When a guy tells you to wear a bra because ✨he’s✨ uncomfortable with what he’s seeing


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  • Simm JJ
    Simm JJ 7 hours ago

    Just go naked then. Lmao, we have reached to a level where some people are arguing because they want to show their nipples. This is so stupid,like seriously, just go naked then and if someone points out then tell them stop living in 1800s.

  • Maroof Nash
    Maroof Nash 7 hours ago

    So why we were this shit we want naked society I hate clothes

  • Asrar Almadar
    Asrar Almadar 7 hours ago

    So it means I can flash my junk like a pervert? And cover it with a single thread as well as called it mordern thinking 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 jk. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 please don't do this .

  • kangarooster
    kangarooster 8 hours ago

    I promise you no man is saying shit like this.

  • Tech Talk
    Tech Talk 9 hours ago

    1950 mindset!?
    Modesty has its own beauty

  • Ravish Joshi
    Ravish Joshi 10 hours ago

    No straight male will ever say any of this. Y'all out here lying

  • Mr Reason
    Mr Reason 10 hours ago

    That’s clearly 2 women, I believe it’s the same woman in 2 different outfits and not a guy. Silly old gender mistake again.

  • shaan sagar
    shaan sagar 10 hours ago

    I respect this girls feeling, why hiding secrets in shirt.

  • Abhinav Anand
    Abhinav Anand 10 hours ago

    That's the reason Thanos came to existence and wiped these out.... #cutiyapa...

    OUSSAMA LIMOUNI 10 hours ago

    Show more thata the mentality that made SOCIETY see women as object if women dress appropriately the chances of being harassed will go down significantly but we live in a messed up SOCIETY that if you literally tell them that they are doing something wrong they'll cancel you

  • eli li
    eli li 11 hours ago

    Says no guy

  • Master SKD
    Master SKD 11 hours ago +1

    Covid is a huge problem to all of us, we shouldn't be fighting among ourselves,

  • jeff jr
    jeff jr 11 hours ago +1

    Also her “omg he stared at my breasts. I feel assaulted”

  • Sam 2003
    Sam 2003 11 hours ago

    Thank you. Sometimes it's just more comfortable to be bra-less.

  • Kumar Aashish
    Kumar Aashish 11 hours ago +1

    Remove your t-shirt then..'cause, i guess, everyone knows girls have boobs....lol

  • Vinícius Silva
    Vinícius Silva 12 hours ago

    Wtf is this

  • abdullah azeem
    abdullah azeem 12 hours ago

    Every manner every ethic to them seems of the medieval

  • MultiShamna
    MultiShamna 13 hours ago +1

    It's a universal truth that guys get horney when they see nipples.. so in public if they themselves needs to be not influenced on their sexual urges saying to not show nipples in public it's okay! If you are ignoring the human emotions and phisical facts, then go ahead and show it!!

  • Mubaraq tp
    Mubaraq tp 14 hours ago

    Better is to not wear dress this is 2021 😂😂

  • Kashan Nisar
    Kashan Nisar 14 hours ago

    It's inappropriate

  • Juan Rodríguez
    Juan Rodríguez 16 hours ago

    I think the exact same thing about wearing pants and if someone argues back I just do the helicopter to assert dominance

  • Queen of kWorld
    Queen of kWorld 16 hours ago

    Well....I read half of the comments and it was hilarious 😂
    First thing..
    Wearing bra or not, it's depends upon yourself....
    Well. .... Girls you have to be safe then... because here rapists rape those who wear saree or suit.....
    You have to be careful because this societies are somewhat broken both mentally and physically.....
    Second thing...
    You boys are acting so pure here..... some are saying that from 2050 onwards nudes will be allowed.....
    Some are saying that be careful of their eyes....some are saying that girls wearing short dresses make them stylish ..
    Well...... aren't you boys are like that.....You don't even know how to be yourself....here you are complaining etc etc....but are you that pure🙄...... questions it to yourself....
    It's just a mentality ...... it's depends on how your minds reacts... ..
    Although you have forgetton but our early ancestors were naked....then after so many years of civilization custom of hiding yourself came into the society.....
    So don't judge anyone .....just judge yourself .....it will be enough...
    And about 2050...you don't have to worry of people wether they will be nude or what..... worry wether you will survive till then or people will survive till 2050...🙄
    And #Girls.....
    Well according to me it's good to be yourself....But about something it's good to have privacy because chalanging societies mindset when the society's doesn't even care..... it's worthless....
    Be yourself and take care of yourself... because societies is ready to judge you in each and every possible way....
    It's better to not to mind them...

