Canon R3 LEAKED! Sony a1, Nikon Z9 DESTROYED!

  • Published on Apr 13, 2021
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    Tony Northrup reviews the leaked specs of the Canon R3, a full-frame professional camera. Tony thinks it'll have 50 megapixels, 30 frames per second, and 8k/30 video with no recording limits. It's the "professional" version of the Canon R5, solving the overheating and battery life problems.

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  • Koen Pijpers
    Koen Pijpers 3 days ago

    z9 destroyed yeah right without even a release. Canon has super expensive and heavy impractical lenses it is not all body.

  • Lofote
    Lofote 4 days ago

    Uhm, strange definition of "Professional gear". Normally professional gear is specified by Sony, Canon and Nikon as being supported by the PRO program. And as far as I know 5 series at least in digital age always was supported by the CPS program.

  • Hyrule Master Chef
    Hyrule Master Chef 4 days ago

    How do you have over 3 times the subscribers as Canon?!

  • Y Choon Wah
    Y Choon Wah 6 days ago

    R3 are great .canon , have z 1 ....very new .A 1 coming , sony..... z9 nikon , done .on 2021 .....

  • dino brusco
    dino brusco 7 days ago

    so where's the comment about Z9 ?

  • Larry Mars
    Larry Mars 8 days ago

    Shillin like a Villain.

  • ravi d
    ravi d 9 days ago

    Because of sony , canon raised game .. thanks sony keep pushing..

  • a cna
    a cna 11 days ago +1

    Wow. A non existing camera that is crushing another non existing camera. You are really reaching new lows Tony.

  • d c
    d c 13 days ago

    I liked the old Tony and Chelsea, not sure right now. Money changes people.

  • steven thompson
    steven thompson 16 days ago

    I don’t see an over heating after 15 min of 4K with Nikon . I see 8k . Not much is known about Nikons new camera except it’s what we’re waiting for . Sony has yet to build a d6 mirrorless. It’s still the same form-factor as the a7r4 . Cannon is always a leader so cannon putting out a ground breaking product is decades old .

  • D B
    D B 18 days ago

    Canon showed off their 600F4 DO in 2015!!!
    The least they could have done is to realease the same with an RF mount...wonder if that would have been more difficult or if they are waiting to encash on it by releasing it a second version in RF. It would be disappointing if the later is true.

  • Antonio Marroquin
    Antonio Marroquin 18 days ago

    That's why I'm not subscribed .

  • Roger Ashley
    Roger Ashley 18 days ago

    I would just wait for the R4. It will be out a couple of months after this one comes out lol
    I'm glad I'm not caught up in the mirrorless racket.

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 19 days ago

    30fps at what 20megs?? No specs, no opinions.......Yet.

  • prasun dutta
    prasun dutta 19 days ago


  • joshua casildo
    joshua casildo 19 days ago +1

    Are you going to shoot JPEGs with that camera?

  • joshua casildo
    joshua casildo 19 days ago +1


  • joshua casildo
    joshua casildo 19 days ago

    Are you going to shot JPEGs with that camera

  • Barrie Atherton
    Barrie Atherton 19 days ago +1

    Bought and sold Tony. I cannot blame you as I think we all have a price.

  • lyric Cook
    lyric Cook 19 days ago

    If canon sticks with 20 mp then fck canon

  • Tennis Sir
    Tennis Sir 19 days ago

    Today’s cameras performance is most totally determined by its sensor. There is nothing new about how to make a great lens. Nikon is at a big disadvantage because they use Sony sensors. Sony can choose when/if to release its sensors to Nikon which will put Sony’s software developers more time to program their new cameras for the sensor. Also Sony can charge Nikon what they choose for,the sensor which puts the, at a price disadvantage. There’s a reason Nikon’s full frame mirrorless cameras have underperformed compared to Sony and Nikon for,the past few years - with Nikon “Claiming” they will add features to catch up in future service packs.

  • Rosyna Keller
    Rosyna Keller 19 days ago

    It’s always funny to watch these prediction videos after the company does any announcement. The 400mm, 600mm lenses are the EF III versions from 2018/2019 with a permanent adapter, limited to 5.5 stops of correction for IS+IBIS, while RF lenses have 8 stops.
    The R3 has Eye Control autofocus for stills, new ML models for Eye Detect AF of mostly living creatures (and characters on buckets of chicken), and a stacked sensor for faster readout. Guesses: It’ll have dual processors like the 1Dx line, with one dedicated solely to autofocus tasks and another for the other tasks. Canon is slow on upgrading their processors, so I don’t expect a Digic X sequel. Maybe a Digic X+ given Canon’s announcement was only a development announcement.

  • wayne singh
    wayne singh 19 days ago

    is this video sponsor by canon

  • Jeff Robertson
    Jeff Robertson 20 days ago

    This video and predictions won’t age well Tony.

  • K. Edwards
    K. Edwards 20 days ago

    Canon "King Of Vapor Ware Marketing" We have the great cameras, someday. Hope you don't need jobs today. R3, let me guess fans optional!!!

