Highlights: Accrington Stanley v Sunderland

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • Match action from Sunderland's Sky Bet League One fixture at Accrington Stanley on April 3 2019.
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  • Isaac Beckley
    Isaac Beckley 7 months ago

    "Twice a scorer at Wembley" Now scores away against Accrington.

  • Mika Martens
    Mika Martens 8 months ago +1

    Will Grigg's on fire...

  • Lynne Thomas
    Lynne Thomas 8 months ago

    Can't help falling in love with you H'A WAY THE LADS . Keep the faith 😍 RED & WHITE ARMY FOREVER ♥️

  • nommag23
    nommag23 8 months ago

    nice little ground that,i was there a few years ago to watch Blyth Spartans, in the league not a cup game.

  • Fortnite Gaming
    Fortnite Gaming 8 months ago


  • My logic is a force to be reckoned with.

    When did Sunderland get relegated to non league? I don't follow English football but last time I saw saw Sunderland, they were in the EPL.

  • iawn
    iawn 8 months ago

    Ah the game we all waited for😂

  • Aaron
    Aaron 8 months ago +1


    ALANSHEARERISGOD 8 months ago

    Christ almighty... only the Mackems could start spunking over beating Accrington Stanley. Well done ya mongs.

  • will grigg
    will grigg 8 months ago

    If only we'd played like this the last time

  • Manuel Valdez
    Manuel Valdez 8 months ago +6

    Sunderland till i die, cheers from México!

    • surge79uwf
      surge79uwf 6 months ago

      Ja van a perder el reducido...

    YO YO MOFO 8 months ago +1

    Wyke is shite

  • Mark Lundie
    Mark Lundie 8 months ago

    Very good win and 3 good goals!

    JACK MANNERS 8 months ago

    what a great win and a crucial win too to put presure on barnsley

  • Kev Lowdon
    Kev Lowdon 8 months ago

    Great 3 points lad after tough game at Wembley we need 2 kick on in the league now n get up automatically we deserve at least that...n god Wyke looked better having more chances but still cudnt hold my laugh in at some of them sitters he blazed over bar...keep going son the goals will come...well hopefully 🤔🤔🤔

  • john dublyoo
    john dublyoo 8 months ago +1

    Just goes to show how well they can play 4.4.2 when Ross lets them off the leash, more of the same lads for the rest of the season. FTM

  • Finlay Elliott
    Finlay Elliott 8 months ago +11

    Good to see jack has changed his tactic from sitting back after one goal and trying to kill the game off now

    • Finlay Elliott
      Finlay Elliott 8 months ago

      Mart Fildes yeah doesn’t have the good enough defenders even in league 1 to back off them now

    • Mart Fildes
      Mart Fildes 8 months ago +2

      Finlay Elliott aye mate sad to say that Wembley final was a disgrace. Bloody awful tactics. If we do get promotion I’m a bit sceptical weather he can do the job.

  • Asael Rojas
    Asael Rojas 8 months ago +21

    Ha'way the lads! Excellent game. Sunderland till I die fellows ✊✊✊ following ya all the way from Chile.

    • XD Edl Alan
      XD Edl Alan 3 months ago

      Sunderland are in L1 nufc are in prem I'm a Charlton fan but what happened

  • Mackem Forever
    Mackem Forever 8 months ago +1

    Cracking win. That's one win in the bag, another eight off the bounce will see us automatically promoted.

  • johnny Brravo
    johnny Brravo 8 months ago

    awesome to see

  • GRA Ararat
    GRA Ararat 8 months ago +23

    Sunderland till i die... respect from turkey

  • Morgan Gray
    Morgan Gray 8 months ago +15

    Get in lads, well played. Keep this up and we'll definitely be in the championship next season. HA'WAY THE LADS

  • Freshy
    Freshy 8 months ago +4


  • Col A North East
    Col A North East 8 months ago +1



  • 20 Clayton
    20 Clayton 8 months ago +8

    Wow. Sunderland fans were amazing.

  • Gilad Nachshen
    Gilad Nachshen 8 months ago +10

    Keep on like this and we're in the championship 🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴

  • Tanyi Franç
    Tanyi Franç 8 months ago +1

    We are back in the game baby. We are heading to the Championship. #Hawaythelads

  • xMR FR33MANx
    xMR FR33MANx 8 months ago +2

    Keep playing like this boys , every single week until the end of the season and promotion will be imminent. We cannot afford to stay in this league next season especially after that cup loss! Ha'way the lads! 💚

  • TeknoViking
    TeknoViking 8 months ago +7

    The best performance of the season, over 20 chances created, absolutely dominated them from start to finish, we scored one goal and stayed positive and kept attacking and continued to attack after the second and third, it was brilliant to see the lads not fall into that negative defensive attitude after scoring 1 goal, being a Sunderland fan I don't feel comfortable until we have a 2-3 goal lead, one goal means nothing when you're a Sunderland fan so to see us keep dominating after the first shows a great change in mentality!! Let's keep it up for the rest of the season lads!!
    Also Charlie Wyke is a shocking 'footballer' he's a striker with no finishing, a target man who can't head a ball, just goes to show if you want something bad enough you can achieve it because he isn't a footballer.

    • Mart Fildes
      Mart Fildes 8 months ago +1

      Absolutely agree with you 100% we should have pissed all over this league. To many draws that should have been wins! The stats don’t lie.

    • TeknoViking
      TeknoViking 8 months ago +2

      @Mart Fildes we were brilliant first half but second half was one of the most piss poor performances from Jack Ross to McLaughlin, it's unacceptable to going defensive against any team in the league

    • Mart Fildes
      Mart Fildes 8 months ago

      Let’s hope he “jack ross” does not change things again. Time after time this season he has messed around with the squad... Jesus Christ he left us with no striker on Sunday ffs. We should have smashed pompy!! But he made us play defence after one goal when we dominated for 35 mins! Weak management...

    • TeknoViking
      TeknoViking 8 months ago +1

      @Les Cooke it's been a Sunderland mentality for years now, hopefully this is a sign of change and a team looking to score as many as possible

    • Les Cooke
      Les Cooke 8 months ago +1

      Exactly! Where is it written that when you go one up you then hold on and defend deep.
      Attack, attack and attack again. Play as if you need to win 6-0.

  • Evan Lavery
    Evan Lavery 8 months ago


    • TeknoViking
      TeknoViking 8 months ago +4

      @Evan Lavery 'mommy' wow, you really are pathetic and to have the audacity to say someone else needs attention after commenting 'first' on a FLash-player video is just so hypocritical and what makes it even more pathetic is the you said 'mommy didn't show you enough attention' on the exact comment you used to try and get attention, I'm sorry your life is that sad that you have to trawl FLash-player, writing pathetic comments to try and fill your needs for attention.

    • Evan Lavery
      Evan Lavery 8 months ago

      @TeknoViking Oof areet. Mommy not give you enough attention?

    • TeknoViking
      TeknoViking 8 months ago +3

      @I don't inow it's 2019 and you're still saying 'ya', you're just as pathetic as the people who comment 'first' on a video to feed their attention deficit

    • Max Thomas
      Max Thomas 8 months ago +2