Haiti’s Gangs Call for Violence After the President’s Assassination

  • On July 7, Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his home. His death is likely to further disrupt the security situation in Port-au-Prince, where entire neighborhoods are controlled by gangs with alleged links to Moise’s government. VICE News spends time with the police and the gangs battling it out in Haiti’s capital.

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  • Eyda Pena
    Eyda Pena 5 hours ago

    Anpil fle antiviral ( pou diven oswa té ) bwe sa pou toutan ( put myel )

  • Bharat r s
    Bharat r s 9 hours ago +1

    God save haiti

  • Belmont
    Belmont 9 hours ago

    As an American, I would day dream about overthrowing the bourgeoisie. About giving people what they need, specifically the lower class, but I am worried about the people who drive these movements. Someone will use these romantic notions of equality as a vehicle to grasp control for other means. And more things will be paid with blood money.

  • Kyle Bockwoldt
    Kyle Bockwoldt 11 hours ago

    That really has to be the weakest attempt I’ve seen to hide someone’s identity in an interview Vice.

  • Your Toasters, hand 'em over

    A leader is bound to be killed if the people live in poverty so close to such an expensive house. Hopefully they get a decent group or leader soon.

  • desahwn cruz
    desahwn cruz 15 hours ago

    This is what happens when u deny the stick in the arm from the powers that be

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA Trump lost!!!!!!

    This got cia written all over it

  • Music Man
    Music Man 21 hour ago

    Anyone else think Barbecue is acting more like Fidel Castro these days?

  • Ronald Brunelle
    Ronald Brunelle Day ago

    You know your in Haiti when you are greeted at the airport, and your security is sporting a ruffled womans blouse, sweatpants and tuxedo shoes, wielding a machete.....

  • Ronald Brunelle
    Ronald Brunelle Day ago

    This is no news! Haiti has always had problems with gangs and government corruption!! Vice is not being honest, they DO HAVE A PERSON WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE M@RDER OF THEIR LEADER.

  • C Grayson
    C Grayson Day ago


  • Johnny Yang
    Johnny Yang Day ago

    Black countries need a communist government instead of democratic,maybe that will bring change.

  • MLCS Guirand
    MLCS Guirand Day ago

    Brandt started the kidnapping business in Haïti, then the poor , the mass followed , by kidnapping for low ransom , that’s way too much money for the poor .

  • MLCS Guirand
    MLCS Guirand Day ago

    Lord have mercy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Charles Stuart
    Charles Stuart Day ago

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  • 1014986196106
    1014986196106 Day ago

    Most of these fools are very bad at lying and it shows, i love how he made sure the camera was filming then proceeded to give the girl pocket change and telling her to say who's a "nice" boy

  • Cain
    Cain Day ago

    Wasn't this the country & President that rejected the vaccines?

  • Saquan
    Saquan Day ago

    You would have expected at least a dozen or so more dead bodies (guards) for it to be a real assassination. This was an inside hit.
    My guy at 4:20 cleary knows what really happened

  • BaL FaZaR
    BaL FaZaR 2 days ago

    why the sadness haitians it's only the U.S spreading democracy

  • Patricia Bailey
    Patricia Bailey 2 days ago +2

    Mother may the lord comfort you in the lost of your daughter.Only God knows your pain..

  • Patricia Bailey
    Patricia Bailey 2 days ago

    The people who are in charge are as guilty as sin.God will know how to deal with them.

  • Mateo Sanche
    Mateo Sanche 2 days ago

    Mandé eded pouyo Ka edeno avék anpil chéf

  • The Afghan Perspective

    The barbecue leader says "Legitimate violence"...

  • The Afghan Perspective
    The Afghan Perspective 2 days ago +1

    All these countries that are going through some form of violence have one thing in common "Corruption".
    Too much corruption.

  • kee sun
    kee sun 2 days ago

    Are masks banned in this country?lol

  • Rhute Dumersier
    Rhute Dumersier 2 days ago

    Mpanc yo tap traduil en kreol ou anglais tou. Hmm

  • Addela Pink
    Addela Pink 2 days ago

    All a de guards dem get paid of big money pay

  • Marie Joseph
    Marie Joseph 2 days ago

    How about with the president oppositional. Do...

  • Marie Joseph
    Marie Joseph 2 days ago

    What do you think you say woman

  • Sapient_A
    Sapient_A 2 days ago

    Clearly an internal job !!

  • Enlightened Perry
    Enlightened Perry 2 days ago

    Those gangs are stabilizing the area but also shitty

  • Enlightened Perry
    Enlightened Perry 2 days ago

    I bet bbq makes good food

  • Toughy Campbel
    Toughy Campbel 2 days ago

    Something just doesn't add up

  • ShiaGirl18
    ShiaGirl18 3 days ago

    8:52 WHY would you kill an innocent child?!

