"LIVERPOOL HAVE WON THE LEAGUE!" - Have Man City bottled the title race already?

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • Have Liverpool won the Premier League already? After Manchester City's shock home defeat to Wolves on Sunday, True Geordie and the lads discuss whether the title race is over - in October! 🤯
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  • The Kick Off
    The Kick Off  8 days ago +5

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    • Aditya Joshi
      Aditya Joshi Day ago

      30 games to go boys , anything can happen

    • abdulaziz yalahow
      abdulaziz yalahow 4 days ago

      The Kick Off Yeah cause we are the kings 👑 of Europe let’s go reds & did he say Man City are focusing on the champions league hmmm 🤔 which they’ve never won ok 👌 this season the beautiful premier league championship is definitely coming to Anfield In Shaa Allah ( Allah Willing )

  • Sjeskey
    Sjeskey 15 hours ago

    "I can't see them close that gap" hang on, isn't this the same liverpool side that lost a 15 point lead last season

  • Jake Heke
    Jake Heke 19 hours ago

    Mate if Firmino, Virgil, Mane get injured then we’ll be in trouble

  • Declan Mahoney
    Declan Mahoney 21 hour ago

    All these mongs trying to cry it in for city

  • dritan tahiraj
    dritan tahiraj Day ago

    Not yet I’m not writing city out tho coz city are good team with great manager and great players it’s not done city are dangerous who ever thinks it’s done with are dumb

    JED LON Day ago

    Amazing how bitter these dimps are yet they support dead arse teams like poocastle utd,Man shited and Chelsea rent boys

  • Joshua Hutton
    Joshua Hutton 2 days ago +1

    Do these guys remember last year?
    Where were Liverpool in December?
    It's not like Man City were 7 points behind them.. in 3RD PLACE! Nah... ofc not..
    Calm down guys..

  • Joshua Hutton
    Joshua Hutton 2 days ago

    Liverpool are winning the league?

  • klopp is a god
    klopp is a god 2 days ago

    30games to play come on now a lot can happen

  • gavin ellis
    gavin ellis 2 days ago

    Liverpool where 9 points in front of man city last season

  • Melvyn Kenobi
    Melvyn Kenobi 2 days ago

    Lifelong Liverpool fan. This title race is far from over. We will drop points, but so long as we don't get too many serious injuries, we are good for our first EPL.

  • robert Welsh
    robert Welsh 2 days ago

    Won the League in October Rory what world are you living in mate all that has to happen is a draw against United and a loss against City and lead is potentially down to 3 before Christmas and it won’t be because Liverpool have bottled it, it’ll just be because we’ve dropped points at a different time in the season to Man City and because delusional people like you think the league concludes in October

    CAMZAB 3 days ago

    I used to think Brian hated oil money. Now I’m starting to think Liverpool are his unofficial second team.

  • Daniel Mckenna
    Daniel Mckenna 3 days ago

    Why yas all wearing headphones?

  • fin 56
    fin 56 3 days ago

    Fucking idiots

  • MrTibbso9
    MrTibbso9 3 days ago

    Hi, thanks for uploading this video. As a Liverpool fan, I believe that there is a long way to go in this title race

  • Christopher Hill
    Christopher Hill 3 days ago

    would not say they have won it just yet we haven't done the crazy Christmas period yet

  • Julian Elliott
    Julian Elliott 3 days ago

    How do you talk like this 8 games in ? boggles the mind

  • Carrie BONNER
    Carrie BONNER 3 days ago +1

    I'm a LFC fan but its too early were in October were not in April or may. Its looking good but lot of work to do in 30 games

  • footballcrazybaby
    footballcrazybaby 3 days ago

    Still a long way to go..... Liverpool have got to be favourites atm. ⚽️

  • Krunch
    Krunch 3 days ago +1

    Peps players play for cash whereas the Liverpool players play football because they love it and the club.

  • Ken Gorry
    Ken Gorry 3 days ago

    City can win 18 games in a row.. Liverpool can easily draw 4 games nowhere near over.. as a Liverpool fan I wish it was

  • vGxhub
    vGxhub 3 days ago

    How have City bottled it lost their best CB’s best midfielder and second best winger

  • Abdul Karim Han
    Abdul Karim Han 4 days ago

    Ohhh STFU!!! It's only 8 games.

  • abdulaziz yalahow
    abdulaziz yalahow 4 days ago

    Yeah cause we are the kings 👑 of Europe let’s go reds & did he say Man City are focusing on the champions league hmmm 🤔 which they’ve never won ok 👌 this season the beautiful premier league championship is definitely coming to Anfield In Shaa Allah ( Allah Willing )

  • Frankie Shankly
    Frankie Shankly 4 days ago

    Nobody with some braincells working properly says this so early

  • adam84657
    adam84657 4 days ago

    Manchester clubs must defeat ensure Liver get no more than 3 points when Manchester clubs play liver in 4 games, and provided that City does not drop more points

  • np67
    np67 4 days ago

    Who the fuck are these retarded cunts? They should all be smashed in the face with a bat.

