What does a computer mouse see?

  • Published on Jul 30, 2020
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  • duon44
    duon44 37 minutes ago

    2:44 the scroll wheel in my mouse works like this, i know because it stopped scrolling smoothly and i opened it up to discover all kinds of gunk blocking the light from going through the holes

  • vu hoang
    vu hoang Hour ago

    Mine definitely has seen too much one handed use

  • ToxicSkull0
    ToxicSkull0 Hour ago

    What my mouse sees after a losing streak:


  • PepSi
    PepSi 2 hours ago

    Why do I like these types of videos?

  • Dill & Dax YT
    Dill & Dax YT 3 hours ago

    8-bit 8-click when 8-bit uploads
    Why did I say this now but why not

  • TronPlays
    TronPlays 3 hours ago

    4:41 brain.exe has stopped working moment.

  • Rahul Basetti
    Rahul Basetti 4 hours ago

    I guess I'm in 2000's

  • Pato Chu 07
    Pato Chu 07 4 hours ago

    I wanna see what the mouse sees, not the story of mouse sensors

  • Tanishq Saxena
    Tanishq Saxena 4 hours ago


    DIO BRANDO 5 hours ago

    Stell Ball run

  • Best Comment
    Best Comment 5 hours ago

    Thumbnail looks like a really censored hentai

  • Angel Acuna
    Angel Acuna 5 hours ago +1

    Minecraft cobblestone

  • piano guy
    piano guy 6 hours ago

    Steel ball run

  • Kyan
    Kyan 6 hours ago

    i didn't read the word computer
    im slightly sad

  • PortableAnswers
    PortableAnswers 6 hours ago

    Simply Fascinating.

  • NanjyouRan
    NanjyouRan 6 hours ago

    Wow that was interesting to watch.

  • Wagner
    Wagner 6 hours ago

    3:32 yiikss, this brings memories from the first years of 2000's

  • Sky Chao
    Sky Chao 7 hours ago +5

    Mom: what’s wrong with my kids eyes
    Doctor: he has a condition called mouse disorder
    Mom: what’s that
    Father busts in
    Father: who the hell is this and why is he in your bed
    Mom: that’s a computer mouse honey
    Mom winks at the computer mouse

  • Kidontheinternet
    Kidontheinternet 7 hours ago

    1:55 my exact same mouse

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak 7 hours ago +1

    The Mouse is really an amazing invention

  • m'lady
    m'lady 8 hours ago

    Hey 8 bit guy, I have a quick question about the mouse with the mirrors that requires the special trackpad. Do those mirrors ever come loose or out of place? And if so does that affect the mouse functionality at all?

  • Freak ZOMBIE Gaming
    Freak ZOMBIE Gaming 8 hours ago

    I came here to see cobblestone

  • Justin Feulner
    Justin Feulner 8 hours ago

    Why can clear tape make a mouse stop working

    • art crafters
      art crafters 8 hours ago

      I see that the algorithm brought you here too 😂.

  • dumb rat
    dumb rat 8 hours ago

    sorry i use an actual breathing mouse

  • Milo McClellan
    Milo McClellan 8 hours ago

    He is running out of ideas

  • Deushcwargern
    Deushcwargern 9 hours ago

    I don't know how but once, a very strange thing happend to me. One day, just like the other quarantine days, our teacher opened a zoom lesson. When I was joining to the lesson, my computer show me the mouse's perspective (people who uses zoom will understand. Zoom shows your camera before you join to something). It was like cobblestone. I can confirm it because when I put my hand and move my hand in my mouse's sensor, I saw something moving in there. I don't know why but I just wanna share my strange story in here.

  • Yoshimaster96smwc
    Yoshimaster96smwc 10 hours ago

    How does the optical mouse (the last one) actually convert that large bitmap into a movement vector? I'd imagine there's quite a bit of math involved, but I'm just curious if you knew.

  • Ni Agar
    Ni Agar 10 hours ago


  • Jason Chance
    Jason Chance 12 hours ago +1

    I used to use a trackball

  • ꧁༺just another guy༻꧂

    Wait so you're saying it's possible to seey girlfriend's panties with infrared lights??

