• Published on May 17, 2015
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    Stormzy is back with some old school fire in the park bars following his smash hit debut single "Know Me From"
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  • GB Rxsky
    GB Rxsky 14 hours ago

    Brutha wants to play my video game
    Tell brutha shutup

  • Dry zz
    Dry zz 14 hours ago +1


  • Deka M
    Deka M 15 hours ago

    This is why it's always you, Mario Balotelli

  • Young Abs
    Young Abs 15 hours ago +1

    Bro: ur bad at FIFA.
    In my head: Mans tryna say he’s better than me.
    Me: Oi rude boy shut up.

  • Wayne Wong
    Wayne Wong 18 hours ago

    ur still a backup dancer

  • Andreas Krause
    Andreas Krause 22 hours ago

    Wow. Did not expect this! This is pure genious!!!

  • Rolando Cueva
    Rolando Cueva Day ago

    State your name, cuz
    Stormzy, init
    What we doing today?
    Repping, init
    Yeah, fucking repping, init
    Yeah fire in the park, let's go!
    Man try say he's better than me
    Tell my man shut up
    Mention my name in your tweets
    Oi rudeboy, shut up
    How can you be better than me?
    Shut up
    Best in the scene?
    Tell my man, shut up
    Couple man called me a backup dancer
    Onstage at the BRITs, I'm a backup dancer
    If that makes me a backup dancer
    The man in your vids, backup dancer
    The man in your pics, backup dancer
    Man wanna chat about backup dancer
    Big man like me with a beard
    I'm a big man, how the fuck can I
    Army comes everywhere I go
    I can't run when my enemies show
    Walk in the club with all of my tugs
    Party's done, everybody go home
    Apart from the girl dem, you lot stay
    Walk in the club, all the girls say hey
    Tell a man like I'm K to the A
    There's no champagne, we don't rave
    Yeah, I'm the best, I'm so cocky
    I've got a mob like A$AP Rocky
    I set trends, dem man copy
    They catch feelings, I catch bodies
    They roll deep, I roll squaddy
    Got about 25 goons in my posse
    They drink Bailey's, I drink Vossy
    I get merky, they get worried
    If you got a G-A-T, bring it out
    Most of the real badboys live in south
    If you wanna do me something, I'm about
    I'm not a gangster, I'm just about
    But you see my man over there with the pouch?
    Dare one of you man try get loud
    All of my mandem move so foul
    I might sing but I ain't sold out
    Nowadays all of my shows sold out
    Headline tour, yeah blud, sold out
    When we roll in, they roll out
    I'm so London, I'm so south
    Food in the ends like there ain't no drought
    Flipz don't talk like he's got no mouth
    I wanna make my mum so proud
    Like "yo Mum, book a flight, go now"
    All of my ex girls stalking me hard
    Talk to my face, don't talk to my palm
    Had four bills and I bought a new car
    Little red whip that I bought for my marge
    I straight murk, it's a walk in the park
    I take care when I water my plants
    These MCs wanna talk about Lord of the Mics
    You ain't even lord of your yard
    Dead MCs, blud, leave me alone
    Me and your girl, we speak on the phone
    Kill a whole crew of MCs on my own
    Kill a whole crew of MCs for the throne
    Look, I was out hungry, so damn hungry
    Man tried eat then leave me the bones
    Now these niggas, they need me to grow
    Hot chocolate and a panini to go
    I'm a big man, fuck a postcode war
    Man were upset about the MOBO Awards
    Yeah, I was gassed at the MOBO Awards
    Why? Cause I ain't won a MOBO before
    Duh, all of you MCs sound so bitter
    Shut down Wireless, shut down Twitter
    Shoutout Deepee, shoutout Flipper
    Best my age, yeah blud, look
    If you don't rate me, shame on you
    If you don't rate me, shame on you
    Can I order a deathbed for an MC?
    He wants beef with me? Make that two
    Anyone else wanna make that move?
    Anyone else wanna pay their dues?
    Imposters wanna take my tunes
    Stiff Chocolate, yeah, my face so smooth, check it
    Don't even talk too much, you're a talker
    Dem man still go halves on a quarter
    See me turn from a prince to a pauper
    Two cigarettes and a bottle of water
    Told the bouncers get the bottles in order
    Man in the kitchen putting in orders
    Stiff Chocolate, skin clear like water
    Smooth on this ting, start locking up daughters

