FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 Queens' RuVeal

  • They’re baaaaaaack! Raja and Raven return to toot and boot the brand new Season 12 Queens promo looks! Catch the star-spangled premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 at 8PM on Friday, February 28, and immediately afterwards on WOW Presents Plus in select territories!
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  • Teach Me English
    Teach Me English 2 hours ago

    Interesting fact for you guys : "pompes" is French slang for shoes ;-)

  • Miss.Phoenixx
    Miss.Phoenixx 2 days ago

    Styling baby hair might be new for the drag community as Raja and Raven are saying idrk but I’m not a drag queen so I can’t comment on that...but it’s not new for the Black and Hispanic community..seriously it’s been done for YEARSSSSS

  • Tiana Mcbean
    Tiana Mcbean 4 days ago

    Styling your baby hairs is such a popular thing to do in the natural hair *curly hair* community so y’all aren’t gonna stop seeing it anytime soon even if it doesn’t get popular in the drag community you will still see it a lot outside of it lmfaoo

  • Esme Hamer
    Esme Hamer 5 days ago

    have no clue what's going through raja and raven's heads anymore when they make these videos... smh

  • Parker Langford
    Parker Langford 7 days ago

    What the fuck does “read” mean? I’m not privy to cross dresser language.

  • Felipe Fernandes
    Felipe Fernandes 7 days ago

    you criticised only the black queens =O

  • Isaiah Griffith
    Isaiah Griffith 7 days ago

    Aiden: boot
    Brita: toot
    Crystal: tooooot
    Dahlia: toot, but it's not a swimsuit competition
    Gigi: toot, the house down boots
    Heidi: toot bitch
    Jackie: toot very house wife
    Jaida: toot, very Bianca del Rio but makeups different
    Jan: boot, move over sis it's Nicki's season
    Nicky Doll: toot, STUNNING
    Rock: toot, kawaii
    Widow: boot, stunning any other time but she should've removed the harness and pants and replaced with a skirt.........

    Allison left the chat

  • Ashley Bamp
    Ashley Bamp 8 days ago

    i live in Springfield Massachusetts ladies

  • Kyleee
    Kyleee 8 days ago

    trixie’s makeup is inspired by Barbie and rock m sakura’s makeup mimicks manga. they look similar but it doesn’t mean that one is copying the other.

  • ɭعค ɭعค
    ɭعค ɭعค 9 days ago

    omg, ya'll look amazing!!!!!

  • TheGaming Snake
    TheGaming Snake 9 days ago

    Raven is always a mood

  • Massimo Squecco
    Massimo Squecco 10 days ago

    Raja is 49, Raven 46, Rupaul is 60 y,o, and you can tell that because they all are miauwing, mhmhing, cocooing on TV & online for deserved retirement cash'.

  • Massimo Squecco
    Massimo Squecco 10 days ago

    Loss of words, stupid mouth sounds, and desperation + Mandatory toots: the horse is beaten to death. You are done for sure

  • AHS 777
    AHS 777 10 days ago

    I’ve seen every season of RuPaul’s drag race but what I just DON’T understand is why yall are so damn proud of that country??? To me the USA seems so damn racist and homophobic and conservative and everything that would make gay people that do drag feel bad??? I

  • Kayleigh Kopenhiemer
    Kayleigh Kopenhiemer 11 days ago

    I Stan everyone supporting rock m Sakura in this comment section

  • KillingLonliness88
    KillingLonliness88 11 days ago

    FUCK YES RAJA IS BACK! I LOVE THESE TWO TOGETHER!! The show just isn't as good without them both together here.

  • aQuayQuay
    aQuayQuay 11 days ago

    Raven, do you love Aiden's wig 5 looks worth?

  • Authentic Aesthetic
    Authentic Aesthetic 11 days ago +1

    Springfield, Missouri
    Springfield, Montana
    Springfield, Illinois
    Springfield, New Jersey
    Springfield, Virginia
    Springfield, Ohio
    Springfield, Florida
    Springfield, Tennessee
    Springfield, Oregon
    Springfield, Nevada
    Springfield, Colorado
    Springfield, Massachusetts

  • Ash Green
    Ash Green 12 days ago

    Jackie coxx is giving me 60s go go dancer vibes love it

  • Justin Arnstein
    Justin Arnstein 13 days ago +4

    Bruh they’re just giving their opinions on the drag why is everyone so triggered 😂

  • Genesis Kravitz
    Genesis Kravitz 14 days ago

    I came to this video to see what all the hoot was about with Rock M and honestly, Raven and Raja’s commentary wasn’t even that bad. They didn’t say ANYTHING disrespectful. Even if they missed the reference, they did what they’ve ALWAYS done ALL THIS TIME: critique fashion. That’s what a review IS! I’m not here as a stan if either Raja or Raven. I’m just a fan of the show and y’all sound like some pansies throwing a fit over a small bout of ignorance meshed in a poor opinion. Grow up!

  • Aussie R
    Aussie R 15 days ago

    raven looks like a tube of colgate toothpaste

  • Reese Whitley
    Reese Whitley 16 days ago

    AWWWWW Poor Rock M. I loved her look and get the Gundam/Mech reference because im an Otaku too!!!

