Australia v New Zealand | 2019 TRC Rd 3 Highlights

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Australia v New Zealand | 2019 TRC Rd 3 Highlights
    The Wallabies produce a record score against the All Blacks to run away to a 47-26 victory in an exciting contest in Perth.
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Comments • 1 479

  • cardigan3000
    cardigan3000 3 hours ago

    fuck me an all black got sent off - must have been horrific - no wonder they didn't show it

  • Etana Tuari
    Etana Tuari 5 hours ago

    All luck as usual

  • Count Monte Cristo

    I'm still waiting for some Aussie bitter and dumbass comments to come through?.... I guess they're watching cricket and AFL to get some stroke on the shaft lo

  • Count Monte Cristo

    I am still laughing at the 0 points...
    And bahahahahahahaha

  • kate1397
    kate1397 Day ago

    Nick white u little rat such a fucking Hollywood little girl no idea why u got picked over Genia lol

  • Jonathan Denysschen

    Were is daimaim

  • Bernard Welff
    Bernard Welff 2 days ago

    Piripi you have every right to be afraid of us. If you try watching rugby with both eyes open not just your normal one eyed stuff then you will know the Boks, Ireland, England and Wales can be the Abs. They not invincable as we proved to you over the last couple of games. Humble pie in container load on its way after another dissapointing World Cup for the Abs. We can take loss gracefully cant say the same for the Abs supporters though. We ready for you bring it.

  • GARY007
    GARY007 2 days ago

    I come from the future...NZ wins the second game lol

  • Mr Right White
    Mr Right White 2 days ago

    One week later :-) Hahahahaha

  • Patrick Jacobsen
    Patrick Jacobsen 2 days ago

    Welcome back to Earth Wallabies ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Patrick Jacobsen
    Patrick Jacobsen 2 days ago +2

    Nek minit in Auckland 36-0

  • Mark Ariki
    Mark Ariki 2 days ago +1

    Ha ha ha, when you played against 14 wow!! But against 15 look like kids. 36-0.

  • Hydra Hunter
    Hydra Hunter 2 days ago +4

    Anyone else here after All blacks beat Australia 36-0?

    • Jimmy Lister
      Jimmy Lister 2 days ago

      They got owned even with the yellow card for Dan coles

  • Nemo Hoes
    Nemo Hoes 3 days ago +1

    Lol anyone see tonites game sat 17 august lol 36......0

  • Universal Kaos
    Universal Kaos 3 days ago

    Welcome back to earth wallabies
    Your fans love you & your 0 tonite

  • Brooklyn Muaiava
    Brooklyn Muaiava 3 days ago +37

    Who's watching this vid after the wallabies got nil'd
    36-0 GG

    • Kupa Cronk
      Kupa Cronk 12 hours ago

      @Dave Ellwood, just like Scott Barretts tackle, i didnt think it was that bad to warrant a red card and suspension. The heirachy are ruining the game and need to stop acting like PC pussies.

    • Dave Ellwood
      Dave Ellwood 21 hour ago

      @Kupa Cronk pongas "s tackle he got suspended for..the bloke was twice his size..what do they expect him to do..and it was side on..maybe I'm getting old but it all seems the same..5 tackles then put it up high...oh well..I can always watch netball๐Ÿ˜ƒ..

    • Kupa Cronk
      Kupa Cronk Day ago +1

      @Dave Ellwood, yes, i was saying to another aussie guy how the refs and rules are making the game too soft and soon it will be like soccer and he replied that AFL and league are the same, not the games he grew up with. I see many good tackles get penalised or they get sent off. Like Tana Umaga said once, we`re not playing tiddlywinks.

    • Dave Ellwood
      Dave Ellwood Day ago

      @Kupa Cronk pretty much..every now and then they lose. I liked it better 30 years ago.. professionalism kills sport

    • Kupa Cronk
      Kupa Cronk Day ago

      @Dave Ellwood, what about the Kangaroos?, its hardly ever a close game, usually its one sided.

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover 3 days ago

    Kerevi demolishing Beauden Barrett ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Cassie
    Cassie 3 days ago

    2:14 This is rugby ๐Ÿ˜

  • Matthew Dawson
    Matthew Dawson 3 days ago

    Rip cus the red card

  • George Crissall
    George Crissall 4 days ago

    Wtf was that number 9 doing... even if u think itโ€™s a forward pass still tackle him ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ then u wonโ€™t concede

  • Isaiah Bird
    Isaiah Bird 4 days ago

    Folau somewhere punching air rn

    • Cassie
      Cassie 3 days ago

      Kerevi demolishing Beauden Barrett ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 4 days ago

    Win one game in a while now they think they gonna win World Cup ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ yeah right.

