How This Guy Made the World's Hottest Peppers | Obsessed | WIRED

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • PuckerButt Pepper Company founder Ed Currie is on a mission to create the world's hottest peppers. Ed is the evil genius who brought the world the Carolina Reaper, one of the hottest hot peppers in existence; but he's not stopping there.
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    How This Guy Made the World's Hottest Peppers | Obsessed | WIRED

Comments • 100

  • T Bone
    T Bone 41 minute ago +1

    I want those!

  • boiprofit gaming
    boiprofit gaming 54 minutes ago

    Wait you can breed pets?

  • thegob1in
    thegob1in Hour ago

    Stop calling weed dope! Lol

  • Manuel Rojo
    Manuel Rojo Hour ago


    I feel this, I could be with 3 bitches in bed but when I get into my garden that is true happiness.

  • Debra Ann James-Bissoondath

    Come to Trinidad, West Indies...ours is Scorpion pepper... guaranteed to send you to the hospital and definitely not for the faint of heart

  • Deki Belozanski
    Deki Belozanski Hour ago

    Yeah i want to try this definitely

  • Sam Farezyn
    Sam Farezyn Hour ago

    Weird that they never mentioned his toillet. It must be high tech right?

  • Christy Harsen
    Christy Harsen Hour ago

    Why this guy be lookin like an adam Sandler clone

  • Judith Murdock
    Judith Murdock Hour ago

    I'd like to see him eat a reaper

  • Gladys Monyo-Wedjie

    It smells fabulous 🥰, I just love it

  • Gladys Monyo-Wedjie

    Where can I get the seed😳

  • Jirlin Gaikaran
    Jirlin Gaikaran Hour ago

    She did not say spicy she said spaicy

  • Alwin Sevi Maliakkal

    So he’s like Frankensteins doctor but with chilly pepper

  • craymange mahorney
    craymange mahorney 2 hours ago

    Does it taste good or is it just hot

  • Xiaojian Jin
    Xiaojian Jin 2 hours ago +1


  • Alliance Medallion
    Alliance Medallion 3 hours ago

    “Officially crowned the spaciest in the world”

  • Moni Soungkor
    Moni Soungkor 3 hours ago

    2.5 million shu 😱
    i'm dead man i'm dead 🥺

  • HaibTshajHaib
    HaibTshajHaib 4 hours ago

    Thought Thai chili is hot and this Carolina reaper even hotter. I don’t know if I’m able to eat it.

  • AR-Sith F.Austin
    AR-Sith F.Austin 5 hours ago

    Baby girl, you gotta eat it in one bite. Lol

  • Marlene Seecharan
    Marlene Seecharan 5 hours ago

    Looks like the scorpion pepper of Trinidad

  • Dan R.
    Dan R. 5 hours ago

    Pure capsiacin is 16 million scoville. So I wonder how much you can get into a plant.

  • Angel n
    Angel n 5 hours ago

    Give it to a mexican to try it
    Some thimes the peppers tastes like nothing like grass

  • Dimi Fisher
    Dimi Fisher 7 hours ago

    Make a weed carolina reaper

  • BestOfEverything
    BestOfEverything 7 hours ago

    She said spacey instead of spicy wtf😂

  • jukungtabalek 23
    jukungtabalek 23 8 hours ago

    *Laughs in Indonesian*

  • Horror Studios
    Horror Studios 8 hours ago

    Crossbreed a Carolina Reaper and a ghost pepper

  • mohit kumar Ahlawat
    mohit kumar Ahlawat 8 hours ago

    He can tackle Opiod overdose with just a bite..

  • mohit kumar Ahlawat
    mohit kumar Ahlawat 8 hours ago

    No way he can get heart attack ever..

  • AleX E Lu
    AleX E Lu 8 hours ago

    This guy use Pepper Spray like Deo Spray 😂

  • 20cm_aal
    20cm_aal 9 hours ago

    That's hot

  • Scwhein
    Scwhein 10 hours ago

    When u want to tortured people legally

  • Souleymane Tall
    Souleymane Tall 10 hours ago

    Thumbnail got me thinking it was another adam sandler movie

  • Farjana Akter
    Farjana Akter 11 hours ago

    It is available in Bangladesh.