  • ted ted
    ted ted 20 days ago

    I only wish a 600 f4 was in budget.

  • OzzOfSweden
    OzzOfSweden 20 days ago +1

    Soo let me get this straight... the R3 will destroy the Z9 (that hasn't been produced or specs shared yet) and the A1 that more or less shares the exact same specs you guess the R3 will have? Very intelligent analysis mate!

  • camilo8cheryl
    camilo8cheryl 20 days ago +1

    Still have my D750/D500...been 2 years now and still rockin my 2- Z6’ waiting next week for my very first high megapixel Z7ii to be i9 10th gen all NVMe drives is very excited to handle these large files

  • Jaspreet Singh
    Jaspreet Singh 20 days ago

    you youtubers keep pushing anti Nikon narrative. lol

  • vmp-productions
    vmp-productions 20 days ago +2

    Love these 'leaked' breaking news videos from you, keep them coming. Don't get upset by the negative comments.

  • Tim Wynn
    Tim Wynn 20 days ago

    who's the clown?

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly 20 days ago +1

    I used to like this guy........well now I don't! Just shoot a Canon, then a Sony, then a Nikon, back to a Canon. Must be a millionaire? Please

  • C M
    C M 21 day ago +1

    Guys, I learned so much from you back in the day ... please stay real. you can do better !

  • EV_Light
    EV_Light 21 day ago

    Kinda shocking the amount of hate. There is actually a lot of cool history and context in here. Yes there is a lot of speculation, but he is excited and speculating. I do that too. Its fun people! He says what he knows and says it when he doesn't. I really liked the video. I learned a lot. I read the rumor sites too, so I'd heard this leak, but I didn't know the context. Fun to dream (even as a Sony shooter!). Thank you Tony, really enjoyed it! Remember people: you don't have to watch something on FLash-player if you don't want to...

  • stig madsen
    stig madsen 21 day ago

    I have not yet seen your pro - photos. You must be one of this planets best photographers with all those subscribers. Or Maybe you are just a smooth Canon salesperson.🤭🤭🤭🤭🤣😎

    • Tony & Chelsea Northrup
      Tony & Chelsea Northrup  21 day ago

      My portfolio is at I am not a salesperson for any camera company.

  • stig madsen
    stig madsen 21 day ago

    So you have tried all 3 cameras. Therefore you know that it will killing
    both Sony and Nikon.
    Well done video and very trustworthy as allways 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Fred Land
    Fred Land 21 day ago

    ??? For wildlife, RF 400 f/2.8 + teleconverters or RF 600 f/4?

  • Mark Austin
    Mark Austin 21 day ago

    Ok.... again.... it destroyed Sony and Nikon how? I pretty much started to ignore you because of click baiting. Yes, I feel for it yet again, and did watch the whole dang thing. I have way north of 20k in Canon glass. I have moved to Sony bodies, and have been waiting for the Canon camera to draw me back. So far nothing yet that makes me a better photographer than I am with my Sony and adapted Canon EF glass (300, 400, and 600 ef lenses). Basically I see nothing here that "destroys" Sony.... nor Nikon. I am really ready to give my Sony A7s to my boys... but nothing here made me want to do that any time soon.

  • Ashokan Gopalan
    Ashokan Gopalan 21 day ago

    Shamelessly, Canon comes out with an equivalent model only after Nikon Announces one!

  • Builder
    Builder 21 day ago

    Sure, I'll buy one in 2028, take pictures of Jesus' returning...

  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez 21 day ago

    I think if Canon wants to stand up to the SONY A1 and Nikon Z9 it should come with an R3 around 50Mp. This added to the 3 lenses that come, the RF 600mm f / 4, the RF 400mm f / 2.8, and the RF 100mm Macro 1.4X f / 2.8 is going to be a monster for nature and sports. however, I don't think it's a good idea to talk about "destroying" Sony or Nikon. They are two serious competitors who are doing things well.

  • Pauline Follett
    Pauline Follett 21 day ago

    Thanks for the history lesson Tony. I never really knew where all the numbers came from.

  • david appleton
    david appleton 22 days ago

    No the 1st canon pro 1 camera was not the EOS 1 was the F1 from 1971

  • Peter Ebel
    Peter Ebel 22 days ago +2

    This was a Canon announcement!

  • DFW
    DFW 22 days ago +23

    Note to self: When buying a camera stay away from FLash-player during the decision making process

    • dance2jam
      dance2jam 12 days ago

      Like any good decision making process, consider the source and do your own research.

  • Telhmaaa
    Telhmaaa 22 days ago

    If you have old lenses, and this camera will cost the same as the 1DX mark III. would you go for this one, or the 1DX mark III with all information you have today ?

  • German Toledo
    German Toledo 22 days ago +1

    Canon is amazing!