  • Jafar Ray
    Jafar Ray 3 days ago

    They need some type of neighborhood watch cuz how the hell 2 dudes just come n and kidnap people they shouldn't have been able 2 escape alive

  • Jafar Ray
    Jafar Ray 3 days ago +3

    Man his whole security team should b fired investigated and banned from any type of law enforcement positions

  • Justinb Justinb
    Justinb Justinb 3 days ago

    That poor child. The people responsible need to be executed...

  • Shane Pankhurst
    Shane Pankhurst 3 days ago

    Hopefully they don't have oil there ffs

  • JSV
    JSV 3 days ago

    Hmm, didn't America train these people .. 👀

  • Sam Muller
    Sam Muller 3 days ago

    Let the Haiten Police and Army sort out the gangs it is Haiten problem or UN not the U.S. we have gangs of our own to terminate.

  • Ronnie Boucher
    Ronnie Boucher 3 days ago +1

    the president was a criminal thug and king of an underworld web of evil and sin = free the people of haiti ! the news guy is so dumb and blind to the sinning going on for a very long time !

  • Omoniyi Oluwashogo
    Omoniyi Oluwashogo 3 days ago

    How I wish I was in a position to find the bastards that killed that child

  • Sily Pie
    Sily Pie 3 days ago


  • Ilirjan Grabolli
    Ilirjan Grabolli 3 days ago

    Inside job

    MR. JOZUA 3 days ago +1

    the police are fcking suspicious they know something

  • las Vegas good and the ugly

    Lol this sorry ass police officer shaking the wrong people down y they didn't shake the little army that kill the command and chief

  • Gabriel Adebisi
    Gabriel Adebisi 3 days ago

    And still the questio0n remains- Was the C.I.A. actually behind the assassination of the Haitian president and why? Cuba is about a 45 minute plane ride from Haiti. CTU is a Miami based private security firm and hired the group of assassins

    SIMS BUILDER 3 days ago

    This is Inside Job police aint concerned....Somebody is itching to get in power

  • Pure Image
    Pure Image 4 days ago

    Please help ussss

  • JMAixKali
    JMAixKali 4 days ago

    Damn. This country is so unbelievably broke

  • S A
    S A 4 days ago +1


  • David Wiles
    David Wiles 4 days ago

    From the lady's interview and what the gang did to her daughters before killing her seems the gangs are like dogs or let say the dogs can think better than the gang members. That Gang leader that is being interview need to be arrested and prosequetd

  • Dj Lil Josh 317
    Dj Lil Josh 317 4 days ago

    This is for the politicians 😔

  • Guy Short
    Guy Short 4 days ago

    You can almost guarantee every 5 years there will be a global size crisis in Haiti.

  • Joseph Gilbert
    Joseph Gilbert 4 days ago

    Guys living in a fukin mansion, while the REST OF THE COUNTRY is poor, no wait, not poor. But POOR!!!!! I can't imagine why someone in that Hell hole would want change ☠️

  • Dickert Lardfart
    Dickert Lardfart 4 days ago

    Hard to believe Haiti is not even in Africa, Guess Africa is in the genes than no matter where in world the licorice sticks go.

  • robertson Patrickson

    does that reporter carry a camera in full view, i bet it would be stolen easily if it was too big

  • Ronald Turner
    Ronald Turner 4 days ago

    Reporter is kinda a douche

  • Victoria Hellen
    Victoria Hellen 4 days ago

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  • dianne delacruz
    dianne delacruz 4 days ago +1

    To think that Haiti 🇭🇹 fought for their freedom and independence as a former slave trade country to it just being in shambles it’s just honestly mind blowing 😶

    • Zoe Gyal
      Zoe Gyal 4 days ago

      I am ASHAMED I’m Haitian American

  • Aboriginal Indians
    Aboriginal Indians 4 days ago +1

    Was President if Haiti Assassinated because he did not want to poison his people with chemical test swabs that contains Sterilized Ethylene Oxide and vaccination 💉 that has not been recorded and has not been approved by the so called FDA? And who hired the assassins.

  • Gabriel Ramos
    Gabriel Ramos 4 days ago

    Supposedly he was killed by colombian mercenaries who were hired by a defense company in US owned by a venezuelan who has friendship with Duque and Guiado. Sadly the only ones that can have a redit are Haiti's corrupts Venezuela government and gangs.

  • Daniele Jeanty
    Daniele Jeanty 4 days ago

    That is not a mud home that is cement home that is not painted .

  • Daniele Jeanty
    Daniele Jeanty 4 days ago

    When I write something they are not comments that comes personally from me they are comment that is written already in history books . So if people have not read enough to know what is written already

  • Let’s talk Haiti 🇭🇹


  • Mandingo Frankfurter

    Everywhere to world is coming undone. Trump said all this would happen. It’s only gonna get worse!!!