How a slinky falls in slow motion

  • This is not just true of slinkies - if you release a steel rod from the top, the top really starts falling before the bottom. If you hit a tennis ball with a racket, a wave has to travel from the strings to your hand before you feel it - and the ball is well on its way to the net by this time. If you hit a golf ball, the ball is well on its way to the hole before you can feel it. Rigid bodies aren't truly rigid and understanding this is essential to understanding the way the world works

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  • Veritasium
    Veritasium  14 days ago +3445

    This is an excerpt from a video I made 10 years ago - seemed like the perfect thing to show in vertical format. I was unaware Action Labs had recently made a video about the same thing. A regular video should be out Friday/Saturday this week.

    • Atharv Gupta
      Atharv Gupta Day ago

      I am planing to stay in air by hanging on slinky

      PROF. BENTLEY Day ago

      Hey hold on so basically you're saying you stole this ಠಿ_ಠ

    • Gamba
      Gamba 2 days ago

      mmm I think the bottom part stayas there because it'w waiting for the top part to reach therminal velocity. I think if you drop from an helium balloon (use a rope to keep the balloon in place) and then drop the top part, the bottom part will drop once it reaches terminal velocity (as I said).

    • Nothing
      Nothing 3 days ago

      lol ikr i thot that u follow his experiment tho

    • Stanimir Razvan
      Stanimir Razvan 3 days ago

      This is the video that got me hooked to your channel a looong long time ago. It was mind-blowing. Thank you for 10 years of extraordinary content.

  • LogicianMagician
    LogicianMagician 7 hours ago +1

    And also the top touches the ground before the bottom when a slinky is dropped

  • Aman Deep Singh
    Aman Deep Singh 8 hours ago

    You dress up like a banker.

  • Jude Ikwu
    Jude Ikwu 8 hours ago

    Amazing! I love physics. This just blew my mind. Never noticed this before. So cool

  • patrick_henry
    patrick_henry 9 hours ago

    "yeah science!" -jesse (brealing bad)

  • Slipknot_Ken
    Slipknot_Ken 9 hours ago

    Weird thought but
    That would be the same if a lot of people were holding each other on a ledge, and the first person let go.
    Then the last person wouldn't fall at the same time, that person would still be "floating" until the person above starts to fall

  • Noor Ahmed
    Noor Ahmed 10 hours ago

    It can be addictive but pls for the love of science and the element Ve, refrain from getting sucked into the tiktok casino.

  • Kickin' Wing Hotboi
    Kickin' Wing Hotboi 11 hours ago

    Towards the end when he's looking down at the falling slinky, he looks like a super villain who just won against the hero and is basking in the glory of the hero failing

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager 11 hours ago

    So if we have an infinitely long slinky ,it'll never fall

  • navya bohra
    navya bohra 11 hours ago +1

    above part of the slinky: weeeeeeeeeee
    below part of the slinky: *surprise pikachu face*

  • lenorteofficial
    lenorteofficial 12 hours ago

    Stolen from Action lab tsk..

  • ᗠ_ᴇᴠɪʟs
    ᗠ_ᴇᴠɪʟs 12 hours ago

    So basically the lowest part resist GRAVITY...? 😲

  • Smit Patel
    Smit Patel 14 hours ago

    I saw this somewhere else before, maybe action lab shorts ?

  • Abraham Roseman
    Abraham Roseman 17 hours ago

    if you were to get an infitite slinky and drop it in a infinite uniform gravity zone what would happen then? huh? well….?

  • moreause
    moreause 17 hours ago

    from a video 10 YEAR AGO !!!... my internal time clock is broken lol, time goes way to fast

  • Sophie Court
    Sophie Court 17 hours ago

    "which means there is a torsion wave traveling faster than the compression wave"... Actually the collapse isn't a "compression wave" in the same sense as a sound wave. It's just the bunching up of the falling slinky. If it's not clear, the slinky is falling much slower than the speed of sound, the reason the bottom appears to hover is because gravity is still balanced out by spring tension until the spring becomes unstretched at that section of the spring.

  • Vaporizers101
    Vaporizers101 18 hours ago

    Yo why did the video end?

