Boris Johnson launches his official leadership campaign

  • Published on Jun 3, 2019
  • BORIS JOHNSON’S leadership campaign is set to move up a gear as he launches his "Back Boris" bid.
    Having kept a low profile for the past few days, he will unveil his most senior supporter yet, with Liz Truss, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, set to endorse him...
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    Boris Johnson gains backing from Liz Truss but fails to win support from Amber Rudd:
    Michael Gove’s team ‘SPYING on Boris Johnson’ as Tory race gets dirty - but first assault has been foiled:
    Ministers threaten to ‘bring down the Government’ to stop Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister:
    Boris Johnson strikes back against Tory rivals and will unveil ‘army’ of backers on social media:

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Comments • 100

  • The Sun
    The Sun  Year ago +221

    Would you vote for Boris as Conservative Party leader?

    • sadie power
      sadie power Year ago

      Yes we need Boris as next leader,Boris has proven to be an excellent predictor of the £350.000.000 we will gain by leaving that horrible EU,he was an excellent Foreign Sec. the way he went to Iran and lobbied the Iranian,s to get Nazanin,s sentence reduced, but with the absolute Genius that Boris is he managed to get Nazanin Zaghari sentence lengthened to 5 years. Boris is Great as in Great Britain.

    • EugVR6
      EugVR6 Year ago


    • DannyTravels 2019
      DannyTravels 2019 Year ago


    • Freedom Of Speech!
      Freedom Of Speech! Year ago

      Yes. I would vote for him. He will do a good job domestically and internationally, he's got a winning personality, gentle wit and charm, much lacking elsewhere these days. A good egg on the whole.

    • anthony dow
      anthony dow Year ago

      Never. He lies and cheats and why would you vote for a cockroach

  • Fred
    Fred Year ago

    There is really no choice. Boris is the only Tory who can beat Corbyn. Without Boris, Corbyn will pull the chain on Britain first chance he gets.

  • Fred
    Fred Year ago

    There is really no choice. Boris is the only Tory who can beat Corbyn. Without Boris, Corbyn will pull the chain on Britain first chance he gets.

  • Charmagne Logoulu


  • Austerus Tertius Tutelus

    Liars and drug takers ,glory seekers and fools ,hypocrites and Europhiles.Take your pick.

  • Justin B
    Justin B Year ago

    Horrible ugly man inside and out, deserves nothing but pain and misery, I hope he never gets what he wants.

  • Alec Cap
    Alec Cap Year ago

    campaign of the Trump clone the useless ex mayor of London, a grown man that can't comb his hair or even tuck in his own shirt, he looks like a member from the old raving loony party and he wants to be PM ? On November 1st the UK will deliver the worse leave deal in history that will force a general election that by all accounts Trump will buy for Farage

  • Paul Jones
    Paul Jones Year ago

    Say no to vested interests "Eaton" toffs

  • Kenneth Tucker
    Kenneth Tucker Year ago

    Forget the party leadership who ever gets the job the tory party is responsible for a lot of the problems we have in the UK.
    The lack of social housing can be placed firmly at the door of Thatchers council house sale programme, the lack of industrial skills are firmly ensconced with the abolishing of the apprenticeship schemes during the Thatcher years and the problems with foreign ownership of the country's utility companies is down to the sale of the family jewels by the government in the 80s. Thinking about it it was all down to policies during Thatchers term as leader, BE CAREFUL the popular choice is not always the best.

  • Khalil Rahman
    Khalil Rahman Year ago +1

    When they need vote that's when they know you, otherwise they show there backside, men's do not have JUSTICE in UK against women's, FIX that first and you will have my vote, along with 13000 thousand votes

  • EugVR6
    EugVR6 Year ago

    Boris would be a terrible prime minister...he's a one trick not vote for Boris

  • geoffrey collins
    geoffrey collins Year ago


  • Sommer Wood
    Sommer Wood Year ago

    This is an ad!

  • ITz That Guy
    ITz That Guy Year ago

    Boris for PM

  • Robin Millward
    Robin Millward Year ago

    Now is the time for the country to believe in all the lies coming out of his mouth once and for all. All the gullible people out there vote for Boris like you voted to leave the EU. When the country is forced to leave without a deal which will create an economic disaster, the NHS is bit by bit sold off and privatised so you have to pay for the care instead, when the pound is so weak it costs a fortune for you to go on holiday, when food and other goods cost more because of terrible trade deals if any and when you are sitting down to eat you chemically cleaned chicken which was shipped from the US, maybe just maybe you will then start to realise what a mistake you have made voting for Boris in a general election. Shame on you.

  • Peter Nicho
    Peter Nicho Year ago

    Nice video Boris but it means nothing unless we come out of the EU on the 31st October 2019 , if you don't come out then the Brexit Party will be waiting for you at a general election and you will have lost us Tories for good as we vote for the Brexit Party.

