D3V!L Fath3r $H00T$ & K!ll3D His OWNA S0N FI TEEF!N Money Or DEFEND!NG His @BU$3 Mom?

  • Published on Apr 13, 2021
  • D3V!L Fath3r $H00T$ & K!ll3D His OWNA S0N FI TEEF!N Money Or DEFEND!NG His @BU$3 Mom?,
    JAMAICA DANCEHALL SOURCE: flash-player.org/video/_y7D1kjUz0c-video.html

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  • Hazel Agnes Ngah
    Hazel Agnes Ngah 5 days ago

    Even if the son took money out of the business account or the account he is part of the business that does not justify you taking a life I don’t care what anybody say that does not justify you taken your sons life for what money that you’re going to die and leave it behind you’re not taking it to heaven if you go to heaven on acceptable this video is making me very upset

  • Hazel Agnes Ngah
    Hazel Agnes Ngah 5 days ago

    Jamaica needs to do more when it comes to domestic abuse in England we take domestic abuse very serious very very serious the fact is Jamaica when it comes to the justice system there is no justice system period that’s why all these crimes are being committed and so many women are losing their lives and now fathers are killing sons

  • Hazel Agnes Ngah
    Hazel Agnes Ngah 5 days ago

    Brother we are living on the N days Believe that we are living on the end days

  • Kirk Dean terrelonge
    Kirk Dean terrelonge 19 days ago

    Wel I don't know what gwan but it just sad sad wat happened

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    Rachel Ini bassey 21 day ago

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  • Christopher Channel Marlo

    Mi done wid unu star tis is too much to bear where is the Example we were supposed to be showing the rest of mankind where has it GONE. Too sad you know how many Friends I had that went to JC . Not in my time Thank God .Unexplainable.RIP Son ❤️❤️🪴.

  • Prince Samuels
    Prince Samuels 22 days ago

    True Jamaica buzz seh di mon again get some time Lawyerrr, an case going go on until next never, 😂😂😂lol, but big an serious this case ya wicket Jah Jah, streets is drastic, but it seem it true still 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Sandy Rogers
    Sandy Rogers 22 days ago

    People! People! People! People!.....yaaaassss!

  • Rosetta Edwards
    Rosetta Edwards 22 days ago

    Unno stop tell lies on the boy. He's not a theif. the father was always abusive and wicked

  • joyce Nelson
    joyce Nelson 22 days ago

    My God my God sign of the time is everywhere, Father against son son again parents men become heartless if ever a time we need jesus in our life is now. Please God we need your intervention (Ergent )🙏🙏

  • YouKnow What
    YouKnow What 23 days ago

    Obviously thought he could get away with killing and felt protected...

  • Denise Clarke
    Denise Clarke 23 days ago +1

    The bible a full fill on jamaica people them Matthew chapter 24 tell you a bout them

  • Prima Donna
    Prima Donna 23 days ago

    At the end of the day Matriarch Mom had to suffered the after.So sad they all should've part from him long time. NO he can't get away and they also had to keep him far from the families and why divorced in Jamaica take so long not in America.

  • Ann Marie Thompson
    Ann Marie Thompson 23 days ago

    We are living in the last days. The Bible is full filling, the Bible says when we see these things look up redemption draweth nigh

  • Jessecka Thompson
    Jessecka Thompson 23 days ago +1

    To how mi fraid a ppl if mi go rd and nuh body step pon mi foot a me a tell dem srry no sah we a live in a serious time sad RIP ruel

  • Herbert Johnson , AK Hue mystic

    This is not new I have seen alot iover the times I saw son kill father and father kill son brothers killing brothers sister killing sisters family killing Family ,this is serious brake down in the family structures one major sign everyone arguing at the same time failure to accept whenever. are in the. ,wrong ,, absence,,,from finding time to bonding

  • Love Doll
    Love Doll 23 days ago +1

    People are actually shocked! Really? Informer fi dead! Gal whe tek man money fi dead! If we keep encouraging killing, it will come right back to us!

  • Lasandra Panton
    Lasandra Panton 23 days ago

    All mi no the fathe .most pay the price.he is a killer.him no what hes doing .them turn him self to the police.it was is plan.a hope him get the same a mount a years has is son age.them should last him for good.

  • Lorraine Williamson
    Lorraine Williamson 23 days ago

    Wiked fada u neva did afi kill ur son naw lie

  • Rito Ortega
    Rito Ortega 23 days ago

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  • Tony Prince
    Tony Prince 23 days ago +1

    People these days can't reason without ignorance and voilence so sad my condolences seet deh now business gone now did it worth it? let me answer it no it didn't.

