FIRST LOOK: New Land Rover Defender | Top Gear

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • This new Land Rover Defender has to walk a difficult line: It must be an object of desire to the prosperous public - but it also needs genuine utility so the farmers-to-peacekeepers market will show a renewed interest. Can it? Well, let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix walk you around both the new 90 and 110 Defender, then it’s up to you to decide. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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Comments • 100

  • Top Gear
    Top Gear  9 months ago +102

    Everyone’s got their own original Land Rover Defender story. What’s yours?

    • Dead Andburied
      Dead Andburied Month ago

      Had a 1958 Series 2, 1977 Series 3m both 88s.

    • My Name is Nobody
      My Name is Nobody 5 months ago

      My story is that I watched another review on the new Defender and once again they didn’t criticise anything about the shit vehicle, instead all they did was suck Landrover C@ck.

    • sliperysid
      sliperysid 7 months ago

      @Brandon Alder No, the british taxpayer covers all the losses.

    • sliperysid
      sliperysid 7 months ago +1

      @Joshua Collins Didn't miss much. In Australia unless it's a Toyota (reliability) we don't bother. The risk of breakdown in an remote area eliminates all other manufacturers

    • sliperysid
      sliperysid 7 months ago

      @N R The BBC don't care, you're probably just a white straight male anyway.

  • merseybeat1963
    merseybeat1963 18 days ago

    1:08..."Every measurable way.." Not in sustainability my friend with 85 computers and Air Ride it will be as its creators designed it..excellence in the short term (15 years) afterwards more expensive to fix than the vehicle will be worth. When a little Computer that cost $25 to build costs owner $550 to buy ... And not better in looks..its nice but the previous was the best looking "Jeep" in the world..this does not look like a Jeep.

  • Dead Andburied
    Dead Andburied Month ago

    Steering wheel on the wrong side 😩

  • วรมัน วันละเรื่อง

    i like the old defender more than

  • Damian B
    Damian B 2 months ago

    Aren't all rovers break every 100 miles? Lmao piece of junk!

  • M A M M A A I U T O
    M A M M A A I U T O 2 months ago

    "It's better in every miserable way"
    But it doesn't give me the "fizz"

  • Lunamaria
    Lunamaria 2 months ago

    Top Gear sucks so much now

  • stephen w
    stephen w 3 months ago

    You design cars, at Honda you press a few keys and out comes the new generation (but ugly) Honda Pilots. They fire you and next you are working on RL Discovery.

  • thomas brooker
    thomas brooker 3 months ago

    The reason the old defender (not this piece of shit) was so loved was because of its simplicity

  • thomas brooker
    thomas brooker 3 months ago

    The new land Rover isn’t a real defender it’s a disgrace to the real defender it won’t ever live up to the legacy of the old one

  • J Van
    J Van 3 months ago

    This is a rich man’s weekend toy. Nothing more. Dismissed!

  • Bass3rd
    Bass3rd 3 months ago

    Did drive tribe and top gear take turns
    Same location?

  • ballards02
    ballards02 3 months ago

    I liked the original host of this show ! Thos current host lacks character so generic just saying .

  • Leroy Brown
    Leroy Brown 3 months ago

    Do you really love those standard ugly steel wheels?

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir 3 months ago

    They need a different host.

  • Drew Cyprus
    Drew Cyprus 3 months ago


  • Yeep
    Yeep 3 months ago

    1:00 stopped watching after he said the original Defender was no good because it polluted...

  • Kronos
    Kronos 3 months ago

    Biggest Letdown: NO MANUAL TRANSMISSION!

    AYED ALZANDANI 3 months ago


  • Lordbyron
    Lordbyron 4 months ago

    Its just a Range Rover trying to look hard! Prince Harry in a pair of jeans!

  • Patrick---
    Patrick--- 4 months ago

    When Land rover will find some one able to hold a pen ?

  • Patrick---
    Patrick--- 4 months ago

    The New TataHandRover, The mumbay steel fashion week!

