Teddy Atlas Gives Prediction on Joshua vs Ruiz Rematch

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Teddy shares a preview of the upcoming Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr rematch and gives his prediction. Special thanks to Athletic Greens for sponsoring this show. Click this link for Athletic Greens offer of 20 free travel packs valued at $79: www.athleticgreens.com/ATLAS
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  • Bigbencher 2001
    Bigbencher 2001 13 days ago

    Teddy knows his onions..gotta love the passion...👌👊

  • Thomas England
    Thomas England Month ago +1

    Teddy Atlas.. Living Legend

  • The Poltical One
    The Poltical One Month ago

    Teddy sounds like Bernie Sanders

  • J. Justin Meehan
    J. Justin Meehan Month ago

    Like I said

  • slotking777able
    slotking777able Month ago

    Teddy Atlas is a Punch drunk loser...never believe a single word he say.

  • jack masters
    jack masters Month ago

    He didn't quit, the ref called it off, he only went to the corner to buy some time, god you're full of yourself teddy

  • Dominique Willis
    Dominique Willis Month ago

    I would like to know what you all have to say about your comments about Joshua not being able to win after he actually wins

  • Dominique Willis
    Dominique Willis Month ago +3

    Teddy Atlas and people who know boxing: “Joshua can win this”
    Andy Ruiz fans and people who don’t know boxing after Joshua wins the rematch: “. . . .”

  • Henry Byrd
    Henry Byrd Month ago +1

    No Londoners at the MSG Teddy? There were thousands of them!

  • kevin freeney
    kevin freeney Month ago

    has he been hit in the head

  • Nik B
    Nik B Month ago

    Did Teddy box or did he always sound like that?

  • nika gogibedashvili

    The though was good, but to be honest, Pentangeli did not back off because he was ashamed in front of his brother (brother did not understand a single word in English), he backed off because showing his brother there was a clear threat from Corleone family. Nevertheless, I like when people go so deep into comparisons between sports and art.

  • alex yeo
    alex yeo Month ago

    “No witnesses”...!? Ok, gonna stop watching right there!

  • Matthew Vicendese
    Matthew Vicendese Month ago +1

    Predictions are always better after the event

  • Ransom Smith
    Ransom Smith Month ago

    Won't you help to sing
    These songs of freedom?
    'Cause all I ever have
    Redemption songs
    Redemption songs
    Redemption songs

  • poormans cow ranch
    poormans cow ranch Month ago

    Teddy is full of shit! He is the Cantifals of America talks alot says nothing! What we saw in the first and second fight is the same AJ has a soft chin he got dropped in the first and ran not to get drop in the second. Andy fucked up stop eating only up to the fight. i doubt AJ take on a Fury or Wilder and definitely not Andy again he will never give Andy a third he is too chickens!

  • Rick rick
    Rick rick Month ago

    Ruiz is still the champion. You don't take away a champion's belt just because he loses the fight

  • Rick rick
    Rick rick Month ago

    Ruiz was robbed by the judges.

    • Cae Jis
      Cae Jis 20 days ago

      Oh that's wonderful

  • Rick rick
    Rick rick Month ago

    George Foreman predicted this exactly. He told Joshua to watch Ali vs Spinks II jab and hold

  • Thomas Dailey
    Thomas Dailey Month ago

    A.J. trained, sucked it up. and won his title back. Ruiz got lucky the first time. 2ed time. he ate himself out of the title. Like Tua did against Lewis.

  • Jack jackson
    Jack jackson Month ago

    Mexican mentality: Once you have made money, you do not want to make an effort anymore. As in the job, so in sports. They only see the money and no deeper meaning behind something.

  • Marcin Smarz
    Marcin Smarz Month ago

    A - he wanted to continue and the ref called it off. B - I’m
    waiting for comments from Atlas after AJ beat Ruiz. C - the geography in Saudi is
    that it’s not London (location had nothing to do with it)

  • Lamar S
    Lamar S Month ago +5

    Teddy looks like a guy who doesn’t like ppl on his lawn..

  • FlexibleAtheist 696

    "No witnesses" in Las Vegas. So he had witnesses in Saudi Arabia? The Vegas fight didn't get live coverage in England?