  • Dianna Wright
    Dianna Wright 23 days ago

    This puppa is a evil and bitter one weh it woulda do with a none family member it woulda nyam them raw it's really a cruel

  • Rhona Harris
    Rhona Harris 23 days ago +1

    Demons taking over ,come to kill steal and destroy.

  • D D
    D D 23 days ago +1

    How can you do that to your own flesh and blood. We may never know the real story but unless he killed someone that was just wicked and evil..

    • D D
      D D 23 days ago

      @Lizzylee Lewis who is angry lol i dont know you to be angry 😆 i wrote capital letters as you obviously missed what i wrote.

    • Lizzylee Lewis
      Lizzylee Lewis 23 days ago

      @D D sorry you feel hurt... it's a honest question... why you angry tho???

    • D D
      D D 23 days ago

      @Lizzylee Lewis i know what i wrote. I said what i said as all these different rumors why its happens. I never i said I NEED TO KNOW. Show me where i wrote that??

    • Lizzylee Lewis
      Lizzylee Lewis 23 days ago

      @D D go read weh you type

    • D D
      D D 23 days ago

      @Lizzylee Lewis where did i say I NEED the real story?

  • melinda simpson
    melinda simpson 23 days ago

    It’s all in revelations... and it will get worse

  • Gillian Adams
    Gillian Adams 23 days ago +4

    This young man was just defending is mother as always..the father is very controlling..RIP son..miss Knight(J) god not gonna give you more than you can bare ..

  • June Reid
    June Reid 23 days ago


  • Douel Watson
    Douel Watson 23 days ago +1

    Wonder what is the father's motive!! Can't be abusing the mother...I feel is something else!

  • Camille Grier
    Camille Grier 23 days ago

    Less scotch bonnet and bird pepper please.

  • Camille Grier
    Camille Grier 23 days ago

    I think the food maybe too spicy because temper run quick and hard. Now we know why many Jamaican women are choosing to be single.

  • Natalie
    Natalie 23 days ago

    That is if somebody no put him light out before him reach court.....

  • Dion Hawkins
    Dion Hawkins 23 days ago

    This come like mafia father

  • Collis algoria
    Collis algoria 23 days ago +2

    sounds like he sold his soul 😢😢😥😥 how can one so???? your own son???

  • Kenisha Cummings
    Kenisha Cummings 23 days ago +1

    Omg what was he thinking to kill his own son,what could really posses you very sad.

  • Dray Skull
    Dray Skull 23 days ago +2

    From church lock down a bare wickedness a gwan inna ja just meds it

  • Boysie Hall
    Boysie Hall 23 days ago +2

    I honestly don't know what is happening in Jamaica,but something definitely wrong with the state of affairs in all levels of tolerance. Now Father is killing son and that is a new dimension of tolerance. We can blame it on the pandemic, but I think that people should slow down and give God a try by putting al yourl trust in him. The churches must take a roll in the affairs of the Country. In closing I want to extend my condolences to the family and R.I.P young Mr Knight😭🇯🇲✍

  • Infanta Alexander
    Infanta Alexander 23 days ago

    Mad man ina clean clothes agen

  • Kevin Mccalpin
    Kevin Mccalpin 23 days ago +1

    We go to same school Jamaica college sad shit

  • Dervin Nesbeth
    Dervin Nesbeth 23 days ago +3

    Bible haffi fulfill

  • joylawson49
    joylawson49 23 days ago +1

    This 😳😳good for nothing man 👨😩killed his son, because of greed, for the love 💘❤of money 💰🤑is the root of all evil 😈I hope 🙏😀😉😐😑😳he gets life in prison.

  • shazza Leen
    shazza Leen 23 days ago

    The bible says that in the last day signs and wonders. The world is heading to a big disaster worse than the big C going to happen again. Am not surprised this saying is the arms of flesh will fail you dear not thrust your own.

  • sherr sherr
    sherr sherr 23 days ago +4

    Mercy Jesus..imagine that mother's pain

  • Buzza Anthony
    Buzza Anthony 23 days ago +9

    A must beachy brother this why him 1 so wicked,excessively wicked man this no matter What. him evil bad.

  • Winston Johnson
    Winston Johnson 23 days ago

    All these are ignorance Jamaican people get so ignorant nowadays you can't argue with them, argue with them you may lose your life, no more slapped a guy in the face all they think about killing. ignorance is now a Jamaican thing now. all in Parliament politicians telling man don't draw my tongue it's bad. The Country gone.

  • Del
    Del 23 days ago +11

    People please understand and be aware they are living Demons Walking among us💯✌🏽🙏

  • PanAfrica Ubuntu
    PanAfrica Ubuntu 23 days ago +7

    The video evidence contradicts the theory of self defense. Rage and anger management problems are very evident. Sticky! Condolences to the family and friends.