  • Super Goat gamer
    Super Goat gamer 13 hours ago


  • rocqet
    rocqet 13 hours ago

    The question nobody asked,
    But the anwser we all needed

  • Cat Man
    Cat Man 14 hours ago +1

    I subscribed to him at exactly 0:19 seconds

  • TPOLZ Playz
    TPOLZ Playz 14 hours ago

    My mouse does not have the red light the thing is clear I think it’s just infrared

  • Anouar Aynan
    Anouar Aynan 15 hours ago +1

    It sees the new unreleased texture for the minecraft cobblestone

  • Mizan Faruq
    Mizan Faruq 15 hours ago


  • Tarun R Gowda
    Tarun R Gowda 15 hours ago


  • Logasaurus Gaming
    Logasaurus Gaming 15 hours ago

    0:37 *you are forgetting about the SNES mouse for Mario Paint*

  • Misjah
    Misjah 16 hours ago

    How does one join your website? I have seen some nice stuff here and have more questions and suggestions.... Is it only via paying?

  • guapisimopro
    guapisimopro 16 hours ago

    Yo tenia el de Bolita :3
    se caía a cada rato XD

  • RoboKorean
    RoboKorean 16 hours ago


  • Mr Ojus
    Mr Ojus 17 hours ago

    What about wireless mouse

  • Noob BLOX
    Noob BLOX 17 hours ago +1

    Oh please, I was going to sleep!
    Unique video nonetheless.

  • curse
    curse 17 hours ago

    Everyone is making Cobblestone jokes but did you even watch to the end? It looks more like birch log.
    Anywho, this is majorly impressive and very interesting. Thanks a lot for the work you do, man.

  • BPNave
    BPNave 17 hours ago

    Has anyone realized why the inter-pixel delay is there and how to get around it?

  • Agent Office
    Agent Office 17 hours ago

    I hated cleaning the wheels

  • Agent Office
    Agent Office 17 hours ago


  • Gix XD
    Gix XD 19 hours ago

    My PP is 8 bit
    Is it normal?

  • Urine King poo
    Urine King poo 19 hours ago

    its not a camera bro

  • Slayer YZ Gaming
    Slayer YZ Gaming 19 hours ago


  • reviangaming 02
    reviangaming 02 19 hours ago

    This guy has a mouse collection...

  • Dyrroth
    Dyrroth 19 hours ago

    Weebs can understand the thumbnail (I'm to)

  • unloco
    unloco 20 hours ago

    Thank you 8-Git Buy

    KING SUDIP 20 hours ago


  • hurley o'halloran
    hurley o'halloran 21 hour ago

    Probably will just see the mousepad

  • vish
    vish 21 hour ago

    It looks if there is any cat nearby 😼

  • J D
    J D 22 hours ago

    I now need to know what new mice see

    CLUSTERFVCK 22 hours ago +1

    do one of these videos about how MIDI input works, it’s super interesting to look at JS scripts and programs designed to recognise more weird MIDI signals like jog wheels on DJ equipment

  • Alex Is Kinessa
    Alex Is Kinessa 22 hours ago

    It sees cobblestone

  • Chaileeportraits _
    Chaileeportraits _ 22 hours ago

    Made in China

  • Ribbons0121 R121
    Ribbons0121 R121 22 hours ago

    title:what do mice see
    thumbnail:shows pixels or something
    me:hmmm, i think it sees minecraft

  • kinkykane0607
    kinkykane0607 Day ago

    Did you sped this video up ?? it seams like your talking really fast ?? or is it just me being sleep deprived ??

  • Pavel Cholmatov
    Pavel Cholmatov Day ago


  • Ethan
    Ethan Day ago

    Is that minecraft painting on the thumbnail

  • John Thimakis
    John Thimakis Day ago

    That was awesome.
    Thanks for sharing. 😉👌🏼

  • Pedro Horace
    Pedro Horace Day ago

    He’s like the older version of Michael reeves

  • Factioned
    Factioned Day ago

    To save you time, a computer mouse doesn't see anything. It isn't a living thing. It can detect stuff, but doesn't physically see.

  • Young Lee
    Young Lee Day ago +2

    _What does computer mouse see?_
    *Me:* as the matter of fact, you better unsee all the things you’ve seen

  • Pineapple Praise

    i only clicked because the thumbnail had cobblestone

    ok this is my fault for not reading the comments section a week ago

  • Nightly Skyline
    Nightly Skyline Day ago +137

    Me: playing Minecraft.
    My computer mouse: EVERYTHING IS COBBLESTONE.

