This Phone WASN'T Photoshopped.

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
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    JAX PLAYS 5 hours ago

    He definitely paused to pee @ 2:00

  • Ashrune
    Ashrune 5 hours ago

    It’s going to be a flop

  • Buddha
    Buddha 5 hours ago

    is it me or has he got one of those gem phones on his tshirt?

  • OldGamerNoob
    OldGamerNoob 6 hours ago

    I wanted the dual shock 5 to have a seam down the middle that could separate it into 2 hand controllers for VR
    oh well

  • kevin S
    kevin S 9 hours ago

    So he hacked the hackers that hacked him GGWP 😂😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔This is exactly why I use Linux as my main operating system And I keep everything backed up in a private and public cloud

  • FIREFIRE CPB:- The New Beginning!

    First Foldable Laptop and now Modular PC. I can't wait to see a phone that can call

  • Nir Kopp
    Nir Kopp 11 hours ago

    You Cristian think your bacon is cool, now we Jews have space beef

  • Dylan Combellick
    Dylan Combellick 13 hours ago

    I must have a Ryzeen 3500X. MUST HAVE!!!!

  • RED
    RED 14 hours ago

    Am I the only one who actually likes it ?

  • IntelliPocalypse
    IntelliPocalypse 15 hours ago

    The console war is irrelevant

  • A N D Y
    A N D Y 16 hours ago

    He does know that tech news isn't live and that he can go pee and come back right?

  • Amir Grigoryan
    Amir Grigoryan 16 hours ago

    Funny video

  • 100 000 Subscribers with no videos

    How many channels do you have, Linus?

  • Joseph Young
    Joseph Young 20 hours ago

    I mean yeah the photo if the phone is shopped

  • Lunarchy107
    Lunarchy107 20 hours ago

    because it is the photoshop

  • Alien Beam
    Alien Beam 20 hours ago

    Is this his second channel?

  • Omid Rastin
    Omid Rastin 21 hour ago +1

    Wait? did I feel we are celebrating april fool's day in a wrong month???

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 21 hour ago

    Strangely, I like that long phone. Its just a shame essential thinks that headphones aren't essential.

  • Dlonra Reggenzrawhcs
    Dlonra Reggenzrawhcs 21 hour ago

    Can you imagine?
    A modular PlayStation. Upgrade the graphics every couple of years.

  • Joseph Boctor
    Joseph Boctor 22 hours ago

    Disappointed that you're mentioning the products of that sexual predator on your show...

  • Ajay Kumar Saxena
    Ajay Kumar Saxena 22 hours ago

    They should tvs with such touch control remotes

  • Alex Afa
    Alex Afa 23 hours ago

    Where you looking at?

  • Ron
    Ron 23 hours ago

    Please excuse my ignorance but can someone please tell me
    what's the difference between haptic feedback and rumble because it's the same thing to me.

  • pollumG
    pollumG 23 hours ago

    Why are giving a sex offender coverage????? #FUCKANDYRUBIN

  • Katsune
    Katsune Day ago

    And I thought Sony had it.

  • Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason Day ago

    Does the phone come with a light saber app? :-D

  • Mitch McCann
    Mitch McCann Day ago

    I'm not kidding I drew this phone in 2012

  • Angus Brown
    Angus Brown Day ago

    If project gem could be folded in half it would be decent

  • xetothex
    xetothex Day ago

    Is it just me or is Linus getting swole 👀😏

  • Faf Dus
    Faf Dus Day ago

    the skinny phone would make a cool tv remote lol

  • Andy
    Andy Day ago

    looks better than the fold.

  • clouds5
    clouds5 Day ago

    And here I was two years ago complaining about the 18:9 aspect ratio... What's happening?

  • fuller lamin gayang

    This guy is annoying asf

  • Dominick Skinner

    Couldn't you pee first?

  • Simon J
    Simon J Day ago

    It was shopped into your hand

  • Christian Nönken

    4:19 This is why as a creative professional you can't use adobe products anymore.

  • Theodor Bourelius
    Theodor Bourelius Day ago +1

    Tobias, the digital Batman

  • TiagoTiago
    TiagoTiago Day ago

    So does this means Microsoft will disable all the Win10 machines on Venezuela?