  • Shannon King
    Shannon King 4 days ago

    Mark my words this was a one off

    • Shannon King
      Shannon King 3 days ago

      We will c Tonite fam ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ฏ

    • Joanna
      Joanna 3 days ago

      saying that most players would be from the All Blacks ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • El Scruffo McScruffy

    This game goes to show that there is live beyond a reliance on Pocock and Folau (the latter who I feel was very disinterested in Rugby over the past 2 seasons). Depth of Aussie finally showing minute glimpses. RWC will show anything and everything happening.
    Red card every day of the week! Blame poor discipline and IQ when going in for a tackle. Geez, Nonu, SBW, Squire and now Barrett! Oh and about the neck rolls, it's funny when the ABs are victims to a neck roll things suddenly start being pointed out, yet the ABs have targets Pocock and Co for years!

    • Joanna
      Joanna 3 days ago

      As an australian, i just hope a southern hemisphere team wins. As long as we beat the poms and the frogs at the end of the day. They should do a North vs. South one day. In

  • Samuel Jabir
    Samuel Jabir 4 days ago

    next round it will be 15 against 15

  • Energized Show
    Energized Show 4 days ago

    What a game!

  • Nels Cor
    Nels Cor 4 days ago +1


  • Nels Cor
    Nels Cor 4 days ago +1

    The Wallabies Machines! VIVA EL RUGBY DEL HEMISFERIO SUR!!!

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado 4 days ago


  • Karl Macbeth
    Karl Macbeth 4 days ago

    Worst highlight video edit.

  • Joanna
    Joanna 4 days ago

    Soo where is the red card incident???

  • Rico
    Rico 4 days ago +2

    The highlights must show what the red card is for.

    • El Scruffo McScruffy
      El Scruffo McScruffy 4 days ago

      @Leopard Bra Brado Did it? Not so sure. ABs were under the pump the entire time up until Barrett brain snap. Hooper was targeted from the beginning. Red card any day of the week, ABs were average as the 99.8% of the fans have stated.

    • Leopard Bra Brado
      Leopard Bra Brado 4 days ago +2

      Scott Barrett's brain explosion pretty much gave Aust this match!

  • jj150r
    jj150r 5 days ago

    "jj150r the caveman comment comes from something he wrote on quora. Google his name and see for yourself. Also the fact you think my comments are strange but not his is interesting". Get over yourself you complete and utter prick.
    I find his so Samboza comments interesting because he does not care what you and others think. You hate that in people, you all do, idiots like you who hate people because they are different and not prepared to take your BS and because you are unable to compete on some peoples level, what you do is you go out of your way to try and oppress the open minded ones. Interesting, darn right he is, because all he speaks is the truth. If you go and actually look at your history where you originate from and what you and your people actually are is what was stated by him on that Quora, definitely for sure you are a slave breed. I am colored, African in fact, so like I am going to give you anytime, a?. What was said is not racist, I read it. It states the obvious, nothing more. You are not this supreme species ok and you could learn a lot from people who do know. As for the rugby, well, I like the look of South Africa, England and Australia. NZ, dreaming if they think they can win 3 World Cups consecutively on current form which is the worst I have seen them in since like 15 years ago.

  • phil mill
    phil mill 5 days ago

    1066 lads we play by our rules... Not french. Good sport tho good sport.
    United kingdom of Great Britain . Great sporting nation also has its coloni s xxxx

    • Joanna
      Joanna 4 days ago


  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 5 days ago +1

    Red cards ruined the game. I dont bother watching rugby anymore

    • John Wayne
      John Wayne 4 days ago

      @XxWales15xX Just my last protest to slam the door on the way out. They stop giving red cards out like candy I might come back...

    • XxWales15xX
      XxWales15xX 4 days ago

      Then why you here lol

  • Frank Morrish
    Frank Morrish 5 days ago

    That all black side was mediocre compared to their previous form. England wales Ireland South Africa maybe Argentina even Scotland, if theyโ€™d put in a great game, could have beaten this AB team.

  • dev3rse
    dev3rse 5 days ago +2

    Kerevi demolishing Beauden Barrett ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Gabriel R. Santos
    Gabriel R. Santos 5 days ago

    2:14 This is rugby ๐Ÿ˜

  • pรฉquenaudtekno
    pรฉquenaudtekno 6 days ago +3

    As an australian, i just hope a southern hemisphere team wins. As long as we beat the poms and the frogs at the end of the day. They should do a North vs. South one day. In saying that most players would be from the All Blacks ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • B B
    B B 6 days ago

    If the Wallabies can go into Eden Park and get a win, then, I will have faith in them for the World Cup.

