FIRST LOOK: New Land Rover Defender | Top Gear

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • This new Land Rover Defender has to walk a difficult line: It must be an object of desire to the prosperous public - but it also needs genuine utility so the farmers-to-peacekeepers market will show a renewed interest. Can it? Well, let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix walk you around both the new 90 and 110 Defender, then it’s up to you to decide. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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  • Top Gear
    Top Gear  Month ago +90

    Everyone’s got their own original Land Rover Defender story. What’s yours?

    • Phil’s models & motors
      Phil’s models & motors 11 days ago

      First car that’s going to last me a lifetime and will get passed down to my kids not like the new one that might last 5 years till it’s scrapped and the owners gone and bought another car.

    • Andrew McKay
      Andrew McKay 14 days ago

      You're just all just woke wankers at top wank these days. I see

    • xehn
      xehn 20 days ago

      Top Gear FUCK NEW TOP GEAR

    • 1000 Sub Challenge
      1000 Sub Challenge 20 days ago

      Mine is the best. I don’t have a Land Rover

    • Michael Chesnais
      Michael Chesnais 22 days ago +1

      land rovers reliability Not there

  • MadJamYT
    MadJamYT 18 hours ago +1

    So 2 new cool comebacks

  • M J.H
    M J.H Day ago

    I think it does not resemble the original much and they might have gone a bit too far in modernisation of exterior and lost it along the way. Too glossy around the canopy. If you look at Wrangler or G wagon, exterior have plenty of visible metal around the cabin and they look unmistakably Wrangler and G wagon from the first model down to latest one. I'd rather pick a volvo xc if shiny is my thing.

  • Romazes :3
    Romazes :3 2 days ago

    Where are the old leaders???

  • Ethan Ramsay
    Ethan Ramsay 3 days ago

    6:09 we all want exposed rivets on the doors

  • Gary Lawes
    Gary Lawes 3 days ago

    Dreadful review. No one at Top gear that knows what makes an off road car?

  • Patricia gillespie
    Patricia gillespie 4 days ago

    The 3 door looks like a lada 4 by 4 crap

  • Andreas T
    Andreas T 4 days ago

    Is it good? Yes. Do I like it? Yes. Do I want to drive it 8 hours outside of Kinshasa? No.

  • hollowaysteve
    hollowaysteve 4 days ago

    So a ‘utilitarian note’ rather than utilitarian. Landrover have just produced another fashion product. I’m sure it works great off road but I doubt very much anyone that actually wants a proper off road vehicle shall purchase one. Not to mention how much of the ‘fashion plastics’ shall break in the event that one were to do so. The only people that would buy this have the same mindset as the presenter. The pose value. Soon to be seen clogging up a city near you...

  • njkip
    njkip 5 days ago

    What a load of shite......😳

  • Green Andy
    Green Andy 5 days ago

    This is not Top Gear

  • CRS
    CRS 5 days ago +1

    they keep on saying it looks like a Defender. It doesn't
    Will my Defender still be maintainable and working in 50 years time, yes. Will the new one? No way, the computers will fail and you will not be able to repair or replace them.
    Is it as practical and utilitarian as the original, no.
    will farmers and owners be able to bolt anything to it, carry anything in it, trust that the electronics will not fail, not break the stupid dash TV, I don't think so. Land Rover, real Defender owners want a basic and tough go anywhere utility vehicle, not a damn technological look how cleaver my boffins are, mobile advert that will only be bought by people who will never use it for what a real Land Rover is supposed to be for. I don't want all those stupid electronics. I don't want the vehicle to take me off-roading. I want to do the driving, not a bloody computer. Whenever a sales man starts telling me about a car by pointing at the central computer screen, I'm gone. Build a good car first please. Make the electronics and connectivity crap an option.