  • Deep Morocco Tours

    may be he can do it.

  • Ignore what I’m about to say but

    Why is he going around the peasants?
    Who cares about them

  • Bri Goose
    Bri Goose Year ago

    We don't want a deal Boris.

  • Adam Powell
    Adam Powell Year ago

    The purpose of being a Conservative is making sure people get left behind.

  • Adam Powell
    Adam Powell Year ago +1

    Boris Johnson could be in prison by Christmas. The fact that he has the support of the "The Sun" proved just what they are really like.

  • Derrica Haley
    Derrica Haley Year ago

    If he is so eager to get us out of the EU why the heck did he vote for Mrs Mays treaty at its THIRD attempt ?????

  • Christopher Spavins

    It was Johnson and his crew who let the majority of the British people be left behind. This pathetic Tory needs a good thrashing.

  • Paul S
    Paul S Year ago +1

    How is your court case coming along boris you corrupt narcissistic balloon

  • Jiffy
    Jiffy Year ago +1

    I see Boris is borrowing soundbites from the Brexit Party 😜😜😜

  • Charmagne Logoulu
    Charmagne Logoulu Year ago +2

    Voting Green Party is not tactical voting.
    Ask Chukwu

  • bob jones
    bob jones Year ago +1

    What difference does it make? Evelyn rothschilds and his banking associates have funded both sides of every war since napolean, what do politicians do? Oh, you mean like when the pharmacueticals fund the research for the whole of the medical industry when allopathy has never cured a single illness, but those companies fund the same political parties to keep them elected? I see... Or do you mean when glasgow had a higher violent crime rate than london, but the issue was dealt with holistically ; housing, social resources, schools etc. yet in other places we will stop and search more as an excuse to blame a group of people instead? Is this guy even human - or a deamon from another planet?

  • V P
    V P Year ago

    Boris for PM!!!!!

  • Jeremy Graves
    Jeremy Graves Year ago

    He may be of use after all

  • stephen roche
    stephen roche Year ago +1

    "A man highlighting the issues he has been intrinsic in there prevalence 😃."

  • Henry Lechmere
    Henry Lechmere Year ago

    Just as others didn't believe was going to win the presidency as he just did, it seems like anything is possible like Boris Johnson could be Prime Minister

  • alipaf2002
    alipaf2002 Year ago +1

    @00:31 funding per pupil is not enough, hahahaha, Posh boy.

  • Martin Wilkins
    Martin Wilkins Year ago

    Boris has been sacked twice for lying, in court for lying, said he would lie down in front of bulldozers to prevent Heathrow Expansion, said no ticket office closures on the Underground - and closed them .
    Total liar - and some think he's fit to run the Country! !!!

  • James Grant Burns

    You've only aired Boris Johnsons campaign yet others have also started campaigns too.

  • Keith Harris
    Keith Harris Year ago

    Boris for PM... He’ll deliver Brexit and the other things too, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.....

  • Robert Green
    Robert Green Year ago

    He's going to do it 🤣
    We are going to live in a world headed by Trump and Johnson 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • Robert Green
      Robert Green Year ago

      Never underestimate this world, it can always get worse 😀

  • Elliot Ward
    Elliot Ward Year ago

    I can tell who the sun's voting for 😂

  • I'LL BE BACK !
    I'LL BE BACK ! Year ago +1

    Get us out out out now now!!!

  • boxing messabout with my don round 2

    Boris the lying MP

  • Joshua Spurrier
    Joshua Spurrier Year ago

    Boz lad swing round my gaff for a cuppa

  • EliteMehcanix
    EliteMehcanix Year ago

    he is the only guy who will truly make brexit happen.

  • Anthony Steel
    Anthony Steel Year ago

    How can anybody take this charlatan seriously.If the Tory party make this liar their next leader Britain will be the laughing stock of the world.

    • Dean Waddington
      Dean Waddington Year ago

      Agree, when they made him foreign secretary the whole world put it's head in its hands.

  • Nicholas Clark
    Nicholas Clark Year ago

    Tory party is a dead lying Dodo. Vote for NIGEL

  • Haggis
    Haggis Year ago

    F' off' .. Boris The Beast'...

  • Train Sail
    Train Sail Year ago

    What an uninspiring, leadership campaign, coming out with the usual platitudes! He underestimates the intelligence of the people. Oh dear! Is that the best he can do? Be different, Boris, it suits you much better and think for yourself.

  • Train Sail
    Train Sail Year ago

    What will Boris do about the 'Backto60' movement that campaigns for all those women who have have effectively been cheated of 6 years' worth of pension? If the Government wanted to make pensions more egalitarian why didn't they reduce both age groups to 60 instead of raising women's age to 65? Men benefitting at the expense of women again and again and again.....and, of course, this is considered 'small fry' not worth talking about in any political campaign.