  • Kelly Ratana
    Kelly Ratana 6 days ago

    It always intrigues me when the All Black's lose. Because the winning team act like they won a world cup. You can't get a big head if you win you have to smash the All Black's back to back to back.

    • Kelly Ratana
      Kelly Ratana 5 days ago

      @0WaterAndSmoke0 After Australia won though they didn't celebrate that victory to hard as if they knew that one win wasn't enough. I'm actually looking forward to see if the wallabies will keep that attitude and see also see what the All Black's will do to make up for that loss.

    • 0WaterAndSmoke0
      0WaterAndSmoke0 5 days ago +1

      @Kelly Ratana ok i will admit that. Good luck for next game and world cup.

    • Kelly Ratana
      Kelly Ratana 5 days ago

      @0WaterAndSmoke0 I'm not being a sore loser ๐Ÿ˜‚ big ups to Australia. Anyone who beats the All Black's wins fear and square. But you have to admit teams do get caught up in one victory.

    • 0WaterAndSmoke0
      0WaterAndSmoke0 6 days ago

      Don't be a sore loser. You must accept defeat graciously and wait for the next game.

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 6 days ago +2

    Win one game in a while now they think they gonna win World Cup ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ yeah right.

    JOEY_YT 6 days ago +1

    Aussies deserved to win

  • Matt Konig
    Matt Konig 6 days ago


  • Bernard Welff
    Bernard Welff 6 days ago

    No Pete, the sheer confidence you meant to say I am sure. I loved watching ausies demolished abs so lucky for you no politics or quota systems are in play for the boks so you will never beat us 57/0 again as for japan they will never beat us again.players chosen on merrit is bad news for abs ausies ect ect ect. We will beat you again come world cup as will Irish in quaters. Container load of humble pie on its way for you to share amongst the one eyed abs supporters.

    • Piripi Hiku
      Piripi Hiku 2 days ago

      Never say's a miracle you even said 57-0...that had to hurt, then, you glutton you, you mention the Japan loss...which was at a WORLD CUP, my god....and all the while you had 15 on the pitch for both games, abs had 14 on the pitch last week. All of us 1 eyed ab supporters can breath a sigh of relief in that alone, we would probably commit suicide having a big fat ZERO on the team sheet, do you still have nightmares? Zero and JAPAN

  • TeamBringIt8
    TeamBringIt8 7 days ago +1

    Ref says and I quote "Contact to the neck area and face with shoulder elbow direct with card"
    Now watch 1:01 and tell me that isn't the exact same thing on the All Blacks player?

    • TeamBringIt8
      TeamBringIt8 5 days ago

      @0WaterAndSmoke0 Now why would the highlights not show the red card offence I wonder? and even PHIL KEARNS and all his Australian bias said it wasn't a red card offense...if that doesn't say anything idk what does.

    • TeamBringIt8
      TeamBringIt8 5 days ago

      @0WaterAndSmoke0 go to 1.13 and play it at 0.25 speed and then tell me he doesn't AT LEAST hit his face. Then tell me where you see beales hands attempting to make a tackle....either way it's a shoulder charge ans should have been dealt with accordingly.

    • TeamBringIt8
      TeamBringIt8 5 days ago

      @0WaterAndSmoke0 are you serious? I did watch it and he obviously does? What are you smoking mate

    • 0WaterAndSmoke0
      0WaterAndSmoke0 6 days ago

      Watch 1:14 on the other angle. Beale doesn't touch his neck or head at all. You are such a sore loser.

  • Daryl Smith
    Daryl Smith 7 days ago

    Who needs folau, we have beale.

  • minibeast21
    minibeast21 7 days ago +1

    Scott Barrett's brain explosion pretty much gave Aust this match!

  • Piers Lunnon-Wood
    Piers Lunnon-Wood 7 days ago


  • Isaac Mora
    Isaac Mora 7 days ago


  • Broodje Feta
    Broodje Feta 7 days ago

    Soo where is the red card incident???

  • trevay bad bitchh
    trevay bad bitchh 7 days ago

    Newzealand needed this a lil warm up

  • Greg Hallanan
    Greg Hallanan 7 days ago +2

    What a bring down. Fancy the mighty all blacks getting belted by the wannabe's! ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Greg Hallanan
      Greg Hallanan 3 days ago

      @L 8 R z B O L T Australian Rugby is for losers. It's run by losers! Nobody watches.

    • L 8 R z B O L T
      L 8 R z B O L T 3 days ago

      @Greg Hallanan So funny Wallabies, Wallabies (Fans) and Sports Media only talk when the Wallabies beat the All Blacks once every 4 or 5 years ๐Ÿ˜‚.