  • Adam Korson
    Adam Korson 19 hours ago

    That’s actually really cool wtf

  • Hamayun Khan
    Hamayun Khan 20 hours ago

    I want to know,What would be the magnitude of acceleration of the top falling part.

  • bakamono
    bakamono 20 hours ago

    I think it's going up cuz spring physics but it technically cant because it's falling
    It's almost just like how our eyes can fixate/focus looking at an object even when you move your head
    There's like that counter movement that makes it look like it's not moving
    There are dancers that use that concept to do the robot head dance
    or performers that hold things as if it's floating but in reality they practiced the counter movement to make it look like its floating/in the same space.

  • JaoGamerYT
    JaoGamerYT 21 hour ago


  • gamerboirlbx2
    gamerboirlbx2 21 hour ago

    It's like it's standing on something and falls when it fully retracted

  • saturnringskhan
    saturnringskhan 23 hours ago

    More than gravitational pull, the upper portion of slinky is pulling the below part, apparently that's why it won't fall untill the stretch is lost.

  • Some Kind of Master

    Very impressive, but can you drop it in a way that creates the Mould effect?

  • jso
    jso Day ago

    ohhh i got a slinky recently

  • Hello Reach
    Hello Reach Day ago

    stole from action lab

  • Abdullah Al-Hasan

    As I noticed; There's an info. called "Gravity", that affects the whole system behavior, influencing it to start shrinking from one side toward the other side, rather than shrinking equally from the both sides toward the center !!
    The same info. is not existing in free space, so the system behaves there in un-biased way!

  • Adil sheikh
    Adil sheikh Day ago

    hi, can i use this video but with Hindi voice over.?

  • Socrates Nicolaou

    What if you would attach a parachute at the top or a weight at the bottom. Or both?

  • Tummala Sai Pramod

    Now I can believe in Tom

  • What Is
    What Is Day ago

    Waht if we add weight down the spring

  • Ameer Duzan
    Ameer Duzan Day ago

    Surely gravity would also affect the bottom of the slinky so it should at least move a little

  • Mateo Vargas
    Mateo Vargas Day ago

    What happens if you put a heavy weight on the tip?

  • Sahil Antil
    Sahil Antil Day ago

    What about gravity?

  • Sharath Sreeni
    Sharath Sreeni Day ago

    The Slinky works by pull force . As the slinky is pulled by gravity, and the slinky be pulled by stretch, the slinky stays as long as these forces are equal. Making slink no go

  • Nitesh Chandra
    Nitesh Chandra Day ago

    What if a staright thread or rope is dropped? Will it follow similar characteristics? Every section of the rope is supported by a section above it. When you release the top of the rope, the tension is released and this information will propagate at a finite speed down the rope. So, will the dangling rope follow the same characteristic as the slinky? Or will it be different? Is it because of the flexibility that release of tension takes more time in a slinky to progress down. How this phenomenon can be represented mathematically, that can be applied to all falling body, i.e if body is rigid, the information of release is bound to propagate very fast (almost instantly) and if body is flexible, it will take some time. Can you share mathematically, what's happening and how to predict how a dangling body will fall, to understand better what's happening.

  • Elaine Dodd
    Elaine Dodd Day ago


  • sinocaig
    sinocaig Day ago

    more...must have more lol please make more on this

  • Gabe
    Gabe Day ago

    So in other words, gravity isn't re-💀

  • Robert Lembo
    Robert Lembo Day ago

    This phenomenon makes absolutely no sense to me, just one of those mysteries I'll never be in on Sadge

  • jagnath Reddy
    jagnath Reddy Day ago

    There is a introvert in between top most Helix and the bottom helix

  • няîssнои x

    Self plagiarism is an offense

  • Molly Bell
    Molly Bell Day ago

    Fascinating. Thank you.

  • William Brinkley

    And it doesn’t defy physics. It’s center of mass is still falling at the rate it’s supposed to. It’s center of mass just changes as the slinky compresses

  • MyBallzGotShocked

    Is that why wtc7 fell so fast?