  • Darren Hoggett
    Darren Hoggett 4 months ago

    JLR have done a really good job here, though the farmers credit facilities may be over stretched by the price, therefore a 'no' from Mr. Bank Manager. The '90' will be a fashion statement and certainly is the more visually pleasing of the two.

  • Grandma
    Grandma 4 months ago

    “Better in every measurable way” - yeah no.

  • Mark Worledge
    Mark Worledge 4 months ago

    Disco 6 not a Defender

  • Ron Bladon
    Ron Bladon 4 months ago

    83 ECU'S with Land Rover printed on mud and water...what could go wrong.The back end looks like a cheap Curry's microwave.

  • M Easy does it
    M Easy does it 4 months ago

    I’m not bothered. I love it....

  • NJ G
    NJ G 4 months ago

    If it doesn't leak through front manual crank ventilation flaps, it's not a real Defender. Sorry!

  • Dave Comer
    Dave Comer 4 months ago

    OH DEAR and yes i do have a beard .

  • Tharindu Lakshan Kumara

    Who wants to buy a luxury offroader which you cannot take offroading because it will ruin the expensive glossy paint work and electronics?

  • Anolbea
    Anolbea 4 months ago

    Had to stop watching when he mentioned bear grylls. Hope the car is not a fake..

  • Mange sven
    Mange sven 4 months ago

    Toy for rich,hilux for worker proven relibility ,who cares about image?

  • dale chapman
    dale chapman 4 months ago

    Just another urban 4x4 now

  • The Glum Rant
    The Glum Rant 4 months ago

    Serious many seats in total does the 90 have?

  • 63snampook
    63snampook 4 months ago

    There is only 1 true's called the 101................period. (as in Full Stop)

  • chris roberts
    chris roberts 4 months ago

    Exposed screws

  • Nicholas Hobson
    Nicholas Hobson 4 months ago

    I think all these negative comments are from people who miss the old Defender and are upset the new one is completely different, although they are completely entitled to their opinion of course. But The new one will be better in so many ways than the original, better to drive, more comfortable, modern, economical, easier to live with etc. I think it looks very rugged and chunky and has a simple but modern and characterful interior too. It is expensive, But Land Rover say it is better built and engineered than any vehicle they have made before, so will be worth it I think, It still costs a fraction of the price of the G wagen. True, Land rover don't have the best reputation for Reliability and that is why they seem to have pulled out all the stops to make sure this hopefully restores their reputation.

  • gattingertom
    gattingertom 4 months ago

    OMG! LOL! Does it come in pink? ... It is wrong on so many levels to call it a DEFENDER. A legend desecrated. I am traumatized!

  • Stefan Müller
    Stefan Müller 4 months ago

    Defender??? It looks like a new LADA Niva.

  • Stephen Hughes
    Stephen Hughes 4 months ago

    To be quite frank, this was a crap review!

  • Andre M
    Andre M 4 months ago

    The way land rovers depreciation after you drive them off the lot. I would just pick one up in 10 years when there cheap.

  • ikosimi simo
    ikosimi simo 5 months ago

    What will happen if the air suspension or any electronical device on the car fails in the middle of the pamir highway?!! I think this kind of cars need the minimum of electronics in order to stay bullet proof.

  • dipro001
    dipro001 5 months ago

    Looks like a Range-Rover that isn't as comfortable made for hipsters who work in tech and think they live in the jungle for weekend or something.

  • Joe Kirklin
    Joe Kirklin 5 months ago

    Sorry. The only redeeming quality of this thing is the steel wheels. My Discovery is closer to a Defender than this thing will ever be.

  • I am Eiael
    I am Eiael 5 months ago

    They can call it whatever they want, but that is just not a Defender, and it will never be a Defender..... :-/

  • dannydanbo58
    dannydanbo58 5 months ago

    I love the two door Defender. Beautiful vehicle. Reminds me of the old Ford Bronco.

