Tony Blair says a no-deal Brexit is 'a threat to the United Kingdom'

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that a no-deal Brexit would threaten the future of the United Kingdom.
    In an interview with the BBC, Mr Blair also slammed the strategy used by PM Boris Johnson to try and secure an agreement with the EU.
    It comes with BoJo fighting for a last chance to salvage a Brexit deal after Angela Merkel derailed the government's plan.
    The Prime Minister will meet with Irish leader Leo Varadkar in a bid to solve issues around a customs border with Northern Ireland.
    Boris Johnson is also planning to tell the Queen she cannot sack him as Prime Minister even if he loses a no confidence vote and MPs choose a caretaker replacement.
    Senior No10 aides are preparing legal advice for the monarch to ensure Boris can stay on to try to deliver Brexit on October 31.
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Comments • 3 184

  • No Mo
    No Mo 9 hours ago

    i feel sorry for britain i cant understan how could they let a TURKISH OTTOMAN A MUSLIM become their leader...BORIS KAMAL is a muslim in disguise all he wants is to DIVIDE not only EUROPE but the britis union.

  • janogale
    janogale 11 hours ago

    Is this murderer still living peacefully.

  • Sonic Boove
    Sonic Boove 12 hours ago

    This man is grotesque and the REAL reason we are in this mess. He turns my stomach.

  • ThatHandsomeDevil08
    ThatHandsomeDevil08 16 hours ago

    Blair is a traitor, I don't take the words of traitors seriously.

  • god slayer
    god slayer 18 hours ago +1

    he and Labour party is a threat to the UK...

  • George Frank
    George Frank Day ago

    Go out Britain we Europeans want you to go out! Waiting for this moment!

  • Stephen Knox
    Stephen Knox Day ago

    Absolute scoundrel with poor judgement and blood on his hands. IMO he used up all his political capital justifying the war in Iraq. I personally dont think he should be given air time

  • Ben Stevinson
    Ben Stevinson Day ago

    Tony Bliar! 🤥😺

  • Mark Cooper
    Mark Cooper Day ago

    Who’s giving him air time please stop ,don’t believe a thing he says ,only in it for himself .👀👀👀

  • Dina campos lopes

    Brexit is a threat to UK not no deals. You should be making deals to stay. 👍

  • incorrigible delinquent

    Blair, why don't you explain the the people how you postponed your adoption of Catholicism so you can sit as prime minister. The law states that no Catholic may sit as prime minister, so you committed treason and every executive order you gave should be revoked and every piece of legislation repealed.

  • Alec Cap
    Alec Cap Day ago +1

    why is this traitor still given air time when the only thing he should be given is a firing squad

  • Francis Artanis
    Francis Artanis 2 days ago

    Blair is mad but at least he has his beautiful wife to visit him at the funny farm.

  • Gross Herman
    Gross Herman 2 days ago +1

    This mans policy caused a hundred thousand deaths, shut up and go away!

  • Joe Bloger
    Joe Bloger 2 days ago

    the only treat to the uk is this war criminal he should be incarcerated for the wrong doings in history

  • Joe Bloger
    Joe Bloger 2 days ago

    a war criminal still talking

  • G M
    G M 2 days ago

    Can anyone tell me where this quisling is going to show his lying face in the British public in the near future ?. I have got my gun loaded [you had better believe it ] and i would gladly blow his head from his shoulders.....[and i would still sleep at night ] . The anti-christ of all Englishness. DIE !!!.

  • alf hucker
    alf hucker 2 days ago

    Blair is a lier and a murderer.. He knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and sent our brave soldiers to there graves along with one million Iraqis. And that is a fact.

  • muhammad zaki
    muhammad zaki 2 days ago

    Brit has now down fall begins after 31 October a damage to country huge can not be recovered

  • VOID
    VOID 2 days ago

    *cough* *cough* Iraq *cough*

  • ucanplay2
    ucanplay2 2 days ago +1

    The only threat to the United Kingdom are warmongers like you Blair

  • Evil Grandma
    Evil Grandma 2 days ago

    This creature is vile and should not be given air time

  • TacticalStoner
    TacticalStoner 2 days ago

    You tony are a threat to humanity

  • malc Moore
    malc Moore 2 days ago +1

    The older this thing gets you can see the dirtyness in it in its face.proper evil 🐍

  • John john
    John john 2 days ago

    This coming off a man who nearly bankrupted the country when in power then became a millionaire. I would never vote Labour again.

