Baaghi 3: Dus Bahane 2.0 | Vishal & Shekhar FEAT. KK, Shaan & Tulsi Kumar | Tiger S, Shraddha K

  • Presenting the first video song "Dus Bahane 2.0" from the upcoming Bollywood movie #Baaghi3, Sung by Vishal & Shekhar, Featuring KK, Shaan & Tulsi Kumar. Get ready to witness the most badass song of the year that will definitely get you grooving.
    A Sajid Nadiadwala Franchise
    Directed by Ahmed Khan
    Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala
    Presented & Co-produced by Fox Star Studios
    A Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment production
    Baaghi 3 Movie ► Releasing on 6th March 2020.
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    Dus Bahane 2.0
    Dus Bahane 2.0 - Ye Dil Toh
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    ♫ Song Credit♫
    Song: Dus Bahane 2.0
    Singers: Vishal & Shekhar Feat. KK, Shaan & Tulsi Kumar
    Composed by: Vishal & Shekhar
    Lyrics: Panchhi Jalonvi
    Music Producer & Arranger: Meghdeep Bose
    Song Edited by: Nitin FCP
    Mixed & Mastered by: Eric Pillai @ Future Sound of Bombay.
    Assisted by: Michael Edwin Pillai
    Recorded by: Sohrabuddin @ Tseries Studio, Delhi
    Meghdeep Bose @ Sound Bakery, Mumbai
    Meghdeep's Assistant: Priyanshu Soni
    Choreographer: Prince Gupta
    Music Label: T-Series
    Operator Codes:
    1.Dus Bahane 2.0
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    BSNL (North / West) Subscribers sms BT 7363587 To 56700
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    2.Dus Bahane 2.0 - Ye Dil Toh
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    Virgin Subscribers sms TT 11884765 To 58475
    MTNL Subscribers sms PT 11884765 To 56789
    3.Dus Bahane 2.0 - Jaane Hua Hai Kya
    Vodafone Subscribers Dial 53711884768
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  • Bhim Bahadur
    Bhim Bahadur 34 minutes ago


  • Bhim Bahadur
    Bhim Bahadur 34 minutes ago


  • XaviGamer zax
    XaviGamer zax Hour ago

    Tiger shroff only became famous cause of the movie war

  • King Official
    King Official Hour ago

    I love my India 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • shibajee samaddar
    shibajee samaddar 3 hours ago

    In the original video, there was Sanjay Dutt period.

  • Hasina Khatun
    Hasina Khatun 3 hours ago


  • indo para energi
    indo para energi 3 hours ago


  • Ashok Yadav
    Ashok Yadav 5 hours ago

    Nice bro

  • B Gill
    B Gill 5 hours ago

    Original version is better. Why is Bollywood just remaking old songs ?

    BOLLYWOOD TADKA 6 hours ago

    Winning 3 filmfare award is not a joke.
    Hats off to Shaan 💓

  • Yogita Hawaldar
    Yogita Hawaldar 7 hours ago

    Camera work isn't good

  • Parvesh Kumar
    Parvesh Kumar 8 hours ago

    Wgchggvi को fdut

  • Spln
    Spln 15 hours ago

    If you think old one much much better then hit the like button.

  • Pakchipak Rajababu
    Pakchipak Rajababu 16 hours ago

    Sraddha Kapoor blue dress like decorated bikni🔥

  • J. Peshwani
    J. Peshwani 17 hours ago

    Ummm hhuummm......0riginal its origiNal.....sanjay dutt sunil shetty....shilp ...
    New mai wo baat nhi aa saki jo ORIGINAL mai thi....

  • Nilesh Manchalkar
    Nilesh Manchalkar 17 hours ago

    Tiger Shroff or shraddha kapoor ke liye like 😃😃

  • Suraj Singh
    Suraj Singh 17 hours ago

    Here is the latest song video which is currently treading at worldwide on FLash-player

  • DhoDalees
    DhoDalees 19 hours ago

  • Nisha Kundra
    Nisha Kundra 19 hours ago

    Love this song

  • Deputy Mishra
    Deputy Mishra 20 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Surya Pratap Swain
    Surya Pratap Swain 21 hour ago

    Wow.. That's Really awesome song
    Well arranged Special Effects.. ONE OF THE BEST SONGS OF 2020

  • Sonali Kedar
    Sonali Kedar 21 hour ago

    I love it

    SHAN SRI LANKA 21 hour ago

  • Md. Rabbi Khan
    Md. Rabbi Khan 22 hours ago


  • Shivam Bisht
    Shivam Bisht 22 hours ago

    Nice dance

  • Mudassir Ali
    Mudassir Ali 22 hours ago

    Jis ko b baaghi movie dwkhne hai comment kry

  • Aazim Domki
    Aazim Domki 23 hours ago +1

    Love u Shradhha 💕😍

  • Nandkishor Shende
    Nandkishor Shende Day ago +1

    bahane ase jo dus se uper

  • Shreya Rubetha
    Shreya Rubetha Day ago

    Everyone talking about shraddha barely in clothes but COME ONE look at those calves and toned things, LIKE DAMMMNNNNNNN

  • Shakkthi Kannan
    Shakkthi Kannan Day ago

    this version is so much more entertaining to watch coz ppl ARE ACTUALLY DANCING

  • ira - chan
    ira - chan Day ago

    Gane ki kittnaa maa behn karoge abb???