  • MindlessMatt
    MindlessMatt 4 days ago

    Fucking love salty United fans 😂😂😂🤣

  • Samuel Sutcliffe
    Samuel Sutcliffe 4 days ago

    I’m a wolves fan I admit we haven’t been great this season but we’ve 3 games in a row and they talk about us as if we’re with the standards of a bottom half side and we played really well just don’t think we get the credit we deserve for beating city

  • Peach Heard
    Peach Heard 4 days ago

    It’s over till it’s over

  • Aquila Rossa
    Aquila Rossa 4 days ago

    Should have got a Vinnie Jones type on to even things up, because those blokes next to True Geordie makes what they say about southerners look kind of true.

  • Aquila Rossa
    Aquila Rossa 4 days ago

    Let's loan Harry to City to stop Liverpool winning the league!

  • andrew stanley
    andrew stanley 4 days ago

    fuck city disrespectfull cunts they are singing offensive songs about the dead of liverpool football club and the present illness of sean cox never seen anythink like it ynwa

  • Simon Simon
    Simon Simon 4 days ago

    Is the phrase 'bottling it' in danger of losing its meaning among football fans? It's so over-used, I really think there are kids who'll grow up not knowing what it even means.

  • abhay jogekar
    abhay jogekar 4 days ago

    This is what ESPN FC should be.

  • Karl Fulton
    Karl Fulton 5 days ago

    Congradulations Newcastle... Come on lads drag your arses up the league.. don't be going down again we missed our games against the Geordies..when that happened. . Great fans. And thanx for the favour of smashing City If we can get to 36 pts without dropping points I'll believe we're in with a chance... ( But then I think Guardiola wants the Champ's league this season and will concentrate on that.. ).. weeeeell... ok.. dont mind if we get the prem.. got six wins out of nine in euro big ears and its been too long since we won the league its gotta be done whilst UNTD are on their arses. And Everton look like relegation looms... laughin.. we'll have the league.. you Have the F A and league cups and City can be runners up in C'league.. 😆.. wi eye yer fucker..Y N W A.. LFC

  • Inzah
    Inzah 5 days ago

    The 2 LFC v MCFC Will Be Title Deciders

  • Jimmy Infamous
    Jimmy Infamous 5 days ago +6

    "Liverpool have won the league."
    I'm not sure this guy knows how the premier league works 😂

  • Bannfred Von Dichthofen

    Relax .... its a Long Season

  • Yorak Hunt
    Yorak Hunt 5 days ago

    "Won the league" calm down, we've only played 8 games

  • Simon Buggles
    Simon Buggles 5 days ago

    The only fans who ain’t get carried away with an 8 point lead are Reds fans, every one else especially the media ‘calm down’

  • Rajiv S
    Rajiv S 5 days ago

    Too early to call. Unless they face each other 2 times and then we look at the status we cannot say..

  • Samy Shebl
    Samy Shebl 5 days ago

    Do they have the trophy? No. Does that mean they haven't won it yet? Yes.

  • CAVERN1234
    CAVERN1234 5 days ago

    If you want to know what a wet wank looks like ? Just look at Adam Mc wanker. What a fucking jealous fucking idiot.

  • Timmy Time
    Timmy Time 5 days ago

    Trent - academy, Robertson - 8 mill, matip - free, milner - free, Wijnaldum - 10.5 mil... This is why Liverpool are so powerful... They can afford to throw money at the best defender in the league to get more out of the other defenders. Noone else in the top 6 can do that. City or united especially need to spend 50 mil per player just to keep the squad at the same level. Liverpool just renew contracts and find the faults in every victory to continue the projection

  • Excellent Finish Mo Salah

    If we beat City at Anfield in a month or so then it’s fair to start saying it’s ours

  • Chaz Swain
    Chaz Swain 5 days ago

    Liverpool where 8 points clear in January last year and still lost the title and your acting like we've lost the title

    LIMITS 5 days ago

    Rory is fucking clueless

  • Sage Against The Machine

    Theres 30 matches left. Its only 8 points.. M city is in a slump? They just butchered watford 8 nil. Yeah theres injury probs but other teams will have slumps too. We all kmow arsenal is winning the league... Lol

  • Zebadee
    Zebadee 5 days ago

    We haven't won fuck all yet! Does my head in everyone jumping around saying "We're gonna win the league" city have lost it? Same thing happened last year and what happened? We're in a good position with a long way to go. YNWA.

  • Александар Стакић

    Even if we had 20 pts lead i wouldnt be sure about title! City defensive form is encouraging..

