Parliament suspended amid protests I Times News

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Parliament was suspended amid extraordinary scenes of protest by opposition MPs.
    Members held up signs saying “Silenced” and shouted “Shame!” as a five-week prorogation began.
    The suspension ensures that an election cannot be held until late November at the earliest.
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Comments • 939

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy 5 months ago

    that undemocratic House is a complete shambles .

  • Lil PUMP
    Lil PUMP 5 months ago +1

    Our prime minister is a crack addict

  • Stephen John Hall
    Stephen John Hall 5 months ago


    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy 5 months ago

      school children. I will find it very hard to vote for any of them ever again.

  • David Benioff
    David Benioff 5 months ago

    These so called representatives of the people, they are a joke and pathetic, they do as their EU masters tell them, we the people hate and distrust these shower of traitors

  • Mr T
    Mr T 5 months ago

    Should have turned into WWE like they did in Uganda

  • Falco 666
    Falco 666 5 months ago

    Bercow has super delusions of superiority! Acts to demonstrate it knowing he is playing to the cameras , Immature and small minded!

  • HybridSwifty
    HybridSwifty 5 months ago

    They seriously look like their are roleplaying or something...

  • peter simons
    peter simons 5 months ago

    Traitors all of u get to gitmo with all the satirist

  • Paul HIlditch
    Paul HIlditch 5 months ago

    The fact is the e.u will fragment and break up if and if we ever leave. The default position is to stay.if we had stood our ground with threat of no deal the eu would have definitely buckled and caved in.
    Sadly the people in parliament in opposition have denied us that opportunity. Fools every one of them.

  • MansaLouis Rothschild
    MansaLouis Rothschild 5 months ago

    Now you know why Jesus hate broke$$

  • Blickey
    Blickey 5 months ago

    Dog and pony show... No one takes you clowns seriously🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🥳🤣

  • Weirdlyoneoffs
    Weirdlyoneoffs 5 months ago

    Can't they suspend it until we leave? Or what is the point? I'm missing something I know. But I voted to leave, not this crap.

  • Daniel Boardman
    Daniel Boardman 5 months ago +1

    I love their signs say silenced where they have silenced the views of the public for over 2 years

  • ryan mcmillan
    ryan mcmillan 5 months ago

    Wait they look like old people but act like kids

  • Spamalot
    Spamalot 5 months ago

    Bunch of absolute children ! Our country is run by these idiot just remember that 😅

  • Alpharius Omegon
    Alpharius Omegon 5 months ago

    The communist cries out as he strikes you.

  • Charlie Hazelmere
    Charlie Hazelmere 5 months ago +1

    Whether you vote Conservative, Labour or otherwise....I think a lot of people will agree that the mother of all parliaments has become nothing more than a circus. These people who for the most part are acting not by representing their constituents but by their own personal opinion are making us a laughing stock. This kind of behaviour is just embarrassing, laughing, pointing, holding up little pieces of paper they have drawn up. Really??!
    People, atleast since 2016 often identify now as Leave or Remain. And whichever way you feel, i don’t see how anyone from any side can disagree that these people governing us or indeed opposing the current government are acting like spoilt school children.
    I will find it very hard to vote for any of them ever again.

    • Sumo Rabbit
      Sumo Rabbit 5 months ago

      Agreed and live on air for the world to see! They should all be charged with misconduct in a public office and given life.

  • tuneBFC
    tuneBFC 5 months ago

    What a barrel of laughs

  • Bobby Smith
    Bobby Smith 5 months ago

    We voted leave so just leave deal or no deal

  • David
    David 5 months ago

    My dislike for Corbyn and his party has grown so much I'm not sure if my purpose in life is to be the next Guy Fawkes.
    *Before any moron takes that literally, sit down.

  • glen revell
    glen revell 5 months ago

    Parasite MPS all of them. They are owned by the EU. Should all be ashamed of themselves.

  • Dan Crean
    Dan Crean 5 months ago

    Silenced the scum remainders should be charged with treason for going against the will of the people.