  • ted rebel
    ted rebel Day ago

    Honey for bad stores..... He's talking about sex shops. Discount dildos, woohooooo!

  • Connor Bonstein
    Connor Bonstein Day ago

    This is just the Juke but all touch screen

  • The Grumpy Englishman

    California is a fabulous example of what socialism does when given free reign. The state used to be a place people aspired to move to.... Not anymore.
    The state has the highest taxes, the hardest to start a business in as all the regulations usually become too much and ruin business if they inadvertently fall foul of them.
    It's now the state with the widest wealth gap between the rich and poor.
    It's haemorrhaging business's that are moving to states with lower taxes and regulations. If not for silicon valley and big tech propping it up California would go bust.
    Homelessness and drug use has exploded and people are getting diseases that were traditionally only in the third world.
    I'd hate to live there.

  • wiiownsps3and360

    Venezuelans have a lot more to worry about than adobe. Like idk not starving to death.

  • SHA AK47
    SHA AK47 Day ago

    good think enveryone in venezuela pirates adobe

  • João Veludo
    João Veludo Day ago

    us needs venezuela oil badly.

  • João Veludo
    João Veludo Day ago

    "nuddie tails"

  • Chemy Torres
    Chemy Torres Day ago

    Well, good Adobe did that, I feel Venezuelan government deserves it, sadly, they only use pirated software

  • JoeyLovesTrains
    JoeyLovesTrains Day ago

    I totally thought it was a new Apple TV remote

  • Killerkings1111 DG

    honestly linus you are this into technology and new products but you still advance your teleprompter from your phone?! get someone behind camera to do it.

  • DavidMalcolm
    DavidMalcolm Day ago

    People need to stop talking about Andy Rubin without pointing out that he's a total skeeze and sexual predator. Stop letting this awful person rehab his image. He's a bad person and he needs to go away!

  • Dammit Greg!
    Dammit Greg! Day ago

    So much cringy comments in that segment. Trying too hard man, stick to the news instead

  • Ghostcatcher64
    Ghostcatcher64 Day ago

    0:50 i liked that sentence that's basically what i thought xD

  • David Faustino
    David Faustino Day ago

    "4K Blu Ray Player and why that matters" It doesn't.

  • Sandy BoleYT
    Sandy BoleYT Day ago

    Apple tv remote x

  • Sorin f
    Sorin f Day ago

    fun factor in a 3/10 info is more of a 7/10. pls do better

  • Jerry Berglund
    Jerry Berglund Day ago

    At least no one could say SONY Xperia 1, Xperia 5, Xperia 8, XPeria 10 and Xperia 10 plus is to tall. :-)

  • iAMe100XP
    iAMe100XP Day ago

    I want a modular Xbox Twice, powered by a Tesla, with a long phone as a controller, with games that are photoshopped. I guess it'll never happen...

  • GZ EL
    GZ EL Day ago

    Why does Linus have a tattoo? Wtf!

  • Псина Злой
    Псина Злой 2 days ago

    NO. You pee before filming. Stop the recording and go pee.

  • Sayyed Kamaludheen
    Sayyed Kamaludheen 2 days ago

    Background voice: Save as Elaaan!

  • Nero Murf
    Nero Murf 2 days ago

    that is a one ugly phone😂😂😂🤯

  • Frank
    Frank 2 days ago

    That phone needs an IR blaster

  • nazsoryu
    nazsoryu 2 days ago

    Can't personally support a predator like Andy Rubin

  • Azri Zakaria
    Azri Zakaria 2 days ago +1

    Sony: The new Xperia will cinematic display so it will have a long and beautiful display
    Essential: hold my phone

  • Oogie Boogie
    Oogie Boogie 2 days ago

    5:44 Mommy Son?

  • King Xero
    King Xero 2 days ago

    fuck china

  • Charles Gbunblee
    Charles Gbunblee 2 days ago

    "Long boi" that's pretty sus

  • Tomate N
    Tomate N 2 days ago +1

    Thanks Zeus for the fast-foward function so I can skip so many "sponsors".