  • Jacqueline Rochester
    Jacqueline Rochester 23 days ago +1

    True buss ..the only thing that talk is killing..it is so sad 😞. Why would you want to kill your blood ..I don't understand lord have mercy on us

  • Patrick Raikes
    Patrick Raikes 23 days ago

    What a TOTAL madness...!!

  • Monica Stewart
    Monica Stewart 23 days ago

    The devil is the ruler of the world. He is in control of these people. Stay safe , and bless up yourself.

  • Lorna Wright
    Lorna Wright 24 days ago

    The devil let loose, satans and his host roaming through the whole world.

  • Ryan Mcdonald
    Ryan Mcdonald 24 days ago

    Same way soh mr loyd williams.

  • Mekem no worries
    Mekem no worries 24 days ago

    You gotta read search better the father killed him in cold blood it wasn't for teefing from him the son was calming him down from abusing a employee and him just back and kick him in the chest and shoot ..so change the title make it simple like evey other blogger cuz death like that ain't to take light and chat pon

  • nola bygrave.
    nola bygrave. 24 days ago

    Mi de ya

  • Milton Bowen
    Milton Bowen 24 days ago

    Only gun talk in Jamaica now adays

  • Alreece Lattie
    Alreece Lattie 24 days ago

    Bwoy some person av a dark side to them,eeh must possess with demons.smh.

  • Natarine Reid
    Natarine Reid 24 days ago +12

    If him do his own son like that what him would do to a stranger this is so sad.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Paulette Morrison
    Paulette Morrison 24 days ago

    The bible in the last days father will be against son mother against daughter and the love of money is the root of all evil

  • Othneil Lammie
    Othneil Lammie 24 days ago +1


  • no name
    no name 24 days ago +25

    The bible say that in the last days the heart of man is gonna grow cold. The Bible also says that when you see these things happening we need to look up cause our redemption draweth near

  • Mercy Designed Me Beautiful

    It's not craziness, it's a lack of love and no God in their heart why the heart of man has become wax cold like the Bible tell us. There is no reason to kill your own son until he has he has a trigger to your head and that's the only way to save yourself. With all the innocent blood shedding in Jamaica, if the don't turn soon trust thr judgement of God is going to shake JA and then they ask why God allow things to happen because mankind is evil and cold. No love for each other, I'm not there and I'm tired of it.

  • Random repair Wiz
    Random repair Wiz 24 days ago +1

    dont like ur intro.............................................change it but the video good

  • Shawn Keshawn
    Shawn Keshawn 24 days ago +3

    Anuh money cause it mi g...Mr knight buy ruel a Benz every year...ruel a mi g like dat....fuckry gwaan but Anuh money issue.....condolences to mi g....we did a guh jc together suh we know d ting.....battyman newlink a talk bout ruel a fish n a spread wrong news fi views....some a dem vlogger love chat n don't know noting weh tek place ina we town....

    • Paulo Styles
      Paulo Styles 23 days ago

      Before u said it ,the rumors bout him being a fish, that what I was thinking why his father kilt him

  • unalyn pryce
    unalyn pryce 24 days ago +2


  • DJ Architect
    DJ Architect 24 days ago +2


  • Sherine Gayle
    Sherine Gayle 24 days ago

    This is sad really sad.

  • Nia Mac
    Nia Mac 24 days ago +6

    Just when I think that things couldn't get any worse, evil lurks among us, the heart of man has become desperately wicked...wow a father taking out his child in this manner, what a world that we are living in.RIP young man, I am curious to know how this father is feeling, talk about being enslaved by the Devil.

  • Ejoema Brown
    Ejoema Brown 24 days ago +15

    Daddy you need to get a life sentence! U wicked!

  • HolySpiritFollower Godbeliever

    Ruel and the whole family run the wholesale really good. Always fast and effecient. One of the best wholesale ran by jamaicans in Jamaica. I hope the father repents and that Ruels death will not be in vain. May what the devil meant for evil work for the eternal good for the family and all who know this family. May community of Papine be blessed by and through this tragedy. He was a very very friendly and hard working man.

  • Ricardo Carrington
    Ricardo Carrington 24 days ago +4

    It's highly unlikely a father will shoot a son over money no matter how much money was involved , if his life was threatened why did he not attempt to shot his son in his foot or hand , why fire twice , more than likely this altercation was the straw which broke the camel's back , and there had been ongoing tension between the two of them.

    • Ricardo Carrington
      Ricardo Carrington 24 days ago +2

      So only in a movie a person can aim low , ok you stick with your stupid mentality.

    • Dantoinette Taylor
      Dantoinette Taylor 24 days ago

      Shooting if foot and hand only happens in the movies

  • Carole Rose
    Carole Rose 24 days ago

    Ruel is s good boy. Mr Knight is a Pig . I know him n he treats his stAff terribly and he is a very ignorant man