Man Utd In For Osimhen! Man Utd Transfer News

  • Published on Jun 2, 2020
  • Man Utd still want a striker this summer transfer window and Victor Osimhen is on the list with Timo Werner and Moussa Dembele. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand.🔔 SUBSCRIBE here

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Comments • 100

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh 28 days ago

    Tomorrow we’re gonna be linked with Pele

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 29 days ago

    May as well put a coffee on our head and drink it, you know because of mugs.

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo Month ago

    try do that while the market is down

  • B C
    B C Month ago

    I’d be happy with just sancho in summer take us to next level

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh 28 days ago

      Lol, Ighalo is definitely not a Nigerian legend, not even barely known in comparison to the likes of yakubu

  • B C
    B C Month ago

    Good to see mark opening the show with real talk 👌

    • B C
      B C 29 days ago

      Hahaha 😂 I was on about the fact that other clubs have house in order for transfers we have none footballing people but you might be a candidate as you seem to have a lot of knowledge in Nigerian legends

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 29 days ago

      Lol, Ighalo is definitely not a Nigerian legend, not even barely known in comparison to the likes of yakubu

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy Month ago

    Lol it’s impossible but just imagine he actually goes on to sign for us lol 😂😂😂

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo Month ago +1


  • Andy Joyce
    Andy Joyce Month ago +1

    Another forward could be Emmanuel Dennis at Club Brugge. He lobbed Sergio Romero in the Europa League and can even play RW which is where we are lacking. He scored twice against Real Madrid and he is also Nigerian.

  • Ice Tres Cubitos De Hielo ice

    Oshimen shouldn’t come to united to be a back up he deserves to have game time tbh

  • James Chapman
    James Chapman Month ago

    United are a charity. We just appear to give masses amount of money and resources to the less fortunately gifted footballer. Totally clueless. We're going nowhere.

  • harthez1
    harthez1 Month ago

    Was Sheringham not 31 when we signed him you know the worst thing about this channel is this bell has not a clue what he’s talking about eg I’ve heard on many videos him say we need a box to box defensive midfielder how does that even make sense

  • MajorrBison
    MajorrBison Month ago +1

    I would like to see the young lad in a man United shirt, the boy is good.

  • Houssem Hamdi
    Houssem Hamdi Month ago

    What do you think about Maxi Gomez from Celta Vigo?

  • Camara Negue
    Camara Negue Month ago +1

    This Guy Can help us!

  • London Christian
    London Christian Month ago

    Nice talk

  • sike bro
    sike bro Month ago +3

    I would absolutely love for us to sign Osimhen. He would be the perfect player for United in my opinion, he ticks all the boxes and he would have Ighalo to help him settle in aswell, which would be a bonus.

  • incognito
    incognito Month ago


  • Hunter
    Hunter Month ago +1

    Victor osimhen is the next odion ighalo his style of play is like ighalo cause they are both Nigerian and osimhen is the young version of ighalo


    For bloody sake he's on 2020/2024 contract and a has 150mil release clause !!

  • oqua Ika-qua
    oqua Ika-qua Month ago

    Lol, Ighalo is definitely not a Nigerian legend, not even barely known in comparison to the likes of yakubu

  • oqua Ika-qua
    oqua Ika-qua Month ago

    Lol, Ighalo is definitely not a Nigerian legend, not even barely known in comparison to the likes of yakubu

  • Said Mohamed Omar
    Said Mohamed Omar Month ago


  • Septio Sarifudin
    Septio Sarifudin Month ago

    next transfer rumours : foket, o'carroll, pedri

  • mustafa abdullahi
    mustafa abdullahi Month ago +1

    Osimhen is a baller him and greenwood for the future

  • Conor Sedgwick
    Conor Sedgwick Month ago

    I agree I’d love aussieman!!!

  • Jj Powell
    Jj Powell Month ago

    Hi mark will you be joining in on the blm movement protest on Thursday in the uk??

  • Horse Sense
    Horse Sense Month ago

    Is this the same Rio who "forgot" to attend a drug test?

  • Malvern Lyngskor
    Malvern Lyngskor Month ago

    I wish I could get someone at United to turn their heads to Alfredo Morelos from Rangers. His positional play is exactly what we need at the club and a reported 20 mil and at 23 is just an investment worth making.

  • David Bratton
    David Bratton Month ago +1

    What about Ighalo grooming Osimhen for the step up to the first team??

