The Cast of "IT Chapter Two" Recaps the First Movie | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • IT Chapter Two stars Finn Wolfhard, Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Isaiah Mustafa, James Ransone, Jay Ryan, Jaeden Lieberher, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Chosen Jacobs, and Sophia Lillis recap the first movie, giving you all the information needed to prepare for the new movie.

    IT Chapter Two is in theaters now.

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    The Cast of "IT Chapter Two" Recaps the First Movie | Vanity Fair
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  • Reaper’s Babe
    Reaper’s Babe 19 hours ago

    This is soo weeeird and cool lol I loved the second chapter so much!

  • Rathi Devi
    Rathi Devi 20 hours ago

    14:52 😂😂

  • Liza Sazandrishvili
    Liza Sazandrishvili 20 hours ago


  • crusty noodle
    crusty noodle 20 hours ago

    15:08 they don't have much to say because... Wait no, no spoilers. Unless you read the book or watched the original.

  • the drunken ramblings north east UK

    all I need to know is if this is still in my local cinema wednesday as thats the only time I could afford it :'( I mean I could have when it got released on the 6th but I didnt want to pre book bc im lazy

  • ahana Roy choudhuri
    ahana Roy choudhuri 23 hours ago

    Btw Wyatt Oleff's clothes combination is looking beautiful 😍😍 nice dressing sense

  • SomeBoi
    SomeBoi Day ago

    Uh.. cool content

  • Adrian
    Adrian Day ago

    Cant get over how huge that kids nose is

  • Slick Hoe
    Slick Hoe Day ago

    Why are the the younger ones more mature than the adults lmao

  • Pauline YouDon'tKnow

    I loved it, thank you so much!

  • julia
    julia Day ago

    Whoever did the casting was a genius

  • Leila Alvarez
    Leila Alvarez Day ago

    During the library scene with Ben , I swear to God I always see the librarian in the back smiling all creepy 😬 .

  • Yoongi the 1000 year old turtle

    ok but the kid actors for bill & stanley kinda cute tho

  • Lil-boi-coen
    Lil-boi-coen Day ago

    The kid who played richie looks like he turned to crack after the first movie

  • Digienlaces Chile

    Excellent movie and perfect cast, specially at 0:46 it's awesome how close their faces are!!

  • Sam Cervantes
    Sam Cervantes Day ago

    K but can we take a moment to appreciate Finn Wolfhard♡

  • Jadelyn Whitney
    Jadelyn Whitney Day ago

    Love this 😂

  • gitty
    gitty Day ago

    richie grew up to have blue eyes

  • MultiWeb23
    MultiWeb23 Day ago

    This kids grew up in like two secs

  • Tristen Robinson

    Jae looked confused for 99% of this video

  • alexis gabriel
    alexis gabriel Day ago

    THEE most incredible casting!! every adult actor looks exactly like their kid counterpart... i even thought this about henry bowers and the daughter of the pharmacist with the bubblegum.

  • we the new Lil Tay Lil Tay

    I'm so a bill

  • Conjure Corpse
    Conjure Corpse Day ago +1

    Adult Ben looks like Dr Strange

  • Not Today
    Not Today Day ago

    James and jack’s personality are so alike it’s really funny

  • Most Viral
    Most Viral Day ago

    It's crazy how big they got since the first "It". And the boy with the brim hat looks like a young Justin Bieber lol.

  • louie t
    louie t Day ago +1

    jack marry me thanks

  • kaylee j
    kaylee j Day ago

    andy bean looks more like wyatt than wyatt does

  • melena hammond
    melena hammond Day ago

    finn is such a king

  • Pop’Lemon Officiel

    Scary movie > scoobidoo > IT 2

  • ItzP4va0
    ItzP4va0 Day ago

    fan girls last year: how did finn wolfhard get so hot
    fan girls this year: what happened...

