The Try Guys Try Drawing Male Models

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
  • We tried to paint our staff like french girls and WOW was this a ride! 👨‍🎨🎨 How do you think our art turned out?
    Let us know in the comments and if you think you can do a better job than us, submit your version of the drawing to and maybe we'll repost you! 😏
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    Instructor - Rebecca Holopter
    Models - Miles Bonsignore, Will Wilter, Sam Johnson, Alexandria Herring
    Elliot Dickerhoof
    Licensed from AudioNetwork
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    Official Try Guys Photos
    By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto
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    Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer
    Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld
    Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang
    Producer - Rachel Ann Cole
    Producer - Nick Rufca
    Production Manager - Alexandria Herring
    Editor - Devlin McCluskey
    Editor - YB Chang
    Editor - Elliot Dickerhoof
    Assistant Editor - Will Witwer
    Camera Operator - Miles Bonsignore
    Production Assistant - Sam Johnson
    Content Strategist - Kaylin Burke
    Camera operator - Michael Summers
    DP - Daryl Gilmore
    Location rep - Brandy Lewis
    Special Thanks To!
    Maker's Mess
    @ ROW DTLA Building 2, Space 178 (Across from Myrtle)
    777 S. Alameda St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90021
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  • Amanda Davis
    Amanda Davis 27 minutes ago

    I'm sorry zach, but I hate that hat. Lol. Still love you tho!

  • itsjustsami
    itsjustsami 57 minutes ago

    how are they all so good?

  • Kit
    Kit 3 hours ago

    Oooohhh do more art-related video please!!

  • It's Camilla Taylor
    It's Camilla Taylor 6 hours ago

    Keith’s last drawing was so good!!

  • just me
    just me 7 hours ago

    lets just take a sec and aplaud the teacher who where saying really good stuff and choosing her words nicely to try and explain their artworks😂👌🔥👏

  • Priyanka Shah
    Priyanka Shah 8 hours ago

    Try guys are getting boring day by day

  • I'm a unicorn #magic
    I'm a unicorn #magic 9 hours ago

    ♡ I drew all of this (accept the nude men) in yr 3! ♡

  • Angelus Leo
    Angelus Leo 11 hours ago

    I am an Artist and I have taken many nude drawing classes at tafe and uni. It is very awkward at first but you do get use to it. The use of drawing with shapes is a good idea for beginners in drawing, however, even when I was starting out I never use shapes to draw, I find it to be too many lines and distractions.

  • eri
    eri 12 hours ago +1

    Holy shit Eugene 😮

  • Looba f
    Looba f 12 hours ago

    Eugine totally suggested this one

  • Josie Anderson
    Josie Anderson 14 hours ago

    I literally got a C in art in 5th grade because I was so bad a drawing. I tried really hard, but art is just not my thing.

  • TomatoNut
    TomatoNut 14 hours ago

    ok cool vid but *what is this music*

  • Ben Bagley
    Ben Bagley 16 hours ago

    Eugene shouldn’t have this much power, but he’s so good at that power indeed

  • Maya
    Maya 17 hours ago


  • Brittany Sipp
    Brittany Sipp 18 hours ago

    So as much as this art teacher is amazing. I am bugged about what she said about how you never start with the outline.
    My professor was obsessed with freehand. She taught us in human figure classes to know our proportions but start with the outlines. We did tons of exercises with looking at a figure and just drawing the outline over and over again (without looking at the paper) till it came naturally to us. I believe I am a better artist because of her classes.
    So in my opinion this art teacher should never say never, because other artist learn totally different ways to draw. Just a thought!

  • Carly MacKinnon
    Carly MacKinnon 19 hours ago

    “It’s a lot uglier than you are” - Zach. He just called her ugly hahah

  • Ellada Hara
    Ellada Hara 19 hours ago

    Can you Eugene just stop
    Stop being such a beautiful soul
    I hate you
    I love you so much 😭

  • Fiona Smith
    Fiona Smith 22 hours ago

    This teacher though!! Amazing.

  • Lindsey Horsman
    Lindsey Horsman 22 hours ago

    Where has this art teacher been my entire life shes everything!

  • Ray M
    Ray M Day ago

    Me: Reads title and thinks of Eugene
    Eugene: *nods* yes

  • Jessica Blackwell

    Do they ever get frustrated with the fact Eugene is just too good at everything 😅

  • Wutevaperson
    Wutevaperson Day ago

    I hate how most of the guys are saying to themselves that they aren't good at drawing or art but just with a little instruction, they're learning a lot and improving just within a single session. I wish more people could come into doing art with an open mind rather than starting with negative self-talk.