  • Sede Vacante
    Sede Vacante 22 days ago

    camera nerds are salivating

  • plato Plat
    plato Plat 22 days ago +1

    Why must one camera destroy an other camera? I don't get it. There will be people liking the Sony colours, the Sony handling and the Sony size better and there will be people liking the Canon or the Nikon better for just the same reasons. So why the destroying?
    And lets be honest how can a camera we know practically nothing about destroy other cameras we know hardly nothing about? Is it just because there is Canon on the body?

  • Heikki Pals
    Heikki Pals 22 days ago +2

    My Canon 5D 3 still does my thing ... Z9 and A1 destroyed? I suggest you reduce or increase your meds/dopes 🙊

  • zagorcuk1966
    zagorcuk1966 22 days ago

    The R3 is consumer grade for 6500,- dollars?? The use of the phrase "consumer grade" gets annoying considering their prices. People who validate (understanding) this kind of marketing behaviour are also annoying. This shows that those manufactures and their validators lost the connection with reality.

  • Hans-Peter Henriksen
    Hans-Peter Henriksen 22 days ago

    ***** tour analyse is giving so much sence. Thank you

  • dee.other.artist
    dee.other.artist 22 days ago

    I can follow your thoughts Tony. For a sports camera I am leaning towards the 50MP/30fps. But then, is this such a huge difference from an R5? Pros usually have 2-3 cameras, so you leave much on the table from going from R5 to R3, no?

  • Raj Khandwala
    Raj Khandwala 22 days ago

    The success of a camera company is due to the hobbyists and regular joes. How many people will require a 30 frame shutter or Ethernet or fast ports or zillion pixels? I also never expected a title like this and I have observed a shift from unbiased to Canon tell me how many people will throw their existing gear and switch based on this?

  • Dan Flounders
    Dan Flounders 22 days ago +1

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. This channel is laughable, and not in a good way

  • Bart Hofman
    Bart Hofman 22 days ago

    Thanks for this, very clear what the R3 can be. Looking forward to see you test this camera.

  • Mark Sanders
    Mark Sanders 22 days ago +2

    I don't know what R5 your using! I just finished shooting with the R5 and a 600mm L III where I took >3000 photos. Had ~50% battery left. I also don't find the FPS dropping until the battery is about 30%.

    • George Spyros
      George Spyros 19 days ago

      could u just plug a powerbank (lets say a 20.000mah) while you are still using the camera, so it charges at the same time, thus extending battery life almost to infinity??

  • Real Nikon Lover
    Real Nikon Lover 22 days ago

    Let's see... the Russian judge gives Canon a 10 and the Nikon and Sony a 2 even though they haven't performed yet on stage? Hmmm. Just sayin'.

  • Walter Tomashefsky
    Walter Tomashefsky 22 days ago

    Canon announced the DEVELOPMENT of the R3. That’s like a mother announcing she’s pregnant. You won’t see the actual result for many months.
    Meanwhile, the Sony A-1 is on pre-order for delivery in May.

  • Lee Lieberman
    Lee Lieberman 22 days ago

    Follow this and speculate if you will. The R3 is to the R1 as the R6 is to the R5. There is also production or technical reason not to announce both at the same time as was done with the R6/R5. If you agree, when and where do you see the R1 and forgetting price for a minute do you wait for the R1.

  • Stefano Campani
    Stefano Campani 22 days ago +2

    how can you write Nikon destroyed?
    Nikon z9 does not exist, as canon R3.
    None has used Nikon Z9
    Are you a clickbaiter??

  • WB5TTY
    WB5TTY 22 days ago

    I had an AE1 and an A1 so long ago I can't remember what year it was. I am 70 and I got great dinosaur wildlife shots with these bodies. Well maybe not that long ago.

    • ted ted
      ted ted 19 days ago

      I still have my AE-1 in the bottom of my tv cabinet & a roll of at least 10yr old Kodak Gold 200 film left in the fridge. Maybe I'll pick up a battery for it & see if the film is good. Yah, thats the ticket, I'll blame it on the film. Haha, lol.

  • Indeepa Herath
    Indeepa Herath 22 days ago


  • Farhaan Tariq
    Farhaan Tariq 22 days ago +1

    Canon finally will beat sony in its own game....Canon took some time but proved that who is the boss and who is the real king! doesnt even count because they use sony sensors, they dont have their own sensors.....its true that Canon competes with Canon only........there is no competition that can come against Canon!

  • Jordan Wheatley
    Jordan Wheatley 22 days ago

    NOT flagship....

  • Jeff Hirschorn
    Jeff Hirschorn 22 days ago

    Thank You Tony,. You and Chelsea are Awesome, Everytime!

  • Tony Taing
    Tony Taing 22 days ago

    I still have my EOS3! And it still works great:) lol

  • Heartist World
    Heartist World 22 days ago

    Tony is a clown. I like Chelsea 😘🤪

  • Jean Cadet
    Jean Cadet 22 days ago +1

    Breaking News 😂😂

  • Frank Fusco
    Frank Fusco 22 days ago

    of course Chelsea is going to switch from Sony if she hasn't already! and the new flavor of the month is the canon R3!!!!!