  • Wade Harris
    Wade Harris 17 hours ago

    You have to be running out of fake scenarios to paint yourself as a victim sometime soon

  • Billion Music
    Billion Music 18 hours ago

    Same thing I say, when someone tell me to wear underwear 🩲

  • Steven Silva
    Steven Silva 18 hours ago

    on today's news that didn't happen

  • Deon Dre
    Deon Dre 19 hours ago

    I walk with my bulge out so I can’t judge 😉😉😉

  • Lakshit Tripathi
    Lakshit Tripathi 20 hours ago

    A bra supports your boobs. Isn't it? Unless you have small tits oh💀

  • Ross Turpin
    Ross Turpin 21 hour ago +1

    These people are literally just making up problems that don’t exist.

  • Jeff Cuevas
    Jeff Cuevas 21 hour ago

    No guy EVER would say this.... Only other jealous girls do

  • Deflow
    Deflow 21 hour ago

    it boils down to the same thing as a guy running around in skin tight pants just showing off his dick... just dont please everyone else manages to dress appropriately aswell :/

  • Raskreia
    Raskreia 22 hours ago

    Yes yes yes. I support nipple poking through. I wish everyone do that.

  • Aravind Venkatesh
    Aravind Venkatesh 23 hours ago

    Nipples… haha

  • MAD Gangster
    MAD Gangster Day ago

    We want all women to free your nipples but it won't give you equality but boys will sexualize it more in thoughts.

  • Shilpa Bajaj
    Shilpa Bajaj Day ago

    U r very cute summer. 🥰

  • Jacob Fisher
    Jacob Fisher Day ago

    Just don't be mad if you get a few stares

  • Joe skullhead Segawa

    These tik tok really show unrealistic expectations women have with men i general. Modern women really becoming so delusional.. disney movies really did a number on lots of women. Lady lots of women across the world don't want their nipples showing men or women.. that not 1950s thing that your woke stupid western privileged.

  • Timothy Dore
    Timothy Dore Day ago

    When you have a discussion about something you think is going to happen but never does. Like 99 percent of people thinking they know what everyone else is about. News Flash NOBODY CARES HONESTLY.

  • kitty yoongi
    kitty yoongi Day ago

    after reading comments
    My opinion is
    :Guys you should put a bra on too

  • Abdullah Alasmri


  • The Hindu
    The Hindu Day ago

    Girls dont try to get modern. This ruins the culture passed down by our forefathers. Lets not try to be brats that dont obey their parents and wellwishers.

  • semaverci kazan dayı

    as a guy i wouldnt say anything but i will judge you silently literally same thing as my private parts hanging around its common sense to cover up your private parts if you support this either you are a dude thats down bad or joking or you are a woman thats trying to push their ideals on people even tho its supposed to be the other way around its nasty cover up your private parts thank you

  • F.Z Hachimi Alaoui

    Everyone is free, butI just don't know why how being naked/half naked in public is a sign of modernization. I mean fine, you want to show yourself off! but you are disrespecting yourself and your body, you are giving people free looks, imagine the only one who can see you naked is your partner, can you imagine how special that is? Instead of everyone has a vivid idea of how you actually look like and that goes for both men and women. SO, stop calling it modernization or mindset evolving, you are just giving an excuse for exposing yourself, stop normalizing everything.

  • SamErl Gaming
    SamErl Gaming Day ago

    Both are right 😅

  • Senku
    Senku Day ago

    Shut up

  • SuperTopCat
    SuperTopCat Day ago

    Girls now days are just so desperate for attention it’s pathetic

  • Sakis Karanikolas

    Μπορώ και γω να βγω χωρίς βρακί χωρίς να με περάσουν για ανώμαλο;

  • mrsoure patch
    mrsoure patch Day ago

    What is that? The "Girls pretend Guys are intolerant movement"? Some girls judge other girls harder then any men would ever do!

  • It'sYoBoiGucci
    It'sYoBoiGucci Day ago

    100 years later In 3021
    Person A: put a shirt on your boobs are literally exposed
    Person B: Its not 2021 grow out of it

  • S G
    S G Day ago

    As a committee member of men, I whole heartedly support this movement.

  • Walter Paz
    Walter Paz Day ago

    Well as men we all can show our penis as well. How's about that?

  • mohamed benoughidene

    And I 100% support you let's see them

  • Passport Stamps Pete

    I’m not going out with any thotties desperate to show their bodies

  • Arjun Krishnan
    Arjun Krishnan Day ago

    I can't see🙄

  • Thomas Donner
    Thomas Donner Day ago

    Your the loser.

  • 🖤𝐦𝐚𝐣𝐧𝐮𝐛𝐨𝐢♠

    As a member from the men community, I support you 100%

  • Ender Çolak
    Ender Çolak Day ago

    No we are not living in 1950 we have manners

  • OhhhBirdy
    OhhhBirdy Day ago

    Girls literally just wanna be naked lmao

  • Chandravadan Raut

    They want to roam around showing their nipples, cleavage and half boobs out but anyone look at em, they judge them as a creepy or shame them in public. If this is ain't hypocrisy then what is