    • Greg Hallanan
      Greg Hallanan 3 days ago

      @L 8 R z B O L T They should be able to hold them scoreless everytime. The wallabies are a joke! ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • L 8 R z B O L T
      L 8 R z B O L T 3 days ago

      Haha the All Blacks held the Wallabies scoreless 9 times.

  • Ghostbullet47
    Ghostbullet47 7 days ago +8

    need to lose a game every now and then to take the pressure off. the All Blacks are going to slap them silly next week lol

    • Tony MacArthur
      Tony MacArthur 3 days ago +2

      great minds think a like. ABs just handed the aussies a doughnut.

    • Dave Ellwood
      Dave Ellwood 3 days ago

      How right you are..

  • wee ronnie
    wee ronnie 7 days ago

    New Zealanders are pure scum and the worst losers in the history of sport - there some four-eyed prick called Patrick Mkendry on their newspaper, The Herald. This 'journalist' sums up how badly these pricks from that dopey little country down at the end of the world behave, whether in boxing, rugby cricket or tiddlywinks, when they lose. The New Zealand thugs have been getting away with things like the Barrett incident for years but thanks to the bravery of people like Garces, scum like Williams and Barrett are being brought to task. It's a shame that the evil cnut, McCaw, got away with it for so long.
    The New Zealand press and increasingly its public, know that they will not win the World Cup this year but do not know how to deal with the fact. Just wait for their comments after they get knocked out...'ooh, we had food poisoning, ooh, Wayne Barnes is not a nice man and doesn't like us, ooh, that referee is French and they don't like us' Pathetic

    • Proud Kiwi
      Proud Kiwi 6 days ago +1

      Shit you've got a lot of hate for my little country. God bless you regardless man. Have a happy life.

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 7 days ago +1

    pitty aussies wont win again for another 100

  • Sai Tui
    Sai Tui 7 days ago

    All the kiwis getting salty because we lost this 1 game, saying Barret should retire and what not. Lol

  • Jake Ramzy
    Jake Ramzy 7 days ago

    You fucking beauty. Take that sheep rooters haha

  • Nick Gurr
    Nick Gurr 7 days ago

    Yall wanna know why aussies won cause Israel folau wasnโ€™t playing for them. GODS PLAN

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 7 days ago

      occasion and some of the 6 Nations teams looking good as well. Hope Pococks back for the wallabies and great to see Frans Steyn back in the international fold.

  • Symm Bias
    Symm Bias 7 days ago


  • Nyasha Mushininga
    Nyasha Mushininga 7 days ago

    Very disappointing am a All Blacks fan

  • My Favorite Things
    My Favorite Things 7 days ago

    I need to learn about this shit because I don't understand anything and actually find it interesting

  • Faysal M.
    Faysal M. 7 days ago

    The All blacks gonna suffer world Cup this year for sure.

  • Kevin Higgins
    Kevin Higgins 7 days ago

    Fantastic off loading, some real quality.

  • Tony Lau
    Tony Lau 7 days ago

    Red card caused the fall of the All Blacks. Didn't see how it happened. An All Black should know better.

  • Sione Sione
    Sione Sione 7 days ago

    That was so cringey ๐Ÿ™„ 1:44
    โ€œForward passโ€
    Does Kearns only watches his side?

  • Realview
    Realview 7 days ago +1

    Go the Wallabies!!!!

  • Ralph Luaifoa
    Ralph Luaifoa 7 days ago

    Wtf all Blacks... This is something you'd expect from the b grade team.

  • Tim Patz
    Tim Patz 7 days ago

    from a AB fan from the states, thats a bit a statement win for Aus
    hope the ABs get their game together for the World Cup.

  • luchiboy
    luchiboy 7 days ago

    Dear Ozzie's. Great win, thoroughly deserved. Please play like that consistently to make this rivalry alive. It's been Hella boring for over a decade. I've somewhat lost interest in rugby because of our dominance for do long. Enjoy your win I'm sure there will be more to come. Next game has all of sudden become very interesting, that I will actually watch it live this time. Keep playing good rugby Ozzie's.

  • kayemen415
    kayemen415 7 days ago

    and who said again that Wallabies are shit without Folau? HUH ? go eat that shit !!

  • Caleb Buchanan
    Caleb Buchanan 7 days ago

    1:44 What the FUCK was Nick white doing? He had the perfect positioning and the momentum to tackle the ab player into touch, but instead he just stood there and claimed it was a forward pass... (not to be hating on Nick white ofc, just a remark)

  • Gaylord Brownlove
    Gaylord Brownlove 7 days ago +1

    Why do Australia and New Zealand have the same flag if they are different?