  • John Weir
    John Weir 3 days ago

    No one cares what you think traitor, leave no deal then hang all traitors

  • Seer Seerwealth
    Seer Seerwealth 3 days ago +1

    BIGGEST THREAT to UK is BLAIR, was, is and remain FOREVER. Bush's lapdog. Let killed soldiers rip him apart in HELL. Place he will go. GUARANTEED. Prime mister or no mister.

  • Kevin Jenkins
    Kevin Jenkins 3 days ago

    Wanting to be independant is a threat? to who? Let me guess members of the establishment who will lose all their benefits, subsidies, pensions and bribes from the EU

  • johnny feve
    johnny feve 3 days ago

    You know the public are right ...there all committing fraud and breaking the law ..., to keep the UK within the EU ,.. Article 50 states there is a period in which a extension can be used within that time frame 2 years ...just once .... Meaning UK .. left There is evidence this as been changed from the original ....meaning fraud by the civil service ..
    Forcing a extension or deal is breaking the conditions of article 50 ...meaning using a law to break a law already in place by forcing a deal is breaking the conditions of article 50 ....meaning fraud once again
    EU approaching a third party within Parliament to undermine the negotiations is breaking the conditions of article 50 ...all meaning UK can walk away
    Fact ..on leaving UK can trade for years with the same system with no changes or differences ..government can at anytime create treaty's within this time frame ....fact ...

  • Fred Capp
    Fred Capp 3 days ago

    What a complete imbecile

  • denisejustdenise
    denisejustdenise 3 days ago

    He is lyyyyyy-iiiiiiing. Having Tony Blair give his input is another misstep by those who oppose Brexit. Arrogance in anti-Trump/anti-Brexit forces is quite debilitating. Arrogance compromises one's ability to make good decisions.

  • Do you mind
    Do you mind 3 days ago

    The people elected and re-elected Tony Blair

  • Lee Moore
    Lee Moore 3 days ago

    You're a threat 2 the uk you idiot

  • Edward Mcloughlin
    Edward Mcloughlin 3 days ago

    Tony Blair is the root cause of ALL this mess. Political Correctness was put into legislation under his government and the human rights act re-written by Cherie Blair. He gave the UK to the EU.
    Weapons of Mass Destruction never found and neither was the assassin who killed Dr Kelly. The whole lot skinks of corruption from top to bottom.

  • Google Sucks
    Google Sucks 3 days ago

    Listen up people! War Criminal Blair *knows* all about being a threat.

  • Garry Campbell
    Garry Campbell 3 days ago

    Jesus shut this liar up

  • QuadCopter 102
    QuadCopter 102 3 days ago

    Tony Bliar is the biggest threat yo the UK, he trots the world doing and saying anything to long as there is another £1million or more....war criminal should be in jail. The man who helped Bush destroy Iraq and the middle east and was midwife to the birth of ISIS and all there factions and the literally millions of deaths which occured.

    ROBERT TRACEY 3 days ago +1

    This man has looked after one man during his time in politics and that's himself and he talks trash .

  • Rahul Dravid
    Rahul Dravid 3 days ago

    War criminal Blair. Karma will be coming after you.

  • Nhlanhla Sithole
    Nhlanhla Sithole 3 days ago

    This man is a traitor...

  • Happy Happy
    Happy Happy 3 days ago

    Tony Blair is RIGHT!

  • Ray Watson
    Ray Watson 3 days ago

    Blair protecting his income again - by the way its beXit not brEGGSit - he was the biggest threat to the UK - even won an EU award for the one who has done more to undermine their nation's culture and democracy - so please creep back under the rock.(ref Charlemagne Prize etc 2013 - all against our interests and pro-EU)

  • DRS
    DRS 3 days ago +3

    "Ask the people".... Don't recall him doing that when he lied to start a war.

  • jayda jones
    jayda jones 4 days ago

    Why would anyone want advice from a lying war criminal. ?This man should be in jail .

