Scuffles break out in the Commons as Parliament is prorogued

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • BITTER Labour MPs tried to pin Speaker John Bercow to his chair during pathetic scuffles against the Parliament shut down.
    Chaos broke out in the Commons as doorkeepers were forced to stop back-bencher Lloyd Russell-Moyle from holding down Mr Bercow when he tried to leave the chamber…
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    John Bercow quits as Tories brand him ‘nauseating w****r’ amid fury which will see him become first Speaker in 230 years to be denied peerage:
    Brits will get duty free back for trips to Europe under a No Deal Brexit, Sajid Javid announces:
    What is Brexit and why’s the UK’s withdrawal from the EU plunged in chaos?:

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Comments • 3 789

  • Fred Ferd
    Fred Ferd 6 days ago

    "I don't give a flying flamingo.....etc., etc." Sheer Brilliance! Wonderful Speaker!!!!

  • pharmabase14
    pharmabase14 8 days ago

    I don’t give a flying flamingo about this video? Just wasted my flying flamingo time

  • The Executer
    The Executer 21 day ago

    So this is Britain.
    I don't hate this country because I'm Indian
    I hate it because it is full of morons, specially government.

  • corinto martins
    corinto martins 24 days ago

    The Sun 😁

  • Andrew Rivera
    Andrew Rivera 26 days ago

    I’m so glad jerkow has been run out on a rail!

  • David O'Neill
    David O'Neill Month ago +1

    Horrid little nasty person - I almost called him a man!!!!!

  • David O'Neill
    David O'Neill Month ago

    John Bercow should be totally ashamed of himself. How self serving he is

  • ASP
    ASP Month ago +1

    Once an arrogant, bullying dwarf and now simply a... 'SOON TO BE FORGOTTEN HAS BEEN!' 😂

  • michael murratti
    michael murratti Month ago

    ORDER! ORDER! I want Fish and Chips!

  • Colin Cunningham
    Colin Cunningham Month ago +1

    you all got your come uppance becow & company Brexit won

  • Rico500
    Rico500 Month ago

    The ppl proved these snowflakes wrong labour is a disgrace under Corbyn

  • Romulus Paradise
    Romulus Paradise Month ago

    Whoa. That lady with the stick! If looks could kill, commons would have been burnt to ash.

  • Sid Joseph
    Sid Joseph Month ago +1

    Silly sod did not get a knighthood for his truculence and arrogance.

  • Mad Drivers101
    Mad Drivers101 Month ago +1

    Shameful man. John bercow

    • uberdude25
      uberdude25 Month ago +1

      At least we can take some comfort in knowing he has been denied a peerage, and so with it his opportunity to be chief drama queen in the House Of Lords.

  • Mark Grehan
    Mark Grehan Month ago

    We need Prides Purge again.

  • Gary Mccolgan
    Gary Mccolgan 2 months ago

    That last picture shows exactly the rotton bias of berkow. Well he is gone and brexit won so that's that .

  • C.
    C. 2 months ago +3

    It’s a matter of character. The left is a magnet 🧲 for con artists.

  • Wendy Ferguson
    Wendy Ferguson 2 months ago +1


  • Gagan
    Gagan 2 months ago +1

    The Labour Party got a hard slap at the recent election. Shame on them not shame on boris.

  • J. HiddenHand
    J. HiddenHand 2 months ago

    CORRUPTION at its finest......

  • William Silva
    William Silva 2 months ago

    And which party lost? Oh yeah the idiots who made this happen. Buh bye ;)

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 2 months ago

    What an arrogant gasbag that guy Bercow was.

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama 2 months ago +5

    Bercow is so condescending, and self loving

  • Deborah Astbury
    Deborah Astbury 2 months ago

    This is a government that are supposed to represent our country they behave like public school boys they show nothing but disregard for the people of our country the House of Commons is a disgrace taxpayers are paying for Hogwarts

  • gary rumble
    gary rumble 2 months ago

    The people have spoken

  • gary rumble
    gary rumble 2 months ago +2

    The swamp has now been drained

    • uberdude25
      uberdude25 Month ago

      For now, so proud of the great British public.

  • Danny W
    Danny W 2 months ago

    So glad these leftie cronies and Bercow got their ar**es handed to them before Christmas by the electorate

  • marco teves
    marco teves 2 months ago

    Most of the zombies from that Zombie Parliament have now been kicked out by the Great British Electorate.

  • darren foster
    darren foster 2 months ago

    Aye john ... later

  • Shaun Mantell
    Shaun Mantell 2 months ago

    He doesn't like it when sojething didn't go his way,he lost in the end,good riddance to bad rubbish,brexit is ocurring.

  • lance treadwell
    lance treadwell 2 months ago

    You lost!!

