How This Guy Made the World's Hottest Peppers | Obsessed | WIRED

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • PuckerButt Pepper Company founder Ed Currie is on a mission to create the world's hottest peppers. Ed is the evil genius who brought the world the Carolina Reaper, one of the hottest hot peppers in existence; but he's not stopping there.
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    How This Guy Made the World's Hottest Peppers | Obsessed | WIRED

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  • Jack Yan
    Jack Yan 5 hours ago

    Naga king chilly is the hottest chilly in the world..which found mostly in Northeastern part of india.

  • Amphu Rongpipi
    Amphu Rongpipi 5 hours ago

    Why is that ghost pepper elongated ? originally its like those Carolina reaper

  • Bikash Baruah
    Bikash Baruah 6 hours ago

    Go for bhoot jolokiya....

  • heise sasaki
    heise sasaki 11 hours ago

    Korean girls: hold my sodiu

  • Sponge Gaming
    Sponge Gaming 14 hours ago +1

    How does he not touch his eye by accident while picking the Carolina reaper lol.

  • Alb Ram
    Alb Ram 16 hours ago

    I came straight to the comments to see if anyone had something to say about these ppl buying 600 peppers?

  • Kirsom Crystale
    Kirsom Crystale 20 hours ago

    I believe thats a king chilli and it's a common chilli found in northeast region of Indian we eat every day

  • Diane Gulfan
    Diane Gulfan Day ago

    We have peppers here like that.

  • Arun Sinha
    Arun Sinha Day ago

    I usually eat that peppers everyday with rice ... We call it king chilli in india

  • Facehunter2003
    Facehunter2003 Day ago

    You should of asked him if he's donated some seeds to the seed bank

  • Miressa Salazar
    Miressa Salazar Day ago

    Welp hope their butt hole is fine 😂😂

  • Ulm Wurttemberg
    Ulm Wurttemberg Day ago

    So getting tortured to death is actually dying of euphoria. Good to know.

  • Dimre Arg
    Dimre Arg Day ago

    That's king chilli also found in North East India

  • hounila kasar one.

    I want it, I need it.

  • Nenghoivah Singson

    Come to Northeast India,u'll be amazed ,,, its been existing in our lands since time immemorial... We call it king chilli

  • Sanahanbi Nongthombam

    It's same as our ghost Peper of India mainly grown in North Eastern India.

  • Paolo Vallejo
    Paolo Vallejo Day ago

    try tear gas man, it's measured on the same units

  • caesar savage
    caesar savage 2 days ago +1

    I love hot pepper it makes me feel good

  • Stephanie Wiley
    Stephanie Wiley 2 days ago

    Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.
    -The Dark Knight

  • niyoror xameka
    niyoror xameka 2 days ago

    This is assam proud bhut jhaluk,(chilli)

  • Thilina Weeraparackrama

    Not made,More like stole. Because they've been in my country Sri Lanka for thousands of years.. they're called "bola nai chochchi" in shinhala language. Translation to english "boll cobra pepper".

  • Jc Capusoran
    Jc Capusoran 2 days ago

    We also have devil pepper in the philippines

  • Suraj Chetry
    Suraj Chetry 2 days ago

    Gost peper ,hatte jolikia,bhoot jolikia

  • anOm gurumayum
    anOm gurumayum 2 days ago

    U should try indian nagaland peper the u would realize what is a hot pepper.

    • Borish 25
      Borish 25 2 days ago

      It's not Nagaland property.. it's umorok

  • SAnDee SAnDee
    SAnDee SAnDee 3 days ago

    who would eat these?

  • BizzNizz
    BizzNizz 3 days ago

    Why doesn’t someone fuse a ghost pepper with a Carolina reaper?

  • myxie Aeone
    myxie Aeone 3 days ago

    Parang siling demonyo ang itsura

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 3 days ago +4

    To be honest that pepper looks juicy and tasty.

  • Harold Mapes
    Harold Mapes 3 days ago

    Carolina Reaper is a beautiful fruit with a horrendous bite but I placed multiples of it in my sandwich but I would not suggest anyone else to do it

  • king of pro wrestling

    The Einstein of peppers

  • dFuZe_ SynlyLeo
    dFuZe_ SynlyLeo 4 days ago

    Wtf, it took me years to get used to the ghost pepper.