  • Cynthia George
    Cynthia George Day ago +2

    You guys r trying to sell so much crap I don't even wanna watch anymore

  • Kelly B
    Kelly B Day ago

    "This is a Eugene-led video..." HE'S SO PROUD OF HIMSELF

  • Aki Animations
    Aki Animations Day ago

    "My name is Rebecca Holopter"
    *_h i i i i i i i i i i i_*

  • Liz Bee
    Liz Bee Day ago

    this was a great video. let Eugene pick what to do more.

  • Agnes A
    Agnes A Day ago

    Keith has not earned the right to be in the bad drawing-club... He's like 20 times better than me XD

  • Laura
    Laura Day ago

    Keith actually did so well! With practice he could definitely do more

  • TheCrippledNinja

    Can Eugene just sneeze on me with some of that Asian excellence?!

  • Jessica Tyers
    Jessica Tyers Day ago

    Ned getting annoyed and wanting to give up with art is very relatable

  • DJRicoche
    DJRicoche Day ago

    Is there ANYTHING Eugene isn't good at? I know I am biased because I'm in love with him... but he is just so talented!

  • Danielle Moreau
    Danielle Moreau Day ago

    Every “Fruit of the Loom” commercial. Ever. Made.

  • Eleanor C
    Eleanor C Day ago

    I really love how pissed miles looks 😂

  • The Lonely Woodstock

    The feet of the grape were so well drawn, not to mention the face of the Banana was the best.

  • Sophie Burgess
    Sophie Burgess Day ago

    Zak's childhood art is sO GOOD!

  • Katey Henderson
    Katey Henderson Day ago

    Ned the fraud

  • Darklurkr
    Darklurkr Day ago

    O i bet Eugene loved this one

  • Annamária Szűcs
    Annamária Szűcs Day ago +1

    That's the 1st time I ever heard someone saying "Frustration is good." without being sarcastic.

  • Hessed3712
    Hessed3712 2 days ago

    How is Eugene great at everything?

  • Kitt Kozy
    Kitt Kozy 2 days ago

    the titles for Ned's art pieces are Frustration, What? and Fraud

  • Mossears133
    Mossears133 2 days ago +1

    I actually really love keith’s final drawing - the differences in line thicknesses give it a really awesome effect!

  • Olivia Cooley
    Olivia Cooley 2 days ago

    Why do I feel like they need to audition for a fruit of the loom commercial

  • DeityArtistry
    DeityArtistry 2 days ago

    Close your eyes. The art teacher totally sounds like Anna Kendrick

  • Ñîkã Gãćhã
    Ñîkã Gãćhã 2 days ago

    Eugene must’ve loved this, he created this idea XD

  • Catie Hayes
    Catie Hayes 2 days ago +1

    Ned: how do I not get charcoal on my hands--
    Woman: *its gonna happen*
    Ned: OWHhhW

    KIMINKINK ' 2 days ago

    Oh i am *so* gonna draw that

    KIMINKINK ' 2 days ago

    One of my struggles as an artist: making a big portraits, or at least completed peices.

  • lavender.blood
    lavender.blood 2 days ago

    the try guys try pole dancing

  • purple potato
    purple potato 2 days ago

    This art instructor is so nice 🥺❤️

  • Noah Wilgocki
    Noah Wilgocki 2 days ago

    Where did zach get that hat 👀

  • Batzi
    Batzi 2 days ago +1

    Already know the homophobic peeps are gonna be all over this and they’re gonna dislike the crap out of it.

  • Maggie Kerns
    Maggie Kerns 2 days ago

    I feel like I just had a therapy session. Talk to yourself like Rebecca talks to The Try Guys

  • Afsara Hossain
    Afsara Hossain 2 days ago

    Can we have Eugene's make up tutorial? Thanks.

  • Anna
    Anna 3 days ago

    as an Asian that doesn't excel in anything i just feel inadequate compared to eugene

  • Sana Siddiquee
    Sana Siddiquee 3 days ago

    Completely irrelevant, but Eugene’s makeup was fleek af

  • Sana Siddiquee
    Sana Siddiquee 3 days ago

    No one:
    The art teacher: THaTs GReaT, ThATS BeAuTIFUl

    Btw no hate, this art teacher is a queen

  • Got7Ahgase BtsArmy
    Got7Ahgase BtsArmy 3 days ago +1


  • Jacquelyn Klepinger
    Jacquelyn Klepinger 3 days ago +1

    "I drew the grape boy... Too far from the banana man"
    it sounds like some secret war message omg

  • anna gizzi
    anna gizzi 3 days ago

    Oh no! I really want to show this to my 8th grade students but I don't think I can get away with how many swears are in this. :'(((

  • Nicole Marschall
    Nicole Marschall 3 days ago

    ooo! idea: neds turtle neck with their art work printed on it. yes? id buy lol

  • Charity Murray
    Charity Murray 3 days ago

    Miles' face!

  • Samantha Turner
    Samantha Turner 3 days ago

    This teacher is AMAZING and got them to take this seriously. I love her. They each improved so much too in the course of a day, that speaks volumes to her teaching style!

