UFC 255: Dana White Post-fight Press Conference

  • Published on Nov 21, 2020
  • UFC President Dana White talks with the media after UFC 255: Figueiredo vs Perez.
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Comments • 70

  • Illuminated One
    Illuminated One Month ago

    Ufc and Dana white getting attacked by the elites now look at all the pull outs for covid in the past few weeks from the scamdemic you can tell he want to say it’s a scam but knows he cant come take me to Abu Dhabi for a job uncle Dane I’m in

  • tr763
    tr763 Month ago

    when i heard no knockout, no cuts, no talking..blah blah. I was done...not watching this joke of a fight now.

  • Mataz The Great
    Mataz The Great Month ago

    Dana 'im working on it' White

  • bbyflip1
    bbyflip1 Month ago

    Whaaa no knockouts fckkkk the Tyson vs Jones fight is gonna be wack !!! 😂😂😂 it makes sense for their safety !!! no judges and no winner !! WACKKK !!!

  • Belgian John
    Belgian John Month ago +1

    why is fat dude always first i dont get it

  • alex martin
    alex martin Month ago +1

    Yo what happened to this guy

  • Jason Kuang
    Jason Kuang Month ago +1

    damn dana chill on the HGH for a bit bro..neck said peace out

  • W. Adams
    W. Adams Month ago +1

    „You cant listen to the fucking fans.“
    - Dana White

  • Michael Sheets
    Michael Sheets Month ago +1

    I think people have forgotten that J. Formiga put it on Deveison and showed he’s very beatable. However Cody or Cejudo are the only real test after Moreno, and then nobody!

  • Gavin Vail
    Gavin Vail Month ago

    Thanks for the sound quality. It’s great hearing the questions


    Hey Dana, I thought covid-19 go away after the election? You're so full of it! You should just stick the UFC and stay away from political comments

  • Official Wedding Video

    How about KHABIB comeback this is so angry flash-player.org/video/kbtZwVfxA9U-video.html

  • Um Shush
    Um Shush Month ago

    best fights were in the prelims. the main card... well. wasnt what I thought it would be.

  • Constantly hungry
    Constantly hungry Month ago

    Mile Perry deserve bonus price

  • Phil Adelphia
    Phil Adelphia Month ago

    Rip danas suit

  • A100KilosOfRaP A1TonOfHonesty

    The Notorious Conor McGregor! 😍🤝🏻😁 "It's good to be back"

  • navdeesh walia
    navdeesh walia Month ago +1

    I fucking need Perry back in the octagon Dana......he s fun......the guy without coaching can perform that in two fights.....fckkk the world......help him financially for coaches..and set a camp for him......he s going to fuck them allll😂🎉🎊👍

  • Laule'a Reyes
    Laule'a Reyes Month ago +1

    No one can compete with bullet or nunes it only makes sense they go a 3rd time at it. Or wei li zhang against bullet would be great i think Zhang can take her out honestly.

  • Brian Fattig
    Brian Fattig Month ago +1

    Give Ryan Hall a fight for the love of god.

  • Daniel McNamara
    Daniel McNamara Month ago

    Andrade is _no_ match for Valentina. I see Valentina picking her apart and getting a late finish.

  • Chad H
    Chad H Month ago

    With the Tyson/Jones fight there will indeed be judges, a winner, and a belt that one of them will win. The CA commission said they wouldn't score the fight so the WBC is bringing judges for that. Christy Martin, Vinny Pazienza, and Chad Dawson will be the judges

  • BoxyTheSpaceDog
    BoxyTheSpaceDog Month ago

    Can one presser pass without Conor questions?I mean guys irrelevant,has been for a while,just let him float,lol.

  • Brian Pilimai
    Brian Pilimai Month ago

    Dana should play uncle fester in family Adams. The looks are amazing

  • SmoothBone21
    SmoothBone21 Month ago +1

    16:11 this is funny af lmaooo... my same reaction 🤣


    I want to see Valentina vs Weli frr

  • steven H.
    steven H. Month ago

    Dana sure do loves attention😂

  • James Haining
    James Haining Month ago

    Australia just had 55,000 people at a rugby league game. UFC could easily sell out a stadium in Aus

  • Kyle Silver
    Kyle Silver Month ago

    zheng vs valentina! lord Jesus

  • Skye Hoefke
    Skye Hoefke Month ago

    Eye poke and fence grabs from Figg-E... not the cleanest win

  • Frank S
    Frank S Month ago

    Uh Dana, yeah Dana uh I uh read a tweet that said ur uh the highest paid bald guy In Sports how does that make you feel. Ok uh like I’m like curious um the fact that like the ufc is the premier league of mma how does that make you feel. Ok ye when I axed you that last question that made you feel good how did that make you feel that you felt good

  • Bb B
    Bb B Month ago

    Wait so they like figuieredo but not DJ? Lmao, Mighty Mouse was the OG champ he actually did some crazy shit, I mean if I got a ufc shot I’d clap all these punk ass 125/135lbers easy work, I want Cody garbageman

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Month ago

    Dana is on cocain af

  • 27merk
    27merk Month ago

    Dana, Chris Cyborg is not transgender.

