• Published on Feb 12, 2020
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  • Reilly Collier
    Reilly Collier 3 hours ago

    Bedtime stories

  • Kynan Walsh
    Kynan Walsh 13 hours ago +1

    ayyyyyy forrrrrrrr freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee man thats from bedtime Stories i love that movie, big up adam sandler

  • CJY ツ Graphics!
    CJY ツ Graphics! 23 hours ago

    “For freeeeeee” bedtime stories uno

  • LT Gaming
    LT Gaming 4 days ago

    Yo how have they got a Apple Music advert in their video

  • Blake Abrahams
    Blake Abrahams 5 days ago

    The movie you guys were talking about is bedtime story

  • Lord Spuddgamer
    Lord Spuddgamer 7 days ago

    Bedtime stories haha

  • TyGonnaFly
    TyGonnaFly 9 days ago +1

    Her mother raised them right

  • Gemma Millar
    Gemma Millar 11 days ago

    3:28 Tobi interrupts Manny and instantly apologies like if that was any other youtubers they wouldn’t mind or even realise they did

  • Lucas Kolstad
    Lucas Kolstad 13 days ago

    Put more Music out

  • Ioan Bogdan Morosanu
    Ioan Bogdan Morosanu 13 days ago


  • STRG
    STRG 15 days ago +1

    KSI: Im The Best Rapper In The SDMN
    Tobi: *Destined For Greatness

  • Katherine Warren
    Katherine Warren 16 days ago

    Yoooo Adonis is such an amazing energy. He seems like such an awesome guy

  • Ya_ Boi
    Ya_ Boi 16 days ago

    I think that quote was from Bedtime Stories
    Hope I'm right

  • Atomica rt
    Atomica rt 19 days ago

    Please do more music you guys are fire🔥

  • Aloysius King
    Aloysius King 19 days ago

    You both could definitely drop a diss track

  • cindico
    cindico 19 days ago

    tobi is so polite and nice for example "srry for interrupting" tobi thx for being alive

  • Gmahs
    Gmahs 20 days ago

    you better be makin more music

    KINGSLEY B. 22 days ago

    why cant manny be in the sidemen

  • Georgie Atkinson
    Georgie Atkinson 22 days ago

    Ok but we NEED more music from Toby and Manny🔥

  • chris mccarty
    chris mccarty 23 days ago

    When I listened to it took me a sec to catch the Nintendo Wii/We line but I did and I vibed to it, such a great word play

  • Litty Dabs
    Litty Dabs 24 days ago

    Pls hop on a track with jj

  • Ghost Reacts
    Ghost Reacts 25 days ago +1

    Whose here after tobi went with the UK drill flow on the Christmas song? 🐐🔥🇬🇧

    KHALIL WILSON 26 days ago

    Bedtime stories

  • hiwot endale
    hiwot endale 27 days ago

    More music please! Tobi and manny .

  • AJ Wint
    AJ Wint 28 days ago +1

    I'd like that shoutout
    Its from bedtime stories

  • AlfieZGaming *-*
    AlfieZGaming *-* 29 days ago

    Tobi is actually the nicest person ever

  • Primo3859
    Primo3859 29 days ago

    song was fire, love it

  • Mcebisi Mzinzi
    Mcebisi Mzinzi Month ago

    What is dragonfly and what

  • Ayden Stephenson
    Ayden Stephenson Month ago

    Big up Adam Sandler

  • sauceie wept
    sauceie wept Month ago

    no tobi is humble

  • Fliss Mitt
    Fliss Mitt Month ago

    what a legend

  • Werner Desouza
    Werner Desouza Month ago

    F in the chat for those haters who haven’t heard anything in their life🤦🏼‍♂️🙏

  • Lipton Tang
    Lipton Tang Month ago

    Appreciate Tobi for saying that he will improve from listening to criticisms. It's rare to see someone at this level this humble man

  • Joseph RD
    Joseph RD Month ago +1

    He should have 438+Mill subs as that’s his lifetime views people who watch should sub

  • Justin Huschilt
    Justin Huschilt Month ago

    We need more music from you 3!

