The Try Guys Make Surprise DIY Valentines

  • Published on Feb 12, 2020
  • This one is sweet so we hope you enjoy the treat! ;) Watch us make surprise DIY Valentine's for our SO's! Get our ltd. edition Always Bet On Gay shirt available now through next week ONLY and shop our V-day sale with up to 25% off everything on Happy early V-day to you all! We love you guys!💗
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Comments • 100

  • Emmie Sumski
    Emmie Sumski 2 hours ago

    Till There Was You by The Beatles will forever be the most romantic song in my mind. It’s just so cute and sweet ☺️

  • Emma Ayers
    Emma Ayers 2 hours ago

    i just love how pleased Keith is with his puppet idea, the smile on his face! :)

  • Thot you would Never ask

    Pesto just warms my heart

  • Thot you would Never ask

    Neds first love story gets me every time

  • Arunima Sarkar
    Arunima Sarkar Day ago +1

    At 12:51 I love the face Ned makes!!!

  • Sabah
    Sabah Day ago

    the real question is: did Emma approve?

  • Emily musser
    Emily musser Day ago +1

    Keith - talking about ball pits
    Eugene and Ned - talking about fisting

  • Christine Shane
    Christine Shane 2 days ago

    Eugene representing the Ase Community since the birth of the internet.

  • Austin is thicc emo potato

    Bowie : oh what’s that is for me

  • EmieCorn Games
    EmieCorn Games 5 days ago +1


    *_Alexa, Play Careless Whisper._*

  • Tracy Nguyen
    Tracy Nguyen 5 days ago

    Me: *t e a*

  • gabby reeder
    gabby reeder 5 days ago +1

    I so related to the fact that Eugene is uncomfortable showing feelings for people but is totally fine showing his feelings for his dogs

  • Tidiane Fievet
    Tidiane Fievet 6 days ago

    Eugene why don't give a present for your Boyfreindddd😖😖😇

  • Lexi Grimbrooke
    Lexi Grimbrooke 7 days ago +2

    Zach’s pumping up Keith’s fragrance concerns is my favorite part of this video.

  • Drew Cherpin
    Drew Cherpin 9 days ago

    Eugene and Rosa Diaz are the same

  • Manal Lafram
    Manal Lafram 10 days ago +1

    I just realized that I've been watching your videos for 4years ( MY LONGEST COMMITMENT)

  • -Jesse WølfHeart-
    -Jesse WølfHeart- 10 days ago +3

    Ned: Yeah, Miles is throwing a Valentine's party later.
    Eugene: What?
    Miles: Wanna come?
    Eugene: What?! No!

  • Meredith Hagan
    Meredith Hagan 10 days ago +1

    I looked up “By the Bog of Cats.” It’s basically the Jason and Medea myth but without the Greek chorus.

  • Dea Devita
    Dea Devita 12 days ago +1

    Eugene being full capricorn in this video really entertain me

  • geekgroupie42
    geekgroupie42 12 days ago +1

    6:42 is the best!

  • Lola McNamara
    Lola McNamara 13 days ago +1

    6:33 Irish people are triggered

  • Debra Mutemi
    Debra Mutemi 17 days ago +2

    in the great words of eugene, this was disgustingly adorable

  • Lauren
    Lauren 17 days ago +1

    Zach is right, girls love video games

  • A_Nerd_Who_Sings
    A_Nerd_Who_Sings 17 days ago

    Wait Zach's thing was labelled Love #9 potion. RICK POTION #9

  • Art tastic 0126
    Art tastic 0126 17 days ago

    Ah yes, the most romantic song ever... The I love you song from Barney.

  • Avenger _ir
    Avenger _ir 17 days ago +1

    At 2:36
    Me at 5 am when someone tries to wake me from my bff- sleep.

  • Phoebe Whalen
    Phoebe Whalen 18 days ago +2

    I am legit LOVE Matt and Eugene

  • Eleanor Amodio
    Eleanor Amodio 18 days ago


  • Erica Carlson
    Erica Carlson 19 days ago

    But what soap did Becky choose?

  • Ellie Frank
    Ellie Frank 19 days ago

    “When Zach met sally”, ykiyk

  • Happy Sunshine
    Happy Sunshine 20 days ago

    After watching this video I feel soooooooo single 💔☹️🙁😢

  • tired law student
    tired law student 20 days ago

    16:58 this was cute

  • Ouranor
    Ouranor 21 day ago

    Okay, watching this again after the "Our real Houses of Hogwarts" video makes it so obvious that Ned is THE Hufflepuff to end all Hufflepuffs xD

  • HarleQueen
    HarleQueen 21 day ago +3

    Eugene making a gift for someone other than his partner: yeah seems legit
    Ned making a gift for someone other than his partner: OHMYGOD HOW DAAAARE HE?!?!