  • Crizzlyjames Gison
    Crizzlyjames Gison 11 hours ago

    Covid cannot survive in hot biomes
    I wonder wut the stomach of this man holds

  • Crizzlyjames Gison
    Crizzlyjames Gison 11 hours ago

    It does not look like a pepper anymore it looks like a berry
    Evil berries

  • People’s champion
    People’s champion 11 hours ago

    Adam Sandler ?

  • Cynthia R
    Cynthia R 11 hours ago

    But why?

  • Neuromanser 981
    Neuromanser 981 12 hours ago

    Mix a ghost pepper with a Carolina reaper.
    My idea for the name is Ghost reaper

  • The Rap Vault
    The Rap Vault 12 hours ago +1

    People can enjoy Hot Peppers thanks to Mexico & Latin America

  • Ngoc Nguyen
    Ngoc Nguyen 13 hours ago

    @5:45 Vietnamese restaurant!!!!

  • Gabe Strohm
    Gabe Strohm 13 hours ago

    I bet he shits liquid 😂

  • TheMobster450
    TheMobster450 14 hours ago

    Im pretty sure he has not had a solid stool in 20 years!!

  • uLtraRaziYT
    uLtraRaziYT 15 hours ago

    These chiles aren’t hot. I’m Mexican, maybe that explains why the Carolina reaper wasn’t hot at all to me when I took a bite. You need to create a hotter pepper my niggas.

  • Evvi Giovani
    Evvi Giovani 16 hours ago

    The way of he eat the chilli is as same as eat grape... 😱

  • Pooping Jones
    Pooping Jones 16 hours ago

    This is Adam Sandler in between scenes of Uncut Gems

  • Tigger
    Tigger 17 hours ago

    This guy is so wholesome

  • Justin Portales
    Justin Portales 17 hours ago

    He’s more Mexican that my cousin

  • Marcos Centeno
    Marcos Centeno 17 hours ago

    The dragons breath beats the Carolina reapers

  • Blaise Duchannes
    Blaise Duchannes 19 hours ago

    The comments section has jokes as always, but Mr. Currie is honestly one of the nicest people I've ever met, and his dedication is admirable

  • Fredda Mercuray
    Fredda Mercuray 20 hours ago

    1 to 2 pcs i can do it. But my promlem is when I go to the toilet for pupuuu. Its hurts😃😅

  • mohammed shakeel
    mohammed shakeel 20 hours ago

    His toilet must be bullet proof.

  • Keith Reiffenstein
    Keith Reiffenstein 23 hours ago +1

    grow reapers every year can't wait for the pepper x to come out...

  • TuMadre8000
    TuMadre8000 23 hours ago

    I get to hurt people all over the world everyday

  • CHEF preneur
    CHEF preneur Day ago

    Hi permission to post..

  • Arbab Nizamani
    Arbab Nizamani Day ago

    The only way to prove genuiniety of that pepper can be checked by making a south Asian eat that pepper.

  • DY DaYana
    DY DaYana Day ago

    that’s traditional stuff and we usually take it while cooking curry or eat row with foods. I though it found only in my place hottest chilli but come to know now found in other location. I want to the location where is it

  • XxMahirGamingxX 786

    At least he ain’t on Drugs I think so that’s good

  • Dinesh Babu
    Dinesh Babu Day ago

    Don't tell it is pepper lol ..Pepper is different ans chilli is different.. This are chillies.

  • Daaku Daddy
    Daaku Daddy Day ago +1

    If you're going to do a pepper challenge, at least get a Mexican or an Indian. Not the whitest girl on the planet...

  • Peter Sampayan
    Peter Sampayan Day ago

    Can u say hemorrhoids

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User Day ago +1

    That’s cool but did he vape them?

  • The Egg
    The Egg Day ago

    I wonder what it tastes like if the heat wasn’t an issue!