  • Barry Lauth
    Barry Lauth 5 days ago

    'The environment' you say....consider this: the carbon footprint of manufacturing a new vehicle will in all likelihood way exceed the additional carbon put into the atmosphere from the old defender which stays in circulation because it's 'not economical to repair' life expectancy is very very long. Consider that the upright windscreen keeps the vehicle cool when parked in the sun. Consider that the vents in the front almost negate the need for an air conditioner. If you had the hard top, you could convert it into a pickup. If it breaks, I can fix it myself.
    I'm not suggesting the old defender is better or worse than the new defender, it's just silly to make the comparison. Apart from name, they are simply worlds apart. Mini got it right with the the new mini. Fiat500 got it right. Suzuki Jimny got it right. VW beetle not so much. The sales figures speak for themselves. Keeping the essence of the heritage has made these manufacturers loads of money. It remains to be seen if this Defender will get it right because it's got to be more than the sum of its parts.
    The timelessness of the old defender needs no defending.

  • Senor Senor
    Senor Senor 5 days ago

    Man iLove the ouss yasss in D

  • Martin Fallenstedt
    Martin Fallenstedt 5 days ago

    This is how the new defender should look:

  • Hamish cameron-eveleigh

    They are not rivots

  • Chris Dale
    Chris Dale 6 days ago

    Take all the fancy crap out put a 2ltr manual diesel it and sell for 23k and you'll have orders coming out your ass . Why build something stuffed with gadgets you already have them. BTW this bloke talks rubbish, anyone who owns a old defender what ever series knows it capabilities and inabilities.

  • Charles H
    Charles H 8 days ago

    I'd hope the air suspension is optional, as in, no thank you...

  • Peter Gibbs
    Peter Gibbs 8 days ago

    I have to smile, all these reviews of the new Land Rover Defender with the models all in the exact same position as they are only allowed to look in them and not drive them. It would have been far better to wait until the reviewers are allowed to drive them. Otherwise it is all a bit silly. I really hope the new Defender is as big a success as the old one has been over the years. But reviewing it like this is just daft.

  • Beach Boy
    Beach Boy 9 days ago

    British cars are finally the best again, jaguar epace etc

  • no-trick-pony_lockpicking

    "This car is better in every measurable way" - yeah. until you actually use it offroad and something breaks. Have fun. Land Rover already only had expensive luxury turds like this. They kept the Defender because everybody loved the Defender. It wasn't an SUV meant for everybody. It was an experience for people who really wanted to feel it and drive it outdoors. Now: Urban Package and more gimmicks than Inspector Gadget. My ass. If you wanted shit like that you just bought a Discovery or a Range Rover. On a different note: The old Defender had a a minimum base price of 28k USD (2010). New one 51k USD. Go figure.

  • Misato 21
    Misato 21 10 days ago

    I’m surprised to see this ugly car. It’s ugly as Jeep Renegade. Why they couldn’t do proper job like Mercedes made new generation of G-class.

  • Phil’s models & motors

    It’s not a defender more of a disco 5.5

  • ludocrat
    ludocrat 12 days ago

    Prefer to listen to an expert off-roader's views on this thing than some condescending BBC journalist doing some kind of commercial for Tata and making sneering jokes about "farmer Giles" (??).
    So listen to an expert:

  • The Canucklehead
    The Canucklehead 12 days ago

    before I saw him this guy sounded enough like hammond to make me forget....

  • al3030
    al3030 12 days ago +1

    The guy is not reviewing the car, he is selling it from minute 1 😔

  • Pilette alain
    Pilette alain 12 days ago

    looks fab, but I'd rather have the old one. The old one I could repair it with a plier, a spanner wrench and a hammer. This new integrated one may be a much better car but it won't matter in the desert if you break something and the nearest garage with a laptop is 500 km away. I hope they are going to make a rugged version without the nonsense of the urban pile of "confort". If you are going off-roading in the Dales, cairngorms, Sahara, rocky mountains, Himalayas, north pole, jungles of Malaysia, Siberia, Ural mountains, northern canada... sry got carried away, so as i was saying, IF you're going OFF-ROADING, you don't need creature comforts, you NEED something with the least parts in it so that u can fix it IF you manage to break it (or at least have the capacity to fix it if you have the spare parts with you). the king is dead, long live the precious king (but I'd rather have his rugged grandpa that could kick some arse).