  • Ayonna Infinity
    Ayonna Infinity 16 days ago

    God I missed raven

  • Sinclair Marshall
    Sinclair Marshall 16 days ago

    Monaw Esjhaw

  • Big T
    Big T 17 days ago


  • gavman888
    gavman888 17 days ago

    I just hate that they were saying "that's kim-chi, that's Trixie", but like, no. That's Rock Em. That's what she's always done. We're past saying beauty makeup is all one queen in particular, I think we should be past saying big white eyes is all one queen.

  • Jane Talks Reel
    Jane Talks Reel 17 days ago

    So many queens looking like other queens or people this season. Heidi is just Mayhem Miller with a new name, Jan is very Cheryl Hole, Widow kinda reminds me of Vinegar strokes, Dahlia is if Naomi Smalls and Aja had a love child and Jackie could pass for Queer Eye's Tan's brother. Getting strong Nina vibes from Sherry. I'm not mad at it, I really like the cast this year, but getting Deja Vu

  • jeng lanuza
    jeng lanuza 18 days ago

    Rock M Sakura was going for GUNDAM REALNESS
    Sadly, this type of reference seems pretty obscure in the drag community so I guess a lot of people wont get it?

  • William Skelton
    William Skelton 18 days ago

    The moment I saw Widows photo I knew Raven would hate it.

  • Stacey Cameron
    Stacey Cameron 18 days ago

    You two are so perfect for this job. Please never ever quit. I freaking love you to pieces. ♥

  • Stacey Cameron
    Stacey Cameron 18 days ago

    How much balls do have to have to name yourself something you know people are gunna hate. Gotta respect that. Heidi N Closet ♥ To take something awful and give it a new positive meaning. That's it right thrrrr

  • Inikadowa
    Inikadowa 18 days ago

    "...and a little bit of Chi Chi LaRue." The director of adult films? Oh, if Raja only knew.

  • Mr. Memes
    Mr. Memes 18 days ago +2

    Chile you know how many pageant queens were on drag race? Sakura can’t be pin pointed for something many queens do; create their looks similar to others

  • Doll Scott
    Doll Scott 18 days ago +1

    Raja & Raven are both so stunning themselves I keep having to scroll back cos I've missed the outfits they are reviewing 😂😂

  • M&M
    M&M 18 days ago +2

    *"Dont compare queens!"*
    Raja and Raven:

  • M&M
    M&M 18 days ago

    Got to see Raja while we went to Mexico, it was awesome seriously those legs!

  • Mario R
    Mario R 19 days ago

    DragQueen Costume For SALE Check All

  • Bessem Besong
    Bessem Besong 19 days ago

    Wtf is raja wearing 🥴

  • Amy Pratt
    Amy Pratt 19 days ago +1

    Come on Raven, how many queens wear YOUR makeup and don't get called out for it?

  • shellie powers
    shellie powers 19 days ago

    I live in Springfield tn 🤪

  • Morrigan ravenmist
    Morrigan ravenmist 19 days ago

    I'm getting Auntie Raja vibes from Rajas look!!!! (2 of my favs here tho sorry. Loved Raven from the min she walked in on season 2 with just herself keeping her shit in her bra! ) 😍😍😍.

  • mat abnorm
    mat abnorm 20 days ago +1

    Why does Jackie Cox's style remind me of Bianca del Rio's aesthetic?

  • Kessandra Rajendran
    Kessandra Rajendran 20 days ago +1

    Raja said that Rockem LOOKS like Trixie or Kim Chi - and they’re right. However, that’s not a bad thing since trixie and kimchi’s makeup is based on cartoons/anime (barbie is arguably cartoonish) and Rockem’s gundam outfit is based of an anime.
    Raja and Raven don’t know what a gundam is and I doubt they would even know half of rockem’s drag outfits/references so don’t hate on them. I didn’t even know it was a gundam reference until I read the comments. Everyone sees things differently

    • Lily xo
      Lily xo 18 days ago +1

      No, Raja’s actual words were, “That’s Trixie Mattel’s makeup. That’s Kim Chi’s makeup.” That makeup actually does NOT belong to two drag queens, & was NOT invented by either of them. That style of makeup has been around for a verrrrrrrry long time, & originates from Japan street fashion, based on anime eyes & the popular fashion dolls. Just because Trixie Mattel’s makeup gradually developed into this sort of style (her current style of makeup is different to what it was during her first time on drag race) doesn’t mean that it belongs to her. Raja is wrong.

  • AtlgirlOverseasWorld . com

    Don't change your name Hedi!!!!!

  • Vaughan Hamilton
    Vaughan Hamilton 20 days ago

    miss catfish wasn't that great

    • nope nope
      nope nope 18 days ago

      Her looks are good....don't hate on the designer because the queen is trash.