  • Tim
    Tim Day ago

    Im so confused right now. Did they use special effects to make them look younger? And finn looks nothing like himself lol didnt even know that was him until now

  • Stephanie Gold
    Stephanie Gold Day ago

    Y’all really got the whole cast and decided to do this???? a recap????? lame

  • Audrey Blanche
    Audrey Blanche Day ago

    The casting agent did their job like wow

  • kayla lasagna
    kayla lasagna Day ago

    Stranger things season 4:
    Penny wise riding the mind flayer the way the kid does in Never Ending Story


    Is anyone gonna talk about the wyatt's pink sweater??

  • Olivia McCormick

    I see you Finn with your Gucci 😂😂😩🧐😏😏

  • cowbeef3
    cowbeef3 Day ago

    That kid who plays young Bill is too perfect for the role. Off camera, in these press junkets, his real persona fits the character so well.

  • Terri Leigh Cowan

    Where is penniwise?

  • zxmodzx
    zxmodzx Day ago

    17:45 stanlee

  • シzoe
    シzoe Day ago

    in it chapter two, in the “clubhouse”,
    (i forgot what it’s actually called, that cave thing that’s a hangout)
    there was a lost boys poster and in the theaters, my friend and i were literally freaking out. i don’t know why that was important but it was.

  • zxmodzx
    zxmodzx Day ago

    What about Henry

  • Veronica Pointer
    Veronica Pointer Day ago +1

    They paired up all the kids perfectly! Like these adults could be their parents:)

  • Haley Popish
    Haley Popish Day ago +1

    It is WILD to me how much the adult actors look like their younger counterparts. Ben, Eddie, and Stanley in particular had me genuinely wondering during the move if they used CGI to make them look more like the kids.

  • Alex Playz
    Alex Playz Day ago

    It might just be me but sometimes the adults and the kids look like they don't want to be there with the adults or they just don't care but there again it might just be me

  • Marry lopez
    Marry lopez Day ago

    13:35 wow don’t expose me like that 💀Im not that obsessive over IT chapter 2 nah jk I’ve watched part two 3 times all in theaters

  • you love I
    you love I Day ago

    Jack saying "have you ever heard of a staff infection?" again but wih his puberty hit voice is too funny 😂

  • you love I
    you love I Day ago

    I was shocked at how much the adult actors looked like the kids. They fit the characters so well and its crazy

  • you love I
    you love I Day ago

    Seeing Wyatt's decapitated head growing legs and moving around like a spider in the movie was one of the creepiest things tbh. Idk if i can look at him the same now 😂

  • Unknown_bitch
    Unknown_bitch Day ago


  • Sansy Bunny
    Sansy Bunny Day ago

    Is a that Mike?

  • Mikayla Nogueira

    REALLY great job with casting

  • BeepBeep HonkHonk

    Thought she was IT but now we strangers

  • Verónica Serrallés


  • Alin Alin
    Alin Alin Day ago

    The casting crew of this movie is GOD

  • Maura Kinney
    Maura Kinney Day ago +1

    I love the little hand-chop Jack does every time he says the staph infection line. 😂

  • Ashley Dolphinwave


  • ChickenEmpire
    ChickenEmpire Day ago

    2:49 That's deep af boy

  • Jimin is so adorable

    Young Stanley and Adult Stanley looks similar.
    Young Eddie and Adult Eddie looks similar too.
    I’m kinda jungshook.

  • Nana Nauli
    Nana Nauli Day ago

    I’m in love with the cast, the movie, the plot and everything about this movie is just too good

  • DeanoBambino
    DeanoBambino Day ago

    i- they look like parent/child because of how similar they look

  • Tafnusyifa Putri

    Greatest cast in movie history!!

  • Aisha Lady
    Aisha Lady Day ago

    "That's you, my friend!"
    I love the pride which is in the adult actors' s eyes when they are watching the young ones!

