10 WWE Wrestlers Who Clearly Lost Their Physique When OFF 'ROIDS!'

  • The difference between a wrestler ON and OFF ROIDS is truly shocking.
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  • Surinder Sidhu
    Surinder Sidhu 13 minutes ago

    You spelt hulk hogan wrong just letting u know

  • vme moo
    vme moo 18 minutes ago

    The funny thing is, the wrestlers never NEEDED the roids to begin with. And they still have a better physique then 95% of the new generation of WWE stars!

  • Pornnelius Hubbard
    Pornnelius Hubbard 35 minutes ago

    They all did it no question. The rock today still does it to keep up with what Hollywood wants of him...grant it they had great genes and the drug use just made it skyrocket

  • Ant Q
    Ant Q Hour ago

    4:50 some gyno happening on this man. Clear sign of steroids. Totally ripped and jacked but got titty fat lol

  • TheRmm1976
    TheRmm1976 Hour ago

    Um, all these guys just got OLD too. That will do it.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 2 hours ago

    I remember Jeff Bagwell, commenting on Steiner's arms, said they looked like a "Roadmap" 😅

  • Miguel Mojica
    Miguel Mojica 4 hours ago

    Who cares if these guys used steroids it's fake anyways 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dasherr
    Dasherr 9 hours ago

    2:56 dude looks like he forgot his Synthol needles inside of his triceps.

  • vm mk
    vm mk 11 hours ago

    Edge & Shawn michaels are some of the few wrestlers who have a natural Physique

  • Ian Kempster
    Ian Kempster 11 hours ago

    One thing about steroids is that you can't be " on cycle " all the time.

  • peter oliseh
    peter oliseh 13 hours ago

    If cena wasn’t on steroids then this list isn’t meaningful

  • Anirudh Thombare
    Anirudh Thombare 15 hours ago

    And there was Kane, man, look at him in 97-02, he was insanely demonic as well as athletic. A true WWE Legend

  • Kamala2111
    Kamala2111 18 hours ago

    VKM was on roids

  • GodofWarChuka
    GodofWarChuka 19 hours ago +1

    What about Andre the Giant? He was Massive!

  • Marcus Louissaint
    Marcus Louissaint 22 hours ago

    What about superstar billie grahm ?

  • Julian Valeri
    Julian Valeri Day ago

    Lads! When people start Jucin’ they still training like mad men, otherwise you WILL look like everyone in these photos! It’s pretty difficult to keep a physique like that when they start to get older weither they are on roids or not. The training leaves lots of wear and tear on your body as well as their line of work. The steroids makin that wear and tear about 10x worse. No doubt they’re in gear, but that ain’t why they look like they do, it’s just age, and a halt in how they train.

  • Anthony Golyer
    Anthony Golyer Day ago

    Other than the few abusers that ruined their own health , does anybody really care about this garbage. Its not the NFL or another sport where your against opponents. For the most part of any situation these guys are on the same team. Being a big dog really depends on just being a flamboyant version of yourself. Attitude and personality. Wouldnt bother me if I found out people did roids that I never thought did.

  • David Gasparetto

    Hulk "Hoagan" 😝

  • Brian Gawlak
    Brian Gawlak Day ago

    Now we need one what they (WWE wrestlers) looked like before roids and then after.

  • Michael Sinn
    Michael Sinn Day ago

    1 minute in... they misspell the BIGGEST name in wrestling by spelling it "Hoagan"... 😂

  • Watches Etc!
    Watches Etc! Day ago

    Hulk hoagan? Or hogan?

  • Pipe Surfer
    Pipe Surfer Day ago

    Steroids of course. And to do with time/age..... wish I looked as impressive as I did when in my prime

  • ShojoBakunyu
    ShojoBakunyu Day ago

    If steroids can result in fast muscle building and weight loss I'd take them in a HEARTBEAT just to overcome my shitty genetics, trauma history, and physical disability that makes working out HURT ALL THE TIME. I'm in bed right now when I should be at the gym because my joints hurt too much to move let alone work out. What happened to my body my choice? Use them short term and you offset a ton of physical issues that would come from not using them.

  • William Bosquez
    William Bosquez Day ago

    Chris master 💪🙌

  • penelope lemmonds

    as for triple h using meds to help him out at the time triple h had a tummy stephanie was pregnant that was sympathy weight due to steph being pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Muntazir Rupani
    Muntazir Rupani 2 days ago

    Hulk is old he cant stay young...lol

  • Mateo VA
    Mateo VA 2 days ago

    0:02 y los trapecios?

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles 2 days ago +1

    I mean it was pretty obvious who was on roids and who wasn’t

  • Adrian Vazquez
    Adrian Vazquez 2 days ago

    Obviously if you want to have a better than average physique you take gear. Many athletes use them. It's time to get over this immature way of thinking

  • Jonathan Jacobo
    Jonathan Jacobo 2 days ago

    Everyone in the WWE is on steroids.