  • QuadCopter 102
    QuadCopter 102 4 days ago

    This war criminal is only ever thinking how much more cash he gets his blood stained hands on....him and the prat Bush destroyed Iraq and the middle east..just to boost their “ credibility” to their voters. He hold no position in The British Goverment and his hated throughout the UK.

  • M. Bezzina
    M. Bezzina 4 days ago

    Shut up you muppet you ruined this country when you was in power and you should have no say in it's future

  • Teni Alind
    Teni Alind 4 days ago

    No deal is not a treat, to hell with EU.
    They can't get the UK Colonies. Angela Merkel has lost forever.

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven 4 days ago

    Poor Mr. Blair. He sees them everywhere. No, Tony. A no-deal Brexit is not a weapon of mass destruction.

  • Jac Crystal
    Jac Crystal 4 days ago

    He can't be a martian coz they wouldn't have him-deported to Leperoid?

  • Andrew Stone
    Andrew Stone 4 days ago +1

    What about the people vote....????

  • -KracN-
    -KracN- 4 days ago

    He is right.

  • Mick Hughes
    Mick Hughes 4 days ago

    England cannot be held to ransom by the Scotts the Irish or the eu if you don't want to be part of the UK go your own way

  • Eric Marsh
    Eric Marsh 4 days ago

    Blair is a globalist . He has betrayed us . I would not put it past him to sell us out by armed conflict , were the globalist forces behind him to make such a move . I'd have him hanged for Treason - a penalty he abolished in ( I believe ) 1997 . I wonder why !

  • Wuotans Krieger
    Wuotans Krieger 4 days ago

    I am no fan of Blair but many of the comments on this thread are vile and truly disturbing and would merit Police attention.

  • Wuotans Krieger
    Wuotans Krieger 4 days ago

    For once he is right.

  • James Humphrey
    James Humphrey 4 days ago

    Well Tony Blair can go and throw himself from a tall bridge.

  • Jaj Raw
    Jaj Raw 4 days ago

    Let's play Brexit "Deal" or "No deal"

  • Grimsby Imp
    Grimsby Imp 4 days ago

    Brexit of mass destruction?

  • Marc Blyth
    Marc Blyth 4 days ago +2

    Just like Iraq was with there “chemical weapons “

  • Geoff Warner
    Geoff Warner 4 days ago

    Tony Blair says no deal brexit is threat to Tony Blair's cushy job he's been working so hard to create for the last 22 years.

  • Dubble Bubble
    Dubble Bubble 4 days ago

    Peoples sons and daughters, fathers and Mothers died directly down to your actions.
    Shame on you . Now shut your murderous hypocritical mouth , dirty war criminal .

  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo 4 days ago

    I voted for Brexit because I noticed this guy (and all the previous prime minsters) are against it. If all those corrupt prime ministers agree on something it must be too bad

  • ghoul G uk
    ghoul G uk 4 days ago

    And you ain't you little war mongering freak

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu 4 days ago

    This guy should be standing trial at the ICC along with Bush.

  • Daniel Francis
    Daniel Francis 4 days ago

    Coming from a war criminal?? Do one Blair

  • Jack McConnell
    Jack McConnell 4 days ago +1

    If that Emperor Palpatine lookalike is against a no deal Brexit, I think I might actually start to be for one

  • Dracomet
    Dracomet 4 days ago +1

    Tony Bliar is a threat to the United Kingdom

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu 4 days ago

      No Tony, you're the real threat to the UK!!!

  • Rich mcall
    Rich mcall 4 days ago

    EU lover boy !!

  • scott rose
    scott rose 4 days ago

    How this 'Heathen' walks freely, is sickening.

  • john smith
    john smith 4 days ago

    3.1k dislikes right now

  • john smith
    john smith 4 days ago

    comments are being hidden you can rearrange them in order using the little tab at the top of comments

  • john smith
    john smith 4 days ago

    do what your told and get us out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john smith
    john smith 4 days ago

    you lot work for us not the other way round now stop with your propaganda nobody believes it anymore and we see right through it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drago
    Drago 4 days ago

    The SUN are just as bad for giving him the air time.