  • Pourobi Farabi
    Pourobi Farabi Day ago

    Shardaa killed it him...💕

  • M Darrar
    M Darrar Day ago

    What a bullshit, shirtless guy dancing on “dus bahane kar key” - it makes no sense. How do you find time to watch this crap?

  • Shamoli Alam
    Shamoli Alam Day ago +1

    মেডায় সুবিধার না

  • OriginaL Contents

    Bollywood actors in the songs wants to proof that they don't feel cold in Snow...

  • Geeta Jarya
    Geeta Jarya Day ago +1

    My favourite actor tiger Shroff

  • Geeta Jarya
    Geeta Jarya Day ago +1

    Kya ganna hai

  • Fara B B
    Fara B B Day ago

    Wow super duper hit song👌👌👌💃💃💃❤❤❤

  • Shanil Issani
    Shanil Issani Day ago

    Looking too good together! No matter what genre Tiger and Shraddha dance to their best! Dancing idols

  • Emon Mahmud
    Emon Mahmud Day ago

    Why there is written 2.0 is this literally me or others else🤣 who didn't got to still now

  • Kunal Nandeshwar

    Pls this was the original if released in original way then also sound awsome..pls dont ruin

  • Sammy Gallop
    Sammy Gallop Day ago

    I come here constantly beacause of the 60% naked shraddha🤣🤣🤣

  • Jasper Gupta
    Jasper Gupta Day ago

    how dare you stand where they stood

  • Vivek Vv
    Vivek Vv Day ago

    Lagthahe is ladkiko kapade bilkul pasanthe nahi he

  • Hiranya Deka
    Hiranya Deka Day ago


  • Ajay Khatik
    Ajay Khatik Day ago

    Shraddha ab tum kafi badal gyi ho....

  • Kamal Hoshin
    Kamal Hoshin Day ago


  • Lamia Sultana
    Lamia Sultana Day ago +1


  • ayan 786
    ayan 786 Day ago

    Yea movie mere tv mea hai baaghi3

  • Golden butterfly sadaf omg 🔥🔥🤤🤤🤤

  • Jatt Bajwa
    Jatt Bajwa Day ago😍😍😍😍😍

  • suman singh
    suman singh Day ago +1


  • Raj Bahadur
    Raj Bahadur Day ago

    Very nice

  • samidha patil
    samidha patil Day ago watch this song

  • Satya Prakash
    Satya Prakash Day ago +1

    My best song ❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • MD Rakib
    MD Rakib Day ago


  • Barnali Samadder
    Barnali Samadder 2 days ago +1

    Nice song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • MixLoveSong N.R
    MixLoveSong N.R 2 days ago +1

    कारोंन से बचें और अपने परिवार को बचाओ और प्लीज यारो बाहर ना जाए जय हिंद 🇮🇳🇮🇳 जय भारत 🇮🇳 गाना पसंद हो तो एक लाइक करो

  • varun kumar
    varun kumar 2 days ago

    Is it just me or shraddha is looking like malaika arora in some frames.....🤔

  • Anurag Yadav
    Anurag Yadav 2 days ago

    Dil le jane ke liye 1 hi bahana kafi hai

  • Rakesh Gaikwad
    Rakesh Gaikwad 2 days ago +1

    Very nice song😊😊

  • Atikah Raisa
    Atikah Raisa 2 days ago

    Download korajayna chano

  • Manav Gill
    Manav Gill 2 days ago

    Ganda song 😫😫 besarm

  • Ummi Shorna
    Ummi Shorna 2 days ago

    Tiger Shroff doesn't know counting... He shows 5 fingers on "dus bahane"😂😂😂😂

  • sweekriti sethi
    sweekriti sethi 2 days ago

    Don't know but this dressig sense looks good on katrina and not shraddha although she knows dancing

  • Anukiran bhardwaj
    Anukiran bhardwaj 2 days ago +2

    Khatrank yaar like kro 💯👌👌👌👌👌😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • pramod keshari
    pramod keshari 2 days ago +1

    I love this song very good song

  • Jagadish Mandal
    Jagadish Mandal 2 days ago

    Baaghi 4 me Hero kidnapped ho jayega ye sach he

  • Vivek saliya
    Vivek saliya 2 days ago


  • Haradhan Das
    Haradhan Das 2 days ago +1

    Vary nice

  • Mahi Patel Patel
    Mahi Patel Patel 2 days ago +2

    I love bagghi
    I more lover to bagghi 2
    I got mad to see bagghi 3
    Love all bagghi 123
    Love you tiger and shraddha and disha

  • Ayesha Fatima
    Ayesha Fatima 2 days ago

    Loving Shraddha

  • Vevo 3D
    Vevo 3D 2 days ago

    Street dancer dekhane ke liye
    es link pr click kre

  • Podip Sarkar
    Podip Sarkar 2 days ago +6

    2020 pe jo a song sun rehe ho I like kijiye pl

  • Saaho sonu
    Saaho sonu 2 days ago

    Shaan is best.

  • tanvir ashik
    tanvir ashik 2 days ago


  • krishna vamshi
    krishna vamshi 2 days ago

    Old songs remake + south movies story= Bollywood movies 🎥

  • Deepisha Gautam
    Deepisha Gautam 2 days ago +2

    Nora : hiii garmi..
    Shradhaa : Hold my beer..😂

  • Rajiv Ugale
    Rajiv Ugale 2 days ago

    It's a useless re-make

  • Shreya Maheshwari
    Shreya Maheshwari 2 days ago

    Tiger shroff= so many many likes
    Shraddha kapoor = like and comment...
    Because i am the fan of tiger shroff and shrradha kapoor