• Published on Sep 26, 2017
  • Stormzy: Gang Signs & Prayer
    A Rollo Jackson Film // Music by Stormzy // Supported by FLASH-PLAYER // Produced by Somesuch x The FADER //
    Young Thomas Abdul Basit
    Grown Thomas David Alade
    Tony Anthony Taylor

    Writer & Director
    Rollo Jackson
    Tom Gardner
    Director Of Photography
    Bobby Shore
    Casting Director
    Kharmel Cochrane
    Production Designer
    Ruth Crawford
    Costume Designer
    Verity May Lane
    James Forbes-robertson
    Production Consultant
    Joseph Patel
    Executive Producers (Somesuch)
    Tim Nash
    Sally Campbell
    Sarah Pearson
    Executive Producers (The FADER)
    Rob Semmer
    Jon Cohen
    Andy Cohn
    Rob Stone
    Anthony Holland
    Executive Producers (FLASH-PLAYER)
    Jake O'Leary
    Eric Leiberman
    Grace Lee
    David Mogendorff
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  • Mizz Italia
    Mizz Italia Day ago

    I wanna know the brand /name of the "tapestry" jacket he is wearing. The one that's goldish blue with the faces on the back

  • The gaming Robots Budys

    I only heard about you today at my school

  • Rondo Adonis
    Rondo Adonis 12 days ago

    "I want the chains, I want the girls, I want the money, I WANT THAT LIFE!" That shit hit home tho 😂

  • Soulware3D
    Soulware3D 13 days ago

    Barbers from sounds of the skeng?

  • Diddy Wheldon
    Diddy Wheldon 23 days ago

    You’re amazing you know that right !! Zombies in my head !! BEAUTIFUL POETRY ! Apologies xxx still processing !! #Love #Light #Life and #Laughter - May you have longevity of health wisdom - divine intervention ! The King of Grime !! Love Hugs 🤗 thank you 🙏

  • Strike Beatz
    Strike Beatz Month ago

    I don't want to be on this gang life no more fam I'm tryna make my music ting blow so I can get off

  • royce jam
    royce jam Month ago

    Stormzy ur a living legend you just wrote my teenage through 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ben Abbotts
    Ben Abbotts 3 months ago

    8:47 who clocked the little cameo

  • Mobeg
    Mobeg 5 months ago

    where is the site please?

  • Mela kos
    Mela kos 5 months ago


  • Steve Collinson
    Steve Collinson 6 months ago

    it reminds me of plan B and Ill manors , explains the struggle of the youth through music and video

  • Jordan Michael
    Jordan Michael 7 months ago

    It was all that old man is fault for turning him into a kind of person like that at a young age

    IDABB MACHINE 7 months ago

    I am from southeast London I have money I have everything I want yet watching this made me fill that I still have more to understand but to all the youngins out there you can say no i make 4 to 5 mill a year I had a hard time when I was 11 I got kicked out my house had no home no money I had people come to me and say sell this and you get $$ I am not saying saying no is easy but NO is a powerful word my motto is you will full and it will hurt but are you going to stay there all get up and say FUCK ALL OF YOU THAT DOUBTED ME!!!!!!!!

  • Matty Tarantino
    Matty Tarantino 7 months ago

    I LOOOOVVVEEEE the ending of this with him singing 100 bags, him on the roof is like hes on the top of the world and he did it, he made it out of the ghetto and he gives all the praise to his mum

  • Dan tayler
    Dan tayler 8 months ago

    3:55 I almost got that coat last year in fact I spent the hole of December wishing for it I still never got it and I probably never will

  • 柳擎宇
    柳擎宇 11 months ago

    this is the best film :,o

  • ImvuAniyah&Londyn GANG
    ImvuAniyah&Londyn GANG 11 months ago +1

    dis sad😭

  • Kay  Foster
    Kay Foster 11 months ago

    Great film. Should win awards

  • noob gen
    noob gen Year ago


  • ImvuAniyah&Londyn GANG

    mr skeng my ringtone😍😍

  • P.Varsani
    P.Varsani Year ago

    This is EPIC, can't even watch it properly kids keeps screaming haha will be back!

  • Loukay Plays
    Loukay Plays Year ago

    People say it’s about Stormzy but I’m sure it’s about Crazy Titch

  • By Sakeena
    By Sakeena Year ago


  • Vedant Nanote
    Vedant Nanote Year ago

    Big love from India ❤

  • xxkuzixx M
    xxkuzixx M Year ago

    The song is so good

  • vince michiels
    vince michiels Year ago

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  • Chris Tankeu
    Chris Tankeu Year ago

    Follow me on insta Christian.ttankeu

  • Niomi Gibson
    Niomi Gibson Year ago

    my song big for your boots

  • Lisema Mokoena
    Lisema Mokoena Year ago

    Damn ,this is deep

  • Mr Iron
    Mr Iron Year ago

    Very nice film

  • Mr Iron
    Mr Iron Year ago

    God is good!

