VARANE 50M BID Incoming! Man Utd Transfer News

  • Man Utd will bid for Raphael Varane in the next few hours and a deal is expected to be agreed for around 50 million Euros according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. 🔔 GET YOUR T-shirt HERE
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Comments • 461

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty 8 days ago

    Not about the point that matters to win the Premier League but to play as a very good and great unit with all the players you have as a squad.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon 10 days ago

    Varane has been to 15 finals and won all. Let that sink in, 15 finals!

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml 11 days ago

    This goldridge dishes more milk out than Arla Foods

  • Mr. Samuel Aidoo
    Mr. Samuel Aidoo 13 days ago

    Ole is buying winners. Sancho is a winner, varane is a serial winner and trippier is a winner.

  • Jay JAY
    Jay JAY 13 days ago

    Where exactly is this bid coming from….Pluto?

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml 11 days ago

      I feel if we buy Varane and a CDM, next season we could win the treble and the boat race!

  • Christophe Oosterwijk
    Christophe Oosterwijk 13 days ago +2

    We needed a centre back and a cdm last summer as well even though Nemanja Matic was brilliant at the end of the season after lockdown. Ole wasn't backed and we were all very angry and disgusted what the glazers did that summer. One summer later we are close to signing varane, we already have sancho completed and we just maybe might get Saul Niguez but I am not confident about that deal.

  • Product Rose
    Product Rose 13 days ago

    So how come donny VDB is only technically a good baller thought you rated him😉😉😉

  • mircea grigore lazar
    mircea grigore lazar 13 days ago

    I think we are a little bit overinflating how good varane is. I feel we are in for a bit of reality check. He’s great but i dont think that the players are the reason we have problems in defence

  • Stuart Munro
    Stuart Munro 13 days ago

    I heard a rumour Uniteds signing Sancho

  • asemokhe raymond
    asemokhe raymond 13 days ago

    Varane forever in my FPL team. I see clean sheets and goals from corners🥳🥳

  • Andy key
    Andy key 13 days ago

    Varane - The answer to Uniteds problems - really

  • Marvin Clarke
    Marvin Clarke 14 days ago

    Swap Pogba for Veratti, Good business but my concern is Veratti injury record and Pogba liability in the defensive third plus his willingness to run down his contract. So Saul from Atletico Madrid would be the perfect midfielder plus a CDM

  • Anthony Platt
    Anthony Platt 14 days ago

    Boring boring same crap as ususal 😴😴😴

  • Jimmy T
    Jimmy T 14 days ago

    I want to believe this deal will be done quickly. But I dont

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk 14 days ago

    To that superchat about espn and a 4-3-3 what other formation can you play with the players you have lol

  • SMAG
    SMAG 14 days ago

    If they man united need a CDM, why not buy Declan Rice or Kalvin Phillips?

    • Daniella Stuart
      Daniella Stuart 14 days ago

      Rice and Philips are out Man.U price range due to thet clubs not willing to sell they best players so please consider that boys and girls
      OK it all right you Man U fans saying let's get this player let get player but if the club dose not want sell and the Player dose not want leave you going to have pay over that odds to get them.

  • Siva Kumar
    Siva Kumar 14 days ago

    U can give the best players to Ole but he can never get the best of them.. We need a Manchini

  • Carlin Dzikiti
    Carlin Dzikiti 14 days ago

    United basically confirmed that McFred is no more

  • Okem Kalu
    Okem Kalu 14 days ago

    Don't be quick to forget that Varane played with some of the best CB's in the last 10 years; Ramos and Pepe. He wasn't first choice for 10 years 🙄🙄

    • Okem Kalu
      Okem Kalu 13 days ago

      @andres aguilar campoy nope. Maguire was meant to fix our defense, especially after the signing of AWB, Maguire was supposed to be the last piece of the puzzle. And there's always work with every new signing. Like I said, Varane is supposedly better, but he's played in way better teams and had the experience of Ramos, Pepe and Marcelo around him. Keep in mind that Madrid have not been as amazing in the past few years. What's the guarantee that he will suit Maguire? Ole stuck with Lindelof despite the preponderance of proof that they don't work. Then what?

