• Published on Mar 15, 2013
    Music video for the release of my debut mixtape 168 The Mixtape
    Filmed by my guy Jaiden, hit him up for the videos he's COLD
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  • george Thorpey
    george Thorpey Month ago


  • Barkhad Yusuf
    Barkhad Yusuf Month ago

    You’ve become a problem brother. Fuck Boris 24/7 hahaha. You represent London yo the fucking world today in 3019. Yah... I know what I did that... gave you an xtra 1000 years man. Keep it up - make sure you remember these days - support your people brother. - signing out: a broke Londoner.

  • Hadyn Larcombe
    Hadyn Larcombe 2 months ago

    Love this video first time I've heard it and it turned out great a lot of potential

  • Wayne Jako
    Wayne Jako 4 months ago

    Stormzy was better in day then he is now

  • Top-gaming-fails
    Top-gaming-fails 5 months ago


  • Robert W. Fuller
    Robert W. Fuller 5 months ago

    There's no way this shouldn't be global! #USMarket

  • Burnleyboypedro
    Burnleyboypedro 10 months ago


  • Master4ka Kek
    Master4ka Kek Year ago

    please background melody

  • Kylum Raquet
    Kylum Raquet 2 years ago

    No using Hopsin's song shows how bad you are all you talk about is bull shits there's no real shit

  • Makaveli
    Makaveli 2 years ago

    Wow that's what I'm talking Best UK rapper standard

  • joseph Wetherill
    joseph Wetherill 2 years ago +3

    Hopsin is underrattedd. no respect to mention its Hopsins beat.

  • M.A.M certi
    M.A.M certi 3 years ago

    this guy roadman

  • M.A.M certi
    M.A.M certi 3 years ago


  • M.A.M certi
    M.A.M certi 3 years ago

    Swing it back

  • Josh Blake
    Josh Blake 3 years ago +3

    Hopsin and Stormzy should link 🔥🔥

  • Jake
    Jake 3 years ago +7

    Ill mind 5 beat what

  • Genesis Orb
    Genesis Orb 3 years ago +3

    Yo this is josh your biggest fan make another video like your other song shut up

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain 3 years ago +1


  • MiikeyKelly
    MiikeyKelly 4 years ago +2


  • champagne veli
    champagne veli 4 years ago +1

    Stormzy's not hitting gym anymore?

  • Arran Smith
    Arran Smith 4 years ago +45

    on that hopsin beat :D

  • Louis Wilding
    Louis Wilding 4 years ago +2

    Rated you since day one stormzy

    • Kylum Raquet
      Kylum Raquet 2 years ago

      Louis Wilding you clearly aren't into hip hop then.

  • 01DOGG01
    01DOGG01 4 years ago +14

    0:30 - unprecedented not 'unpresidented'

    • 01DOGG01
      01DOGG01 4 years ago +14

      @adam phillips Not sure what you're trying to convey here.

    • The Cleaner
      The Cleaner 4 years ago

      Showing results for unprecedented
      Search instead for unpresidented
      Search Results
      never done or known before.

  • Asyah Lei
    Asyah Lei 5 years ago +3

    Born as a problem child my guns go boom boom your guns go pow pow

  • Matt Steel
    Matt Steel 5 years ago

    Luvin dat hospin beat stormzy goes ard

  • sipherplayer
    sipherplayer 5 years ago +3

    13,000 views thats all SERIOUSLY

  • DMXhill
    DMXhill 5 years ago

    Hopsin beat fam

  • Daniel Beresford
    Daniel Beresford 5 years ago +23

    Usin that Hopsin instrumental goin ham still

  • james mason
    james mason 5 years ago

    still listening to this its ardddd

  • CASHSTRO 420
    CASHSTRO 420 5 years ago


  • 666 DTN
    666 DTN 6 years ago

    I found on ebay a sick hat. Type in New Era Snapback Hat/ 2 Tone Axe Clown it looks sick man check it out.././././

  • Tyrone Xavier
    Tyrone Xavier 6 years ago

    That one person who disliked the video must not think he is a threat THIS IS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT

  • ouncezcapone
    ouncezcapone 6 years ago

    Donnies looking wham!

  • Zak
    Zak 6 years ago


  • Zak
    Zak 6 years ago

    ths vid is harrd g.

  • londongraphics
    londongraphics 6 years ago

    lol right by my yard

  • Tyrone Xavier
    Tyrone Xavier 6 years ago

    Bringing back hip hop #Hopsin has competition

  • Street Starz TV
    Street Starz TV 6 years ago

    Stormzy goes in every time! Its his time!

  • Pimlicoman
    Pimlicoman 6 years ago

    Nigga kills it, and been killin it from tym bk

  • Killin Spree
    Killin Spree 6 years ago

    Considering this beat is so easy to spit on I think he could of switched it up a lot more especially his flow

  • Street Starz TV
    Street Starz TV 6 years ago

    Hard! Blogged on

  • LCyungsleaz
    LCyungsleaz 6 years ago

    Too crazy wid his flow its ridicolous big up my bigger brudda stormzy !

  • Jay Timer
    Jay Timer 6 years ago

    when is the mixtape dropping?!

  • trey blaze
    trey blaze 6 years ago

    yh word hes a problem!

  • The Only Real Haval
    The Only Real Haval 6 years ago


  • Aiz Hussain
    Aiz Hussain 6 years ago


  • Jaiden Ramgeet
    Jaiden Ramgeet 6 years ago

    Stormzy this is your time! I'm so happy I got to be a part of this!

  • J3romeKordell
    J3romeKordell 6 years ago


  • Capalone1
    Capalone1 6 years ago

    Fucking hard big up yourself