  • HHH the game
    HHH the game Month ago

    Teddy called it . Picked joshua to win but the ending was wrong

  • Terry Fisher
    Terry Fisher Month ago

    How do you make too much money😗😗

  • Matt Levy
    Matt Levy Month ago

    Teddy always right

  • dub16100
    dub16100 Month ago

    Pretty darned good prediction.

  • James Carruth
    James Carruth Month ago

    Class analysis. Spot on.

  • Abi T
    Abi T Month ago

    needs a nose operation to open the airways how does he live like that
    prediction was very accurate though

  • Dean Skorzeny
    Dean Skorzeny Month ago

    AJ will win easily on points, his head wasn't straight in the first fight!

    • HHH the game
      HHH the game Month ago

      Yea I predict Joshua wins the decisions by getting on his bicyle and jabs all night

  • Buddy Silver
    Buddy Silver Month ago

    Anthony did what I told him to do, here on You Tube last week:
    IT'S SIMPLE: Move - Hit- Move - Hit - DON'T get caught on the ropes and do a Cassius Clay - Fly like a Butterfly & sting like a Bee!
    Why did I call Muhammad Ali Cassius Clay?
    Because he was a Black racist, whose Great Grandfather was a WHITE Irishman from Clare, IRELAND. And his Prophet Muhammad was a WHITE Arabian!

    YOU TUBE: Muhammad: The White Prophet with Black Slaves (David Wood)



    Published on Feb
    12, 2016

    Western Muslims are shocked to learn that Muhammad was a white man who bought, owned, sold, and traded black African slaves! Many people who don't read the Muslim sources assume that Muhammad, the self-proclaimed prophet of Islam, was dark-skinned.
    This myth has been spread both by orthodox Muslim preachers trying to deceive
    Western listeners and by racist cults such as the Nation of Islam (and its early activists, such as Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, and Muhammad Ali).
    However, according to Islam's most trusted sources, Muhammad was white. These
    same sources show that Muhammad also owned black slaves. How can we reconcile
    these facts with the spread of Islam among African-Americans in recent decades?
    Perhaps we should ask Louis Farrakhan! David Wood discusses the issue.

    Muslim Arabs CASTRATED their male Black slaves & used the Black female slaves as brood mares to breed mor slaves!


    LOUIS EPSTEIN, author of Sex Laws and Customs in Judaism:

    "The female slave was a sex tool beneath the level of moral considerations. She was an economic good, useful, in addition to her menial labor, for breeding more slaves. To attain that purpose, the master mated her promiscuously according to his breeding plans. The master himself and his sons and other members of his household took turns with her for the increase of the family wealth, as well as for satisfaction of their extra-marital sex desires. Guests and neighbors too were invited to that luxury."


    "They came with ships carrying AFRICAN BLACKS TO BE SOLD AS SLAVES. The
    traffic in slaves was a royal monopoly, and the JEWS were often appointed as AGENTS OF THE CROWN in their sale....[They] were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean region, where the shipping business WAS MAINLY A JEWISH ENTERPRISE.... “THE SHIPS WERE NOT ONLY OWNED BY JEWS, BUT WERE MANNED BY JEWISH CREWS AND SAILED UNDER THE COMMAND OF JEWISH CAPTAINS.”

    New World Jewry 1493-1825: Requiem for the Forgotten (KTAV, New York, 1982), pp. 170, 183. [Liebman is an attorney; LL.B., St. Lawrence University, 1929; M.A. (Latin American history), Mexico City College, 1963; Florida chapter American Jewish Historical Society, 1956-58; Friends of Hebrew University, 1958-59; American Historical Society Contributor to scholarly journals on Jewish history.

  • Pedro Pedrosa
    Pedro Pedrosa Month ago

    Teddy was wright in the end.

  • Aay Yah
    Aay Yah Month ago

    Clear cut plus he paints a great picture when he speaks, this is great for motivation...

  • callyharley
    callyharley Month ago +1

    "Pentangeli" Doesn't that translate in Italian or Latin to Five Angels? Anyway good call Teddy, AJ broke his heart with an easy points win :-)

    • Crazy Ep
      Crazy Ep Month ago +1

      That's Greek is older than Latin.. so the "pent" is the number 5 in Greek. And "angeli" is angels in Greek. That's the facts

  • Colevon Fultz
    Colevon Fultz Month ago

    Nailed it.