  • lee C
    lee C 2 months ago +2

    Hahaha bercow gone half of the labour party gone Britain will leave the EU with or without a deal.😁👍🤛👊🤜🖕good bye EU it's not personal it's just us taking control of our own destiny. Oh and to the BBC your time is up also. 🤣

  • Rafael
    Rafael 2 months ago +2

    John Bercow is the best and most famous speaker ever. He didn't favour particular policies, he favoured right against wrong

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 2 months ago

      @Rafael You mean like the Queen who gave Royal Assent? You're as much of a gasbag as Bercow.

    • Rafael
      Rafael 2 months ago

      @Lone Wolf No no you are far better than that, you match the effectiveness of Mrs May and the need to abide by laws like Mr Johnson

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 2 months ago

      @Rafael A politician like you hero Bercow?

    • Rafael
      Rafael 2 months ago

      @Lone Wolf You should be a politician, unable to accept shortcomings

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 2 months ago

      @Rafael Speak those same words into a mirror.

  • Bill Hubbard
    Bill Hubbard 2 months ago +2

    And they were all swept aside by daring to defy the British Electorate.

  • Horatio Nelson
    Horatio Nelson 2 months ago +4

    22.12.2019: Bercow? I'm eternally grateful to the Lord for at last ridding us of this
    self-righteous, arrogant little fop and second rate understudy actor. Five
    foot two, eyes of boo here should grab his noddy cap and
    his miniature fishing rod and take his seat forthwith at the
    edge of the pond at the bottom of someone's garden. Regards, Horatio Nelson.

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 2 months ago

    Arrogant little piece of crude. Shouts and snarls at people. He should remember ie us also a member of parliament. Grow up you little clown.

  • Rose White
    Rose White 2 months ago

    most disgraceful scene ever!
    I was ashamed to be English when I watched this!

  • Jack Spitzer
    Jack Spitzer 2 months ago

    Executive fiat...?! That’s rich, especially, coming from the “neutral and impartial” speaker. What a joke! Thank God he’s gone...!

  • Transitfan93
    Transitfan93 3 months ago

    At 2:05 If I get into a argument with someone, I’m so going to use that line

  • hank11ish
    hank11ish 3 months ago


  • Ack Jass
    Ack Jass 3 months ago

    black rodette

  • Ack Jass
    Ack Jass 3 months ago

    oh my heavens, god help us all ! these scuffles right down there with the ancient roman coliseum mayhem !

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama 3 months ago

    this narcissistic speaker is history, he can re-open his Armenian market shop again now,

  • martynh
    martynh 3 months ago

    If people knew their history they would know the House has always been a raucous place.

  • NEV Maryjush
    NEV Maryjush 3 months ago +3

    "I couldn't give a flying flamingo" is my new favourite phrase.

  • Daniel Gale
    Daniel Gale 3 months ago

    Bercow has got to be the worst speaker ever, his an odious little man who tries to make up for his height with his mouth, thank god his gone, if he is made a lord then this country needs its head tested

  • Emma Flavell
    Emma Flavell 3 months ago

    His father was Lord Oompa Loompa

  • mokili buzz mansur malcolm

    its not only in uganda where the would be honorable mp behave dishonorably

  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel 3 months ago

    What the heck is happening to the UK? This once honorable house has become a laughingstock!

  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel 3 months ago +1

    0:21 was that Dennis Skinner's quip there?

    • Bilal Khalid
      Bilal Khalid 2 months ago

      @Erwin Rommel lol I don't know.
      I think he was ill or didn't want to attend.
      Basically he doesn't respect the monarchy anyways so that's why he's always doing the quips and he never attends the house of peers where the queen is 👍

    • Erwin Rommel
      Erwin Rommel 2 months ago

      @Bilal Khalid Where was he?

    • Bilal Khalid
      Bilal Khalid 3 months ago

      It was not Dennis Skinner... He wasn't there that day.

  • Stu Mas
    Stu Mas 3 months ago

    Bias? What bias? Bercow, isn't biased is he? 4:27

  • mi yo
    mi yo 3 months ago


  • Alberto DeJesus
    Alberto DeJesus 3 months ago +11

    00:28 “what am I doing with my life”

  • Do what you must, I have already won

    For once, I'm on the side of the terrorists. If that corrupt cesspit could get nuked into oblivion I bet a significant percentage of the UK would cheer.

  • jonny shoestring
    jonny shoestring 3 months ago

    Why does Bercow cite a large number of ppl outside as part of his reasoning?
    It's completely irrelevant and makes me wonder about his impartiality.

  • Lidia McColey
    Lidia McColey 4 months ago


  • billy Red
    billy Red 4 months ago +3

    Kids egged on by the clown of the house John the Burke, all that's missing is the red nose.

  • terry tong
    terry tong 4 months ago +1

    Oh, what a gay tie😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 4 months ago

    This has got to be the speakers best moment!!!! Round of applause to John Bercow!

  • kpeecee
    kpeecee 4 months ago +2

    The worst speaker ever, who the hell does he think he is