  • david cox
    david cox Month ago

    Edouard😅Get Real Mark,
    The Lad Is A Gun Tooting Lunatic,
    Oshimen,Werner I Can See Improvement If They Join, LUHTG

  • Uyo Ufuoma
    Uyo Ufuoma Month ago +1

    Mark the ad is too much

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans Month ago

    I don't want to watch videos of people begging for likes and sub's man please just talk about your opinion and articles about and strip acting ITK

    LOUDSTEEL Month ago +1

    Let's get Osamen and Sancho then!

  • Zack Mcnulty
    Zack Mcnulty Month ago

    I’d rather sign Thurman

    • ekpe david
      ekpe david 26 days ago

      That's why your alone and that's abnormal too

  • kingsley Obie
    kingsley Obie Month ago +1

    Victor Osimhen is pronounced: Oh - C - Men not Ozimen

  • blessed one!
    blessed one! Month ago

    I thought Martial-Rashford will become our next Cole-Yorke combo. But yeah, this is good.

  • Plugged Scope
    Plugged Scope Month ago

    We don't need another YOUNG striker . We already have two. We need another mature striker.

  • Lena Lewis
    Lena Lewis Month ago

    If werner signs for united he would be a starter for sure

  • Mark Reed
    Mark Reed Month ago

    Hopefully united have a list of obtainable strikers in mind for January window. They will have to have something lined up by the time ighalo leaves or this deal is strange

  • Tim Rih
    Tim Rih Month ago

    Cmon lads he using us for a new contract 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Seán Fitzgerald
    Seán Fitzgerald Month ago +1

    Yes I wanted Osihmen to replace ighalo.

  • Ricky Brown
    Ricky Brown Month ago

    How many fucking players are we in for ffs

  • Keith Lim
    Keith Lim Month ago +1

    If I was a United scout, I can spot an unknown star merely by physical glance, take this guy anytime for Osimhen, any Nigerian is a grab & run with both eyes closed. Yes u heard me right ,😋

  • Name Surname
    Name Surname Month ago

    Make up your mind already. Haaland, Werner, Dembele or Osimhen?

  • James Chunu
    James Chunu Month ago +1

    I love you Mark. You’ve got a great vision for United. I really do wish you would be in the board to make footballing decisions. I sincerely believe you will do an unbelievable job that’s never been seen in United history

  • Charlie Loughnane
    Charlie Loughnane Month ago +1

    I love the Channel man 👍 I get really excited whenever I see an upload, keep it going

  • Warren Tate
    Warren Tate Month ago

    Hhyu I am going out of prime rib and I think it has to be a way to get the lottery so much for meaning to ask if you wanted to let you know what we do me

  • zayaan
    zayaan Month ago +1

    i would love Moussa Dembele at United. He's from the french league meaning his value will be low in this market and he is around 23 or 24 years old which is what United need for the long term.

    MWEMAR DANCUN Month ago +1

    Osmihen is a low budget Nicolas pepe

  • ankit rawat
    ankit rawat Month ago

    We are not Real Madrid. We are not going to sign any striker.

  • Hasib Abdullah
    Hasib Abdullah Month ago +1

    Osimehn is a top player. Very quick, good finishing and passes when other players are better placed.

  • Isaiah Hesse
    Isaiah Hesse Month ago +1

    If Manchester United mess up the sancho deal. sancho will being wearing a blue shirt 😂🔵🔵🔵 I promise you

  • Ryan Barrow
    Ryan Barrow Month ago

    Mark you made your point about Ighalo extension,you don't need to repeat it now on every show. Lets see what the club do when the window is open

  • Paul Okolo
    Paul Okolo Month ago +1

    Hey Mark Oshimhen is pronounced O -SHE-MEN!!! There's no Z there❤

  • Wasim Ahmed
    Wasim Ahmed Month ago +1

    Oshimen wud be great he brings something different hes fast aswell and young and while ighalo is gonna be der for 6 months he cud help develop oshimen as a player to and der already friends!