  • Nigel Dowthwaite
    Nigel Dowthwaite 5 months ago

    They represent No one!!!

  • Ant_82 Man
    Ant_82 Man 5 months ago

    Corbyn. 🤣🤣🤣 the last old leftist terrorist loving piece of shit

  • Aaron Mccardie
    Aaron Mccardie 5 months ago

    Just acting like spoilt little kids who cant get their own way on both sides. as far as am concerned sack the lot of them.WE THE PEOPLE pay there WAGES @ 60K PLUS A YEAR.

  • Graham Rankine
    Graham Rankine 5 months ago

    Spit the dummy out 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧👍

  • Muddy Digger
    Muddy Digger 5 months ago

    I thought we lived in a democracy. HuH they showed us good. I can not believe what is happening to us!

  • Mbabu Mgolwhagyduu
    Mbabu Mgolwhagyduu 5 months ago

    Caroline Lucas, thornberry, Abbott, gove, Johnson, corbyn, it’s just a litany if vile elitist self serving snobs, treacherous in the extreme, Guy Fawkes where are you?

  • Satbir Virdi
    Satbir Virdi 5 months ago

    If this isn't a Netflix series, we've been robbed

  • vikfk
    vikfk 5 months ago

    as is tradition...

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 5 months ago +1

    ridiculous to outside countries

  • Muhammad Tousif
    Muhammad Tousif 5 months ago

    I won't be Silenced (Aladdin song) right?

  • Scott Aubrey
    Scott Aubrey 5 months ago

    Corbyn, no it's you and those that follow your actions that are a disgrace.

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy 5 months ago +1

      are of foreign backgrounds now . This is not england anymore . Its done , down the gutter never to return to our former glory . . Enoch should have been lifelong priminister .

  • DoubleDeckerAnton
    DoubleDeckerAnton 5 months ago

    Now now....order...🔨

  • DoubleDeckerAnton
    DoubleDeckerAnton 5 months ago

    Control we are not...🤣

  • HR MJ
    HR MJ 5 months ago

    Filthy rats of United Kingdom

  • The Short Session Angler

    They make all this fuss over closing down for 4 extra days? Yet theyve had over 1000 days to sort out brexit and all they have done is stall.
    Remainers funnily enough accept nothing but remain, leavers want to leave but now there are two leave methods and the numbers arent there to back any option. Remainers wont pull the trigger and remain as they know they will all suffer in a general election, the opposition know they wont win a general election yet have enough power to stop one from being called democracy in the UK is dead.

  • Chris Coveney
    Chris Coveney 5 months ago

    The ones shouting shame on you and the ones with banners are the real traitors...the MAJORITY of the country voted to leave in 2016 and they are trying theyre best to make us stay

    • Chris Coveney
      Chris Coveney 5 months ago

      @Joe morgan i dont think you know what your talking about...ill tell you what a referendum is :- its a general vote by the electorate on a single political question which has been referred to them for a direct everything your saying about them not having to follow through is not true...what they are doing is actually unlawful, Boris Johnson is actually following the law, he asked the queen to prorogue government and she holds more power than anyone in the country (which i think is right) he actually hasnt done anything wrong

    • Chris Coveney
      Chris Coveney 5 months ago

      @Joe morgan when you voted what did it say on the ballot paper???? It said stay or leave (it didnt say anything about a deal) and the MAJORITY of the country voted to leave so thats what should happen no matter what because we live in a democracy....we had a voye in 2016 and everyone had theyre chance to vote - the remainers and the leavers and the MAJORITY voted to leave just because the remainers lost they want another referendum

    • Joe morgan
      Joe morgan 5 months ago

      People voted leave not no deal. Also, the brexit vote was a definitive 'This is going to be acted' vote. It was a referendum to ask the public. The government could've not gone through with brexit and just got the result.

  • Deen B
    Deen B 5 months ago

    Members of parliament mean Eat Good Food ,Go more Holiday Enjoy😁

  • Galactic Groceries
    Galactic Groceries 5 months ago

    When freddos cost £1, this will be forever seen as the reason why.

