Ups & Downs From WWE Survivor Series 2020

  • Published on Nov 23, 2020
  • Simon Miller runs down everything that happened at Survivor Series 2020!
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Comments • 70

  • blair bryan
    blair bryan 16 days ago

    I just wasn't a fan of bringing all those people out and then they disappeared. And I think alot of people felt it was lack lustered for a man that gave his body and I mean literally his body to wwe for 30 years and the send off was meh. The only part that was any good was the Paul bearer tribute.

  • Kenkei
    Kenkei Month ago

    These two have so much chemistry I'm surprised it's not taught in school🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂

  • bbsy1
    bbsy1 Month ago

    The Gooker was always treated like an actual bird.
    Edit: they actually book Lana properly the following two Raws. It was actually interesting.

  • almightybearrage
    almightybearrage Month ago

    Couldn't agree more about Sammy.

  • RescueRex70
    RescueRex70 Month ago

    The only thing I didn't super like from Undertaker's retirement (I loved it and Cried) was they had a bunch of legendary wrestlers with Iconic Undertaker matches and they just vanished I thought there'd be a thing with them, and also wanted them to do some editing to make Undertaker melt into dust or something

  • WhiteStoner 420
    WhiteStoner 420 Month ago

    All of you guys come check my channel out

  • TheSuperFly87
    TheSuperFly87 Month ago

    Is nobody going to talk about how he looks like Johnny Sins

    • Gigantoscula
      Gigantoscula Month ago

      maybe he is, he's doing this on his free time when he's not upping the girls dowm there

  • Michelle Schu-blacka

    The team matches made no sense.
    Sasha Banks again proved why she's the best talent in the company right now, although there wasn't the fluidity and chemistry she has with Bayley.
    I stopped paying attention halfway through the undertakers bit. A few stars came out, Kane looked like he wanted nothing with them, then they disappeared, then Vince came out looking like he was part-way through a gender transition, then he disappeared, then undertaker did an entrance that got boring after a few minutes, said something, then left.

  • Joe plays VR!
    Joe plays VR! Month ago

    Go LANA! (Current story-line kinda sucks though ...)

  • MariusS M
    MariusS M Month ago +1

    SS was just ok. Half holy shit good, half oh man this is really boring. Don't get me wrong this show was only saved by the women's and man's singles matches + Undertaker. But other than that I couldn't get invested in the other matches at all. For real, the entire time I was just playing with my dog or on my phone.

  • Lloyd Lineske
    Lloyd Lineske Month ago

    Saved by the golden up. Nice.

  • Scott Stafford
    Scott Stafford Month ago

    Skipped the entire PPV after the mens elimination match. The Undertaker bit was decent but found it strange to take all the legends into the ring only for them to disappear

  • Sibusiso Raymond Khamandisa

    Tum-Tum gets me every time.. 😂😂

  • Daniel Heil
    Daniel Heil Month ago

    We’re you Dorian Mack in NXT

  • Zeeshan Zaf
    Zeeshan Zaf Month ago


  • Bekka F
    Bekka F Month ago

    Am I wrong but McMahon looked a little emaciated?

  • Good God Podcast
    Good God Podcast Month ago

    Roman is one of the best at the close kick outs. Love it.

  • H M
    H M Month ago +1

    Team Raw vs Team Smackdown Opener was 🗑️🚮

    • MariusS M
      MariusS M Month ago +1

      Half of the show was like that...

  • srsly
    srsly Month ago

    I'm a little sad that Simon didn't just enjoy the Gooker's appearance for what it was. Dang.

  • Rose Montana
    Rose Montana Month ago

    What wwe did to bianca belair is straight bullshit she shouldve won the whole thing Idc about Lana being a babyface.

  • MG
    MG Month ago +2

    Roman Reigns really needs a new theme song..

    • MariusS M
      MariusS M Month ago

      He said he will get one along side with his new appearance. Well he get rid of the vest. We will need to wait for the theme.

  • vista1456786
    vista1456786 Month ago

    I think it was right for kane to come out in character since The Undertaker retired in character.

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy Month ago +1


  • William Seitz
    William Seitz Month ago

    Love ups and downs and the wizard in the sky but my man Simon forgot to bring down the sammy tally he did lose that's number two js

  • Rob Base
    Rob Base Month ago

    I was just waiting for the tum tum reference.

  • jackdeth2004
    jackdeth2004 Month ago

    I was expecting a comment about when Otis had Matt Riddle pinned - Otis is too damn big for Riddle to kick out, but it was called a 2 count.
    I called my daughter in to see what she thought. Otis pinned Riddle.

  • cregyn
    cregyn Month ago

    Also on a side note, definitely think braun should start coming out to the godfather's theme but with it saying 'strow train' rather than ho train 😂

  • cregyn
    cregyn Month ago

    Massively disagree with you on the mens match being enjoyable Simon, I was so passed off that I barely watched any of the following match. Took me a while to get into roman vs drew after the womens ending too 😂
    If only wwe was as consistanly good as ups and downs 😁

  • cruxvox
    cruxvox Month ago

    Traditional SS matches are usually disappointing since they need to get rid of so mamy people super quick, but this year's Men's 5on5 was excellent.

  • Ancient knight
    Ancient knight Month ago

    Wwe draft was a sham imagine smack down does better than raw but in the draft they take all their talent to raw😢😢😢😢😢 did u see the 5 tag team matches teams for raw😵😵😵😵😵

  • cruxvox
    cruxvox Month ago

    I personally thought Banks vs Asuka was far better structured and executed than Banks vs Bayley at Hell in a Cell

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown Month ago

    Why is Lashley the most protected person in WWE? Was that comment a joke or not?