  • Roman365
    Roman365 2 days ago

    Spike Dudley was definitely on steroids...
    Prove me wrong!!!

  • Iron Mike Tyson
    Iron Mike Tyson 2 days ago

    Everybody Is On Sterois
    nate Diaz!

    KELVIN NZIOKA 2 days ago

    Kane was the only naturally well built wrestler of all time

  • Dora Santos
    Dora Santos 2 days ago +1


  • Premium 718
    Premium 718 2 days ago

    Feel sorry for Luger... Seems like he is a.cool guy that caught a bad break

  • jaylee2222
    jaylee2222 2 days ago

    Who spells Hogan hoagan 🤦‍♂️

  • Tyrell Lovitt
    Tyrell Lovitt 2 days ago


  • Truthful Robot
    Truthful Robot 2 days ago

    Before Mc Donalds foods and After lol

  • Gerardo Nunez
    Gerardo Nunez 2 days ago

    "Hulk Hoagan" 😂

  • fall guy
    fall guy 2 days ago

    Wrestling isn't wrestling if there are no steroids bottom line. Same thing with all professional sports

  • The GodDamnBot
    The GodDamnBot 2 days ago

    Roid rage not a thing huh? Guess telepathy is how Kendrick Johnson’s neck was broken

  • Rice's Retro
    Rice's Retro 2 days ago

    This guy doesn't know a whole lot about how people's physics change as they age...wow

  • slkrik31
    slkrik31 2 days ago

    They left out Randy Orton, that’s surprising.

  • Mikes Karaoke
    Mikes Karaoke 2 days ago

    Steroids are bad for the body. One guy passed away age 26 in a local gym. Best to do it the right way and don't take any of that stuff.

  • Robert Rodarte
    Robert Rodarte 2 days ago

    It happens when you get old
    Get real you probably never lifted a weight in your life

  • Kenny Michael Alanya

    *everybody's on steroids* -. Nate "The Marijuana guy: Diaz

    • Mason Lush
      Mason Lush 2 hours ago

      Unknown Entity ? Both nick and Nate smoke on the daily wtf are you talking about 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Unknown Entity
      Unknown Entity Day ago

      Nick is the marijuana guy.

  • Loonatic
    Loonatic 3 days ago

    What about Rikishi? He seems clean

  • Juan Manuel Díaz Quiñonez

    Pro wrestling is just a bunch of bodybuilders pretending to be fighting

  • Big Trips Keepin it real

    They deflate like balloons

  • WLabelmeCool
    WLabelmeCool 3 days ago

    damn Kurt.

  • UnicornVomit69
    UnicornVomit69 3 days ago

    One of the main ingredients for hulk and savage was that booger sugar! 😂😂💀

  • TheUndertakerVII
    TheUndertakerVII 3 days ago

    I honestly would think the more realistic looking body would be more intimidating

  • Chris Mooney
    Chris Mooney 3 days ago

    To be honest, most of these changes in physique can be explained by just getting old. It's impossible to maintain the same muscle mass once you get to around the age of 40. Your body just rejects it and you get muscle wastage. I'd say almost every wrestler in this list was around that age, when they were seen as being smaller

  • Netsuko
    Netsuko 3 days ago +21

    I'm convinced that Kurt Angle's torso consist of at least 80% neck.

  • Eduardo Zanabria
    Eduardo Zanabria 3 days ago

    “Brain Cage”

  • Nico Frid
    Nico Frid 3 days ago

    But cmon, HHH nowadays looks good.

  • Amin Srour
    Amin Srour 3 days ago

    You forget to factor age in

  • João Fagundes
    João Fagundes 3 days ago

    you should make a video about the times when wrestlers communicate too loud during matches

  • Rahjeem Hunter
    Rahjeem Hunter 3 days ago +1

    Scott stiener looks like he created steroids 😂

  • Trent Strickland
    Trent Strickland 3 days ago

    HHH looks like Ned Stark in the thumbnail lol

  • Rev. Korth
    Rev. Korth 3 days ago

    Eddie Guerrero would switch physique like normal people switch clothes

  • M S C
    M S C 3 days ago


  • stephen kegebein
    stephen kegebein 3 days ago

    Look at Sting. He should be on this list too. 85, 88, 90, 97 and so on. Hate to say it but pro wrestling is all about the look. Has been since Superstar Billy Graham in the 70’s. Then Hogan, The Road Warriors and so on.

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan 3 days ago

    Steroids = Death

  • Alexandra Collins
    Alexandra Collins 3 days ago +9


    කිරීමට දිවුරුම් ප්රකාශයක් ලබා ගැනීම සඳහා

  • Pratham 1240
    Pratham 1240 3 days ago

    Where is kane and great khali

  • Auset McChristion-Thomas

    Hogan scared Piper at 1:47

  • Adrien Broner
    Adrien Broner 3 days ago +1

    Even with steroids you don't look like that after one or two cycles. It still takes years of hard work. Not months, years.