  • Octavio Eyraud
    Octavio Eyraud Month ago

    Damn Danas biceps look like they ready to pop your neck with one flex

  • Josesp92
    Josesp92 Month ago +1

    Nobody ask Dana about tony vs Olivera 🤦‍♂️

  • Talking NPC
    Talking NPC Month ago +2

    Jouban looked incredible !

  • A A RON M.
    A A RON M. Month ago

    Crunk berries

  • Rdawg
    Rdawg Month ago

    james krause i think is just jealous. buckley just made some serious dough two back to back bonuses $$$$$

  • Richard Briggs
    Richard Briggs Month ago

    Who's the guy who keep kissing Dana's ass? So annoying

  • LegacyEvoAce
    LegacyEvoAce Month ago

    Shogun really needs to retire if he has enough money.

  • KuTSpaM
    KuTSpaM Month ago

    If Rose picked apart Andrade like she did, I think Valentina will just murder Jessica pretty easy.
    The only fight that makes sense is against Nunes. Even Weili won't do much. Joanna beat her up pretty bad, but she could do absolutely nothing to Valentina.

    • KuTSpaM
      KuTSpaM Month ago

      @Red Kinsley Don't get me wrong. I'd rather see Valentina against Andrade than any other fighter at her division.
      I'd actually would love to see Rose fight Valentina. Could be an interesting fight. I think if she beats Weili, it can happen.

    • Red Kinsley
      Red Kinsley Month ago

      You may be right but Jessica looked pretty damn good in her last fight. I still wanna see that fight

  • Jeremiah Nations
    Jeremiah Nations Month ago

    Dana should have to donate half his wealth to every single fighter in the UFC that hes underpaying.

  • A1LyHall
    A1LyHall Month ago

    See ya

  • D Specter
    D Specter Month ago

    At 17:21 anyone else notice the media member asking the question sounds a lot like Alpaca Thesaurus when he isn't doing his "Newt" voice. In his more recent vids he has used what seems to be his real voice and this guy asking questions reminds me of that.

  • Gorilla Gaming
    Gorilla Gaming Month ago

    8:49 where do you go with mike perry he's 500 in his career????????????

  • Tippet76
    Tippet76 Month ago

    The guy giving the compliments is about to get inside scoops and the first question from now on 😆

  • Jordan Philip
    Jordan Philip Month ago

    Zhang vs Shevchenko is a Super Fight

  • Let's GO CUZ!!!
    Let's GO CUZ!!! Month ago

    Last question

  • AJE23
    AJE23 Month ago

    Gaethje vs Chandler
    Do it

  • rita the cat
    rita the cat Month ago +5

    Introducing his dad like "this kid raised me so well" "I had so many good times with this kid"

  • AJE23
    AJE23 Month ago

    Valentina Kos Andrade within the 1st 2 RDS ...her bull rush style is a terrible matchup against VS who is masterful at distance and countering ..easy money

  • bkohler89
    bkohler89 Month ago

    Dana's looking fuckin massive here

  • AJE23
    AJE23 Month ago

    Bro the ref should've taken a point from fig and reset them .he cheated by grabbing the fence twice .that's some bullshit

  • Meth Monkey
    Meth Monkey Month ago

    Lauren Murphy: I’m the best flyweight in the UFC. When I hit people they still fuckin move.
    Dana: Who the fook is that guy?

  • stratten klein
    stratten klein Month ago

    Dana is a straight up goof not trying to start shit but yeah

  • doc retrofuturo
    doc retrofuturo Month ago +2

    mike perry needs a relationship similar to what justin gaethje has with his coach trevor wittman...

  • N Lee
    N Lee Month ago

    Seeing Dana “off the cuff”, with the Tyson/Jones things, is awesome!! 😂

    ZIGSVIDS Month ago

    White is steroid in human form.

  • demo2382
    demo2382 Month ago

    Joe and Dana are starting to look like each other.

  • RetroStyleBender
    RetroStyleBender Month ago +1

    if figgy finishes moreno in dec 12 he should be the fighter of the year and should be move to top 5 pound 4 pound list..

  • Mike Joe
    Mike Joe Month ago +1

    Dana white looks he gained alot of weight.

  • Leo Zabo
    Leo Zabo Month ago

    Dana always avoids fights which include fighters who are bumped up and hyped up by him and the matchmakers

  • Qb Mo
    Qb Mo Month ago +1

    Jarred Brooks is probably at home crying right now about figuiredo winning 😂😂😂

  • Booch 4 Snooch
    Booch 4 Snooch Month ago

    Uncle Dana is the GOAT. Building our sport like no other could.

  • Rockstar R
    Rockstar R Month ago

    Dana on great firm today , great press conference

  • 岡本一彦
    岡本一彦 Month ago

    That guy complimenting Dana in the middle and at the end was wholesome AF.

  • D F
    D F Month ago +2

    Chandler gets TKO'D by Hooker

    • D F
      D F Month ago

      @Red Kinsley I think Felder TKO'S him as well GOOD SIR

    • Red Kinsley
      Red Kinsley Month ago

      Hooker ain't that good

  • PhoenixDarshan
    PhoenixDarshan Month ago

    White: I don't know what it "means"?
    Pun intended?

  • MCMP
    MCMP Month ago

    100% sportsman of the year 100%