  • Manic Triphop
    Manic Triphop Day ago

    Is it just me or is the vibe between kid Ben and adult Ben SUPER weird lol

  • Mariel Hizon
    Mariel Hizon Day ago

    Jack Dylan Grazer looks like Justin Bieber. Or is it just me

  • Liz W
    Liz W Day ago

    "Blood kinda splurts outta the sink"

  • Psycho Boi
    Psycho Boi Day ago

    Ending sucked tho 😒

  • Bongo FloatsToo
    Bongo FloatsToo Day ago

    5:56 nothing changed

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud Day ago

    Captain dozerman?

  • kaung htet
    kaung htet Day ago +1

    young eddie looks like Justin Bieber. I think

  • eggo thingz
    eggo thingz Day ago +5

    Stranger things 4 summer of 1986:

    The losers club and the party need to defeat pennywise

  • Luna Shadow
    Luna Shadow Day ago +1


  • Shelby Gold
    Shelby Gold Day ago

    Am i crazy or does younger Ben kinda sound like Shawn Mendez

  • _becky _ym
    _becky _ym Day ago

    9:23 finn was like saying : richie is like.. . And then waited for bill to answer so they had the same opinion ahaha

  • Gabbie Eusebio
    Gabbie Eusebio Day ago

    I love this movie i wwtched it yesterday ( it 2 )

  • Andy Tan
    Andy Tan Day ago

    Is it me the one thinks that Ben’s transformation was the most surprising one 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anime Me
    Anime Me Day ago


  • YuiTzkie Savage
    YuiTzkie Savage Day ago +1

    Their voice is really matured

  • Audrey Tv
    Audrey Tv Day ago

    i just wanna touch Finn’s hair 🥺

  • Tazmilian Devil
    Tazmilian Devil Day ago

    Wyatt is rocking that pink sweater (?)

  • Lucy deez
    Lucy deez Day ago

    It chapter two was more funny than scary js

  • Jiminie Mouse
    Jiminie Mouse 2 days ago

    Young Bev looks so much like Amy Adams

  • antonio rk dc
    antonio rk dc 2 days ago +1


  • antonio rk dc
    antonio rk dc 2 days ago +1


  • Josya Mitra
    Josya Mitra 2 days ago

    Is it weird that they actually look like parents nd children

  • Gamerkid516
    Gamerkid516 2 days ago

    Why does the person that plays Beverly look and sound so sad

  • brina
    brina 2 days ago +1

    i watched the movie like 8 hours ago and i’m ugly crying

  • I just love gamers
    I just love gamers 2 days ago

    They know.
    They know I'm seeing it just for Bill Hader and that's why I need the recap lol

  • Charles Lipman
    Charles Lipman 2 days ago

    Y are they talking in the third person

  • AnathemaAddy
    AnathemaAddy 2 days ago

    it's amazing how similar the actors look. even the actors for ben look similar in the face. this casting was incredible

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 2 days ago

    “That looks like something written on a condom” lmaoo

  • aranza58 2
    aranza58 2 2 days ago

    Oh god, the puberty

  • Excite
    Excite 2 days ago

    Richie looks so different

  • aranza58 2
    aranza58 2 2 days ago

    Jessica looks like a proud mom

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 2 days ago

    Kids grew so fast gah

  • Kenneth Xu
    Kenneth Xu 2 days ago

    Dang Richie with that gucci on

  • David De Leon
    David De Leon 2 days ago

    I still would've preferred Elizabeth Olsen instead of Jessica Chastain. Beverley looks like a young version of Olsen.., (to me anyway)

  • Qwert Yuiop
    Qwert Yuiop 2 days ago

    I really like how they did this interview. It gave everyone a chance to talk and it’s not everyone interrupting each other. It’s nice (:

  • adri sadoway
    adri sadoway 2 days ago

    How did they find actors that look so close to the kids

  • 50000 subs no vids
    50000 subs no vids 2 days ago

    Bill Hader: *looks like something written on a condom*

  • Gianna Hendez
    Gianna Hendez 2 days ago

    bro who like the first it better