    KATIE FLAKE 23 days ago

    Break into Zach's house and fill bowls with olives
    Break into Eugene house and fill it with pink fluffy stuff and i love you sticky notes
    Break into keiths house and replace all his chicken with tofu

  • Kate
    Kate 24 days ago

    Most romantic song is Cancer by My Chemical Romance or the Twenty-one pilots remix

  • Jannel Kate Callanta
    Jannel Kate Callanta 24 days ago

    Eugene and Ned talking about fisting had me cracking!

  • Jazz
    Jazz 24 days ago

    question be like what's a perfect date to you
    Me: thinks about food and activity
    Keith's perfect date : food and activity
    Me: 😍😍😍

  • Christi Robinson
    Christi Robinson 26 days ago

    Miles is hosting a valentines party "you want to come?" Eugene: "what?, no."

  • dango darling
    dango darling 26 days ago +3

    Eugene and Matt are such a hot couple, like, that picture of them in suits next to each other - damn. *chefs kiss*

  • Zen Lily
    Zen Lily 26 days ago

    Them: " the question is what's the most romantic song?"
    Me: oof um I only listen to rock and heavy metal um

  • cat
    cat 27 days ago +1

    still searching as to where men like this exist

  • Kara Sosa
    Kara Sosa 27 days ago +1

    "we get to smoke weed together"
    too good

  • hello hi
    hello hi 28 days ago +6

    Everyone says Ariel should get her own gift, but she was just as happy with a gift for her son

  • Igni Necari
    Igni Necari 28 days ago +1

    Keith is so charming with his bag puppet. Becky's reaction is priceless💗
    Ned is such a good dad/husband figure. Always thinking about his wife and baby. I can saee that Wes is grow up with a happy childhood💖
    Eugene is very thoughtful. Even when he has a significant other, he still thinks about his doggos, giving them all the love and care.
    Zach and Maggie's dynamic is so cute. They both have a dark, slightly sarcastic sense of humor.
    This video is wholesome😊😊

  • Molly Ujszaszi
    Molly Ujszaszi 28 days ago

    Am I the only one that didn’t know Zach and Keith smoke weed?

  • Sara Stone
    Sara Stone 29 days ago

    "core good values"

  • Frankie Shaw
    Frankie Shaw Month ago

    zach and keith; my favourite potheads

  • Yuki Coan
    Yuki Coan Month ago

    Zach is hilarious 😂

  • Swanee_ m-m
    Swanee_ m-m Month ago

    When Zach met Sally

  • emily faith
    emily faith Month ago

    keith’s giftbag was so fucking cute god

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes Month ago

    I can't help falling in love

  • Ritunwita Sarkar
    Ritunwita Sarkar Month ago +1

    These ppl are so adorable 🥺❤️🥰😂

  • The Garden
    The Garden Month ago +1

    Ned and Eugene work so well together even tho they are so polar opposite

  • Ronja Josephsen
    Ronja Josephsen Month ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how cool Ned’s pants are

  • Mickey Jones
    Mickey Jones Month ago +1

    “He just getting asked me to straight up fist him” Ned: pfff-

  • halcyon5zippo
    halcyon5zippo Month ago

    Nice gifts for the guys:
    Keith: an old school record player
    Zach: a warm, Piglet Snuggie
    Ned: a gentleman’s shaving kit
    Eugene: an “All My Friend’s Are Dead” backpack for his pups.
    Naughty gifts for the guys:
    Keith: a coupon book of sexual favors.
    Zach: a paddle and handcuffs.
    Ned: a blindfold and jockstrap.
    Eugene: a pup mask and ball gag.

  • Talia lol
    Talia lol Month ago

    My first girlfriend was called sally too and she was also my second crush and she cheated on me. I’m also bisexual so I’m like two try guys

  • Natalia Furgason
    Natalia Furgason Month ago

    Shout out to the coolest puppet maker Keith!! lol

  • Jasmine Lozon
    Jasmine Lozon Month ago

    The smile Ariel gave Ned they really just love each other

  • Azel Ignacio
    Azel Ignacio Month ago

    Keiths humor is on another level i kinda want to get stoned with keith and just laugh my ass out..

  • lilbabykriz
    lilbabykriz Month ago

    the way that i'm a combination of zach and eugene.... i-

  • lilbabykriz
    lilbabykriz Month ago

    why is ned dressed like edward cullen

  • Mimi Ebisuya
    Mimi Ebisuya Month ago

    Unscented soap is gross peppermint everybody likes peppermint she can smell like Christmas all year long!!!😷

  • Mimi Ebisuya
    Mimi Ebisuya Month ago

    What’s a romcom? 🤔Weird 🙄🙄🙄🥱😴

  • sanne2299
    sanne2299 Month ago +1

    If my partner made me a gift and had a giftbag that’s also a puppet.

  • alejandra chavez
    alejandra chavez Month ago

    How is no one talking about 5:34

  • tvcharleytown
    tvcharleytown Month ago

    When our dog gets sweet potato baked treats, her farts are so BAD they can clear any room. Want to give me a treat? Make it dark chocolate nuts and chews.