    • oh
      oh 4 hours ago

      Death Death Revolution huh yt recommended and minecraft is the most popular game in existence

    • ZapDust
      ZapDust 11 hours ago

      That's what i was thinking haha

    • Gooddog Films
      Gooddog Films 13 hours ago +6

      Wait, it's all cobblestone?
      Always has been.

    • Death Death Revolution
      Death Death Revolution 16 hours ago +1

      apparently im not the only one playing minecraft and watching this

  • Bass Drum Flextime

    Lol the way he says potentiometer

  • Asano Mason
    Asano Mason Day ago +1

    Next video: “What does my microwave see?”

  • Rayanfhoula BR
    Rayanfhoula BR Day ago

    Oh yea thats what they use to film UFOs

  • Serfasss Arnay
    Serfasss Arnay Day ago

    i didnt known what the mouses see cobblestone

  • TheNeoNTex
    TheNeoNTex Day ago +2

    I remember that My teacher had fall of his mouse 2 times, and did dismount at fall. I did repair it. I never had claps of all the entire class and Teacher to. WAS SO NICE! XD

  • Evan9000
    Evan9000 Day ago +1

    bruh thats the mf cobblestone texture

  • Isaac Hernandez
    Isaac Hernandez Day ago

    I saw cobblestone from Minecraft

  • ilia katritch
    ilia katritch Day ago

    I used to love cleaning the crud off the mouse rollers with my nail as a kid, that shit was satisfying af

  • Hgnorth 07
    Hgnorth 07 Day ago

    Mans looks like an old Austin Evans

  • Paul R
    Paul R Day ago

    I've been looking for this video ever since I found out an optical mouse is essentially a"camera"

  • Nigel Johnson
    Nigel Johnson Day ago

    What would be interesting is the algorithm the mouse uses to interpret the picture data.

  • Mr Printer
    Mr Printer Day ago +1

    I hadn’t even thought about this until this video popped up in my recommended

  • Leo Miranda
    Leo Miranda Day ago

    3:07 I always cleaned the ball... My whole life was a lie

  • M204D
    M204D Day ago

    to mush of nerd talk go to 8:40 to see the thing

  • u4ea
    u4ea Day ago

    What you learn in class: before 06:00
    What you get on your exam: after 06:00

  • Greg Glasscock
    Greg Glasscock Day ago

    I had no clue you were experienced with embedded systems. This is neat. I love how tiny chips can be written to have function. Tiny computers without the architecture. Specialized for a specific purpose. It’s just bare logic that can be commanded with code.

  • CabbageGod
    CabbageGod Day ago

    Oldschool minecrsft cobblestone?

  • Christopher G
    Christopher G Day ago

    A theory for the read delay:
    IIRC, those old connections tend to be half-duplex. Meaning it can transfer data both directions, but only one direction at a time. And it might take some time to flip between direcitons. Bytewise transfers would have to flip around at least once.
    In normal operation, the Computer -> Mouse direction is propably only used during initial setup/device setup. Afterwards, the driver would be only recieving data (never sending anything else in return).
    The actually work goes only Mouse -> Computer. The chip is propably staging the data somehow and sending it to the computer in one big batch, on a pre-determined timeframe.
    Any delay between changing directions would hardly mater. And limitations like those were one reason we went for USB.

  • Clash Devil
    Clash Devil Day ago

    Don't know why I watched it but yeah I feel like nerd now

  • Олег Таранов

    Me: *Find this thumbnail*

  • Winfan98
    Winfan98 Day ago

    dude why'd you put a piece of diorite in front of the camera!?

  • ArjunTheGamer
    ArjunTheGamer Day ago


  • ArjunTheGamer
    ArjunTheGamer Day ago


  • 「DUZIRU Padl」づじぅ

    imagine gaming with these

  • Ricardo de Alba
    Ricardo de Alba Day ago

    Nice cobble texture

  • yomommabois
    yomommabois Day ago

    Yes, the mouse sees gravel.

  • Aco YT
    Aco YT Day ago

    Me broke:how to use mouse like camera

  • Maikel Peeters
    Maikel Peeters Day ago

    I like your video’s... but not Many uploads lately

  • Just some random Potato

    Lol i still remember when i still play with those mouse. I am really old wtf 🤦‍♂️

  • Çárls Benham
    Çárls Benham Day ago

    This comment is 5 years ago.