  • Shade
    Shade 3 days ago

    "frustrations is so good" hmkay

  • Serenity - Princessセーラームーン

    We all know why Eugene picked this...


  • Littlewammity
    Littlewammity 4 days ago

    I'm sorry but her voice frustrates the hell out of me

  • Santosh P
    Santosh P 4 days ago

    Now try Bob Ross

  • sfornarodesigns
    sfornarodesigns 4 days ago

    Now I want you to sit in on an Art school crit and get a feeling for how brutal professors are as opposed to how encouraging yours was 😂

  • Lilith
    Lilith 4 days ago

    Eyes of the banana guy are so amazing

  • Danielle Jackson
    Danielle Jackson 4 days ago +3

    Can we just talk about how stylish Ned looks in this video

  • Althea Kyra V. Runas

    Lets talk about Ned's fashion in this video, as well as his appearance... he looks great!

  • Alexa Hecksel
    Alexa Hecksel 4 days ago

    I laughed, I cried, I felt. 👏 bravo

  • J 9
    J 9 4 days ago +3

    I loved seeing all four of them TRYING things together again, I’ve missed that.

  • E
    E 4 days ago +1

    Uhhh keith is a good drawer I'm sorry WHAT. So much potential there.

  • Something Vishy
    Something Vishy 4 days ago

    It's actually a face...that's a plus - Zack

  • Vincent G.
    Vincent G. 4 days ago

    11:20 theres a guy looking in tbe window, and hes so confused 😂

  • Joanie Whittemore
    Joanie Whittemore 4 days ago +3

    I LOVE that the instructor asks questions instead of just telling them what to do. Such a great way to teach art - it’s so unique and subjective ❤️

  • Chelsie
    Chelsie 4 days ago

    Eugene looks like he has slimmed way down.

  • genevieve s
    genevieve s 4 days ago

    Zach’s hat is weird and I love it someone tell me where to buy it

  • Meltypepsi
    Meltypepsi 4 days ago

    As soon as she said “nude men” my eyes went over to Eugene’s expression lol

  • Void of Space
    Void of Space 4 days ago

    Is it just me, or has Eugene's skin cleared up (and their lighting department improved) a TON since his last appearance.

  • L Chapman
    L Chapman 4 days ago

    I love how the art teacher stresses art being important for kids and adults alike, and that art is in everything around us. I recently took a couple of painting classes with my sister (neither of us had any art classes outside of kindergarten). We weren't great, but it was a great experience to branch out like that.

  • Ash Loomis
    Ash Loomis 4 days ago

    Its so funny how Eugene is great at everything except childcare

  • Mia L.
    Mia L. 4 days ago

    she is such a good teacher!

  • let's talk about harry potter

    The instructor was so nice and a great teacher can we just

  • sparkdala
    sparkdala 4 days ago

    The art instructor was so sweet im crying women are the best

  • Nico Hart
    Nico Hart 4 days ago +1

    man ned your frustration = really cool shadow textures. embrace it! You all did wonderfully!

  • Noorpreet Brar
    Noorpreet Brar 4 days ago

    I love for the last sketch I have the same brand of pencil 😆

  • anyone.
    anyone. 4 days ago

    zach is just extremely beautiful in this video omg

  • Erryn Killiner
    Erryn Killiner 4 days ago

    Mr Tomato is a fine piece of man, I have to admit 🍅

  • Gabe
    Gabe 4 days ago

    You can tell Ned has a kid, like he just looks like a dad.

  • Bernadette Johnson
    Bernadette Johnson 4 days ago

    I'm so glad you guys made this video! I love art and seeing you guys try it out was really cool!

  • Marta Krapanic
    Marta Krapanic 4 days ago

    17:04 this was def inspired by craig from dream daddy!! 100%

  • Hannah Serfling
    Hannah Serfling 4 days ago

    Keith and Eugene left out the Tomato’s left arm 😅

  • Juliana Bittar Barão

    i feel like they all nailed it and the teacher was so supportive and amazing 🥰

  • loizerz
    loizerz 5 days ago

    Eugene looks like he's been wearing foundation a lot recently. That or his skin is naturally flawless...wouldn't be surprised.

  • loizerz
    loizerz 5 days ago

    Eugene looks like he's been wearing foundation a lot recently. That or his skin is naturally flawless...wouldn't be surprised.

  • Sophie Hagan
    Sophie Hagan 5 days ago

    this teacher is the nicest woman ever and she seems so talented too!! queen

  • eve
    eve 5 days ago

    17:50 are we not gonna talk about Zach’s comment and Eugene’s reaction 😅😂

  • secretsofthesnog
    secretsofthesnog 5 days ago

    theres no wrong way to draw

  • Kacy Mah
    Kacy Mah 5 days ago

    This teacher was great!!