    EC FILMS Year ago

    Hahahahahhaha the three ring circus is in town oh look the clown.

  • Lixna
    Lixna Year ago +2

    Trump's man in London. Trump says "jump" Johnson says "How high?". Welcome to the reality of the UK vassal state. Brexit my hole.

  • Roland Bonlett
    Roland Bonlett Year ago

    Time to flush the Westminster toilet. Vote Brexit Party! Be the change you want!

  • Viktor Arvid
    Viktor Arvid Year ago

    BORIS! :D

  • MrRenato777
    MrRenato777 Year ago +2


  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Year ago

    Totally with you Boris, Farage is going nowhere to be PM.

  • Michael Flinn
    Michael Flinn Year ago

    Why are so many people fighting to lead a dead party? Boris? Definitely no.

  • KKK Killer
    KKK Killer Year ago

    😂😂😂 I can’t believe any stupid person would fall for this buffoon. Anybody that is poor today , will probably be poor in 10 years time unless you win the lottery. No politician can change and shape your future. Only you can.

  • Sander Fitzwilliam

    Make sense Trump would appoint an American as the next PM.

  • Korean AVG
    Korean AVG Year ago

    Boris, Boris that name sounds like collusion. Start the witch hunt! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • efren peterson
    efren peterson Year ago

    Being pm matters more to him than an authentic brexit. He will buckle and compromise to stay pm.

  • ab ba
    ab ba Year ago

    You may have good number of brexiters but that's all.
    Good few millions of brexiters who sacrificed the EU membership for sake of £350 million p/w to the NHS they are really unhappy.
    They believe it was worth having a better NHS .less waiting time,more medication available with the NHS more hospital beds, more hospitals and more doctors and nurses....the list is too big..As those poor old people and the sick who are so desperate for better treatment and care sacrificed the relationship with the EU for a better NHS with lots lots of more money every week 350 millions. All that was a lies and a trick to win there votes.
    Now your old friend Trump added insult to injury. He is talking about getting involved in the NHS in the UK is wanting trades with the US.
    He is already putting conditions before even Brexit is concluded. He know very well the UK will be under his mercy if it leaves the EU with hard deal.
    So he could take what he wish from the UK as he is hoping that the new PM will be one of his friends. And a hrad Brexiters who will go for a no deal.This also will keep the GBP 32 years historically weak against the USD. Perfect opportunity of life time. Now the UK is a bargain and desperate for trades.
    Trump and his team had it all worked out and now just waiting for their friend a new UK PM who will negotiate the deals including the NHS.
    Trump and his team will make it hard for the UK to say no about allowing the US to take control of some of the NHS services. Trump and his team will put the UK in a very difficult position and to say no to Trump will be impossible because it will affect some trade deals.
    The NHS under Trump is the next chapter in case of hard Brexit. He is a buisness man and the hard brexiters politicians will help him with his agenda in the UK and the EU.
    So all those poor old people and the stick who wanted 350 million a week to the NHS and voted leave for it.
    Now they will be facing to pay more for certain NHS services including medication and treatment.
    They may even have to pay to see a GP .Some caes may no pay but the free NHS is under threat. become an US investment services in return for profits.
    First Trump and his team will say look we are helping the NHS with all the billions £contract...and those who will allow it will tell the British people it's all good help for the NHS. But they will not say it's mainly for the US profit.
    Some people may believe them and many will not.

  • Nairda Ollijurt
    Nairda Ollijurt Year ago

    Instantly a follower of Boris after that fist in the air: 0:19

    UNSKIALzPSN Year ago +1

    >"support wealth creators and business"
    >In favour of no deal brexit
    Lmao, it's one or the other Boris, you can't be both!!

    • KimJongUnoNo.1
      KimJongUnoNo.1 Year ago

      How is it one or the other? Have you got a crystal ball that tells you exactly how a no deal Brexit will affect business?

  • Wiz Lie
    Wiz Lie Year ago

    Gooo BOJo

  • Muhammad Uddin
    Muhammad Uddin Year ago +1

    Jack Ass rules this World.

  • union ist
    union ist Year ago

    Boris Johnson doesn't think Trump is fit for office

  • zadran zadrani
    zadran zadrani Year ago +1

    I am Muslim I vote for Boris

  • Nick The engineer

    Jog on Murdoch

  • dannydangerously
    dannydangerously Year ago

    How can anybody take this man seriously. He stood in front of a bus £350 mil for the nhs. Seriously 😐

  • mr ade
    mr ade Year ago

    Don't care who gets the tory leader job. Won't ever vote for any of them again in a general election anyway. My last vote was for Farage and the only time I will ever go back to a polling station again, is to vote for Farage.