    • andres aguilar campoy
      andres aguilar campoy 13 days ago

      @Okem Kalu then you must heard wrongly because is more than evident that varane is a much better signing than maguire, he is a much better player so its obvious that the hype is much more justified with varane. Most of the people know signing varane wont make united the best team in the World or something, they are just excited about a great signing but know that theres a lot of work to do.

    • Okem Kalu
      Okem Kalu 13 days ago

      @andres aguilar campoy could have sworn I heard the same thing about Maguire, see where we are.

    • andres aguilar campoy
      andres aguilar campoy 13 days ago

      @Okem Kalu the huge diference is that varane has been first choice cb for the last 5 years or more, being consistently one of fue best cb in the World, playing in great teams yes but being one of the most important players in said teams. Its not like he was a talented young player that never made it, he made it. And varane is 28 y/o now, supusedly he is just getting to his prime years.

    • Okem Kalu
      Okem Kalu 13 days ago

      @andres aguilar campoy Jonah was a first choice option in his first 5 years, SAF preferred him playing CB ahead of Smalling who then played RB. He was even touted as England's next big thing. Look at him now, beyond the injuries, he's ridiculed for his ability and bloopers.
      Varane was a rotation option with Pepe as partners for Ramos. He played with prime Casemiro, Modric, Kroos, Marcelo, Ronaldo, Benzema etc. He's played in quality teams, with quality partners. I'm not saying he's not good, but I'm wary of overhyping him like we did Maguire who is basically a Lindelof with height and average heading ability but no pace.

  • brue 10
    brue 10 14 days ago

    Hope greenwood improves like he has been doing ,

  • Daniel Parfitt
    Daniel Parfitt 14 days ago +2

    I feel if we buy Varane and a CDM, next season we could win the treble and the boat race!

  • Rowney Allen
    Rowney Allen 14 days ago

    How about trippier..? Still closing or done deal?..

  • Manufanatic 99
    Manufanatic 99 14 days ago

    Varane isn’t really 28 he plays more games then basically everyone I think he would be a his top form for 3-4 years

  • Majin Buu
    Majin Buu 14 days ago +9

    If chiellini is at the top of his game with italy and he is 37 varane has way more years in him

    • Basheman 141
      Basheman 141 13 days ago

      @SAMMY OMARI Varane at 28 has accomplished more than Chiellini. Plus not like he is Phil Jones who showed flashes at 19 then fell off.

      SAMMY OMARI 14 days ago +1

      U can't compare players careers some even at their 20s they are already flops

  • Alan Mcmichael
    Alan Mcmichael 14 days ago

    More garbage. Mark has repeated himself ten times in five minutes. The next show will be Veranne deal in the balance. Can't cope with this crap any more

    • Gunahlan Subas
      Gunahlan Subas 13 days ago

      fair play to him though , he has managed to master the art of talking about nothing based on half page news articles for hours...

  • Gary Vandesande
    Gary Vandesande 14 days ago

    Wont be done until August at earliest.

  • Thunder Thighs
    Thunder Thighs 14 days ago

    I just want a CDM.

  • Vuyane Ngobese
    Vuyane Ngobese 14 days ago +4

    Our midfield should be Pogba, Ndidi and Fernandes

    • David Ojewumi
      David Ojewumi 14 days ago


    • David Ojewumi
      David Ojewumi 14 days ago

      Nah get rice n chilli beans, ndidi can't pass a ball for his life bruva u watched him for nigeria?

  • amber de lewis
    amber de lewis 14 days ago

    Phil Jones >>>> varane

  • GE
    GE 14 days ago +3

    If Ole gets Sancho, Varane and a CDM but doesn't challenge for the title (meaning being in the fight on the last day) and get to the CL semi-final...sack.

    • Cbsc Boys
      Cbsc Boys 14 days ago

      Exactly I don’t expect Ole to win EPL or UCL straight away but he should be challenging till the last day or so for the title and give it a push. UCL semi final should also be a target. But I expect him to win silverware such as FA Cup and Carabao cup this season. Anything else would be a bonus

  • Blackest Eyes
    Blackest Eyes 14 days ago

    What evidence is there that Ole wants a CDM? Ole doesn't want to play with a CDM, he prefers two all rounders in midfield. Everyone banging on about Utd wanting a CDM and the midfielders Utd are being linked with are mainly box to box all rounders.

