRover
    TheBlueRover 4 days ago +1

    Name it: oops I fell out of my car ring

  • Funko Yoda
    Funko Yoda 4 days ago

    I call it: seb sBino ring. :/

  • Mika Bison
    Mika Bison 4 days ago

    I think Ericson hit us track

  • Ata Aydoğan
    Ata Aydoğan 4 days ago

    hockenheim turn 1, baku turn 5,6, the entire abu dhabi and sochi, shanghai turn 5,6,7.

  • Xeakpress
    Xeakpress 4 days ago

    SO this track is just Sochi...

  • xdd play
    xdd play 4 days ago

    In short:Shanghai

  • Larry Khalarga
    Larry Khalarga 5 days ago

    Tilke: “You are hired!”

  • The Guy That makes you mad

    So, Monaco?

  • Eliot Stephens
    Eliot Stephens 5 days ago

    Circuit De Eau Poup

  • Janbaka
    Janbaka 5 days ago +3


  • Rad
    Rad 5 days ago

    Turns 5-7 on spa

  • Nelson Luis Freire
    Nelson Luis Freire 5 days ago

    There's a name buried inside this videos: Mr Tilke. How possibly so many F1 circuits were given to such stupid designer? Old circuits, like Silverstone, Interlagos, Suzuka, are not in the list. Any clues? This Hermann guy simply ruined it all

  • Kenny Patts
    Kenny Patts 6 days ago

    wait, this isn’t the Paul Ricard?

  • George Thomson
    George Thomson 6 days ago

    Turn 13 i think at Bahrain instead of turn 6 at Mexico because The cerb is really slippery

  • Ivo Trausch
    Ivo Trausch 6 days ago

    We should call it Yas Marina.

  • Kane Boggis
    Kane Boggis 6 days ago

    I quite like the look of this track. I would think the circuit from hell would include all of the sectors that have been notoriously difficult to navigate, past and present.

  • elobiretv
    elobiretv 6 days ago

    A straight with DRS banned would be awesome, we might actually see drivers try to overtake on corners then.

  • Auxence Fromont
    Auxence Fromont 6 days ago +1

    the Eyjafjallajökull ring !

  • Peter
    Peter 6 days ago

    Call it the Hitlergör Ring

    MFAIRUS MMDAMIEN 6 days ago

    circit gacha de grave

  • Ali Murat Varışlı

    Hiç uğraşma, Valencia pistini koy tek başına. Zaten en kötü pist o.

  • H DHIL
    H DHIL 6 days ago

    This track is so bad that it might be good

  • H DHIL
    H DHIL 6 days ago

    Name is monaco2.0

  • Cobalt Bandalore
    Cobalt Bandalore 6 days ago

    Someone has to modify a game or a simulation, or something to make this track

    ZAGREBBUSHR 41 7 days ago


  • Ashish Joshi
    Ashish Joshi 7 days ago +3

    I actually happen to love the track! Would definitely be interesting!!!
    Name: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious grand prix... A name as long as the track I suppose! 😜

  • Heresstomz
    Heresstomz 7 days ago

    I really wanna drive this circuit to see how many times I rage,
    And for track name what about poor retard because its worse than France

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 7 days ago

    I'm glad that Albert Park didn't get a mention!

  • Thomas Lauffenberger
    Thomas Lauffenberger 7 days ago +2

    Love the idea of a Star Trek "teleport" lap! Just imagine being in the stands--anywhere--for that one!
    As for a name, how about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course! Oh, wait, that's taken...and what about the (now re-profiled) double-180 S-curve after coming of the Hullman straight? That defied all logic...

  • Medicine Media UK
    Medicine Media UK 8 days ago

    Build a mod and let’s do it on the sim

  • DILO GOD !!!
    DILO GOD !!! 8 days ago

    Name: goodbye fun
    Other name: we're done
    Last name: valtteri its james

  • Metallic Banana
    Metallic Banana 8 days ago


  • ville658
    ville658 8 days ago

    I hope reverse races

  • jack welch
    jack welch 8 days ago

    some one make this track mod for assetto corsa plz

  • FlandPark
    FlandPark 8 days ago

    Still better than Sochi.

  • Mick Hoving
    Mick Hoving 8 days ago

    there is already a track in the F1 calendar that's crap, Hungaroring

  • HB
    HB 8 days ago

    I looked at the thumbnail and thought they were talking about a real Tilkedrome track.

  • Ray Cism 65
    Ray Cism 65 8 days ago

    This looks like my intestinal tract

  • Seto’s Doppelgänger

    Name: The Finale.

  • Joselito Lazaga
    Joselito Lazaga 8 days ago

    The def trak