    MOTOFLIX 5 months ago

    the review feels more like a paid promotion, nothing can beat the good old Defender. not even the new one

  • bradford lad
    bradford lad 5 months ago

    They'll lap it up in Newport Beach, CA just like they do with the Porsche Panamera. A sellout by any measure. But, we all know it looks like crap. Let's be honest.

  • capitalD D
    capitalD D 5 months ago

    It's to the 18wheel drivers and airplane pilots..the real poluters.. then come see me about my single family vehicle.

  • dp
    dp 5 months ago +1

    Moms everywhere.... rejoice!

  • happy2be
    happy2be 5 months ago

    The price🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Best laugh I've had for ages!!! Hahahaha... To coin a term. If you buy that for THAT price you are an official "cock"

  • Chris Defender
    Chris Defender 5 months ago

    Top gear, you and this car suck!

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith 5 months ago

    Another 50k-60k offroader for suburban tarts.

  • flo __
    flo __ 5 months ago

    those 3 torx screws on each doors have to be extra tough because out of every reviews I've seen that's about the only thing they all point at saying look this car is rugged.

  • My Name is Nobody
    My Name is Nobody 5 months ago +1

    Is this an impartial review or a sales spiel.
    I won’t watch you again.

  • Karlis
    Karlis 5 months ago

    I just had to rewatch the Hammonds version. How can you look at defender by being afraid to step in mud...

  • Garth Richert
    Garth Richert 5 months ago

    You are right, its a car. Not a utility vehicle. Farmers wont waste their money on it. My ex military Wolf, has its eyes open. Your new car has its eyes half shut. Even as a car it is too expensive for normal people. and wallah, when the wealthy buyers are finished with the car, normal people, ( the second hand market) wont want it because it is so inundated with ECU's and over complicated gadgetry. Land Rover is currently the glittering star at the top of the christmas tree, but its about to wither, because its been cutting off its own roots.

  • Derek Matthew
    Derek Matthew 5 months ago

    It looks like an old Russian military vehicle they have went back the way should have just updated the old 110

  • UncleGrinder
    UncleGrinder 6 months ago

    The loss of the utility vehicle.
    Big fail.

  • Long To
    Long To 6 months ago

    honda element📸 look like,sure🤭

  • Saffron Maverick
    Saffron Maverick 6 months ago

    This aint no Defender , Its Fuckender ! Yucks

  • WeThePeople
    WeThePeople 6 months ago

    Ugly as hell. I’ll take an old 90 or 110.

  • Steve Sturrock
    Steve Sturrock 6 months ago

    Who needs this !!

  • Nathan Higgins
    Nathan Higgins 6 months ago

    I feel like he's supposed to look like Hammond a little... it's a form of clickbait!

  • Delon Duvenage
    Delon Duvenage 6 months ago

    you can immediately tell the build quality of a vehicle by the sound the doors make upon closing .....

  • ayzart
    ayzart 6 months ago

    Its system are too complex... im scared if it broke, the repair cost are much higher

  • Doubleplusgood
    Doubleplusgood 6 months ago +8

    "Exposed rivets on the door."
    Points to screws...

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 6 months ago

    I don't think they argued over the design as much as just gave up. Not interesting.

  • Benn Djokic
    Benn Djokic 6 months ago

    Original Defender design is dead!

  • rep toob
    rep toob 6 months ago

    The flip up front middle seats makes it easy to get a hummer while your driving.

  • The Wild Rover 28 - Jaguar Land Rover Fan

    My first look:

  • Trevorz Zealley
    Trevorz Zealley 6 months ago

    Center front seat is somewhat reminiscent of a series 1 without the floor sticks . But the winch that can wind you up a tree is a nice touch . You never know when you need to get away from the crocodiles ?

  • Eye Of Horus Wadjet
    Eye Of Horus Wadjet 6 months ago

    $500 US for heated front seats + $500 US for heated rear seats + $700 US for heated steering wheel (cold wx package)... man JLR must think their customers are chumps.

