Keith Eats $500 Of Gourmet Cheese

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • There's no food quite as goud-as cheese! Watch Keith eat his way through $500 worth of gourmet cheese! 🧀
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    Jason Louis, Cheesemonger @cheese2meatU
    Kelsey Darragh: @kelseydarragh
    Becky Habersberger: @becksmecks2
    Lauren Hill: @lauren.a.hill
    Grace Helbig: @gracehelbig
    Special thanks to Bon Vivant for providing the cheese!
    You can visit them at:
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  • Comedy

Comments • 9 372

  • Angela Gomez
    Angela Gomez Day ago

    I'm getting bored, Keith. You wolfing down food with your mouth open is not fun or appetizing. You don't cook with it you just eat it and it just looks like you waste it. Becase you kept double dipping and touching your tongue with your fingers, use proper hygiene ok. Nothing is done with elegance and pa-ache, tlke a class from someone who can teach you etiquette. Just don't sit there and slam down cheese or fast food it is just go gross to watch you eat. So I subscribing.until you guys do a play, or a musical dance (like Gene did), give us something better, ok. You four have enough talent to do better than this stuff.

  • E Co.
    E Co. Day ago

    This video came out the day I moved in to my college dorm (year 2 bitches!) and idk how I managed to not notice it until a week later

  • gonas horok
    gonas horok Day ago

    please do an eat the menu that is Epcot around the world!! I’ll be working for disney for the next few months and would love to see what you recommend!!

  • Sophia Jackson
    Sophia Jackson Day ago

    Uncommon fruits

  • Regan Costa
    Regan Costa Day ago

    I was waiting for Sao George cheese during the hard cheeses but it never came and now I'm sad

  • TheXGamer
    TheXGamer Day ago

    You know what, he should try gourmet wines, it’s really good for his digestive system.
    Also, no cows and lactose intolerance people are harmed during the making of this video.

  • Kate Suddell
    Kate Suddell Day ago

    Would love to see you do a vegan/vegetarian restaurant eat the menu :)

  • Sophia Garrett
    Sophia Garrett Day ago

    #1 is my dad's absolute favorite cheese ever

  • Amy Cruz
    Amy Cruz Day ago

    my favorite episode of eat the menu

  • Brody Lewis
    Brody Lewis Day ago

    I fucking love Kelsey, if i had someone like that in my life i'd never leave their side, she's so flirty and fun

  • SpaceSatsuma
    SpaceSatsuma Day ago

    I'm watching this right before work. We sell some really nice cheeses at work. I'm gonna have to eat all the basic-ass cheddar in my fridge before leaving or I'm gonna be drooling all night lol

  • armys with luv
    armys with luv Day ago

    i think the fact that keith is sliding that knife into his mouth each minute worries me more than him getting lactose intolerant

  • Ida Sofie Mechlenborg Bang Olsson 9C Hørsholm Skole

    Thank you Keith.
    Tusind tak Keith.

  • Miranda Bullok
    Miranda Bullok Day ago

    Bless YB Chang for these glorious edits omg ❤️

  • B9OSS Gt
    B9OSS Gt Day ago


  • Joanna
    Joanna Day ago

    why am I watching this at 4:31 am

  • un spectateur
    un spectateur Day ago

    Dude be drunking rosé with cheese

    *cries in French*

  • Doop Pood
    Doop Pood Day ago

    Okay but I still can’t get over the look the cheese monger gave us at 20:27

  • Mahesa Anabrang
    Mahesa Anabrang Day ago

    6:17 hahahahaha

    • Joanna
      Joanna Day ago

      its not gooda its gou-da xD

  • Eve Jasper
    Eve Jasper Day ago

    I’m eating cheese as we speak. As I type? I’m not sure. WHERES THE WINE?!

  • Erikka G
    Erikka G Day ago

    Delish is now copying you 😅

  • Rubina
    Rubina Day ago

    I fucking love cheese this video is like porn to me

  • Erica Bowling
    Erica Bowling Day ago

    please do an eat the menu that is Epcot around the world!! I’ll be working for disney for the next few months and would love to see what you recommend!!

  • Catherine C.
    Catherine C. Day ago

    Love the editing

  • Fresca Alexandre

    Upppp for coffeeeee please collaborate with Eugeneee the Kings of rankingggg

  • Catherine C.
    Catherine C. Day ago

    100% most useful video to my life

  • Robin Cassidy RN

    Who doesn't LOVE moldy milk stuffs? OMG!!! Cheese heaven🧀

  • Alice
    Alice Day ago

    Wow Kelsey was obnoxious

  • DemonDragon000
    DemonDragon000 Day ago

    anyone else eating cheese while watching?