  • Eli
    Eli Month ago

    Morello from Rangers or Werner would be absolutely unreal. I know Morello has a bit of a temper but he's brilliant

    • ekpe david
      ekpe david 26 days ago

      @safe hahahhahhah🤣😅🤣

    • safe
      safe Month ago +1

      Morelos isn't even the third best striker in a sub top 8 league

  • Mandeep Deb
    Mandeep Deb Month ago

    If by even by slightest of chances ManUtd get Saul u are gone😂

  • Dahiru Mujaddadi
    Dahiru Mujaddadi Month ago +1

    Victory osimen will be great signing for man utd

  • D R
    D R Month ago +3

    Osimhen was at Old Trafford a few months ago to watch Ighalo play. They took a picture together in the player tunnel

    • Kelvin Ogbeide
      Kelvin Ogbeide Month ago +1

      @Red Arrow come on don't be a plank🤣🤣

    • Red Arrow
      Red Arrow Month ago

      They were spotted coming out of the same shower.

  • SkimmedFam S
    SkimmedFam S Month ago +1

    Ighalo isn’t a Nigerian legend. 😂 Nigerian legends are Kanu, Yakubu and many more. Ighalo isn’t described in the same way.

  • Haris Tiyumtaba Issah

    We have to get buendia for a Bruno replacement if he gets injured

  • Warren Tate
    Warren Tate Month ago

    Hdhxh go see BHD to be a part of you a lot so far bxhxhxhvxy to get to the do us a letter u a quick do you think dbbd to be there soon to get to see no reason

  • G Singh
    G Singh Month ago

    What if sancho doesn't want yo come to man United ? You can't assume he is definitely coming, and that we have to buy him. He has a choice too. He might prefer Spain or London so Chelsea might suit him. A player sometimes have their heart on a certain club too and most clubs these days can match high wages that also have champions league. He might want to work for a certain manager like Jose or lampard or even klopp. What makes you believe he wants to work under ole? Lol. Imagine if Liverpool also bid 100mill and so do Barca, Madrid and Chelsea? He will have good options. So don't assume and expect him to be a United player lol

  • Orlando Foster
    Orlando Foster Month ago +8

    Let’s see shall we... we have Martial, Greenwood, Rashford, Ighalo, We add Sancho - all goal scorers. Bruno another goal scorer. It’s not a priority signing to sign another striker.

    • Mohaiminul Karim
      Mohaiminul Karim Month ago +3

      We need 130~150 goals per season (4 competitions), do not forget about that.

      LOUDSTEEL Month ago +1

      It is mate, simply because Igahlo won't stay. If we get Sancho and Osimen then sell Smalling and Rojo happy days!

    • Kai
      Kai Month ago

      Damn right, brother. LIKE 👍

  • ERI -10
    ERI -10 Month ago +2

    I think he well happy to play for man united for sure 💯

  • Gordon Ashani
    Gordon Ashani Month ago

    Man United should definately go for Jadon Sancho💯👑

  • Kenny Official
    Kenny Official Month ago +2

    I've been saying victor Osimhen since
    Bro that kid is a talent.
    Fellow Nigerian 🤘😂

  • ★_Vizualize_★
    ★_Vizualize_★ Month ago

    Rio wasn't wrong with Bruno.

  • Joshua Hayes
    Joshua Hayes Month ago

    Ighalo is not a Nigerian legend😂😂 Funniest thing I've heard today.

    MUHAIMINUL ISLAM Month ago +1

    Activate Agent Ignalo and get this Guy. 😂😅

  • Danyahla Arayah
    Danyahla Arayah Month ago +1

    Osimhen is top a baller!!

  • Brennan
    Brennan Month ago +4

    If United get Osimhen then I think it’s smart regarding what they’ve done with Ighalo, he will help osimhen adapt and by the time he goes back to China he will be a great 2nd ST

  • b grossberger
    b grossberger Month ago

    We won't sign a striker and Sancho (only one of them)in the next window not with the Glasers in charge

  • Ryan Bujingo
    Ryan Bujingo Month ago

    Isnt oshimen just another lukaku as mark said not very good build up play hope united have scouted him properly unlike lukaku. With ole system we need a striker who have a good touch and good build up play.

  • Haroon Nadim
    Haroon Nadim Month ago

    I ain’t seen Osimhen play,is he good?

  • Matthew Sharpe
    Matthew Sharpe Month ago

    That is why Rio Can't be director of football.