    MUFFIN PIE Day ago


  • Rigo
    Rigo Day ago

    The twisting motion is because the speed of sound measures the speed of force transfer inside the object. Since solids have a high speed of sound, the rotational force is transferred almost instantly. But since tension isn’t relieved until the accelerating mass catches up, it stays floating.

  • Petr Mášek
    Petr Mášek Day ago

    Love your videos. You are one of the many people who have gotten me into science. (now changing majors from management to bioengineering)

  • sab_milega
    sab_milega 2 days ago

    And the award of $5000 goes to veritasium🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • chimbrazo
    chimbrazo 2 days ago

    Questacon! Loved going there when I was a kid.

  • Padalec Zwyczajny
    Padalec Zwyczajny 2 days ago

    Wait if there was a infinity slinky and you would drop it, the slinky would levitate?

  • KaritKtana
    KaritKtana 2 days ago

    Bottom of the slinky is the spirit of Wiley E. Coyote

  • Justin Bustin
    Justin Bustin 2 days ago

    Also has stored energy when stretched

  • Rail
    Rail 2 days ago

    this toy literally disproved flat earther's earth's moving upward at whatever speed theory

  • Purvang Vasani
    Purvang Vasani 2 days ago

    Can we please get a video on lucid dreaming?

  • Raantas
    Raantas 3 days ago

    what if someone cuts it in the middle while it falling?

  • Rei Caixa
    Rei Caixa 3 days ago

    Doesn't the top also falls down faster than a fixed object would?


    I love your channel, you inspire me!

  • Sean Spartan
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  • Sophia Cristina
    Sophia Cristina 3 days ago

    Stop glitching reality...

  • Yellowheadphones
    Yellowheadphones 3 days ago

    Somebody should get a 500 foot long slinky and drop it off of a sky scraper

  • Franco Valente
    Franco Valente 3 days ago

    What if you dropped a non extended slinky from the same height as the extended one. Will the bottom of the extended slinky begin to fall as the bottom of the non extended slinky pass by?

    • Anonymous4045
      Anonymous4045 3 days ago

      Id assume not, because the non extended one would accelerate faster due to it having more potential energy from the mass being at the top

  • Keaton Tsang
    Keaton Tsang 3 days ago

    So techachly slinkys sorta defy gravity?

  • Cole VonCole
    Cole VonCole 3 days ago

    If one were to procure a giant slinky and hang it from a skyscraper with about 10 feet of clearance from the bottom of the slinky to the ground, and hang on to said bottom while someone at the top let go, would one also be held up while awaiting the slinky to collapse?

    • Anonymous4045
      Anonymous4045 3 days ago

      No. It needs to apply an equal and opposite force on the person holding it, but it cant

  • M McCready
    M McCready 3 days ago

    Please do not film or post vertical videos thank you.
    This one actually works for me, but I stand by my original statement.
    Please do not film or post vertical videos thank you.

  • Alanzo M
    Alanzo M 3 days ago

    אני רק תגובה בעברית שחולפת פה

  • __
    __ 4 days ago

    You stole this idea from action lab shorts. Give credit.

    • ThatBlast
      ThatBlast 4 days ago

      You realize this is a clip from a 10 year old video right

  • Krzysztof Cieszyński


  • Sagar Sinha
    Sagar Sinha 4 days ago

    Why does the bottom stay up there until the whole thing falls? Can someone explain ?

    • Dev_Invincible Jeet
      Dev_Invincible Jeet 2 days ago

      @Sagar Sinha yup it's equivalent to a rotating bucket of water which does not fall in the vertical position because of the inertial centrifugal force on it that equals it's weight....

    • Sagar Sinha
      Sagar Sinha 2 days ago +1

      @Dev_Invincible Jeet thank youu!

    • Dev_Invincible Jeet
      Dev_Invincible Jeet 2 days ago +1

      The top part applies a force= -kx on the bottom which cancels the effect of gravity for the bottom part if you consider only bottom part as a system... If you consider whole slinky as a system then it's centre of mass is always in a free fall and it's towards the falling part where there is mass accumulation over the small space, so bottom has to stay intact in order to conserve the instantaneous position of the system's centre of mass.

  • Nobody
    Nobody 4 days ago

    I watched this multiple times with out realizing because of how satisfying that slinky is.