  • Paul Hudson
    Paul Hudson 5 days ago

    There is such a long way to go. Last season we were 11 points ahead and threw it away because we drew 4 games from 6 in February 2019 against teams that were there for the taking, Man utd, Everton, Leicester and West Ham 😠 to say we have won the league after only 8 games is ridiculous.

  • Friedo Hubert
    Friedo Hubert 6 days ago

    Calm down! Hold your horses! Relax! Still a long way to go. YNWA.

  • Brad Davenport
    Brad Davenport 6 days ago

    Its Laporte stop chatting wham, city will win the league

  • Grace Kashura
    Grace Kashura 6 days ago

    I’m a Liverpool fan and I think city will have to invest in January which is hard but I think lfc are going to get someone like why wouldn’t we get a player

  • Sean Davies
    Sean Davies 6 days ago

    I think you’re down playing Wolves here! We finished 7th last season! Took major points off the top 6, albeit we gave them to lower teams. We had a rough start this season but we getting back to our normal form

  • TEO ___
    TEO ___ 6 days ago

    It’s 8 games in. Relax there is a long way to go

  • Rich Burrell
    Rich Burrell 6 days ago

    God, every single one of these cunts are unbearable.

  • David Bennett
    David Bennett 6 days ago

    I don’t think anyone believes it’s over how could they Liverpool had a similar lead in January and lost. just a lot of people trying to put pressure on Liverpool

  • Senior Tres Santos
    Senior Tres Santos 6 days ago

    Liverpool were 7 points ahead of City in December last year.... and look what happened. The league isnt over yet.

  • markfindley61
    markfindley61 6 days ago

    FFS, Get a grip girls... There's a long way to go yet :-)

  • Fribz
    Fribz 6 days ago

    Imagine if Van Dijk, Mane, Robertson and Henderson were all out for an extended period of time for Liverpool, they wouldn't even be where City are right now. As boring as it is to talk about, luck plays a big part in football and City are just going through an unlucky period with injuries. Liverpool have been superb but they're not competing with a full strength Man City right now are they

  • Chris1LFC
    Chris1LFC 6 days ago

    We're not winning the league after 8 games, don't talk stupid..

  • InTheCommision '
    InTheCommision ' 6 days ago +1

    When Sane leaves, city will be crying

  • Hoodstah *
    Hoodstah * 6 days ago

    It’s 8 games in ahaha 🤣

  • grey alien
    grey alien 6 days ago

    Are you all puddled we were 8 points behind at Xmas last season long way to go

  • Sam Little
    Sam Little 6 days ago

    Liverpool ain't winning the league, fucking hell, city started badly last season and smashed it 😂

    • Barry Morris
      Barry Morris 6 days ago

      They won 13/15 and drew the other 2 (one of those draws were at anfield). They started better than liverpool in that time.

  • janet burns
    janet burns 6 days ago

    Still along way to go yet you don't win the league in October or December if we're still top in April then I will relax

    • afutla qian
      afutla qian 6 days ago

      It's absolutely stupid to say we have won it after 8 games.

  • Nikolaj Freiesleben
    Nikolaj Freiesleben 6 days ago

    Lfc fan here. I Think Lfc have been a bit lucky to get 3 points. Luck doesn' t last forever.

  • Gavin Jones
    Gavin Jones 6 days ago

    I'm liverpool fan and people saying that it's liverpools title already are ridiculous. Liverpool have a really difficult run of games coming up in the next month or so and after that they have to complete in club world cup (or whatever its called) which will give city a big chance to get some of those points back. Yes Liverpool will have games in hand but their is no guarantee they will win them as it will cause a huge fixture pile up. All this is is a good start and won't be until at least February before we start to see how this season is taking shape

  • Try again Tuesdays
    Try again Tuesdays 6 days ago

    To be honest if your life depended on it you’d bet on Liverpool vs any other club to win the league as of now

  • Rajat Srivastava
    Rajat Srivastava 6 days ago

    The injuries to van dijk or firmino are the only way manc can overcome liverpool.

  • Fish Man
    Fish Man 6 days ago +1

    Premier League is not a sprint but a marathon. Liverpool have started very well points wise but there will be many twists and turns and injuries may or may not happen. Let’s see where both teams are come New Year and re assess.

  • Rod Champ
    Rod Champ 6 days ago


  • KennethTucker
    KennethTucker 7 days ago

    Granted, we have not won it yet, but you got to think we will this time around. "City could beat Liverpool in both fixtures"? City have not won at Anfield since 2003. Also, City will come out attacking and that is when Liverpool destroy the wide open City defense, as Pep has only beaten LFC when defending astutely or with a numerical advantage. Granted, leads like Newcastle in the 90s have been bottled before, and there are still a massive 90 points to play for , but this LFC team are "mentality monsters", and look like they will get the job done. Time will tell I guess...