  • Eye Of Horus Wadjet
    Eye Of Horus Wadjet 6 months ago

    Land Rover, offering 6 different flavors of the same flavor of vanilla!

  • A.hunty
    A.hunty 7 months ago


  • Mason Bryan Fishing
    Mason Bryan Fishing 7 months ago

    Carwow did those too

  • Naeem Iqbal Mogra
    Naeem Iqbal Mogra 7 months ago

    A total copy of FJ cruiser! Just more electronics!! So much unreliable!

  • Jamie Z
    Jamie Z 7 months ago

    A least this muppet accepts that this is an SUV and not a Defender. A shame that he has no idea what enthusiasts love about the old Land Rovers.

  • Daniel Haslam
    Daniel Haslam 7 months ago

    It’s very good and informative, well done to the presenter here because he’s done a brilliant job. This just isn’t Top Gear though is it...

  • Dante Fajardo
    Dante Fajardo 7 months ago

    It's a Discovery man!

  • trackfieldreport
    trackfieldreport 7 months ago

    Why is he saying lamb rover

  • DumbledoreMcCracken
    DumbledoreMcCracken 7 months ago

    If they made a 110 pickup. With that paint scheme,

  • Nj Danesh
    Nj Danesh 7 months ago

    Why Land Rover can't choose a better design for rear end of their Vehicles?

  • Aviation LBA
    Aviation LBA 7 months ago +1

    0:22 This guy’s idea of comedy...

  • Jonathan Pardoe
    Jonathan Pardoe 7 months ago

    JLR have completely missed the point with this creation. Its nothing more than a hair dressers car . Where does the dead sheep go ? where does the muddy dribbling farmers sheep dog sit ? and what of the grubby site workers with the muddy boots, the greasy overalls . and what about all that technology when the car becomes 10 years old ? hmm ? Its a range rover/discovery/freelander , Kids schoolrun taxi , but its NOT a landrover. series 1 , 2 , 2a , 3 or defender

  • Charles W.
    Charles W. 7 months ago +2

    This is not a defender -_- If you agree , press the like button.

  • Bush Trash
    Bush Trash 7 months ago +1

    Don't panic there is the Jeep Gladiator , reliable, more land roverish than this peace of crap.
    Or just buy Jeep.. not sure if sold in the UK ,long time no live, thank God !!!!

  • Nick Povse
    Nick Povse 7 months ago

    Lmao what a tool! Get someone who actually knows cars!

  • Blushing Green
    Blushing Green 7 months ago

    The new TopGear coupled with the new Range Rover Defender....... What a shitty world we live in...

  • Hatuey McFarland
    Hatuey McFarland 7 months ago

    Do you Brits call it a car?

  • Mark Cullen
    Mark Cullen 7 months ago +1

    There’s just no comedy without the old crew.

  • joe noor
    joe noor 7 months ago

    another suv made for stupid footballers wives to drive sorry i mean to attempt to drive.....badly

  • joe noor
    joe noor 7 months ago

    way too expensive

  • Jedi Knight
    Jedi Knight 7 months ago

    The old one is polluting and crap to drive!..............Hmmmmm. yer think? . Bet one of these won’t see 20+ years of service.

  • MrDarcy & the Ol'Man
    MrDarcy & the Ol'Man 7 months ago


  • Jackobsn
    Jackobsn 7 months ago

    He talks similar to richard hammond .

  • pim1234
    pim1234 7 months ago

    polluting .... and this is supposed to be TopGear ???? Don't make me laugh !!

  • Michael Dowling
    Michael Dowling 7 months ago

    Chelsea tractor

  • David Jones
    David Jones 7 months ago

    Does it have front and rear diff lock? No, oh it's a soccer mom car. Can I get it without leather interior or a billion electronic bits? No, I hope they do well when they're wet and covered in mud.

  • stan ley
    stan ley 7 months ago

    It looks like this guy had never driven a good ol' defender more than a few minutes and certainly not offroad.