  • Babacar Thiare
    Babacar Thiare Year ago

    Nazi v

    HUS TLER Year ago

    is it me or was j hus singing in some parts like 7:30

    • Jedc9
      Jedc9 Year ago

      HUS TLER it is him man

  • GamingHorizonHD
    GamingHorizonHD Year ago +1


  • Wïžźÿ Ñãšťÿ

    I'm from USA i feel like this Nigga is the best in UK

  • Liv Avikin
    Liv Avikin Year ago +1

    love stormzy😘😘😘😘

  • Nanakay Nana
    Nanakay Nana Year ago +2

    Yet still, the black Americans do it more better and natural, black British just copying black Americans but still ain't there yet tho.

    • ClassyGirrafe
      ClassyGirrafe Year ago

      Nanakay Nana Mate what are you talking about grime doesn't even exist over in America

  • Chris Beeg-zee
    Chris Beeg-zee Year ago

    The first song on this video.... is thos an actual track Stormzy threw down or was is strictly for the film? If it is a track, what is it called fam?! I need to kno!!! He straight MURDERS that beat!!

    • Chris Beeg-zee
      Chris Beeg-zee Year ago

      Correction..... what are the names of all the tracks in this video? BADMAN on da set KILLIN the game!!

  • Crystalis Chronicle

    wat language is this?

    JUSTME JUSTME Year ago

    Love this movie I have it at home

  • Jordan Michael
    Jordan Michael Year ago +1

    I live in United States is this actually what goes on in England

    • Jordan Michael
      Jordan Michael 7 months ago

      Dan tayler Oh ok

    • Dan tayler
      Dan tayler 8 months ago

      Jordan Michael it’s mostly in the big cities like london Birmingham or Manchester every other city is dead

    • Dan tayler
      Dan tayler 8 months ago

      Jordan Michael pretty much... it depends where your at

  • Juko
    Juko Year ago +1


  • Cai Lewis
    Cai Lewis Year ago

    Hi good video mate

  • Antonio1calefati
    Antonio1calefati Year ago

    movie or long ass song??

  • Àlex V
    Àlex V Year ago


  • slim dawg
    slim dawg Year ago

    I really love how he talks about God but to be honest Catholicism is just as bad as all fake ungodly religions

  • David R
    David R Year ago

    Respect ✊

  • Mimi Melanin
    Mimi Melanin Year ago

    Makes me proud to have black skin

  • kabeyz
    kabeyz Year ago

    @8:48 who is beautiful redbone it seems like only black bad boys can have this type of chick.

  • Apostolos  Ginnakidis


  • Erin Miles
    Erin Miles Year ago


  • Johnz jon22
    Johnz jon22 Year ago +2

    I feel so inspired by watching this vid thanks STORMZY.(everything is so perfect)

  • Emma-Louise Dolly

    No matter what people are saying about the film, this a good film for showing to the younger generation. It is not showing a bull*hi* story it is showing what can happen when a child and growing up in a society like today, can step into the wrong side of the law and faith. And yes stormzy himself he got lucky, but this video is showing there's another alternative. There's hope no matter what you do as long as it's not throwing away your life. Great film. Very well done. The message sunk in for me that's for sure.

  • Gaz P
    Gaz P Year ago

    From a 46 year old white guy I'm not ashamed to admit stormzys music is fucking amazing. A modern day lyrical shakespear.respect.

  • ErayC
    ErayC Year ago

    How this motherfuxking song win the brit award

  • Shortie Rachel
    Shortie Rachel Year ago

    My man basit in this video

  • Gus olive
    Gus olive Year ago

    London someone make a beat for this rap from 15 years ago

  • Andrew Beckford
    Andrew Beckford Year ago

    I really like the message of this song although some weak minds will stray to the negative undertones of the same message.

  • Andrew Beckford
    Andrew Beckford Year ago

    When Yeshua returns all those demons must flee and we will have eternal peace and love. I just can't wait for that day.

  • Ester S.
    Ester S. Year ago

    I love how the film uses the architecture to convey a sort of feeling

  • B D
    B D Year ago

    Big bro god bless you 🙏🏽

  • Ben Akrill
    Ben Akrill Year ago


  • Bailey Weeks
    Bailey Weeks Year ago

    Yo what was that first song at 1:26? If someone could let me know that would be much appreciated

  • donkor patrick
    donkor patrick Year ago


  • G1 Vlogs
    G1 Vlogs Year ago

    That kid that’s riding a bike he in
    my school

  • Luke Reid
    Luke Reid Year ago

    Jesus Christ loves everyone.Repent of sin and believe that He is the Son of God,trust in Him and He will help and guide you.He is real and has helped me,no matter what we have done He is ready to accept us;no matter who we are or what we have done in the past,He can change and forgive us that we may sin no more . God bless everyone.

