Real or fake? I X-rayed my Samsung Galaxy Phone to find out!

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • I wanted to know if it was possible to spot the difference between the Samsung Galaxy phone I made in China and one I bought new at Best Buy. So I stuck it in an X-ray machine to find out! And the answer totally surprised me (not clickbait). Also, want to know how much the phone cost to make? Stick around to the end.
    Thanks to the folks at Creative Electron ( for showing me around and letting me play with their machines!
    See behind the scenes at Strange Parts:
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    Gear for this video:
    Main camera:
    Main lens:
    Other camera:
    Repair Toolkit:
    Always Awake - Elliptik (Licensed through
    Edited by auram - aurxm
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  • Loop Is Dedz
    Loop Is Dedz 9 days ago

    I got this idea from the top comment, so first, you ask for a job at Samsung, then bring a broken Samsung Note 10 if you did got the job.
    After you do all that, take your Chinese parts, repair the phone but also install a headphone jack on it.
    Show it to the other staffs, and say that you "accidentally" added a headphone jack on a original Samsung Note 10! ;D
    *Credits to Alpha for this comment idea*

  • Troll man
    Troll man 10 days ago

    7:13 the unease on your face shows that you felt you were called a criminal but you’re in his territory 😂

  • Joe G.
    Joe G. 22 days ago +1

    I told you in your last video $309.00 I dint got no shout out that sucks 🤨

  • DİAMOND gold & silver

    Tamam I have a (nex nex a) phone. I live in Turkey have problems, you can install this device IMEI? 🙍‍♂️ 🙏

  • Very Fast Dental Drill

    Hehe x-raying stuff is what I do.

  • The Most Original Gamer

    13:14 turn on the subtitles

    "And if you own a new ass" 🤣😂

  • Problem solved
    Problem solved Month ago

    hi give your email ID

  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret Month ago

    6000 comments, wow that's dedication. I bet you wish you remembered about Google Forms, haha. Next time!

  • Bilal Yaman
    Bilal Yaman Month ago

    Neden turkce alt yazi yok -.-

  • Sarkazmo Loafy
    Sarkazmo Loafy Month ago

    21:06 "Bunny Suits"

  • 강대현ks
    강대현ks Month ago


  • Kevin Andres Jaramillo Hernández

    Subtitula el vídeo please

  • Trabiccolo
    Trabiccolo Month ago

    Is that why sometimes airplanes may fall ?

  • Alesson Luiz
    Alesson Luiz 2 months ago

    Falto a legenda em português 😔😔😔

  • Donnie Robertson
    Donnie Robertson 2 months ago

    Nice job

  • Night Fury
    Night Fury 2 months ago

    What smartphones have never been cloned?

  • Fuadd
    Fuadd 2 months ago

    Can you make subtitle for indonesia?

    • Night Fury
      Night Fury 2 months ago

      You write in English asking for Indonesian translation😂

  • annonymous annonymous
    annonymous annonymous 2 months ago

    thanx for the shout out

  • javier aravena galindo
    javier aravena galindo 2 months ago

    Cool they make x-ray machines

  • Vertual001
    Vertual001 2 months ago

    Image to build your own phones and sell them as new. You would became rich, lmao.

  • blax 4pix
    blax 4pix 2 months ago

    ur cool bro!!

  • Greg Guillou
    Greg Guillou 2 months ago

    Super interesting video. Really enjoyed it. Thanks

  • patrik muniak
    patrik muniak 2 months ago

    1:39 the new one is the one with the film on the screen ahah

  • DESERT мур
    DESERT мур 2 months ago

    в Китае имеется возможность собрать телефон??? как???

  • You 2020
    You 2020 2 months ago

    Sir please let me know something urgent.
    I have S10 plus billed original from india. And since day 1 I have been facing camera issue. Blur terrible quality. Anyways long story short. The service center thinks it's fine wont agree. They compare with similar terrible piece. I compared to the Samsung s10 plus from usa 975u1 to mine 975F. So the camera is way better on usa. Can you tell me where to get the camera changed from Shanghai as I m travelling to china this week
    Please do let me know where to go n get it replaced cheap but original. Thanks
    Both cameras back and front
    And also my 4g keeps dropping in malls.

  • James Maple
    James Maple 2 months ago

    @Strange Parts - I totally get why you dont include the price, and I get the point that the video(s) is more for the educational/because I can factor than the its cheaper factor (which I totally support), however it would be great if you could include future prices, purely just for curiosity sake. I often imaging building a device of any kind by part is more expensive compared to a used one

  • David S.
    David S. 3 months ago

    Deberias de armar una laptop gaming o una macbook pro

  • - Mike
    - Mike 3 months ago

    Nice Garmin @ 0:33.