  • monkay
    monkay 2 days ago +3

    Your T-shirt looks like the phone 🤨

  • Sasan Moshirabadi
    Sasan Moshirabadi 2 days ago

    You simply don't give a sh*t anymore.. do you? 🤔

  • Rj Singster
    Rj Singster 2 days ago

    5:24 dwllll "save us elon"

  • Dylan Cesnik
    Dylan Cesnik 2 days ago

    What a coincidence. As I was watching this video I was busting to take a pee 😂

  • s1laz
    s1laz 2 days ago

    Photoshop cost money?

  • dercncplaner
    dercncplaner 2 days ago

    0:30 OHM I want it now

  • Sun Man
    Sun Man 2 days ago

    Gg video watching lol

  • Ahmed El-shaer
    Ahmed El-shaer 2 days ago

    Man, you have been talking about the phone for only first 45 second!! And the rest of video you really talk about another stuff!! Whata wrong with you 🤔 i came here to hear you talking 6 minute about this phone not to listing to you talking 5 minute's about somthing else! Im sorry but i really though maybe you back to the subject in minute 2 or 3 maybe 4, 5!! Till the end of video u didnt back to the subject!!

  • marshall jacobs
    marshall jacobs 2 days ago

    In order to prevent their faulty powerlines from catching fire, the hippies of California are gunna shut off the power? And do what? Gather around the bonfires? Invite the neighbors over for a bbq? Light a bunch of candles?

  • jezusmylord
    jezusmylord 2 days ago

    Ah yes Andy Ruben, the sex offender.

  • Rikorage
    Rikorage 2 days ago

    So was that a motherboard with connections and a PCIe port to connect into another motherboard?

  • Ryan Tovi
    Ryan Tovi 2 days ago

    Web Developer: *”...”*

  • TiCkShot
    TiCkShot 2 days ago +2

    When you dont patent tv remote shape

  • TheSlimeKilling Minecart

    PC is pronounced "pee sea"

  • Sam Smug
    Sam Smug 2 days ago

    I thought the note series was long...

    WWEECENA 2 days ago

    Anyone else actually wants one?

  • peter ama goch
    peter ama goch 2 days ago

    Did you get that tshirt from that phone manufacturer?

  • Ali Jaafar
    Ali Jaafar 2 days ago

    Na gai na gai sakernome

  • General Johnny Pubgm

    A sub could make my day ❤❤ hope you find happiness in your life ❤

  • LieroFjeld
    LieroFjeld 2 days ago

    Asmongold long boi!

  • Fernando Santos
    Fernando Santos 2 days ago

    Wait... are you Canadian?

  • ehab elbadry
    ehab elbadry 2 days ago

    fuck you Adobe i have a free cracked version of photoshop

  • Andreas Evald Skeletor Karjalainen

    Wtf is this channel? This is not Linus tech tips, I feel lost

  • C. A. Lee
    C. A. Lee 2 days ago

    just pee before recording... it will not take long...

  • Doshick999
    Doshick999 2 days ago +3

    Hackers: *hack a hacker*
    The hacker that got hacked: *UNO reverse card*

  • Fluttershy
    Fluttershy 2 days ago

    Now people with small dicks can have a phone that makes a dick shaped outline. Now available silicone cases with balls for your long boi phone. 😹😹😹😹

  • patryk filarski
    patryk filarski 2 days ago


  • Lucas GTR
    Lucas GTR 2 days ago

    New Essential phone looks qiute intresting.
    We can always use it as rearview mirror...

  • M D
    M D 2 days ago


  • Shockiwi
    Shockiwi 2 days ago

    I will pirate my photoshop to photoshop the adobe logo into a dickbutt.There is nothing adobe can do about it other than give a full refund to venezuelans who probably had to work in a oil drill for 20 years to afford adobe photoshop elements

  • Tomas K
    Tomas K 2 days ago

    i kind of like the form factor. I would like a capable phone that isn't primarily for media consumption. Like what some people said about the external Galaxy fold screen. kind of pushes you not to stare on your phone all the time, yet still be able to use all the functions of todays smartphones.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 2 days ago +1

    No news on checkm8?

  • Qasim Mustafa Ali
    Qasim Mustafa Ali 2 days ago

    Honey extension is a scam, I've used it last year when you first told us about it, from then I've spent over $2K and guess what....... I didn't save anything at all. I have some points that doesn't give me more than $2 or $3 by most. Even when it searches for promo codes it always fails to do so. I hate it so much that I wish I could band you from telling us this lie honestly.