  • xynudu
    xynudu 12 days ago

    Why is there checker plate on top of the mudguards ? The wheels look like an after thought. It's got an identity crisis. LOL

  • Epic987 Rainbow
    Epic987 Rainbow 13 days ago

    That make me sick

  • Spoon
    Spoon 13 days ago

    The grand tour done a Very first look not the new snobs

  • Gabby Lopez
    Gabby Lopez 13 days ago

    I don't have a beard but i prefer the old Defender. Less things to go wrong when you are out exploring, and even if things go wrong nothing you can't repair with a few tools. This looks like a chinese knock off of a defender.

  • Lajos Bakk
    Lajos Bakk 13 days ago

    Why is looks like a FJ?

  • Alvin Kong
    Alvin Kong 13 days ago +4

    All new 2019 LR Pretender!!
    Really annoying the most capable model should be designed by off road enthusiasts, military personnel and overlander combined not some office geeks...

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 13 days ago

    Typical Land Rover garbage.

  • deer hunter
    deer hunter 13 days ago

    its a discovery

  • Derek Press
    Derek Press 14 days ago +1

    when the warranty runs out all those electronics will start dropping dead one after the other, give me the old girl any day

  • Hugo Noboa
    Hugo Noboa 14 days ago

    KIA SOUL????

  • Peter Eastwood
    Peter Eastwood 14 days ago

    The original was 100% functional and utilitarian. This one is primarily a design exercise for aesthetic and showroom appeal.

  • Hansaka Nakulugamage
    Hansaka Nakulugamage 15 days ago

    Nowhere near real Defender 🤮 what a Disgrace 👎👎👎

  • Helder Oliveira
    Helder Oliveira 15 days ago

    New Kia Soul???

  • Lusitani
    Lusitani 16 days ago

    The old Defender is not crap to drive.....

  • Nikolay Turovich
    Nikolay Turovich 16 days ago

    looks like the Kia Soul to the max ! )

  • Eric
    Eric 16 days ago

    The all new Land Rover Pretender.

  • pjcsaw1961
    pjcsaw1961 17 days ago

    Buy a Range Rover well you might as well,cos the army can’t do much with this...
    Techi and tarty almost as tragic as The all new Top Gear.

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 17 days ago

    Yup. Knew 'd seen one of these before! Lada Cossack!

  • thanos mousios
    thanos mousios 17 days ago

    Is it brilliant car with excellent of road ability yeah it probably is. Is it an exelent defender though well can you throw a dead giraffe at the back drive it through hell and the fix it with a screw driver pretty sure not hence it's not a good defender

  • Ian Jenkins
    Ian Jenkins 18 days ago

    this is the problem the original defender was a utilitarian working machine designed to work hard in the farm yard or up the mountain. I cant see farmers throwing hay bales in the back

  • Fadi Ramadan
    Fadi Ramadan 18 days ago +1

    4:30 " it has a boot" really? hahahaaaa
    He couldn't find anything to say😅

  • Yuxuan Deng
    Yuxuan Deng 18 days ago

    its ugly

  • Saablives
    Saablives 19 days ago

    No driving impressions

  • D Allen
    D Allen 19 days ago

    Now that was a rather foolish and asinine comment to make at the end. It ruined an okay - ish review.
    First, the new Defender is not aimed at the same market as the last defender was. There are so many things that prove that point: cost, full of electronics, can’t be maintained out in the bush, doesn’t have flat panels, so you have to buy Land Rover parts for it and you can not really attach flat plate to keep the thing hanging together when in the bush. Not as water resistant. Those electronics are going to fail and cause major headaches. Air suspension? Fine in most cases, until you actually try and use it off road properly. Those sensors are going to fail.
    Jaguar Land Rover are incapable of building vehicles that are reliable. Their painting of vehicles is abysmal.
    Would I buy one? Yes, if I could afford one and if I knew I wasn’t going to take it off road properly, and I don’t mean Forestry Commission tracks or green roading. For that I would have an old type Defender, which whilst unreliable and uncomfortable , is also a really, really good off road vehicle that can be maintained nearly any where.