  • gavin slater
    gavin slater 4 days ago

    first and foremost a war criminal...and secondly a bankers and zionist shill..

  • Buzz
    Buzz 4 days ago

    Undemocratic traitor!!!

  • Xtreme darkjoy
    Xtreme darkjoy 5 days ago

    the stupid people will bring Iraq war on him .........this guy just like all the puppets have nothing to say but to repeat

  • Ben
    Ben 5 days ago

    your a threat to the uk! should be at the hague for war crimes

  • Ben777
    Ben777 5 days ago

    Blair is a threat to world peace, and he proved it in Iraq. If there was justice in this world, he would be swinging from a lamp post. Pass on ANY advice from this war criminal!

  • Stephen Sparkes
    Stephen Sparkes 5 days ago

    They offered us the referendum because David Cameron and other politicians couldn't decide on Wether they wanted EU membership or not! Now the country voted to leave it's clear that those same politicians don't wanna play ball! Of course Big ears and his rich powerful friends in politics and banking don't want it to happen do they.

  • Toddorov
    Toddorov 5 days ago

    More scare tactics threats there’s threats everywhere oooooo run for the hills. Only the public are being insulted F off back to the EU do your speaking over there toss pot he is

  • k zaman
    k zaman 5 days ago

    No Tony, you're the real threat to the UK!!!

  • solarneddy
    solarneddy 5 days ago

    Ask the people directly? Then completely disregard them. Disgusting.

  • alpacinoirl
    alpacinoirl 5 days ago

    Just shows how desperate the remain clan are, pathetic

  • One Creator
    One Creator 5 days ago

    The man that sweats blood

  • Oscar Torres De León

    What a surprise!... The last 500+ years the Vatican has been fighting UK and now, is using the whole of Europe to bury the remains of the Empire ruling the world since Tudors. It was always clear the EU will do the worst to end this "deal" in the most damaging way for England, using allies inside.

  • Irene Egan
    Irene Egan 5 days ago +1

    The mass murderer slithered out of his lodge.

  • Adalbert Kontes
    Adalbert Kontes 5 days ago

    This deceitful phoney should have been excluded from body politics ages ago. Why are the Brits tolerating him? He is an ordinary liar and his former counterpart an idiot.

  • musicmugger666
    musicmugger666 5 days ago

    It couldn't be more of a threat than Blair was to the United Kingdom, a total traitor

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi 5 days ago

    The fact that this man is the main cheerleader for keeping us in the EU is surely enough to make anyone thing twice about Remaining.

  • Barrie Hemming
    Barrie Hemming 5 days ago

    Goddammit i thought wed seen the last of Mr Blair. I was wrong :( LIAR

  • Niku Nashi
    Niku Nashi 5 days ago +1

    This war criminal is pushing his luck, get him in The Hague.

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi 5 days ago

      No one cares about your opinion Tony Blair. Skulk off back to one of your mansions.

  • Glenn
    Glenn 5 days ago

    Shut up u c*%t

  • hey whotsgoinon
    hey whotsgoinon 5 days ago

    Vile person.

  • Rob L
    Rob L 5 days ago

    no deal would be catastrophic for the EU but, by rejecting further negotiation with the UK government, their leaders have gambled on the assurances of Bercow that the UK parliament will succeed in preventing no deal and, in the long term, succeed in preventing brexit completely. huge gamble.

  • Martin doyle
    Martin doyle 5 days ago

    criminal iis war cri

  • Martin doyle
    Martin doyle 5 days ago

    I'm a Irish man and you would think I'd support blair and to stop brevity but I know it's bulk shush what he talks I like Britain and Ireland let have a independently Britain and Ireland free from e.u .. but to be honest too expensive British people I don't really no reason why this is happening because it's been money very bad and corrupt British people in the past who has treated Ireland bad

  • Shumus Ali Raja
    Shumus Ali Raja 5 days ago +2

    Terrorist b*****d

  • hugo w
    hugo w 5 days ago +1

    This man is a liar and a war criminal and should have been arrested long ago. I will never trust a word from this man's mouth after he blatantly lied in order to attack Iraq with his friend Georgy bush

  • Link Z
    Link Z 5 days ago

    Haven’t forgotten about the war for oil so why would we believe a word you say