Half the universe was missing... until now

  • Published on Jul 31, 2020
  • Half of the ordinary baryonic matter has been tough to find but Fast Radio Bursts made it possible to detect the WHIM. Thanks to Kiwico for sponsoring this video! For 20% off go to kiwico.com/veritasium or use code VERITASIUM at checkout.
    Special thanks to Prof. Geraint Lewis ve42.co/gfl
    Nature paper: A census of baryons in the Universe from localized fast radio bursts
    Research and Writing by Max Levy, Derek Muller and Jonny Hyman
    Editing, Animations, Audio Mix & Mastering by Jonny Hyman
    Filmed by Raquel Nuno
    Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci
    Music from Epidemic Sound epidemicsound.com

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  • Daniel Hernandez lopez
    Daniel Hernandez lopez 34 minutes ago

    I have a question, how does lead influence not letting radiation pass?
    I am from mexico

  • Mothiur Rahman
    Mothiur Rahman 59 minutes ago

    Like the fact that you talk about your sponsor at the end after informing about it to your viewers at the beginning. This is different from other FLash-playerrs who discuss the sponsor in-between their videos at lengths.

  • Donald D Giesler
    Donald D Giesler 3 hours ago

    I think I found this very interesting and their approach to find the missing matter!

    MUSTAFA AHMAD 4 hours ago +1

    and of knowledge ye have been vouchsafed but little.

  • Sky Darmos
    Sky Darmos 4 hours ago

    There was no big bang. Maximal temperature was 6,000 K.

  • Scanat
    Scanat 5 hours ago

    Thanos un snapped

  • NoneOfYour Beeswax
    NoneOfYour Beeswax 7 hours ago

    @ 9:56 - _"...as powerful as the sun"_ ? WT actual F does _that_ mean?

  • Marty Boi
    Marty Boi 7 hours ago +1

    Me after watching this: im having an existential crisis

    Or am I?......

  • Roy Javier
    Roy Javier 8 hours ago


  • Ashutosh Pathy
    Ashutosh Pathy 8 hours ago +1

    I didn't get anything you said.

  • Nina younes khalife
    Nina younes khalife 9 hours ago

    Wow god made it so complicated god made em right. Uh

  • Nina younes khalife
    Nina younes khalife 9 hours ago

    My mond is still bck when he showed the circle know what i wanna be a scientist and learn how the world works.

  • Pablo Romero
    Pablo Romero 10 hours ago

    What do you mean by "cool down"?? Is the same energy at a lower temperature?? Or the early universe lost heat to something "outside"??

  • StarFury2
    StarFury2 12 hours ago

    8:03 If EM radiation is not deflected by electric or magnetic field, how can it be guided by Earth's magnetic field?

  • danyar diar
    danyar diar 14 hours ago

    am i mistaken , or he looks exactly like a younger version of elon musk

  • antichicken
    antichicken 18 hours ago

    This was a triumph

  • Michael Te Miha
    Michael Te Miha 19 hours ago

    This is all spectulations

  • Chisel
    Chisel 20 hours ago +1

    I don't understand why people are trying to include art in stem. They're fundamentally different in that stem subjects are all about indisputable facts and finding the best applicable method for a task while art is subjective and there is no correct "method" for making any sort of art.

  • Jock Doubleday
    Jock Doubleday 21 hour ago

    So bored by nonsense.

  • TheDarkMamba
    TheDarkMamba 22 hours ago

    best for nature lover's
    leaf that can support adult person afloat on water !!


  • sathish j
    sathish j 23 hours ago

    Listening to your videos make me look cool. But I dont understand anything.

  • markynio
    markynio Day ago

    He lost me at.. I don't know, I'm dumb

  • Hinters
    Hinters Day ago

    6th grade Science Class with Mr.Anderson told me that everything is made of protons, neutrons, and electrons!
    I've been lied to, bamboozled, confuzzled, and cheated! Shame!

  • Rosco
    Rosco Day ago

    i was wondering where i left it

  • Nandita Khetan
    Nandita Khetan Day ago

    The visualisations are extra ordinary!!! I am a PhD student in astrophysics and sometimes I understand so many things from your videos that i dint catch from the original paper :D! Thank you veritasium!

  • Chronexus
    Chronexus Day ago

    "computer simulations of the entire universe..."
    wot m8?

  • epicbuilder2007
    epicbuilder2007 Day ago

    Thanos, must be thanos, he's not dead yet, he mustn't be

  • Maher Hi
    Maher Hi Day ago

    سبحانك يا ربي

  • Megan Lukes
    Megan Lukes Day ago

    6:34 And how tf could anyone even make this?? We can’t even simulate a single cell (you can tell because we still have to do in vitro studies)

  • A K Hazarika
    A K Hazarika Day ago

    drinking tap water is the biggest western flex ngl

  • gEchochamber
    gEchochamber Day ago

    the only problem with the sentiment at the end of the video is that the answer starys correct thia way... then again it is in the nature of scientists to keep questioning and some will keep trying to find even more mass to disprove whats known and unlock more secrets to demystify xD

  • sgt capes
    sgt capes Day ago

    I'm going to brightside THIS is wayyy to SMART for me it's OUTTA my LEVEL and brightside got me 🤔🤣👀🤓

  • Frey Summers
    Frey Summers Day ago

    I feel smart after watching a Vsauce video, and then I come here and realize that I know nothing

  • Bill Jafferson
    Bill Jafferson Day ago

    I just noticed that ve ri tas are on the harvard logo thing

  • Gustav Calder
    Gustav Calder Day ago

    I just think they did not account for all black holes, which are hard to detect. That is why 5%.