  • Caleb Okosun
    Caleb Okosun Year ago


  • Steven-Lee Corley

    Hit me up Stromzy

  • Dan Cross
    Dan Cross Year ago

    Great video Stormzy, keep it up

  • 鲨鱼大
    鲨鱼大 Year ago

    mad love from prc

  • Ta'shaylah Rose
    Ta'shaylah Rose Year ago

    This was sick ngl

  • Bloiter
    Bloiter Year ago

    My guy basit 🔥

  • Aaron Thompson
    Aaron Thompson Year ago

    And fuck crazy t guy was fucking idiot.

  • Aaron Thompson
    Aaron Thompson Year ago

    Am board of hearin rappers going on about their gangster u make music how many big gangsters rap. collin gun and his boys where spitin telling every one how big gangsters they where none of you are gangsters/ killers more shit comes out your mouths then ur arse. wiley skepta stormzy and everyone else in that scene uve been makin music since u where kids stop chating shit its winds me up cause only kids listen to ur type of music and they get the wrong idea ur no roll models. if stormzy come up to me. am only 12 stone 5ft 11 ive boxing 20yrs i would blow his jaw off i know i would ive done it to nuff rude boys like him i ant hard or gangster that lifes shit stop promoting it u idiots. and dont go on like i dont know cause i was brought up in a shitty council house in some shit hole in nottingham mum was on the doll bear crack around growing up two of my mates have been murded by stabbin. no wounder grime artist dont make it big time.

  • Deborah Cogan
    Deborah Cogan Year ago

    As a 37 yr Old Mum, 2 boys age 18(we are both fans) and 7 I love the message here and Love you showed your Mother. Peace and Love to you!

  • adrian .jos
    adrian .jos Year ago

    I..G. : _1_a_d_r_i_a_n__


    Must say great concept from stormzy this reminds any youth growing up in LDN especially if you black whether you bang hang or read you are your own master you control what happens in your life this song concept was clearly made for that youth just getting into big school you know your year 7/8 trying to fit in but have to make your bones to show you belong damn I miss those days but still I rise "WHO JAH BLESS LET NO MAN CURSE"

  • Paul Pogba FC
    Paul Pogba FC Year ago

    Much love from America ! Stormz should link with some of our artist here in the US it would really help spread how much great music comes out of the UK

  • Mark Campbell
    Mark Campbell Year ago

    This will deffo win awards!

  • BV Creative
    BV Creative Year ago

    This should be in cinema's, we should study this in schools

  • G T
    G T Year ago

    For a while stormz has been doing white shit no racism but I'm glad he's stopped being a sellout never big for boots is shit but dis film is real stormzy s bars and class I give respect to the man but I just hate sheeps

  • tonye adoki
    tonye adoki Year ago


  • Joshua Okosun
    Joshua Okosun Year ago

    That was a Nigerian praying at the Beggining def

  • Milan Pauwels
    Milan Pauwels Year ago

    Tribe job eventually missile unlike grant craft refer hate tale adjust.

  • Dollar man
    Dollar man Year ago


  • Shanice Bernard
    Shanice Bernard Year ago

    wow! great message, fantastic album!!!

  • Armaan Plays
    Armaan Plays Year ago

    What a video 💯🔥

  • Joey FX
    Joey FX Year ago

  • Jada_
    Jada_ Year ago


  • King
    King Year ago

    Absolute MasterClass

  • herb wacho
    herb wacho Year ago

    Well done my boy

  • TrainOfThought
    TrainOfThought Year ago

    Masterful camera work. Great use of anamorphic lenses. Love the editing. Well done to the team. The amount of 'god-talk' made parts of it a bit frustrating at times (as an atheist) but as the film/album title suggests, this is to be expected. Great work.

  • YeshuaMyLord
    YeshuaMyLord Year ago

    What an artist ... Amazing creativity !

  • Abrham Gezachew
    Abrham Gezachew Year ago

    Damn this video Is so fucking cool. God bless you man! From italy Milan 🇮🇹🚩

  • Mohammad Forhad
    Mohammad Forhad Year ago


  • Soji Ogungbesan
    Soji Ogungbesan Year ago

    There’s nothing quite like a mother or father’s prayer for their child.

  • Clive Gayle
    Clive Gayle Year ago


  • Monica Oliver
    Monica Oliver Year ago

    this is sick as fuck g

  • SKay 26ix
    SKay 26ix Year ago +1