  • SCUBAelement
    SCUBAelement 3 months ago

    Cool vid and cool xray lab too!

  • Jp Vlogs
    Jp Vlogs 3 months ago

    A não ta sem legenda para o Brasil

  • Max Newmark
    Max Newmark 3 months ago

    i think if people would like to know how to build a phone buy a fairphone 3 just saying.

  • imran shaik
    imran shaik 3 months ago

    Can you make transparent iphone 7 plus ? 😑🤔

  • Jessica Kanahoe
    Jessica Kanahoe 3 months ago

    Try this thing on.. Does that mean you made a VR headset using a Samsung Galaxy phone cell mod of some kind ?

  • aldo hila
    aldo hila 3 months ago

    Like if he should make iphone x or above with headphone jack

  • Rafael marasca martins
    Rafael marasca martins 3 months ago

    it would be amazing if you build your own airpods!!!

  • Phạm An
    Phạm An 3 months ago

    Can u craft a Asus rog phone 2 plz

  • James Perez P
    James Perez P 3 months ago

    when you make your own phone with your own design, even with parts of other phone brands // cuando fabricas tu propio teléfono con diseño propio asi sea con partes de otras marcas de telefono

  • T4cC0re
    T4cC0re 3 months ago

    Urgh, shit. The ONE TIME I go to DEFCON you are there and I completely missed it :(

    • Strange Parts
      Strange Parts  3 months ago

      This is why you should follow me on twitter:)

  • Can Cantürk
    Can Cantürk 3 months ago


  • you tube
    you tube 3 months ago

    s9+ kirim dong ke Indonesia buat aku

  • Mehedi Hasan
    Mehedi Hasan 3 months ago

    Can you install a finger print sensor in Iphon x?? I watch your video. And I feel that your patient is of next level.. Can you please do this?? I really want to know that Is it possible or not

  • FilmKunGツ
    FilmKunGツ 3 months ago

    I need you come to thailand

  • SoulCollector
    SoulCollector 3 months ago

    Can a SOC of mobile phone be changed and upgrade the specs.,, TRY mi phones that are low priced.

  • Vuk Nikolic
    Vuk Nikolic 3 months ago

    Please make iphone x from parts

  • Me 2
    Me 2 3 months ago

    How to put criminal thoughts into innocent minds. Making firsms/corps grow tenfold basically over night. A problem which rly wasnt and now they can take what ever orice they want. Thats criminal in it self. Atleat The Way of marketing/Way of thinking is. So philosofically /princips are just as worse both ethically/morally. Calling them "creative nerds" are a more correct term in my point of view as well.

  • Burkay
    Burkay 3 months ago

    hah bunu webtekno çoktan bulmuştu çakma telefonların 3lü kamerası yoktur.Tek bir tane var.

  • Damien Lawrence
    Damien Lawrence 3 months ago

    do you play with Blu phones

  • Elias Ashby
    Elias Ashby 3 months ago

    Make a airpods case out of a dental floss case and then use the airpods with it

  • Rey Marrkuau
    Rey Marrkuau 3 months ago +1

    Hello, my name is Raihan, I live in Indonesia, do you have an unused phone, but you can use it, I really want to have a Samsung S9 phone, but I can't afford to buy it.

  • Rey Marrkuau
    Rey Marrkuau 3 months ago +1

    Hello, my name is Raihan, I live in Indonesia, do you have an unused phone, but you can use it, I really want to have a Samsung S9 phone, but I can't afford to buy it.

  • Muhammad Akbar
    Muhammad Akbar 3 months ago

    Have you ever tried upgrading the LCD screen from your iPhone 6s to 6s plus by using an old iPhone 6s machine? just upgrade the LCD screen. thanks

  • bradley blabut
    bradley blabut 3 months ago

    What about huawei.

  • federico 101
    federico 101 3 months ago

    Can you add to an iPhone the usb tipe c

  • Leonardo meza
    Leonardo meza 3 months ago

    Again I ask you if you can put translator in Spanish below.

  • Mateusz Janowski
    Mateusz Janowski 3 months ago

    Honestly, as long as the replaced part works as good or better I don't see an issue. Part that is manufactured more recently is usually cheaper and as good or better. It's a different story if it's replaced with worse component.

    ANEESH CA 3 months ago


  • Tony Mann
    Tony Mann 3 months ago

    Unsubbed since you barely upload

  • kpopRC
    kpopRC 3 months ago

    HEY! any chance you can make a magic mouse that can charge it's battery while it's still working, by moving the charging port to the front? I ask because it's the only side scrolling multi touch mouse out there.

  • Sheeple101
    Sheeple101 3 months ago

    You can also get the parts in Thailand fairly easy.

  • HÀO TRẦN Vlogs
    HÀO TRẦN Vlogs 3 months ago

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