  • CragSide
    CragSide 5 months ago +3

    Our taxes pay for these clowns? All of them should be fired.

  • Going Postal
    Going Postal 5 months ago

    What a load of self serving twats.

  • Dom Gilmartin
    Dom Gilmartin 5 months ago +1

    honourable lol....we voted leave

  • Lucas Davenport
    Lucas Davenport 5 months ago +4

    The most useless parliament in history with the worst speaker to ever grace the chair. Get rid of the lot at the next election.

  • Thomas De Quincey
    Thomas De Quincey 5 months ago

    Corbyn and Labour are cowards. He said he would vote for an election after that pointless Bill gained Royal assent...he lied! Still, a "no deal" Brexit won't be as damaging as a Corbyn Government would be.

  • Random Songs In Locrian
    Random Songs In Locrian 5 months ago +2

    It's official, Britain has no leadership. The social contract is broken.

  • ian close
    ian close 5 months ago

    "This government is a disgrace, this Prime Minister is a disgrace" but no, Jeremy Corbyn still won't support a general election to get the "disgrace" out. Its so pathetic.

  • 37418 East Lancashire railway

    All they care about is themselves all this bickering like children is a joke Brexit will never happen because they dont want to come out so all we are going to hear is no coming out Oct 31 it will be now say March 2020 then come March 2020 it will be Oct 2020 then march 2021 and so on So to the government Stop acting like spoilt brats and sort this out.

  • Fava Fava
    Fava Fava 5 months ago +1

    And these are the clowns who ( run ) our country . . Un fkn believable . . No wonder britain is hitting the skids at an unstoppable rate of speed . . Time to close the borders as well , to save our , whats left of it , country . Before even more foreigners are allowed freehand and freehandouts to finish us off altogether , most of the politicians in house of clowns are of foreign backgrounds now . This is not england anymore . Its done , down the gutter never to return to our former glory . . Enoch should have been lifelong priminister .

  • weird science
    weird science 5 months ago

    who are the wizards in red

  • Wes Derp
    Wes Derp 5 months ago

    I seriously need to get out of this country.... what a joke lmfao.... Are there any countries not infested with leftist/politically correct cancers?

  • Dimebag Darrell
    Dimebag Darrell 5 months ago

    It's about time we treat this lot like any other toddlers who throw a tantrum...put them in the corner and tell them to be quiet

  • Bullet-Catcher
    Bullet-Catcher 5 months ago

    Divided as in Parliament V The People. The Mass Unwashed are now scrubbing until they bleed and taking note of what is taking place. As they always expected the majority of politicians are not for the people or democracy and only for representing themselves.
    I can see exciting times ahead and a new political system - OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW.
    I am not normally a rebellious person being an ex-solider, but watching what is going on. I see most in parliament as traitors.

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts 5 months ago

    Why can’t they just carry out what the people voted for? Cameron said multiple times, it was an in-out referendum. People voted out. They can’t turn around and then ask for a deal. That’s not what we were told. They just can’t accept that the people don’t want to be ruled by an unelected elite.

  • Matteo Tsunami
    Matteo Tsunami 5 months ago

    The left politicians act like all those silly liberal students! They are the most vicious, unprofessional, untraditional, childish and undemocratic group of waling, banner holding, weak wushu washy individuals and I can’t wait to leave the EU and see them squirming as they all one by one lose there seats!

  • Michelle
    Michelle 5 months ago

    Someone should burn all that shit down and start a rebellion. Anyome would join?

  • Steven Diack
    Steven Diack 5 months ago

    Bunch of overpaid clowns 🤡

  • Murdoc
    Murdoc 5 months ago

    What a shit show

  • Silverslayer47 '-'
    Silverslayer47 '-' 5 months ago

    Why are multiple stories on this trending at 85k views?

  • SimulationEvolve
    SimulationEvolve 5 months ago +1

    Just a reminder that the majority of MPs wanted to remain in the EU and are the main reason for Brexit being the shitshow that it has been.