    • Blackest Eyes
      Blackest Eyes 13 days ago

      @Reload TV
      We don't play with one because Ole prefers two all rounders in midfield.

    • Reload TV
      Reload TV 13 days ago

      @Blackest Eyes but we dont play with one cos we don't have a single one apart from matic

    • Blackest Eyes
      Blackest Eyes 13 days ago

      @Reload TV
      Whether he's right or wrong on that is besides the point. People talk as if Utd are desperate for a a CDM, when in actual fact we don't play with CDM's and all the midfielders we are linked with are b2b.

    • Reload TV
      Reload TV 14 days ago

      @blackest eyes well then he's a fool there isn't one top team with out a CDM

  • Siboniso Duma
    Siboniso Duma 14 days ago

    Glory glory Man utd.

  • Leo Manutd
    Leo Manutd 14 days ago

    Perfect point on DVB and our coaching and manager 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 love that!

  • Jack Balmer
    Jack Balmer 14 days ago

    Most of our goals conceded come from set pieces and lindelof mistakes, with a defensive set piece coach and varane, along side a 50+ g/a right winger, the difference next season SHOULD be night and day. Ole needs to win some trophies this season.

  • Lebo Makhubedu
    Lebo Makhubedu 14 days ago

    Real Madrid signed another varane for free 🤣🤣 I hope we get this over the line

    REAL MACK 14 days ago +7

    I will bet that if we have the CDM we really need that have a vision and so quick on the ball, we will be for the Premier League Trophy for sure.

  • Leo Manutd
    Leo Manutd 14 days ago

    Your right…. It’s not just about signing players for the titles… its about having an elite manager. That the difference between us and City, Chelsea, Liverpool

  • Chris
    Chris 14 days ago

    Varanebridge, sanchobridge 🤣🤣🤣

  • Leo Manutd
    Leo Manutd 14 days ago

    You think Verane and Pogba staying we will get Zidane as manager? Hahaha not that i want him.. but just saying

  • Ujwal Limbu
    Ujwal Limbu 14 days ago +1

    rashflash will be pogback with a cavolley

  • Robbie Hutchinson
    Robbie Hutchinson 14 days ago

    Jones should b given another 5 year deal

  • Lebo Makhubedu
    Lebo Makhubedu 14 days ago

    I wonder what curveball Ed woodword is going to throw at us next?
    We've been on fire so far with transfers

  • Chris
    Chris 14 days ago

    Thought early this year Story came out that Harry prefer an English speaking CB next to him so how is Varane gonna work he can’t speak one ounce of English. Let’s don’t get Gassed as yet

    • Mulunji Vanessa
      Mulunji Vanessa 12 days ago

      Let him come its our turn to win the premier league

  • Gareth Hocking
    Gareth Hocking 14 days ago

    We can bring in whoever we want but if we don’t change or slow style of football we won’t improve .

  • arpit baid
    arpit baid 14 days ago

    Hope mc tominay can live up to his potential and become a good CDM.

    • Wdz One
      Wdz One 14 days ago

      Mctominay should be sold ASAP he ain’t a CDM or CM that why even Scotland use him as CB

  • Bass 6ix
    Bass 6ix 14 days ago

    Munier rb, rabiot cm, and we good, cheaper but solid, saul and trippier is to costly

  • Tage Che
    Tage Che 14 days ago +10

    Damn Real Madrid have literally lost their two best centre backs Ramos and varane they’re going to struggle

  • Ashraf hakimi
    Ashraf hakimi 14 days ago

    Why was kounde just forgotten

  • Singing In Reality
    Singing In Reality 14 days ago

    The number 4 represents stability and balance so certainly Varane should be given that number

  • TheImaginaryBeing
    TheImaginaryBeing 14 days ago

    People who think we’re winning the league with new signings, I hope you’re right, but you clearly weren’t paying attention to Chelsea last year…

    • TheImaginaryBeing
      TheImaginaryBeing 14 days ago

      @Kenny Cringeworthy ^^ winning the league. They had a very shaky start and lost it by xmas.