    ALUSHIEE VLOGS 20 days ago

    Raven is BAAAACK!!!!! Yaaaaayyyyy 😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗

  • Ya Girl Sarah
    Ya Girl Sarah 20 days ago +1

    Y’all please delete this. Don’t give Allison mossey views. Delete this

    • nope nope
      nope nope 18 days ago

      Why? The designer put in a lot of time & energy on that look....and a lot of others. It's a shame all That's going to waste because the queen is a trashbag. Plus, all of the other queens shouldn't be punished for one person's appalling behavior.

  • Rose Red
    Rose Red 21 day ago

    The clothing designing ability they have is amazing!!!

  • Gian Hallarces
    Gian Hallarces 21 day ago

    Kim Chi + Trixie = Rock M. Sakura

  • Average Tiddy Goth
    Average Tiddy Goth 21 day ago +14

    Rip Sherry Pie’s credibility lol

    BEING TOGI 21 day ago

    I love Raja and Raven, they have this certain balance.

  • Lukky Pleitez
    Lukky Pleitez 21 day ago

    The ending doe 😭💐🙌🏼
    and I get the whole trixxie Mattel makeup thing, and I'm prolly not the only one who thought this but it just took me by surprise seeing a veeeery unqie makeup style as a past queen. I myself thought " trixxie !?" It's obvious they will learn from their experiences at the competition. so just like most singers starting off their careeer , she will eventuallyy find her own beat and add her own touch to her makeup, hopefully.

  • chemistrygeek15
    chemistrygeek15 21 day ago +5

    WHY DO THE TRANSITIONS HAVE A WHITE FLASH??? The editing is driving me nuts holy cow

    • MLI
      MLI 18 days ago

      Never noticed it until I read your comment, and I agree, quite irritating

  • Anthony
    Anthony 21 day ago

    Raven's makeup is on point!

  • sad frog
    sad frog 21 day ago

    I feel like Jackie Cox is what Trixie thinks she looks like in her head.

  • Christian McCrary
    Christian McCrary 21 day ago

    LMFAO Raja looks like my granny that's coming out to the drag show to support me xD

  • Dr. Whats'Up
    Dr. Whats'Up 22 days ago

    Two hottest, and most intelligent queens. Yum

  • Pickle Gerard
    Pickle Gerard 22 days ago

    I live in Missouri and curl into myself when people call it MissourA it just sounds so wrong

  • Claire Pancerz
    Claire Pancerz 22 days ago

    Original flava hosts: still the best. ❤️

  • Carmel Beatty
    Carmel Beatty 22 days ago

    Only season where I don’t find any queen likeable in the slightest...

  • 5HINee property of Lee Taemin

    Spoiler alert!

  • Mika PP
    Mika PP 23 days ago +2

    Am I the only living human who thinks Brita’s mug looks like Monet from season 10?

  • Nicki's bobbies
    Nicki's bobbies 23 days ago

    Anime drag is cringe as hell. Anime is embarrassing period honestly lmao

  • Caro La Rubia
    Caro La Rubia 23 days ago

    That background music is annoying AF.
    Btw, I love these 2

  • Kim BlaQue
    Kim BlaQue 23 days ago

    Raven can rock the fuck out of an ol' nasty bob like nobody's business 😍

  • Ariela Lahlou Boechat
    Ariela Lahlou Boechat 23 days ago

    Jackie Cox remember me of Alaska

  • Cap'n Jace
    Cap'n Jace 23 days ago

    Right off the bat, Jackie Cox is my winner, but I'm surprised at how much the judges and Raja and Ravens are loving her looks! I've been worried since but they keep praising her! So it's probably just me, I might just be dumb, but yay! Hope she wins the whole thing ♥

  • Tiffany J
    Tiffany J 23 days ago

    oh shit aiden is from my area weird

  • Veronica Messenger
    Veronica Messenger 23 days ago +4

    Givin' Sherry Pie a #MeToot

  • whatwazthat16
    whatwazthat16 23 days ago

    3:14 had me howling jfjdjdjs

  • Hoang Long Truong
    Hoang Long Truong 23 days ago


  • UmbraB*tch
    UmbraB*tch 23 days ago

    How did raven toot sherry pie but not rock m. sakura 🤦‍♀️

  • Nightmare Fuel
    Nightmare Fuel 24 days ago +2

    As soon as i heard Nicky Doll talk I was like “YEAH FRANCE!!!!!”

  • KitsuneBi
    KitsuneBi 24 days ago

    In Mexico... thanks Finland for being such a suckass country and I can't see these goddesses in front of my sore eyes

  • Ice age Baby
    Ice age Baby 24 days ago

    14:26 Raja acts like she’s original

  • andrea !
    andrea ! 24 days ago +14

    to not like the look is one thing, to just straight that a makeup style belongs to another queen... bye

  • Susan Osude
    Susan Osude 24 days ago

    I’m digging Sherry Pie. She looks like America’s Fairy God-mother. Ready to grant wishes!!! 🥰😍

  • It'sgabybaby
    It'sgabybaby 24 days ago

    Icons the only opinions that matter

  • Patti Harvey
    Patti Harvey 24 days ago

    Lots of good stuff this season and looking forward to your reviews hunties. 💜👍😊🙋