  • frickfrackclackityclack

    Is Keith ok

  • Whalesnamedshark

    “It’s like being watched by mammals” lol

  • Fanta
    Fanta Day ago

    12:26 she says "cool whip" the way Stewie does

  • susiexox2
    susiexox2 Day ago

    Legit they should start a fundraiser and when the highest donated has a wine and cheese tour/tasting with Keith and Kelsi I would pay for that

  • susiexox2
    susiexox2 Day ago

    I love Keith’s evaluations of food I just want more more more

  • Tillan Stovold
    Tillan Stovold Day ago

    its not gooda its gou-da xD

  • nickie nguyen
    nickie nguyen Day ago

    why am I watching this at 4:31 am

  • cweston9440
    cweston9440 Day ago

    I think I'm lactose intolerant, I have ibs as well, so when I drink milk mainly it makes me gassy/messes with my bowels but I also try to avoid cheese where I can, I'm intrigued tho does it make other people who are lactose intolerant like physically ill e.g. Vomiting/nausea because it just tends to mess with my bowels/worsen my ibs

  • nickie nguyen
    nickie nguyen Day ago


  • Rampieroozz
    Rampieroozz Day ago

    I liked the video but with cheese number 15 it says Holland which is not the entire country. Sorta like calling USA California. At number 21 you did it (almost) right. It is the Netherlands.

  • Jasmine Peake
    Jasmine Peake Day ago

    Try Guys Programmes-
    Ned- Try DIY
    Keith- Eat The Menu
    Zach- Candid Competition
    Eugene- Rank King

  • Cookie Crumble667

    If you listen to the background music at 8:10...isn’t that the Overcooked background music?

  • umer seth
    umer seth Day ago +1

    13:02 whats that creature!

  • Danielle
    Danielle Day ago

    I’m not subbing to the fag guys but I will watch

  • Abigail Brumby
    Abigail Brumby Day ago

    please try all Heinz sauces/ condiments. Eat an English menu, if you have any British chains there??

  • Alli Stars Music

    This is how many times Keith said "slime"

  • Vv_ Klimashina
    Vv_ Klimashina Day ago

    Umm yea I'll order every single cheese in this video please 🧀😊

  • anon
    anon Day ago

    I swear Kelsey ruins every video she’s in. It was really nice until she started shoveling cheese into her mouth and eating expensive ass cheese right out of the container. Idk if she thinks she’s funny, but it comes off like she wasn’t raised right

  • nih sa
    nih sa Day ago

    I clicked because of the face on the thumbnail....

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover Day ago

    Thumbs up to YB for this editing

  • NobleAni
    NobleAni Day ago

    The Ruby Mist cheese is honestly so good, I can't remember what their Whisky cheese is called but that one is my absolute favourite (I think the ruby mist one is port?), we have them and their Black Bomber cheddar on the cheese board every Christmas!!

  • Bob technica
    Bob technica Day ago

    People from europe will have eaten most of these cheeses

  • isobel giblin
    isobel giblin Day ago

    did anyone notice that when he was eating the Carre Du Berry he was acting like a little kid?

    • Puppet lover
      Puppet lover Day ago

      I always get hungry whenever I watch Keith eat-

  • jenna coleman
    jenna coleman Day ago

    “juice from a cow, vomit from a bee” -Keith 2019

  • Elizabeth Eyring

    Nothing’s more amazing then watching Kieth a grown man eat food... this is my life.. this is my entertainment 😂😂😂

  • Brie Treat
    Brie Treat Day ago +1

    Lol, it caught me off guard when he said "Thank you, Brie!", because Brie is literally my name, spelling and all

  • Veronica Reed
    Veronica Reed Day ago

    His uncontrollable laughter at 1:52 is me EVERY time I see cheese at the store.
    *Me:* ^about to get FUCKED UP.^
    *My body:* please don't
    *My doctor:* if you consume anymore chesse you WILL die.
    *Me:* ^imitates Keith's uncontrollable laughter^ SO BE IT!!!!

  • Louii Shwarz
    Louii Shwarz Day ago

    For a cheese monger he really managed to terribly mispronounce every single cheese.

  • Veronica Reed
    Veronica Reed Day ago

    Keith at 1:10 is me EVERYTIME.. I come into any contact with a sample of cheese anywhere. Ever.

  • d blurry
    d blurry Day ago

    Your sense of taste reminds of an
    old mans sense of taste

  • d blurry
    d blurry Day ago +1

    You guys did it again you managed to cure my depression for 26 mins and 44 sec this time

  • Imogen Glover
    Imogen Glover Day ago +1

    Good God they like the use of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in this lmao. Reminds me I should be practising 40hrs a day.