  • john kindon
    john kindon 19 days ago

    why is it know yet id driving them just sitting in them pointing at stuff instead of demonstrating like they normally do have thy actually got engines in them maybe they pushed them there lol.

  • Random Domino
    Random Domino 19 days ago


  • xehn
    xehn 20 days ago


  • kensai69
    kensai69 20 days ago

    I love how Jack has such forward thinking...namely @ 5:57

    "So this handles at either end, you can push or pull the car along"

    LOL!! anticipating some breaking down already eh?

  • Bret Johnson
    Bret Johnson 20 days ago

    Came here to drop a dislike. Top Gear is a loser without the trio.

  • Michael Hodges
    Michael Hodges 20 days ago

    4:33 Opens the door: "There we go. It has a boot." Closes the door... LOL

  • Максим Фриш
    Максим Фриш 20 days ago

    без лебёдки - грош цена.

  • Elfin4
    Elfin4 20 days ago

    Why show a left hand drive when this is a UK car ?

  • Elfin4
    Elfin4 20 days ago

    Can you see the right offside tail lights with the rear door open ? This would fail a vehicle test centre inspection if it was an import.

    ABO TURKI 21 day ago

    A really useful shelf, huh. I think even land rover wants Jeremy to make fun of it

  • Paul Dashwood
    Paul Dashwood 21 day ago

    It’s to plasticky looking .i wouldn’t swap my old one ..

  • Clutch HD
    Clutch HD 21 day ago +3

    Who misis fhe old top gear? :(

  • ElectriSkull
    ElectriSkull 21 day ago +3

    *Can't beat the old Top Gear*

    KENKENNIFF 21 day ago

    If the army orders these, their recruitment problems would be over.

  • Emma Gardner
    Emma Gardner 21 day ago +1

    It looks like the discovery 3 and 4

  • Dragonmoth
    Dragonmoth 22 days ago

    This is so boring. Where is your passion man? 2 min in and i'd rather watch bread go stale then anymore of this. Top gear was once a fun and good show. Find some better hosts

  • Bruce Burns
    Bruce Burns 22 days ago

    Looks like it suits the suburban shopping centre car park than a vehicle that armies or terrorists would buy , remember every terrorist in the world drives a Toyota , can Land Rover win them over .

  • abhishek verma
    abhishek verma 22 days ago

    what's the name of the song in the background?

  • John Venters
    John Venters 23 days ago

    Sounds like landrover wrote that script.

  • Eric Tyleorgan
    Eric Tyleorgan 23 days ago

    Looks like a new Discovery.

  • Lunamaria
    Lunamaria 24 days ago

    I owned 2 Land Rover and can say beyond a dought that they were the 2 absolute most unreliable vehicles I have owned, period.... I'm currently have a small lawsuit with Land Rover for outright ripping me off.. ABSOLUTE garbage

  • Stripez The Wolf
    Stripez The Wolf 24 days ago


  • Neil Latter
    Neil Latter 24 days ago

    Hurry up and get the 90 out in Canada. Ridiculous that we have to wait till late 2020. After all, it's not like you pay the Slovaks much to make these, crank them out!

  • veloya1ru MTB
    veloya1ru MTB 24 days ago - RECORD SPEED OF WORLD. Look this Ultra Tank Bentley.​

  • Baronio A.
    Baronio A. 24 days ago

    Defender is starting to be like the G-class.. Luxury SUV that no-one will use offroad, since it will be too expensive to repair.
    I'd still go for the new jimny!

    • Olimpia Di Loreto
      Olimpia Di Loreto 21 day ago

      Baronio A. Well no, the G class looks way better than this !

  • over opinionated
    over opinionated 24 days ago


  • Shumail Khan
    Shumail Khan 24 days ago

    I love land rover. range rover. lc 200(land cruiser) i love to drive these cars on off road❤💐🌺

  • matthew de silva
    matthew de silva 25 days ago

    i love that they made a new land rover.........but i bet it won't last 34 years and going like the 109 i can't fix those things in the bush if you try. i go off roading with the 109 and i trust that if anything goes wrong i know i could fix it with a vine and a tree stomp.....try doing that with those new ones lol!