  • Tony Beck
    Tony Beck Year ago

    I really do hope he gets it.

  • Tony Mantana
    Tony Mantana Year ago

    Full of dogshit!

  • lee new
    lee new Year ago


  • Matthew WH
    Matthew WH Year ago +4

    Boris vs Remainers , lefties and the BBC.
    My money's on Boris :)

    • KKK Killer
      KKK Killer Year ago

      Matthew WH 😂😂😂 you can’t get more elitist than this buffoon. This is exactly the type of person who see the lower and working class as bunch of plebs. Yet some fools will vote for him.

  • Tj930
    Tj930 Year ago

    3 years too late; better than never

  • Paul Wilde
    Paul Wilde Year ago

    It's Peter Cook's Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling (in the LA riots he "liked to think I mowed down just as many whites as I did blacks") meets Paul Whitehouse's Rowley Birquin QC. Just what we don't need - another Eton, Oxford and Bullingdon Club member just like Cameron. Etonians are generally bred to be politicians i.e. to say what the public wants to hear but to do what the party wants. To be all things to the plebians and to mean nothing.

  • Matt Whittenham
    Matt Whittenham Year ago

    Bojo for pm

  • Robert Hill
    Robert Hill Year ago


  • FrostUK
    FrostUK Year ago +1

    Sadiq Khan is a stone cold loser!

  • cascade
    cascade Year ago

    so it has come to this...

  • The Earl of Grantham

    It would be a genuine pleasure to put him in office just to see to looks on the trade union faces.

  • Sarius 200
    Sarius 200 Year ago

    We need the united states of europe! Greetings from Germany. He is telling lies, poor GB without EU you will get a lot of economic problems.

  • Randoms
    Randoms Year ago

    Isnt this properganda? But tbh im kinda happy u did this for Boris. Boris kinda is the best person to run the country but tbh conservatives always wanna privatise everything and do make it harder

  • UncappingBadger
    UncappingBadger Year ago

    Sorry Boris, I like you as a person and human being. However, I can’t see you being PM. It’s not that I don’t think you could do it but to be honest whenever I think of you I think of you rugby tackling a child during a football match...thought we had forgotten about that huh? Nope. So because of that I just can’t take you seriously. That, and I just don’t trust anything your party, or labour says at the moment.

  • bedroomstrummer_82

    Boris not hard enough he backed her bum deal in the end but I appreciate it is a hard job and there's no easy answers.

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol Year ago +4

    Boris is just another fake neocon, he's not red pilled

  • Dewayne Mcquillan

    help are NHS were are 3.5mill more lairs ,

  • ffrs1444
    ffrs1444 Year ago

    Corbyn or Borris wtf Farage has Balls and he is the man for the job

  • Zach
    Zach Year ago

    When’s the next general election? The conservatives need to go

  • Dry Frenzy
    Dry Frenzy Year ago

    If I had to vote for someone in the conservative party I would vote for him but in general no

  • Stefan T
    Stefan T Year ago

    Too risky Boris. Farage is my longer term bet.

  • Stefan T
    Stefan T Year ago

    I’m voting for Farage.

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense Year ago +1

    He is not to be trusted,- just another opportunist, with no morale compass at all.
    He is a weak man, that will cave in to any pressure from EU,- only in it for himself!

    • Per Person
      Per Person Year ago

      Nop, he will have to deliver brexit or he's finnished. If he wins the nomination

  • dave k
    dave k Year ago

    Give bozzer a go.. Hell we could vote in timmy mallet and things could only get better from here.

  • Michael McLeod
    Michael McLeod Year ago

    The guy would be an embarrassment to the nation.

  • Wasp Sting
    Wasp Sting Year ago

    Leave and you get my vote

  • Jamie fore
    Jamie fore Year ago

    Both main partys and there leaders have ruined politics with there own agendas. So much for the good of the country

    • Jamie fore
      Jamie fore Year ago

      Neither have any clear direction all squabble amount there selves in party. Although I think Boris would be better then May

  • Black Dog
    Black Dog Year ago

    No one in Parliament can be trusted, I would only trust the Brexit Party to deliver the Right Brexit. Borris and the rest will say anything to keep their jobs. Hail Nigel, Hail Britannia !!

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson Year ago

    That's right elect a lying Buffoon as leader and Prime minister the only people that will be happy are the Scots as he will be worth thousands of Yes vote.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Year ago

    I’m sure BoJo will become the next PM but I’m not sure the Tories will deliver was on Brexit, at this point I want to elect Farage as our next PM

  • Stinky Hillary
    Stinky Hillary Year ago

    UK version of Trump lol

  • no 1 y
    no 1 y Year ago

    Is he the offspring of Jimmy Seville....

  • fauzi hassan
    fauzi hassan Year ago

    the old lady said "good man....."......ha ha ha ha