  • Normal Citizen
    Normal Citizen Day ago

    The editing in this video makes me cHeEsY

  • viviana
    viviana Day ago

    Lactose intolerant people are crazy

  • Ryan
    Ryan Day ago

    gah damn kelsey can put down some cheese

  • Eliyah Bowles
    Eliyah Bowles Day ago

    How has no one talked about the fact Keith was on Bring the Funny???? Seriously SO FUNNY!!!

  • Princessmomo_1212
    Princessmomo_1212 Day ago +1

    When he said "fuCKIn horseradish" I lost it😂😂

  • Grace Devary
    Grace Devary Day ago

    Low key jealous

  • Aisie xxVocaloidxx

    I always get hungry whenever I watch Keith eat-

  • luckybrianne
    luckybrianne Day ago

    Thumbs up to YB for this editing

  • Kelandria Holiday

    kelsey went the fuck IN on some cheese.

  • Square Pants
    Square Pants Day ago

    This would literally be a dream come true I love cheese so much I would kill to have this 😂

  • Rose Queen
    Rose Queen Day ago

    Wait Lauren Hill?

  • Max boyo
    Max boyo Day ago

    My stomachs hurting just by watching this and I'm not even lactose intolerant---

  • William Harper
    William Harper 2 days ago

    the juice of a cow and the vomit of a bee

  • Jacquelyn Doggette
    Jacquelyn Doggette 2 days ago

    Hey Keith, I dare you to eat everything on the Cheesecake Factory menu. 😏 Invite me. I want to witness this in person.

  • Nature Infant
    Nature Infant 2 days ago

    Keith's hair looks great

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho 2 days ago

    If you think that is good you need to go to the Amish country in Ohio

  • Miniimae c:
    Miniimae c: 2 days ago +1

    I wish there was a way to dislike this video in a way that doesn't harm the channel because Keith doesn't deserve this pain. Why Keith? Why do you do this to yourself?

  • Breanna Andree-Couturier

    Love cheese, love this, love all the guest, couldn't be happier with a video

  • Totally Not Ruby Rose
    Totally Not Ruby Rose 2 days ago +2

    Keith should eat every kind of apple that y’all can possibly find. Give him a break, plz ;-;

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 2 days ago

    laughing and gagging.. lol

  • Amna Khan
    Amna Khan 2 days ago

    you forgot HAVARTI!!!!!

  • Sam Faulk
    Sam Faulk 2 days ago

    not gonna lie i didn't even know there were different types of blu cheese

  • Chloconut
    Chloconut 2 days ago

    As a holosexual.... I’ve gotta say I’m disappointed in you Keith

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 2 days ago

      Ya know, I thought why not watch Keith eat a bunch of cheese while I eat spaghetti. Then Keith made the remark about, " you know that stuff that gets under your toe nails........

  • Kidshotgun
    Kidshotgun 2 days ago

    1:47 ratatouille?

  • Greta Prinsen
    Greta Prinsen 2 days ago

    Eat the entire Starbucks menu!!!! Like if u agree

  • Ana Leah
    Ana Leah 2 days ago

    I guess the next thing Keith is going to eat (drink) is milk

  • Bran Bran
    Bran Bran 2 days ago

    He's gonna die if he keeps doing this so frequently. Give this man a break like damn

  • Jackie Prescott
    Jackie Prescott 2 days ago +1


  • John Smelly
    John Smelly 2 days ago

    Iam not buying $500 worth of cheese i already have digestive issues i do that iam gona die

  • aubrey manry
    aubrey manry 2 days ago +1

    Sitting here eating dill pickle sunflower seeds.

  • Sabrina Giles
    Sabrina Giles 2 days ago +1

    I don’t know why I enjoyed watching 20 minutes of Keith describing and eating cheese

  • Alyssa Parnell
    Alyssa Parnell 2 days ago +1

    A 30 minute video of Keith eating cheese 😂

  • Quixot Willard
    Quixot Willard 2 days ago +1

    This man is absolutely manic looking, he just looks like he's just on the cusp of spiraling down into a mental breakdown lol

  • Mars M
    Mars M 2 days ago +1

    Why does the cheese monger remind me of Gus from Cinderella?

  • Chris
    Chris 2 days ago +1

    how is the cheese guy not laughing in the background......

  • del last
    del last 2 days ago +1


  • Jesse Couch
    Jesse Couch 2 days ago +1

    I want the crack that he's on

  • Barry Terdmaster
    Barry Terdmaster 2 days ago +1

    Keith likes cheese. Keith buys lots of Cheese. Keith eats lots of Cheese. Keith is stuck and cannot poop. Do not be like Keith.

  • Vanessa The Vas
    Vanessa The Vas 2 days ago +2