Have You Ever Randomly Had Tooth Pain?! This Could Be Why

  • Have You Ever Had A Zing Of Tooth Pain?! This Could Be Why. Have you ever chewed on tin foil and had pain like this let me know!

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  • Carlos Marone
    Carlos Marone 15 days ago +11610

    Everyone talking about the foil, but he just bit into that steaming hot potato and it was a crunchy potato-

    • Light Yagami
      Light Yagami 3 days ago

      @Carlos Marone who hasnt eat raw potatos?

    • Raymond quass
      Raymond quass 5 days ago

      @Idk what are you, Irish?

    • Carlos Marone
      Carlos Marone 7 days ago

      @Venom Oh, I guess that explains it- also hopefully you noticed the comment wasnt serious and obviously the eyes dont store heat, i just realizze how dumb that must have sounded

    • Venom
      Venom 7 days ago

      @Carlos Marone its actually a creepy things humans have with eye lense. we have like this night vision. when the flash is on, it causes our eyes to look red on pictures with flash on. Animals like dogs have it too. If you see Alligators in a lake at night... oh god...

    • Carlos Marone
      Carlos Marone 7 days ago

      @Venom Im nost sure how to explain that- his eyes must be storing the heat from the foil and potato which he JUST got of the probably hot grill

      But seriously, I don't know-

  • Abbyplum210
    Abbyplum210 8 hours ago

    Is it weird I like that pain

  • Zack Wajer
    Zack Wajer 16 hours ago

    Omg. I can relate to chewing foil and getting that shock in your tooth from it.
    This guy I was in class with was like hey bro chew on this gum wrapper foil. LOL. I knew nothing about it and what it causes and does.
    Silly me, I just take the foil and on the first bite I felt nothing. The second bite. OMFG. I was in agony. Long story short. If you don't know... Now you know.

  • Tiger Cove
    Tiger Cove 17 hours ago

    Everyone liking the video me: what happened to your head and fingers

  • eva
    eva 21 hour ago

    oh umm i am s-

  • Zye Osborne
    Zye Osborne Day ago

    The more you know

  • welchlbrandon
    welchlbrandon Day ago

    What 🤬

  • toga himiko
    toga himiko Day ago

    Pls react to this I have never had a cavity before not even a crown or a filling

  • Simply Vic
    Simply Vic 2 days ago

    But I don’t have metal fillings or fillings at all 😳
    And I went to the dentist like a week ago and I was all good 😌

  • Emelia Meyer
    Emelia Meyer 2 days ago +1

    Oops didn’t finish the other one but you never know people so yeah

  • Emelia Meyer
    Emelia Meyer 2 days ago

    I think this man is high all the smoke is getting to his eyes I think it’s a smoke into his eyes

  • page familly vlogs
    page familly vlogs 2 days ago

    I used to have a metal tooth and metal fillings and I have felt this

  • Timmithy Steptoe
    Timmithy Steptoe 3 days ago

    My six-year-old daughter did

  • ✨sweetbugge✨
    ✨sweetbugge✨ 3 days ago

    I need an answer to this.

    Why does my tooth hurt if if wind blows into my mouth or when I drink ice cold water

  • Riyaz
    Riyaz 3 days ago

    I chewed on metal foil on that metal just regular foil and I didn’t feel anything

  • Original joker
    Original joker 4 days ago

    That’s an awfully hot coffee pot

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo 4 days ago

    That made me cringe ngl

  • Kevin Gough
    Kevin Gough 4 days ago

    I have had the shock in my teeth from tin foil and metal spoons and forks

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 4 days ago

    The guy looks as if he is an apocalypse survivor.

  • Geisa Kirana
    Geisa Kirana 4 days ago


  • Baby Waffle
    Baby Waffle 4 days ago +1

    Cuz I actually have three fillings

  • Baby Waffle
    Baby Waffle 4 days ago +1

    I have always wondered that I'm just like why did that shark my tooth

  • Shikan Laken
    Shikan Laken 4 days ago

    That's not tooth pain that's mouth pain

  • Chance Tinsley
    Chance Tinsley 5 days ago

    i have fillings so if i would be doing this- i would die.

  • Putri Ashrina
    Putri Ashrina 5 days ago +1

    FLash-player: This is fine
    Someone: Says ''heck''
    youtube: be gone
    однако я люблю таких рыбаков ..

  • ClaireDanes_
    ClaireDanes_ 5 days ago

    The guy: PaDA (bites into a crunchy potato)

  • Joan Nazario
    Joan Nazario 5 days ago

    He look high

  • Annika_loves_gacha
    Annika_loves_gacha 5 days ago

    Hi so I wanted to know why in between my teeth and if any food gets in there it’s hurts badly so can you tell me why?

  • Mason
    Mason 5 days ago +1

    The Bentist is a bold man to say that it causes *some* pain when biting into foil with a filling in your tooth.