  • adorramyss divvs
    adorramyss divvs 4 days ago

  • adorramyss divvs
    adorramyss divvs 4 days ago

    Carolina is dead,

  • Arunabha Das
    Arunabha Das 4 days ago

    I can handle less than ghost paper above havinero

  • village girl
    village girl 4 days ago

    This is Naga king chilly

  • Mcbear 291
    Mcbear 291 4 days ago

    At what point is there enough SHU to be potentially lethal.

    • Jake Lewis
      Jake Lewis Day ago

      Scoville scale goes to 16 million but unless you have an allergic reaction you aren’t going to die, just wish you were dead. It’s not really about how hot it is, it’s more about how much you actually ingest.
      If any normal person ate just 1 Carolina reaper you would be in trouble. These peppers will tear you to pieces.
      I’d say if a normal person ate 5 reapers in one sitting it would definitely put you in the hospital.

  • MoNo Jorge
    MoNo Jorge 4 days ago +5

    he has spicy weed growing in the back for sure

  • S F
    S F 4 days ago +1

    Oh yeah I planted this adorable chilli as well as "Trinidad Scorpion" they are fabulous :)

  • sridhar reddy
    sridhar reddy 4 days ago

    Hi dear friends I am cab driver if you like to see the real Bangalore it will take today's time I will be display the number in this 9036226681

  • Bitu Das
    Bitu Das 4 days ago

    This chilly is the orgin of northeast India in Assamese it's called bhoot jolokia.. In North east you will find this chilly in four states arunachal Pradesh, Assam ,nagaland and manipur

  • place pages
    place pages 4 days ago

    Gotta be worse on the way out than in

  • Lulu Panmei
    Lulu Panmei 4 days ago +1

    you kidding me? this is call king chillie, very common in my place, might be spicier than this.

    • Lulu Panmei
      Lulu Panmei Day ago +1

      oh okay, thanks for correcting me ☺️👍👍

    • Dexter Misao
      Dexter Misao Day ago +2

      He did a crossbreed of the king chilli with some other chilli. Unfortunately, you're wrong the Carolina Reaper is the hottest and it's definitely not the king chilli.

  • Machungong Panmei
    Machungong Panmei 4 days ago

    King chilly

  • Joey Badass
    Joey Badass 4 days ago

    His buhole must have hurt at first.but now his but is use to it 👀

  • Jenny Marak
    Jenny Marak 4 days ago

    We called it Bhoot jolokia

  • Jenny Marak
    Jenny Marak 4 days ago +2

    In Northeast, it is a common pepper, here people are brought up consuming it

  • Laly Alex
    Laly Alex 4 days ago


  • wendz alrodrap
    wendz alrodrap 4 days ago +1

    Here in the philippines have also that kind of hot pepper

  • Nguyentuanninh Ninh84

    The Reaper of Uranus

  • sem Bey
    sem Bey 4 days ago

    No... Naga chili is undefeatable

  • corbin black styles
    corbin black styles 5 days ago

    Sadistang animal. 😂😂😂.

  • rodolfo wenceslao jr

    Masarap cguro dahon nito gawing tinola☺️

  • Yu Ni
    Yu Ni 5 days ago

    I want to try this.. it must be very very HOT 🥵

  • specct
    specct 5 days ago

    what if you breed carolina reaper with carolina reaper

  • Jehoiakim Jade Esgana
    Jehoiakim Jade Esgana 5 days ago +3

    I want this guy on Hot Ones

  • sky mount
    sky mount 5 days ago

    India. Kerala. Mor. This

  • Aaron Wrecks
    Aaron Wrecks 5 days ago

    Pucker Butt is ishis companies name 😂

  • Zachary Albright
    Zachary Albright 5 days ago

    I ate one at the pub last week. Holy moly.

  • Dave Mustaine
    Dave Mustaine 5 days ago +18

    "I get to hurt people round the world everyday."
    Thanos: I should've known. This should be my next profession.

  • Brandon Vang
    Brandon Vang 6 days ago

    Doesn’t this man have unreleased peppers that are more higher in SHU than the reaper???