  • Tenziic
    Tenziic Day ago

    First 'drill' music I listened to

  • Geza A
    Geza A Day ago


  • Trickk
    Trickk Day ago

    Bro where’s the wind?

  • Keane Tolley
    Keane Tolley Day ago

    Stephan tries did it betterπŸ˜‚

  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming Day ago

    This is literally Roadman fest

  • ross methven
    ross methven Day ago

    My G X

  • Lazola Kopana Kobokoane

    Saw you on a magazine mate well done mate

  • OnyX Gaming
    OnyX Gaming Day ago +1

    2019 Anyone?

  • Loure Loure
    Loure Loure Day ago


  • kek_productions FE2

    this guy looks kinda like Stormzy

  • fr3droq-Ensoniq Music Producer

    Nice Flow!!

  • Seth Jones
    Seth Jones Day ago

    British people swear this is it

  • EyeZee Mix
    EyeZee Mix 2 days ago +2

    No one :
    Stomzy : Sha Tap

  • ben nikoro
    ben nikoro 2 days ago

    Donald Trump: Whoever calls me to shut up is White
    Stormzy: Shut up with capital S

  • Stephen Last name
    Stephen Last name 2 days ago

    Big road man innit

  • School is Hell
    School is Hell 2 days ago +1

    Anyone notice that guy just standing their awkwardly throughout the whole vid. left corner lmao

  • Goran Zagorcic
    Goran Zagorcic 2 days ago

    Hey this is freestyle??

  • onewheelkie
    onewheelkie 2 days ago

    how to be stormzy by stephen tries??

  • Luke Llewellyn-roberts
    Luke Llewellyn-roberts 2 days ago +1


  • Sarcasmo TheGreat
    Sarcasmo TheGreat 2 days ago

    I cannot take rapping with a British accent seriously. Every British rapper should have a cane and a bowler hat.

  • Tony Gudgrape
    Tony Gudgrape 3 days ago

    Cuz got crazy views... he snapped on this πŸ’―

  • Rayleigh 667
    Rayleigh 667 3 days ago +1

    Wola quel classique

  • ZIKE Design
    ZIKE Design 3 days ago +1

    Wow Lukaku is changed

  • Big boss Man
    Big boss Man 3 days ago


  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo 3 days ago +1

    London’s diversity is going well

  • CauzW
    CauzW 3 days ago

    id have him

  • Deven1UZ
    Deven1UZ 3 days ago

    fuck this gay song

  • fruitypoblers
    fruitypoblers 4 days ago

    shits weak

  • White people smh
    White people smh 4 days ago +6

    Who's here for 100mil
    Big up fam✊🏿

  • Marvin Simon
    Marvin Simon 4 days ago +7

    The Backup Dancer in the red Hype shirt looks exactly like Kanye West

  • Hesham MIDANI
    Hesham MIDANI 4 days ago

    i fuckin love stormzy

  • shima begum
    shima begum 4 days ago

    Shut up

  • Man of Steel
    Man of Steel 4 days ago

    This new season of top boy looks good

  • Jalal Amin
    Jalal Amin 4 days ago

    He looks the exact same as today

  • Kidd JiEgo
    Kidd JiEgo 4 days ago


  • Kurt Kon
    Kurt Kon 4 days ago

    I wanna take one of u pussie ass niggas thru this certain hood here in Chicago I'll have your bitch ass shitting and pissing yourself

  • Marek Kobra
    Marek Kobra 4 days ago

    Reckin aint it?

