• Published on Jan 5, 2012
  • Crazy new heavily-awaited music video from 18 year old artist & Unsigned Stars winner, Stormzy. Expect a lot from 2012. This is The Beginning Of The End, Inspired by Hospin's "Ill Mind Of Hospin 4"..

    DIrected by AshleyVerse
    Co-Directed by Stormzy

    Follow: @Stormzy1
    Facebook: Stormzy Omari

    Video filmed by Ashley Verse under Innovative Media.
    For videos enquiries please contact Innovative Media
    Mob: 07535010292
    BBM: 27FD0A5B
    Twitter: @AshleyVerse
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Comments • 63

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith 3 months ago

    "and I'm flyer than a really fly boy flying a helicopter" is one of my new favourite bars ever! 😂

  • ManniMusic
    ManniMusic 5 months ago +2

    1.17 R.I.P CADET , he was there from the start when big mike was just mike. 🙏🏻

  • Branden Hailwood
    Branden Hailwood 6 months ago

    Oiiii hopsin beat

  • Steve Ingham
    Steve Ingham 2 years ago

    Ill mind of stormzy 4 love it

  • Kane-Austin Bowden
    Kane-Austin Bowden 2 years ago +2

    If this song came out now, 30mil views guaranteed

  • Che McCumskey
    Che McCumskey 2 years ago +3

    Stormz on a hospin beat

    • oFriez
      oFriez 24 days ago

      everytime i hear this i hear hopsin lowkey

  • CJ C
    CJ C 2 years ago +1

    Sick beat, sweet flow

  • M.A.M certi
    M.A.M certi 3 years ago


    • Ben W
      Ben W 2 years ago

      M.A.M certi still listening fam

  • M.A.M certi
    M.A.M certi 3 years ago


  • white crossing
    white crossing 3 years ago

    stormzy you need a gucci belt

  • unknown uploader
    unknown uploader 3 years ago

    rubber belt tho

  • Young Vicious
    Young Vicious 3 years ago

    sounds like hopsin

  • scorpion95IT
    scorpion95IT 3 years ago +8

    Hopsin's Ill Mind 4 haha, same thing. But still nice though.

  • Masey
    Masey 4 years ago

    Ill Mind 4.

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans 4 years ago +1

    1st stomzy tune i listened to, thank Wiley for posting a link.

  • Rainzz 19
    Rainzz 19 4 years ago

    Yeeeesss he goes in!!

  • namedeman
    namedeman 4 years ago +1

  • Louis Wilding
    Louis Wilding 4 years ago +1

    Dem girls look like a dogs ass

  • nayem ali
    nayem ali 5 years ago +22

    Them girls are so butters not even Flora would promote them

  • neehisworld
    neehisworld 5 years ago

    this bredda is sick

  • blooddiamond12345678
    blooddiamond12345678 6 years ago

    nice tune..check me out bruddah...

  • TheStrongVictorious FamilyOfGod

    iono. i'd fuck the fat chick.

  • RisingStarsHD
    RisingStarsHD 7 years ago


  • Kash Million
    Kash Million 7 years ago +1


  • JØ
     7 years ago


  • moneek ya zeet
    moneek ya zeet 7 years ago


  • HoodStarzEnt250
    HoodStarzEnt250 7 years ago

    @BossLikeMinor I kno were to get the mask holla me on it's not lettin me post it

  • HoodStarzEnt250
    HoodStarzEnt250 7 years ago


  • October 9th
    October 9th 7 years ago

    @HoodStarzEnt250 hopsin ill mind of hopsin 4 i think

  • BossLikeMinor
    BossLikeMinor 7 years ago

    where did he get that mask?

  • HoodStarzEnt250
    HoodStarzEnt250 7 years ago

    Wats dis beat

    YOUNGSTARMO 7 years ago


  • Fianq DaGr8
    Fianq DaGr8 7 years ago

    I listen to this bare an rate it highly yeh, But that second chick, ehh I'd love to roundhouse kick her teeth out!

  • Keri Jewell
    Keri Jewell 7 years ago

    waa waaa waaa waaa waa woahhhhhhhh there. BIG! You all need to follow @Stormzy1

  • stephanie evans
    stephanie evans 7 years ago +1

    going in! ox.

  • Sk8Cult
    Sk8Cult 7 years ago +8

    if a record label see who stormy is, i bet you , he would he would get signed

    • Matt Warner
      Matt Warner 3 months ago

      Stayed independent and still made it, mad

    • Rowan YT
      Rowan YT 5 months ago

      Sk8Cult look at him now

  • MrFlyboi1000
    MrFlyboi1000 7 years ago

    @TheGrimeyProductions brudda its on of stormzys bars on dis .. lol

  • Clement Marfo
    Clement Marfo 7 years ago +2

    Stormzy is actually on point! Delivery is imperative

  • Peace
    Peace 7 years ago

    @southboysouth1 batty man fi dead!

  • Sammy Biney
    Sammy Biney 7 years ago +1

    Wa Wa Wa Wa, Wa Wa Wa WoWoah There..

  • Carl Clinton
    Carl Clinton 7 years ago

    wo wo wowo wo wo woah dere!

  • Kenjo LaChapelle
    Kenjo LaChapelle 7 years ago


  • Jesse Davies
    Jesse Davies 7 years ago

    This is ill!

  • tyron ciroc
    tyron ciroc 7 years ago

    ugly dude

  • Picture Perfect TV
    Picture Perfect TV 7 years ago

    I got some dead dutch but i still be tellin em its piff fakkk off

  • Peace
    Peace 7 years ago

    Rahhh Im kinda feeling thiss not too bad!! wanna hear more!!

  • khismything12
    khismything12 7 years ago

    Boy!! u got some real talent there

  • jovabregas
    jovabregas 7 years ago

    Its actually kinda sick

  • Vivian Bellinfantie
    Vivian Bellinfantie 7 years ago

    coz u won unsigned stars oh whoopty fucking do

  • Harrispie
    Harrispie 7 years ago

    This tunes is FUKIN serious r u dumb

  • Agyako187
    Agyako187 7 years ago

    Showing he can do this music ting properly. FUCKING HARD.

  • D O
    D O 7 years ago

    Earl sweatshirts better than this nobody nd he's only 16

  • jonesofficial
    jonesofficial 7 years ago


  • D O
    D O 7 years ago

    Wow, that was crap

  • Nickvasko
    Nickvasko 7 years ago

    @ 2:25 "And he's tellin me i'm shit, I'm the fuckin hardest someone tell him he's a prick"

  • Sanchez Davis
    Sanchez Davis 7 years ago

    Stormz is going in!!!