  • ₳VɆⱤɎ
    ₳VɆⱤɎ 5 days ago +1


  • Monopops
    Monopops 5 days ago +1

    i thought the metal tiny square on my tooth was a literal cavity ఠࡇఠ

  • AnahNuggets
    AnahNuggets 5 days ago

    What the boiling hot potato

  • Lisa Lynn Baird
    Lisa Lynn Baird 5 days ago

    Is it safe to leave foil on your teeth for a long time like 6 or 9 hours?

  • ✨Kana Kanjiro Kocho 🦋

    Why does look like a demon hungry for his prey?the tin foal is his prey probably

  • Isla Hayhoe
    Isla Hayhoe 6 days ago +1

    I’m kinda sad but happy cuz I’m gonna have to get braces cuz my teeth have grown really high (my new ones that are coming throughout, I lost them late) so ima have to get braces to pull them down. I mean at least afterwards my teeth will look nice 😶

  • Junkbot army !
    Junkbot army ! 6 days ago

    Does any one care that foil was just on a fire burning it most be so hot 🥵

  • gwynith _gemer
    gwynith _gemer 6 days ago

    Me when I'm hungry: not even boiling hot water noodle can save my teeth!

  • Zian Miller
    Zian Miller 6 days ago

    Me when I get older

  • TwinkleTwins
    TwinkleTwins 6 days ago

    i had 4 cavities


    My man looks high as hell

  • dark matter
    dark matter 6 days ago

    Mine are gold, I’m old as dirt

  • Чё по чём?
    Чё по чём? 6 days ago

    This is a dude from Russia. He fished out the hot water dumplings

  • Bunni_Of!xl
    Bunni_Of!xl 7 days ago

    I have metal filling I have to wait a few years for them to fall out so I can have gum lol

  • Kermit with a Mustache

    His eyes are red like the potato

  • Ana Avina
    Ana Avina 7 days ago

    The demonic eyes

  • Bransen Kent's Alt
    Bransen Kent's Alt 7 days ago

    You know what this reminds me of?
    My silver caps

  • iPhOnE cOnSpIrAcYs💙💚

    He looks like your local crack head. 😃

  • Peggy schyler aka k.K slider

    That moment when it still happens even though you don’t have metal fillings/braces......

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy 7 days ago

    is no one gonntalk about how hes high like a kite

  • Karla Rojo
    Karla Rojo 8 days ago

    What if you have that in your teeth but you need to get braces. Will I hurt

  • Artemis Ameretsu
    Artemis Ameretsu 8 days ago

    I didnt have fillings at 8 when I ate the tinfoil tho..

  • Audrina :3
    Audrina :3 8 days ago


  • Hammy_man3
    Hammy_man3 8 days ago

    I remember when I had braces I bit the Cadbury egg wrapper and I was so confused

  • Vanessa Fourmanoit
    Vanessa Fourmanoit 8 days ago

    That's a crunchy potato

  • Astrid Wilsson
    Astrid Wilsson 8 days ago


  • Astrid Wilsson
    Astrid Wilsson 8 days ago


  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu 8 days ago

    For me it’s not pain, it’s me questioning if I could bite someone and they’ll get shocked

  • Mikey figz
    Mikey figz 9 days ago

    The "PPPPAAHHHHH" gets me everytime 😂

  • GemsOfLilyheart-WSP
    GemsOfLilyheart-WSP 9 days ago

    I have a story with foil oh boy lol
    I had just gotten a tooth taken out (a very VERY late baby canine tooth, both on top had to be taken out) and my oma makes the best ever stained glass cookies (chocolate with marshmallows and powdered sugar!). She always wraps them in foil, and I went to get one one night. Guess I wasn't careful enough and the smallest bit of foil got into the socket that currently was empty and had just stopped bleeding the day prior. Took around 20 minutes to stop again :D

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu 8 days ago

      Scratched his head on his boyfriends zipper

  • Just Chillin
    Just Chillin 9 days ago

    Poor guy prob hit his head and forgot how to ✨ human ✨
    He clearly has two bandages on his head

  • Samson Jalloh
    Samson Jalloh 9 days ago

    He looks like you both your tired

  • Ray Nealy
    Ray Nealy 9 days ago

    It's maybe weird or not but it's satisfying when he took a bit of the hot potato

  • EclipsisYT
    EclipsisYT 9 days ago

    You should at his eyes

  • •Cookie• •Coffee•

    What happened to his head-

  • Supreme  playz
    Supreme playz 9 days ago

    That dudes eyes were red .-.

  • TwinnedGecko121
    TwinnedGecko121 9 days ago

    This why whenever I drink cold water and it hits my teeth it's excruciating

  • David Reynolds
    David Reynolds 9 days ago

    So my dad said do not do you want foil because you have cavities I’m like why and then he said it will shock you so I learned this before never chew on foil while you have cavities

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith 9 days ago

    I’ll never forget that feeling