  • Lonnie Thompson
    Lonnie Thompson Day ago

    don't think dark matter is a thing after all this looking and not finding.

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss Day ago

      6:34 there are computer simulations of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE?

  • ZoeSoft
    ZoeSoft Day ago

    me reading the title: oh, he must be talking about dark energy/mass
    video man: I'm not talking about that.
    me: 0_0

  • Deepak Roat
    Deepak Roat Day ago

    Question: Why hydrogen bomb is more powerful than uranium based nuclear bombs

    • Chisel
      Chisel 20 hours ago

      Fission bombs work by splitting the atoms of a fissile material like uranium which creates an explosion that knocks away much of the material before it can undergo fission. Hydrogen bombs are more powerful because the way they use fusion allows them to use much more of their fuel making them much more efficient.

  • MyYouTubeChannel

    The Big Bang...🤣🤣🤣wait....🤣🤣🤣...my sides hurt🤣🤣🤣...how “ignore”ant, folks choose to be. Bang, bang 🔫

  • Felipe Fuenzalida

    Saludos de Chile excelente video, esperando la versión en español me perdí un poco.
    Que gran canal.

  • Poor Gamer DN
    Poor Gamer DN Day ago

    Wow how do they do these calculations

  • Avana
    Avana Day ago

    I disliked the title, as I usually do with Veritasium videos.
    I clicked it today out of boredom.
    I regret not clicking it last week.
    God damn.

  • Cedric Thomas
    Cedric Thomas Day ago

    I want to but I don't get it bro. Cool vid though.

  • I. DE
    I. DE Day ago

    Mind blowing! This video might ionize the barionic matter of your brain

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  • Subhrodeep Saha
    Subhrodeep Saha Day ago

    Can we really say those computer simulations were correct? If scientists keep developing new ways to detect matter and keep improving the current techniques then is it not possible that we might find more matter, thus providing the theoretical value of the amount of matter that should be present to be wrong?

  • Subhrodeep Saha
    Subhrodeep Saha Day ago

    Damn! That's a lot of SCIENCE!!!!

  • Stefano Capomaccio

    Hi Derek. Thanks a lot for this episode. I’m a geneticist and I wasn’t aware of this proportion of baryonic matter vs non baryonic matter. It recalls me somehow the proportion of protein coding vs non protein coding sequences both in DNA (2%) and in RNA (2-7%). Fascinating. Seems that the matter you see is the lowest proportion of a bigger picture.

  • Kyller Queen
    Kyller Queen Day ago

    Oh my god i understand this

  • Rahul Bevinagidad

    I watch these videos, I think I understand them but I also know I don't, I just love science

  • soggymoustache
    soggymoustache Day ago +1

    6:34 there are computer simulations of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE?

    • 1
      1 Day ago +1


  • Aidan’s Music
    Aidan’s Music Day ago

    No the chunks just haven’t loaded yet

  • Derek Bordeaux
    Derek Bordeaux Day ago

    It all started with a big bang. BANG!

  • Cheyne Simons
    Cheyne Simons Day ago

    I have always suspected that FRB where the Electromagnetic equivalent to a "Rogue Wave " turns out i was correct

  • Saturnista
    Saturnista 2 days ago


  • KendrixTermina
    KendrixTermina 2 days ago

    first time I#ve seen the 5% figure really explained

  • Mesaros Minucer
    Mesaros Minucer 2 days ago

    Fantastic video! The world desperately needs people like you, excellent scientific communicators, who can explain complex scientific problems in simpler and understandable terms. The amount of knowledge and information you compressed in under 15 minutes is mindbogling. The production is extraordinary. This material should be used in schools. Please keep up the good work!

  • Berrysicle
    Berrysicle 2 days ago

    Yeah but this is old news, the avengers defeated Thanos, everyone's back :)

  • A.Plosky
    A.Plosky 2 days ago +3

    I am so glad someone found the rest of my universe. I forgot where I put it.

  • Charles Choate
    Charles Choate 2 days ago

    The vast majority of what causes gravity in the universe is still to be explained, yet scientist have the gumption to claim they know what happened 20 min after the big bang. Intriguing video, but the balls of researchers is on Par with Priests.

  • ivane
    ivane 2 days ago

    7:40 like, WTF :D

  • Re Silence
    Re Silence 2 days ago

    This channel has brightened many of my days this awful year.

  • S & L
    S & L 2 days ago

    It’s good they found half as much matter first, not twice as much. Otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board of theoretical physics.

  • charcoal99
    charcoal99 2 days ago

    You ever just lose half of the observable universe

  • Darth Raspberry
    Darth Raspberry 2 days ago

    I love watching your content even though I'm always lost on what's happening. So many big words I'm not smart enough to get but it's still enjoyable watching lol

  • monika laosi
    monika laosi 2 days ago

    Half of the universe was missing... *Thanos has joined the chat* ... Until now. *Thanos has left the chat.*

    COOL BOY 2 days ago


    COOL BOY 2 days ago


  • Lofi more
    Lofi more 2 days ago +1

    meanwhile i try to teach me how to play "Fly Me To The Moon" on guitar xD