  • Yaseen Al-lawati
    Yaseen Al-lawati 7 days ago

    I hate how still people who believe that they are football analysts still have the audacity to claim a premier league winner after 8 games my guy there is still 30 games left and a lot could happen
    And no I’m not a city fan I’m a Chelsea fan

  • Toni Toni
    Toni Toni 7 days ago

    if i’m pep im going 3 4 3 with my best 3defenders at the back regardless of position, otamedi is absolutely terrible

  • Toni Toni
    Toni Toni 7 days ago

    it’s klopp, he never allows us to stop dreaming

  • afutla qian
    afutla qian 7 days ago +1

    6:07 🤣😭🤣🤣🤣 I'm done A 1-1 BATTERING 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

  • Gary Wright
    Gary Wright 7 days ago

    Yikes. Newcastle had a bigger lead with far fewer games to play, don't right off the title already? Really? Liverpool can win this by a decent margin. But City unless they fold will win a lot of games. 9 games in and it's over. What if liverpool have an injury problem? This is so early to make such assumptions.

  • biblical
    biblical 7 days ago

    Last season was the current Liverpool squads gelling season... and they got 97 points. This Liverpool would not shock me if they won the league comfortably with 100+ points and go unbeaten. Liverpool have the best GK in the world, the best defence, arguably the best attack and by far the best manager in the world. A treble or even quadruple would not shock me this season if they stay injury free. The overall squad may not be the best but at the moment Liverpool’s first 11 is on different level, no first 11 can touch them.

    • afutla qian
      afutla qian 7 days ago

      just a point after a year of hardwork. Such low lifes and Low IQ's makes me angry and sad same time.

  • Elvadeanu Octavian-Eduard

    Rodri is the reason man city are losing. He doesn't fit the system

  • pinkbeatle2012
    pinkbeatle2012 7 days ago

    It's absolutely stupid to say we have won it after 8 games.

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 7 days ago

    This is nonsense - there’s loads of games to play and Liverpool have to play in the World Club Cup . Season is not over yet.

  • Angry Man Utd Fan
    Angry Man Utd Fan 7 days ago

    City don't care about the league, it was never a priority this season, the owners and Pep need the Champions league to cement the Pep era as great.

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 7 days ago

    Utterly ridiculous question 8 matches into a 38-match season! Good clickbait, though... ;-)

  • Mister Fontaine
    Mister Fontaine 7 days ago +3

    “Pep Guardiola has to answer for this” hahahaha fuck off Brian. The manager that has won the last two pl titles while playing the best football the league has ever seen does not have to answer for anything after losing two games😂😂

  • eu mafia
    eu mafia 7 days ago

    am a Liverpool fan its no where near over people were saying arsenal were finished there in 3rd 1 point behind city but have already been ruled out the race its silly to think we wont drop many points two draws and the pack are up ye ass any small team can beat you if you have an off day that's what makes this league the best

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo 7 days ago

    6:07 🤣😭🤣🤣🤣 I'm done A 1-1 BATTERING 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

  • Lord dex 24 GAM31NG
    Lord dex 24 GAM31NG 7 days ago

    As a lfc fan , don’t get arrogant , still lots of game , we can hope but its not ours yet

  • Andy Acropopolis
    Andy Acropopolis 7 days ago

    8 games for fucks sake

  • The Cam Doyle
    The Cam Doyle 7 days ago

    As a LFC fan, unless we win every game until Christmas with a good lead and no injuries, I won't believe it. Not underestimating any team

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo 7 days ago

      winner club's players start having big egos or getting comfort that leads to losing their touch in the field.

  • K
    K 7 days ago

    I feel Liverpool will suffer from early success, their midfield is not that great and they barely won their last 3 games

  • K
    K 7 days ago

    Chelsea will win the leaguen

  • Devin Mendiola
    Devin Mendiola 7 days ago

    CIty still has to play Liverpool twice. Ridiculous to say that Liverpool has sealed it in early October. It's a strong start but if anyone can blow it, its Liverpool

  • KnaveenM
    KnaveenM 7 days ago

    Say this when 8 games are left not when 8 games are done, This is the Premier League not La Liga or the Serie A or Bundesliga or a Ligue1. Teams have lost just the title by just a point after a year of hardwork. Such low lifes and Low IQ's makes me angry and sad same time.

  • Pee Geezee
    Pee Geezee 7 days ago

    City will still win the league. Liverpool are very lucky to be 8 points clear. They'll have a bad run and City will have a great run just like last year.

  • Jpaget -
    Jpaget - 7 days ago


  • Godwin Igwe
    Godwin Igwe 7 days ago

    We all know coca cola sponsor Liverpool, because Liverpool sure know how to bottle it 🤔🤔🤔