    • Earthquake Blaster
      Earthquake Blaster 5 days ago

      That's because they both are colony of the British look at cook island or niue they are british colony if you look at australia and new Zealand notes it has the Queen of England basically thats their Queen to

    • Dean Collins
      Dean Collins 6 days ago

      Its a different flag mate. Aus has more stars , NZ stars different colours Similar to how USA and Canada flag are the same ay?

  • Dave baggins
    Dave baggins 7 days ago

    Should be a good WC great to see SA and Aus recovering after the last few years theyโ€™ve had! Particularly SA who were a shadow of their former selves. NZ will rise to the occasion and some of the 6 Nations teams looking good as well. Hope Pococks back for the wallabies and great to see Frans Steyn back in the international fold.

  • steff serpent
    steff serpent 7 days ago

    pitty aussies wont win again for another 100

  • Marcel Boogaard
    Marcel Boogaard 7 days ago

    Anyone else looking forward to the World Cup? Canโ€™t wait ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Marcus Bishop
    Marcus Bishop 7 days ago +3

    England fan here, literally cannot wait for this WC. Going to be fire.

  • Lindile Mgqobele
    Lindile Mgqobele 7 days ago

    what a game to watch God

  • Archie Craigie Halkett
    Archie Craigie Halkett 7 days ago +1

    4:57 At this moment I was generally worried the All Blacks could come back and draw or maybe even win the game.

  • coogko moim
    coogko moim 7 days ago

    Hey guys remember that integral rule about not playing the ball if you're already on the ground that the all blacks ignored twice?

  • Emanuel Voelker
    Emanuel Voelker 7 days ago

    American Football fan here lol

  • Lulu2.0
    Lulu2.0 8 days ago

    Wallabies are taking the world cup this year. Sorry All Blacks.

  • ShahrilThePro 200
    ShahrilThePro 200 8 days ago +1

    No Maanonu
    No Mccaw
    No Dan Carter
    No Win

    • coogko moim
      coogko moim 7 days ago

      I donโ€™t see New Zealand winning World Cup this year

  • Der pate
    Der pate 8 days ago +1

    The all blacks lost when they stopped contesting the rucks ( because of the red card) and slowing the aussie game. We say this with kieran read jackling two aussie ball in his 22. Once australia went fast with their backlines always advancing thanks to their physical domination ghe all blacks were constantly scrambling and their defense basically omploded. Plus oยดconnor and leleiafano perfectly directing the attack and always choosing the good option was all it needed to put the all blacks to shame

  • Tshifhiwa Thovhakale

    wow i used to think that All blacks are unbeatable

  • N B
    N B 8 days ago

    Too many red cards these days

    DIRK VANSCHALKWYK 8 days ago

    watch out for the wounded animal

  • Neimaar ouloulou
    Neimaar ouloulou 8 days ago

    Vivement la coupe du Monde !! La Franc peut dรฉclarer FORFAIT .. et Bernaaaaaard !?!! tu prends Laporte et tout de suite !!

  • Niuean Laho
    Niuean Laho 8 days ago

    Congrats Wallabies .......hopefully a different story at the fortress......go the All Blacks!!!

  • Ben Curtis
    Ben Curtis 8 days ago

    For the first trie for Nzl did he not play the ball on the floor

  • Parra Eels
    Parra Eels 8 days ago

    Aussies can do any thing. Nothing is impossible for Australians. We shattered ur pride today all blacks

  • Dacota Fett
    Dacota Fett 8 days ago

    Jesus, what happened to the rule of forward pass?

  • R3nting 3arth
    R3nting 3arth 8 days ago

    Thou I'm a All black fan I have to say.....the wallabies played well. Using thee advantage of aye missing AB For being red carded

  • cedric jacobs
    cedric jacobs 8 days ago

    no forward pass from nz

  • Good Listener
    Good Listener 8 days ago

    All Blacks are not stupid, they will show their best at the rugby world ๐ŸŒ cup in Japan.

  • Taky C
    Taky C 8 days ago

    Donโ€™t worry all blacks, we still got the World Cup

  • Baladeva Das
    Baladeva Das 8 days ago

    wauuu!!! a big level rugby

  • shariff ismail
    shariff ismail 8 days ago

    I donโ€™t see New Zealand winning World Cup this year

  • Googs Fishing
    Googs Fishing 8 days ago

    Hey guys remember that integral rule about not playing the ball if you're already on the ground that the all blacks ignored twice?

  • Skate Oscar
    Skate Oscar 8 days ago

    This is the first time in years Australia beat new zealend in years.
    Congrats to em