  • Meesoosolly
    Meesoosolly Month ago

    Gonna miss this generation of men that engaged you with with wisdom an insightful storytelling. Great shame.

  • Honest Chris
    Honest Chris Month ago

    As it turned out, Teddy Atlas had a very inciteful opinion about the return fight, his amalogy about the Godfather 2 was wrong, the reason that the rat did not give evidence was because his brother was there, it was though, about saving his brother that made him refuse to give the evidence against Michael Corleone, not because of saving face with his family, the brother was there to let the informer know that his brother would be dead if he gave evidence..

  • Sean Cook
    Sean Cook Month ago

    And history will show that was a great prediction. No late stoppage but AJ certainly did not give Ruiz much of a look in.

  • Pango Jack
    Pango Jack Month ago

    That was good Teddy. You were right he got the win and he got redemption he also remembered who he was....a champion and behaved like a champion.

  • justdynee
    justdynee Month ago

    No Teddy. Pentangeli was trying to keep his brother from sleeping with the fishes.

  • Bodiless Voice
    Bodiless Voice Month ago

    Mr. Atlas is the elder of boxing in our time.

  • Hugh Cipher
    Hugh Cipher Month ago +1

    Well the taller fighter faught on the outside this time. Gotta give it to AJ he got his belts back inspite of all the doubters & nay sayers. I didn't think he'd be able to outbox Ruiz for 12rnds

  • Spykerhond
    Spykerhond Month ago

    it seemsthat these fighters will need Atlas and a good doctor as backup in the corner when they face wilder .

  • Mclovin 2018
    Mclovin 2018 Month ago


  • cremium plus tv
    cremium plus tv Month ago +1

    Teddy will never talk tank davis ,i wonder why? Yall know right? The next time i watch the man hell will freeze over😎✊

  • tirrellx
    tirrellx Month ago

    You were right

    TIGER PAUSE Month ago

    Ruiz pulled a Buster Douglas.Got fatter for a rematch.Got dominated in the rematch.Smart,must strategic fight by Joshua.

  • Robert Nunez
    Robert Nunez Month ago

    Mr Atlas what do you know you pull a gun on a kid,your Champ gets beat by an old,old,old foreman,and you took to long to give prediction,bye!!

  • C.
    C. Month ago

    He ran away all night and now is World Champion, well if you want to be proud of that...

  • Ego Eimi no.12
    Ego Eimi no.12 Month ago

    Andy 🏟👏

  • Bo Astrom
    Bo Astrom Month ago

    AJ is in trouble. He has no answer against Ruiz. He knows it. Because, the answer is fundamentals - footwork and jabs. He knows it.

    • Bo Astrom
      Bo Astrom Month ago

      And how he win? Foot work and jab? You're welcome.
      And it didn't help Andy ate 6 million street vendor tacos preparing for this fight trying to close distance inside a soccer field sized ring. YDKSAB 🤣👍

    • Alphonso Chuks
      Alphonso Chuks Month ago

      This comment aged really well 😂😂

  • Ego Eimi no.12
    Ego Eimi no.12 Month ago

    Spot on✴

  • Lost Coast Pirate
    Lost Coast Pirate Month ago

    Aj dropped weight....seems like he is second guessing himself and trying to reinvent the wheel...I think he's in trouble...SO if you're betting put your money on AJ (depending on the odds of course) because I'm about 1 for 30 in my last 30 fight predictions...

  • Sar chwarz
    Sar chwarz Month ago

    Teddy is right!!!

  • baronvonsaklani
    baronvonsaklani Month ago

    I don't know about that geography theory. MSG was packed with Brits and Joshua fans.

  • Algarete 1327
    Algarete 1327 Month ago

    Ruiz all day

  • Alexandru Stancu
    Alexandru Stancu Month ago

    Teddy is a man who has courage and who is very smart also ! Character !!!

  • Time Patience
    Time Patience Month ago

    That was better than going to a movie.

    BIG RAY Month ago

    That soul or spirit of Joshua's ain't trying to hear none of that u get in there n take them SHOTS from ruiz