  • Izzy Beach
    Izzy Beach Day ago

    Me watching this at 3 am during quarantine 👁💋👁

  • JH1-AGB Dina
    JH1-AGB Dina Day ago

    tanboykun "punten"

  • Jericho Dupali
    Jericho Dupali Day ago

    Wait turn wolves to dogs?!
    *Are we just gonna ignore that?*

  • Wajahat Ali
    Wajahat Ali Day ago

    So that my Country Pakistan contributed in World's honest pepper, Glad to hear it ...

  • Michael Dixon
    Michael Dixon Day ago

    Yes you're on top of the hot love, congratulations dude.

  • Ghostlurker
    Ghostlurker Day ago

    He looks like adam sandler in the thumbnail. lol

  • Nesi - Brawl stars
    Nesi - Brawl stars Day ago +4

    FLash-player: hey wanna watch how this guy made the hotest peper on the world
    Me: umm no
    FLash-player: i said *WATCH IT NOW*

  • Krishnendu Nath
    Krishnendu Nath Day ago

    He must like Indian food

  • Lincoln Khatib
    Lincoln Khatib Day ago

    there is a crazy Brazilian called Fabio Tuma, he is addicted to pepper. He created a new nuclear pepper: he mixed Carolina with Trimidad scorpion, which is called Vicnic, as strong as carolina. He has a channel called "Viciados em pimentas" (Pepper Addicts), the guy is really high haha

  • Damn Danny
    Damn Danny Day ago

    Lol nahhh, You dont know about Malay most powerful spicy things. The most hottest is Cili Padi. I said what I said. This pepper is nothing to use

  • Coyote
    Coyote Day ago +4

    I like how the back of his shirt says “The Reaper” 😂

  • Garrett Stuart
    Garrett Stuart Day ago

    My brother ordered a pack of dried cr wish me luck

    TARDI B Day ago +2

    How this man managed to make the world's hottest pepper and look like Adams Sandler's and Al Pacino's illegitimate love child in the thumbnail.

  • Sarick Politz
    Sarick Politz Day ago

    Dream job

  • TheNoobPlayer319

    India fears this man.

  • Rafael Diaz
    Rafael Diaz Day ago

    The thumb nail is @adamnojumper when he gets old

  • BxxDxx Hoodoo
    BxxDxx Hoodoo Day ago

    Dont eat these if you have high blood pressure. They can kill you

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer Day ago

    Wait a minute in another video he said he cross breeded habanero and ghost pepper.

  • MMA
    MMA Day ago

    He couldve made a new strain of weed😔

  • 5,000 Subs Without Any Videos

    Why do the peppers get uglier the spicer they are

  • Cristian Mabe
    Cristian Mabe Day ago

    Imagine he does this with weed

  • Gloomy Days
    Gloomy Days Day ago

    *Wow guys, its the space-ist.*

  • Death Row Executions

    I keep commenting as I'm watching the video but seriously? A company called puckerbutt?

  • Death Row Executions

    I'm glad hes chasing a dragon that is a pepper instead of crack. Geesh

  • Death Row Executions

    Lol he bit into and said oooohhh that's so good. Lol. Some of these peppers are deadly. Yikes

  • Ryuta San
    Ryuta San Day ago

    It may look tasty but deadly inside

  • Ramdhenu Sports
    Ramdhenu Sports Day ago

    Come to Assam, India.. I'll show you the hottest pepper in the world.. Bhut Jolokia

  • Jhon Macra Imbana Jokora

    Mexicans beware

  • Carlos Vendramin

    The narrator sounds like Girlfriend Reviews.

  • lisa p
    lisa p Day ago

    My phone is hot just watching this

  • Can I please get 100 subs without a video Please

    I thought it said the worlds hottest rappers

  • Cable Vamp
    Cable Vamp Day ago

    What a legend
    He knows how much his pepper is cuz he advises you not to eat a whole one


  • Eâsâl álńăhl

    We used to eat this chilli it's good flavour...

  • Tate Franz
    Tate Franz Day ago

    This guys peppers are more spicy than a angry Karen.

  • misstrebecca
    misstrebecca Day ago

    Isn't this a schott bonnet

  • Imogene Weiss
    Imogene Weiss Day ago

    lmao in the beginning y do they zoom in like that

  • G W
    G W Day ago

    9:40 propiedades cromatógrafo