  • Penguin Nicole
    Penguin Nicole Month ago +6

    The fact that Eugene was paired with Ned in this is everything

  • Alek Wolf
    Alek Wolf Month ago

    OMG the tension between Ned and Eugene...

  • Lalla
    Lalla Month ago

    The add before this video: WE'VE BEEN FRIENDS SINCE 6TH GRADE.... LeTs CaPtUrE tHiS BFF mOmEnT

  • Vj Fermo
    Vj Fermo Month ago

    I love NED's get-up here!

  • Naomi
    Naomi Month ago

    ned looks criminally hot in this video

  • Gaia per caso
    Gaia per caso Month ago

    oh no SALLYYY

  • Rachel Nicole Haugan
    Rachel Nicole Haugan Month ago +1

    The taste for human flesh part KILLED me

  • W Wu
    W Wu Month ago

    If you live in Richmond and you wanna do a plant trade with cuttings reply to this comment and we can figure out something. The plants I have are peace lily pothos (but only 1 cutting with roots) a ficus lyrata

  • Madame Jings
    Madame Jings Month ago

    Ned, Zach and Keith: telling their wholesome stories
    Eugene: let’s talk about fisting

  • Muskan Agrawal
    Muskan Agrawal Month ago

    bruh eugene is the male version of rosa diaz from b99.

  • Sophie love
    Sophie love Month ago

    I love when they make gifts and things to give to their families...

  • Lauren Turtle
    Lauren Turtle Month ago +1

    Zack's first crush story was so sad

  • Alyssa B
    Alyssa B Month ago

    Idk how much Eugene actually likes Matt he never seems to want to talk about him😂❤️

  • A Person
    A Person Month ago

    Yaaaas Eugene was a theatre kid!

  • 안녕Hiii
    안녕Hiii Month ago

    Y’all I’m starting to wonder who the dominant one is between Eugene and Matthew

  • Liv _
    Liv _ Month ago +2

    When eugene said he was just gonna give the gifts to his dogs. I felt that and I respected that xD

  • Ysa’s Life
    Ysa’s Life Month ago

    gosh dang it eugene is a great drawer

  • Blair Underwood
    Blair Underwood Month ago

    Oh gosh Ned do a gift for Ariel not for your son😭😂 it's valentine's day!

  • Gabby Gellerman
    Gabby Gellerman Month ago +5

    I don’t have a significant other soo Eugene is me..

  • Gabby Gellerman
    Gabby Gellerman Month ago

    Imagine if sally just randomly appeared like.. wait you did like me??? Well Zach I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life!!!!!

  • Shayla Nguyen
    Shayla Nguyen Month ago

    I saw dear evan hansen playing in the back when ned was sharing his gift

  • Rena Rain
    Rena Rain Month ago +171

    1:14 Zach: "Maggie actually really enjoys a nice herbal tea before bed, so I want her to dip this little red bag and then the heart's just gonna explode red liquid everywhere - very romantic."
    19:27 Maggie: "I love how it looks like a little bleeding heart."
    They're so perfect for each other!!!

  • Mary Allison
    Mary Allison Month ago

    The crayons were really cute. And so were the soaps. I like the tea bags and the doggie treats were pretty funky.

  • Rhiannon Dafoe
    Rhiannon Dafoe Month ago

    Keith saying 'I love you, you love me' from Barney is a romantic song just proves the fight he and his brother got in totally happened

  • ROKiT Demo13
    ROKiT Demo13 Month ago +10

    Keith is like a smart picky-ish nerd
    Zach is the clumsy need
    Eugene is like the handsome popular badass loner guy everyone has a crush on
    Ned is like the handsome sweet crafty popular guy everyone has a crush on but he's taken

  • Kishan Bhatia
    Kishan Bhatia Month ago

    when did eugene get kimbop

  • Hannah Schmuker
    Hannah Schmuker Month ago

    I Will Always Love You is actually originally by Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston covered it and her version got way more popular, but personally I kinda like the original better. It's softer, more gentle. But that's just me lol

  • Dawnmari3 -
    Dawnmari3 - Month ago +36

    Eugene: Should’ve added some whiskey
    Ned: But it’s for your dooogs

  • Caroline Cooke
    Caroline Cooke Month ago +5

    Wait wait wait. Hold up.


  • Hizashi Yamada Present Mic

    Eugene is a good role model for the lgbtq+ people in his generation I look up to him even though I’m not gay (I’m trans ftm)

  • Shummah Ahah
    Shummah Ahah Month ago

    Zach may have had the new kid greatness, but I’ve been to five six different schools and I’m still in middle school, and trust me being the new kid is the worst thing physically possible

  • Melenciagaa's Life
    Melenciagaa's Life Month ago

    They are literally the most sweetest guys ever like girl friend video or not THE SWEETEST