  • ben lennon
    ben lennon Month ago

    If we finish 5th we could get in CL through either city ban or if city win the CL, which I think is very possible

  • _Ben Ayu_
    _Ben Ayu_ Month ago +2

    So after losing Lukaku because he wasn't "a Man Utd Player"....Mark wants to buy someone who is strong, fast and powerful but not too good on the ball

    • safe
      safe Month ago

      It's hilarious. Our fans wanted Lukaku out because he wasn't technically good enough and was too different to Rashford/Martial and now our fans are begging for a powerful striker to give us a different option to Martial. We literally should have just kept Lukaku

  • Callum McDermid
    Callum McDermid Month ago

    “Might as well put a big coffee on our head... and drink it” Alan Partridge much?

  • Ben Cargill
    Ben Cargill Month ago

    Most young players Man Utd ruin them

  • lawrence anaman
    lawrence anaman Month ago

    United won’t sign osimhen because he’s not British ahahahah but wow the guy is THE YOUNG ADEBAYOR

  • John Okonkwo
    John Okonkwo Month ago

    mark his name is Os - hi - men not osman

  • John Okonkwo
    John Okonkwo Month ago +2

    good to see our Nigerian brothers topping at united

    • John Okonkwo
      John Okonkwo Month ago

      @Nonso Momah we can wait and may be see it happen

    • Nonso Momah
      Nonso Momah Month ago

      That would be good but do you think they will do it?

  • hares saade
    hares saade Month ago +1

    They are really watching your career mode

  • Sylvester O Johnson
    Sylvester O Johnson Month ago +4

    OMG! Dude move on from the Ighalo extension. You have the habit of fixating on issues. Its frustrating & sad watching this side of you. Learn to speak your opinion and move on. No need reiterating on every video. Its damn boring.

  • JSB Management
    JSB Management Month ago +2

    Big boy💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  • Thomas Farmer
    Thomas Farmer Month ago

    I think martial good in the air

  • Ibrahim M
    Ibrahim M Month ago +1

    700K Subscibers Today

  • Ashley Milton
    Ashley Milton Month ago

    Pulls hair out about Saul Niguez, but then bangs on about Werner every other day

    • Bob Fox
      Bob Fox Month ago

      Maybe because ones possible and ones not

  • Rich
    Rich Month ago +1

    Hahaha the Saul thing. We are 100% not signing him 🤣

  • Gaming Noob
    Gaming Noob Month ago

    Potentially Mason Greenwood is ready to push on to the next level by January. You then have Marcus, Jadon, Tony, Mason and Daniel, with Chong in there as well. That’s may well be enough

    • safe
      safe Month ago

      It's unsettling that you called them all by their first name except for Chong

  • David Underwood
    David Underwood Month ago

    Mark that's what happens when people 'idolize' people, they end up being mugs (saaaaayy, have you thought about selling United Stand mugs? Signed by 'mugs' like Arsenal supporters?)

  • Adeshola adeyemi
    Adeshola adeyemi Month ago

    Guess he is ignoring his agent suggesting victor won’t go to Tottenham because of Harry Kane. So you think he will go somewhere with martial and Ighalo. Ps pls just call Him victor because his name is not osmand loool.

  • Tatjana Grmusa
    Tatjana Grmusa Month ago +2

    Agent igahlo on the case👀

  • Craig Mckinnon
    Craig Mckinnon Month ago

    Maybe a coincidence but is anyone else noticing a mad amount of chicharito stuff being posted by manchester united lately

    • Bob Fox
      Bob Fox Month ago

      Think it was his berth day so 🤷‍♂️

  • Bling _
    Bling _ Month ago +1

    Saulll’s coming home😁😁

  • Szymon K
    Szymon K Month ago

    Sancho, Upamecano, Bellingham pls

  • Tatjana Grmusa
    Tatjana Grmusa Month ago +3

    Hope there is truth in us signing osimhen

  • Sofiri Jumbo
    Sofiri Jumbo Month ago

    Saul started following Manchester United and Premier league on Instagram

    • Bob Fox
      Bob Fox Month ago

      It means nothing

  • omar yassir
    omar yassir Month ago +1

    Ahh Mark is a legend.Osimhen to Utd?If you know you know.......

  • The beckham Fan
    The beckham Fan Month ago

    Either Ole want to play with two strikers or he just don’t trust Martial. 4 strikers is excessive when we need other positions sorted.

    • Bob Fox
      Bob Fox Month ago

      It’s got nothing to do with trust it’s called having depth in the team if one gets injured we have cover it’s as simple as that