  • Mrinal Sen
    Mrinal Sen 4 days ago

    What about Batista...????

  • Mrinal Sen
    Mrinal Sen 4 days ago

    What about Batista...???

  • super players tube
    super players tube 4 days ago +1

    Catch you in 0:51 wrong spelling of hulk hogan

  • Fredy Vergara Show
    Fredy Vergara Show 4 days ago

    Fat straight hair Triple H was my childhood lol

  • Patrick Not-Star
    Patrick Not-Star 4 days ago +1

    "Hulk Hoagan" 😂😂😂😂

  • Tom Lyons
    Tom Lyons 4 days ago

    Hulk Hoagan??

  • Welcome to chili’s Chili’s

    And since when is this supposed to be about steroids it's about who lost weight

  • rawrtunaisgod
    rawrtunaisgod 4 days ago

    Why is it such a big deal if any of them are on steroids when it comes to scripted fighting lmao? I could understand all the conversations if it were over boxing or mma but what is the big deal if professional wrestlers are using roids or any things for muscle growth? Isn’t the whole point for them to look massively intimidating to go along with their character? I mean it’s not for a legit competition, they’re putting on a show. It’s their bodies and I’m sure they’re far aware of the risks and long term effects of steroids by now.

  • Pedro Lopez
    Pedro Lopez 4 days ago

    Pare al cibernetco jajja triple leche

  • Teniera Alexander
    Teniera Alexander 4 days ago

    I love it amazing I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I really like it
    Oh my God but if it's bad I'm going to punch you in the face

  • BubbaGrace
    BubbaGrace 4 days ago

    Thumbnail: One is a pose meant to show muscle, the other is walking. Also the posed photo features oil, while the walking one is dry skin. Body builders get tan and use oil because it shows more definition. It's a misleading comparison, which is par for the course with this channel. I wish youtube would stop recommending these ad revenue milking, click bait garbage videos from this channel.

  • ravenjetbyrne
    ravenjetbyrne 4 days ago

    Before and after the Juice..flash-player.org/video/DlFBsiMnl8c-video.html

  • Aliver Acosta
    Aliver Acosta 4 days ago

    It's sad to know that they use steroids and showing off that they got them because they worked hard

  • Haze39
    Haze39 4 days ago

    Ryback was on roids too

  • StevenMO Guzman
    StevenMO Guzman 4 days ago

    Not even 1 minute in and you misspell Hulk Hogan?? Wtf

  • Tom Cave
    Tom Cave 4 days ago

    Why dont they just let em take it and get jacked and tan, its not like its a real sport with a real title on the line. Its hilarious they call this a free country and yet we have no personal freedom 🤔

    GLORIA CARDENAS 4 days ago

    Your vids suck with all this commercials

  • Shawn C
    Shawn C 4 days ago

    Im surprised brock wasnt #1

  • Laveranues Owusu
    Laveranues Owusu 4 days ago

    Vince had a monster physique

  • sudo cat sda1 guy
    sudo cat sda1 guy 4 days ago

    Losing mass or definition is not much of a tell. Gaining definitely is. Especially guys who start out huge tend to lose a lot of mass because it's just too big of a task to move it all for 10-30 minute match. Also they have hell of a schedual that keeps them from pumping iron like they did before TV-appearances. They likely need HGH just keep the mass they end up having. Steroids don't force muscle growth, just helps it alot

  • Tshenolo King
    Tshenolo King 4 days ago

    Yeah well I did question Hunter's sudden gut

  • The Health Body Fitness

    Chyna was my First Crush in WWF - WWE But Drugs will kill you in the Long Run Very informative Stay Healthy people's 💪😎

  • Nate Taite
    Nate Taite 4 days ago

    all wrestlers are on vitamin s

  • Hun Dynasty
    Hun Dynasty 4 days ago

    Where is john cena

  • Rob Timberlake
    Rob Timberlake 4 days ago

    I’m not entirely sure why anyone cares about PEDs in a giant play. It is a brutal play that requires extreme athleticism but a play nonetheless. I say juice em to the gills and watch the act!

  • Scott Sarin
    Scott Sarin 5 days ago

    This video is laughable at best.
    What a bunch of BS

  • Warge
    Warge 5 days ago +2

    Edge too

  • Mike Ciminera
    Mike Ciminera 5 days ago

    How do you spell Hulk Hogan wrong??

  • Rayne Kraven
    Rayne Kraven 5 days ago

    wrestlelamia: cant write Hogan right, you wrote Hoagan

  • The Train
    The Train 5 days ago

    Geez. Vince was ripped

  • E E
    E E 5 days ago

    Mother Nature always wins

  • TheGamer DJ
    TheGamer DJ 5 days ago

    The thumbnail though