    • Kenny Cringeworthy
      Kenny Cringeworthy 14 days ago

      Chelsea won UCL with their 5 new signing though?

  • Aled
    Aled 14 days ago

    9:13 no he hasn't he was after pepe left

  • Faisal osman
    Faisal osman 14 days ago +1

    Patience game? We’ve been patient for 8 years, expectations have drop massively at united and we won’t have it, he should win title without varane and sancho or move on mate

  • callum 1991
    callum 1991 14 days ago


    STANZE 14 days ago +2

    Love Mark, but sometimes his point of view can be stupid, like the one on wining the title, Chelsea did the unexpected, so what more, that person asked, bringing in S#7 V4 and C6 you still saying we can't wine the title?

    • STANZE
      STANZE 14 days ago

      @Pratosaurus Rex yo if you says the coaching team needs changing after that, all the good players, I will understand

    • Pratosaurus Rex
      Pratosaurus Rex 14 days ago +1

      Also players have to perform well. We had Di Maria, Herrera, Mata, Falcao, Van Persie, Schweinsteiger and Rooney in between 2014-2016 but struggled to get top 4.

    • Pratosaurus Rex
      Pratosaurus Rex 14 days ago +1

      It’s not a stupid point of view. Quality players gives us a better chance of winning but there is more to it. You need a great coaching set up and a quality manager.
      Last season we were top for a short period of time but could not challenge. I think this is because of the lack of good players but also could of been because of Ole. It looks like Ole is getting mostly what he wants this season, so if we still don’t at least challenge for the title it will be because of him and his coaches.

  • Gulam Noor
    Gulam Noor 14 days ago

    Sign Calvin Phillips

    • Gulam Noor
      Gulam Noor 14 days ago

      @JJ TIGHE cheaper option and euro finalist

  • Geoff dantso
    Geoff dantso 14 days ago

    Varane will be done quickly trust me

  • Dios.
    Dios. 14 days ago +7

    Sancho Varane Ndidi would be the best possible transfer window for United.

    • Stan Lee
      Stan Lee 14 days ago

      @Jack Balmer Philips would be near impossible to sign he’s owed best box to box midfielder and remember Leeds is a very strong rival no way they’d sell him to us

    • Jack Balmer
      Jack Balmer 14 days ago

      @PyroTGR garner can't do the job but agree with Ndidi. Phillips would be the perfect signing

    • PyroTGR
      PyroTGR 14 days ago

      Ndidi is 80 mill so we don’t have enough for than after spending 73 mill and 50 mill on Sancho and Varane. But on the bright side Garner has been playing well

    REAL MACK 14 days ago +5

    Not about the point that matters to win the Premier League but to play as a very good and great unit with all the players you have as a squad.

  • Charlie Coplestone
    Charlie Coplestone 14 days ago

    Mark, SO much gain on that mic.

  • Damion Ayton
    Damion Ayton 14 days ago

    Lets go............

  • Kyle Robertson
    Kyle Robertson 14 days ago

    Thanks for the great videos again Mark

  • Kyle Robertson
    Kyle Robertson 14 days ago +1

    I would easily swap pogba for casemiro just never going to happen

  • Eden Shaw
    Eden Shaw 14 days ago

    ed woodward don

  • Kulson
    Kulson 14 days ago

    This deal looks to good so I start to worry he will flop

  • Jonas Loïc
    Jonas Loïc 14 days ago +1


  • Phil Foster
    Phil Foster 14 days ago

    Still nervous.......Until he holds the shirt up. Oh s**t just remembered Fekir!

  • izzuddin muklas
    izzuddin muklas 14 days ago

    Saul is just another Gaitan and Sneidjer

  • Jonas Loïc
    Jonas Loïc 14 days ago


  • irfan q
    irfan q 14 days ago +8

    I think at the moment winning cl is easier than a pl. I mean its not easy but easier than the other

  • kh888ni
    kh888ni 14 days ago

    I am worried that Ole will play Varane Lindelof and Maguire in the back, just to not bench Lindelof

    • kh888ni
      kh888ni 14 days ago +1

      @Louis Wallis thank God for that

    • Louis Wallis
      Louis Wallis 14 days ago

      He wants to play 4-3-3