  • Rob edwards
    Rob edwards 25 days ago

    The 110 is the better looking car here.

  • Anthony English
    Anthony English 25 days ago

    Let's get this straight, he's saying an old Land Rover is crap to drive. He's clearly never driven one and knows nothing!

  • Den Denizel
    Den Denizel 25 days ago

    Terrible terrible terrible , top gear never was that boring

  • Alban Sadiki
    Alban Sadiki 25 days ago

    He is original anf he does his job, and yhat is important, he has plenty if information

  • john barron
    john barron 25 days ago

    The new Kia suv 4wd

  • Mark Geller
    Mark Geller 26 days ago

    I have seen the car with and without the "signature graphic" patch on the window. If you don't want it, can it be deleted (I hope)?

  • Mr lu731
    Mr lu731 26 days ago

    Like if jeremy is better than bbc

  • olly kilo
    olly kilo 26 days ago

    Styling by Fisher Price?

  • negative monkey
    negative monkey 26 days ago +1


  • Lee Englandland
    Lee Englandland 26 days ago +1

    As seen parked outside the school gate's one hour before the kids come out while the mother fiddle's with her smart phone. Four wheel drive so handy for the supermarket carpark. A British icon made in Slovakia by an Indian company !

  • MrKenyaone
    MrKenyaone 26 days ago

    Poor Land Rover. Dont bring those cars to Africa. I GUARANTEE you, where I can go with a Land Cruiser it will never manage. The old defender, with ease. But this? No way. The Land Cruiser with its Coil struts suspension will go anywhere, even the height adjustable hydraulic shocks and coils, but a defender 110 on air springs.......!! Obviously land rover are limiting themselves to certain regions. Air suspensions will NOT WORK, I repeat, NOT WORK, NEVER WORK in Africa, and especially off-road. They are simply not robust enough. I can drive a Land Cruiser on coil and struts the whole day over roads that you have to see to believe, in temperatures averaging 35-40c and through volcanic dust. Nothing will go wrong. I can do that day in day out. This new land rover airbags will call time out on the first day! In Kenya, nobody uses their Range Rovers for real off-roading, its a gimic, for the odd grassy field or farm driving. In places like Tsavo or Kenyas' North Eastern Province, they know what will happen. Land Rover should be candid and say that the air suspension is for Europe and the US and places where your guaranteed paved roads, in Africa? Forget it. Sad to see the 110 go down this way. Air sprung cars have too many electrical components and the worst enemy of electronics are, dust, heat and vibration, which will be exactly what your driving through constantly if you off-road in Africa. Goodbye 110.

  • Freeman
    Freeman 26 days ago

    This guy proves how wrong he, and every other poser, have got the essential concept by slavering over the appearance instead of focusing on the functionality.

  • FBI
    FBI 26 days ago

    I miss old Top Gear

  • Jeremy Lakenes
    Jeremy Lakenes 26 days ago


  • Jeremy Lakenes
    Jeremy Lakenes 26 days ago

    Ground clearance? Ha ha ha

  • Jeremy Lakenes
    Jeremy Lakenes 26 days ago

    They better run this in a Camel Trophy in Brazil.

  • Jeremy Lakenes
    Jeremy Lakenes 26 days ago

    Not better in every way. You’ll need a laptop and fancy tools to work on this in the Sahara.

  • HamY GamY
    HamY GamY 27 days ago

    that looks so ugly

  • Radeg Bodaz
    Radeg Bodaz 27 days ago

    Why one you-tube video review is made by three guys at same place and same time and non of you whana share a credit as a team? #1 FIRST LOOK: New Land Rover Defender | Top Gear, #2 NEW Land Rover Defender: In-Depth First Look | Carfection 4K, #3 2020 Land Rover Defender explored: under the skin of a new off-road icon. A ha, I got it. Pretending to be independent will get you 3X more $$$?

  • A Cortes
    A Cortes 27 days ago +7

    Land Rover and “won’t break” in the same sentence... you are funny!

  • Nick Kwok
    Nick Kwok 27 days ago

    man it looks ugly