  • Patrick Kanas
    Patrick Kanas Month ago

    They should've at least let Kane join Undertaker in the ring at the end

  • Logan Marlow boy
    Logan Marlow boy Month ago

    I think aj should win the royal rumble
    He has awesome facial expressions and he deserves to win the a world title plus I think drew vs aj would be awesome

  • qwaH
    qwaH Month ago

    Takers entrance on Tesla coils was nice but the rest of it was just pointless, the Bearer image worked in context so was alright but for the love of god why bring all those guys out with entrance music only to have them vanish? they werent even in the space where the crowd would normally be & its not like there wasnt any room for them there

  • Raj Bhargaw
    Raj Bhargaw Month ago +1

    LoL it's so amazing how things have changed for Roman now...

  • Connor S
    Connor S Month ago +1

    “And yeah, it was super cheesy but I like cheese. It tastes delicious.”
    - Simon Miller(2020)

  • nytolstoy
    nytolstoy Month ago +1

    I remember when we had real submission guys, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angles ankle lock. No shame in tapping out.

  • MarshaunTV
    MarshaunTV Month ago

    Seth took the brogue kick to make up for the fact raw lost Pay year when he was captain. It’s great character work I love the messiah ‼️‼️

  • Adam Jimenez
    Adam Jimenez Month ago

    didn't taker do a 3 fight contract with the UFC?

  • Mreenal Mams
    Mreenal Mams Month ago

    2 + 2 = 🐘.. lol. Everybody knows 2+2 = 🐫

  • Wez Martin
    Wez Martin Month ago

    Johnny Sins would defo get it 😉

  • Tibs O
    Tibs O Month ago

    Undertaker does whatever he wants, when and where he wants it.

  • Gajanan Nigade
    Gajanan Nigade Month ago

    Can someone tell me how many times R Truth has won the 24x7 title by now?

  • Wellydope Welly
    Wellydope Welly Month ago

    Go Roman 👊

  • tyaire walls
    tyaire walls Month ago

    That men’s match was trash

  • Alex Moden
    Alex Moden Month ago

    they should let whichever brand wins the most on survivor series get the first pick in the draft

  • Rpz P
    Rpz P Month ago

    Womens 5 on 5 was trash and had a trash finish....

  • My name is Jeff
    My name is Jeff Month ago

    Survivor Series happened?

  • Aaron Henry
    Aaron Henry Month ago

    IMO, men's RAW vs SD was superb in the way it told the story of how team RAW got along down the road and how disconnected SmackDown was. I predicted a clean sweep while the match because it's how it should go down.

  • dageekundaground
    dageekundaground Month ago

    I laughed at the end of the women's Survivor Series match hey ya in hindsight it was upsetting that Bianca Bel-Air didn't win but you know it was a moment and I think they've significantly lessons Bianca Bel-Air characters she didn't even do any of her real signature spots that she didn't anybody with her hair whip or do a 450 or any of that stuff and I wouldn't mind seeing her enough you know what she destroyed Nia Jax

  • Judas Black
    Judas Black Month ago

    I see a table in Lana's future

  • Demone Dante
    Demone Dante Month ago

    I don’t usually buy stuff from wwe shop the only time I did was suplex city because I enjoyed the match then and now I bought Roman shirt because he’s finally an excellent wrestler

  • Michael Skatharoudis

    Simon keeps saying a few years ago, McIntyre and reigns fought at last years wrestlemania , I forgot about it until Simon mentioned it, it was Reigns first match back after announcing he had leukaemia

  • Paragon Valley
    Paragon Valley Month ago

    This could make sense if seth comes back and pledge his loyalty to raw, claiming that this was his plan along... Tying it to what prompted his turn.. Then l we can have a drawn-out war between raw's Monday night messiah and smack down's tribal chief.. That would ignite the war between raw and smackdown

  • Wrestling Enthusiast 3:16

    I thought Seth Rollins sacrificing himself for "the greater good" meant hes tapping out for awhile to be there for the birth of his child or did I read into that too much? Lol

  • lucaonerism
    lucaonerism Month ago

    So.. smack down have basically noisy every year since the brand split? Almost like it’s not worth watching the show.. 🙄

  • Sean Stirling
    Sean Stirling Month ago

    This PPV was much better than last year with the shitty developmental guys there to job out.

  • DJSexualChocolate
    DJSexualChocolate Month ago

    Seth refuses to wrestle Riddle because of the crap Riddles wife said about Becky on Twitter - I was wondering how he would avoid having to get in the ring with him

  • dakota sweat
    dakota sweat Month ago

    Wait a min where is 666boo

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Month ago

    Roman is gold

  • Jaybee
    Jaybee Month ago

    I guess Simon Miller never heard a tesla coil play music before

  • KnightIs Hench
    KnightIs Hench Month ago

    The misses finally watched a wrestling show with me and she literally went to sleep after the seth rollins thing, suffice to say she did not appreciate that at all

  • KnightIs Hench
    KnightIs Hench Month ago

    One of the best intros you've ever done Simon

  • Th3Roshow
    Th3Roshow Month ago

    This episode of ups & downs don’t get a up...
    It gets a Golden Up!

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis Month ago

    Your living the Wrestling dream being owned by a company that doesn't consider you an employee but controls your career like your there slave. Ya gr8 dream where do I sign 🤣😂

  • Dionisisdenis
    Dionisisdenis Month ago

    Roman vs Drew is the easiest golden up i have seen

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis Month ago

    I don't get how wwe can put ads in ppv's. I'm paying to see an AD😕

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis Month ago

    I liked the Lana ending. She deserved it after all those table shots. I think thay should fire the lumbering elephant nia Jax

  • lim jerome
    lim jerome Month ago

    Undertaker's retirement is news in our country. It'd be a shame if he has "one more match." LOL