  • Konstantinos Schizodimos

    Tobi is the for freeeeee from Bedtime stories i swear i have heard it from that movie

  • comrade elmo
    comrade elmo Month ago

    Is it just me or manny looks like ynw melly

  • Kathinka Solberg
    Kathinka Solberg Month ago


  • Hugo Flisberg
    Hugo Flisberg Month ago

    I dont listen to this kind of mucik but this song was sick and it is my new fav song

  • Caleb Newton
    Caleb Newton Month ago

    What is the hype mans FLash-player channel

  • BobDaSlob 1872
    BobDaSlob 1872 Month ago

    I love how if tobi and manny get any hate on there songs they take it on board and improve.

  • Nyol
    Nyol Month ago


  • Regga3 SharK
    Regga3 SharK Month ago

    Keep up the work guys. Y’all got a knack for this, the flow is averageish but that’s besides the point y’all are new to this and are so humble with everything. Again just a reflection of your upbringing. If you keep up the work and keep sitting in the studio together y’all could create something great! It might just be a hobby but y’all got something going here. Also y’all putting janelle on this was major, her vocals were exactly what y’all needed on it. Congrats to your family! What love y’all got for each other!

  • Wosty
    Wosty Month ago

    The real question is, can we use this in our FLash-player vids?

  • Purvi
    Purvi Month ago

    ksi: im the best rapper
    tobi: hold my bible

  • I don’t know
    I don’t know Month ago


  • Gracie Greensmith
    Gracie Greensmith Month ago

    *slowly adds to playlist*

  • Planet_ Rahul
    Planet_ Rahul Month ago +1

    I have no idea is perpetuals
    I don’t think I spelt it right

  • KJ Gordon
    KJ Gordon Month ago

    Nice job janellè, Toby and Manny

    • KJ Gordon
      KJ Gordon Month ago

      Thank you so much for keeping entertained during quarantine

  • divya moorgan
    divya moorgan Month ago


  • Ameer Naqvi
    Ameer Naqvi Month ago


  • Harry Stephen Dyer
    Harry Stephen Dyer Month ago

    This Song is 🔥🔥🔥

  • pointless123 896
    pointless123 896 Month ago

    Im 13 what is that big word you said 😁😂🤣

  • Faze Orange
    Faze Orange Month ago

    You guys are just so inspiring. Like never rapping before and then making that. Love you guys

  • Noorツ
    Noorツ Month ago +1

    Anyone whos watching it now u can see that ppl rlly like tobi. 111k likes to 814 dislikes

  • Jordan Watson
    Jordan Watson Month ago

    My brother heard tobi say that 'bedtime stories' quote and we just looked at each other because it was our childhood film

  • Ben Luke
    Ben Luke 2 months ago

    My man tobi knows bedtime stories

  • Nick Ortiz
    Nick Ortiz 2 months ago

    Bedtime stories lmaooo

  • Casey Urbaczewski
    Casey Urbaczewski 2 months ago +1

    More music please you guys have talent

  • Etrox
    Etrox 2 months ago

    thats from bed time stories sick movie

  • Albie Thomson
    Albie Thomson 2 months ago

    Im twelve and I know impetuous but then again I dont think most twelve yr olds do btw Im not a hater i just had to put it out there🤣

  • Josiah Roy
    Josiah Roy 2 months ago

    Bed time stories

  • Ethan Woodley
    Ethan Woodley 2 months ago

    Bedtime story broooo 💙🌍keep doin what you doin man

  • Fat Guy123
    Fat Guy123 2 months ago

    Love you bro ❤️

  • Dragonwarlord ❶
    Dragonwarlord ❶ 2 months ago

    That like and dislike ratio is legendary
    *We love you Tobi* 💜

  • Chris McKee
    Chris McKee 2 months ago +1

    If Tobi and Manny enjoy making music, they totally should, they could really take off if they focused on it.

  • Ghostfaceghilie
    Ghostfaceghilie 2 months ago

    Humble af video

  • ilovepuppies088
    ilovepuppies088 2 months ago

    Manny you're a great rapper, so are you Tobi. You guys killed it

  • Evie Kelly
    Evie Kelly 2 months ago

    Ayyyyyyyy bedtime story tings FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Thapelo Phala
    Thapelo Phala 2 months ago

    They do hit hard I love this