  • morpheus One
    morpheus One 4 days ago

    fukin hell man soon to be on 100 milli congrats

  • Kyal
    Kyal 4 days ago +16

    I like how in the β€œnew” one he’s re-done his own audio but kept the audio from his crew

  • K. Mancao
    K. Mancao 4 days ago

    Came from Anthony Joshua πŸ”₯


    What the hell stormzy why do you call MCs rappers like who even calls MCs rappers anymore in the 2010s era

  • why am i here
    why am i here 5 days ago +3


  • Ryan Addi
    Ryan Addi 5 days ago

    Attitude: 67%
    Confidence: 89%
    Respect: 0

  • Ryan Addi
    Ryan Addi 5 days ago +9

    When your having a diss battle and being a badman in a fight.

  • J Slater
    J Slater 5 days ago +3

    ask google who the most paid uk rapper is in 2019 and it comes up with ed sheeran.....

    • Robert Wilson
      Robert Wilson 3 days ago

      To be fair Stomzy is probably performing with him these days. He went very commercial. He was just after the $$$

  • AzzieG
    AzzieG 5 days ago


  • burrowsgod
    burrowsgod 5 days ago +3

    mandem watering his plants so you better shutup.

  • CamillaBeale
    CamillaBeale 5 days ago


  • V I O L E T
    V I O L E T 6 days ago

    He fooking killed it yerrr whatttt

  • Anonim Galileusz
    Anonim Galileusz 6 days ago

    STORMZY you are best fam. I took a few puffs and that freestyle is killin me! No words really can describe it. Wish you best bro . tc

  • Scott D
    Scott D 6 days ago

    Look what NYC did to the planet lol

    • Scott D
      Scott D 5 days ago

      @Artemis Goddess Of Hunting As Run DMC said... MY A- DIDAS! Lol also look at the clothes dude. Litteraly track suits and Yankees hats!

    • Scott D
      Scott D 5 days ago

      @Artemis Goddess Of Hunting first of all this is more of a subgenre of hip hop. If you wanna be technical reggae came up almost simultaneously as hip hop in NYC but they all are influenced by Harlem Renaissance era Jazz music. So yes look what NYC did to the world.. as far as the Hip Hop aspect. This is nothing like Jamaican style reggae

    • Artemis Goddess Of Hunting
      Artemis Goddess Of Hunting 6 days ago

      Howd you mean? Mostly Jamaican influence in london music..

  • Ranfonafo Ranafo
    Ranfonafo Ranafo 6 days ago

    Ty subtitles

  • cent tf2
    cent tf2 6 days ago

    Somehow this is so PUMPING

  • Latoya Joel
    Latoya Joel 6 days ago

    Your a beast

  • Vincent Tapia
    Vincent Tapia 6 days ago

    Came here after watching top boy lol

  • Hiphop0548
    Hiphop0548 6 days ago

    when did lukaku start rapping

  • Emanuel BABA YAGA Ortiz

    I want your ballistic vest

  • Matthew Moir
    Matthew Moir 6 days ago

    Big Mike the boss!

  • stensel1234
    stensel1234 7 days ago

    Das schlimme ist das es unsere Kultur verseucht

  • Gay Sway
    Gay Sway 7 days ago


  • Luke Schofield
    Luke Schofield 7 days ago

    This was the first grime song I ever heard, so much has happened since man

  • Нарэйк ΠœΠ°Ρ€Ρ‚ΠΈΡ€ΠΎΡΡΠ½

    Π― ΠΈΠ· России ,ΠΌΠ½Π΅ ΠΏΠΎΡ…ΡƒΠΉ

  • MrAppie9090
    MrAppie9090 7 days ago

    So weird, I haven't heard anything to do with U.K Grime until I Netflix chewing gum, hear this track. I start listening to grime and all of the sudden a few months later Stormzy is on the cover of time magazine. Talk about witnessing a artist exploding.

  • TofeeBread
    TofeeBread 7 days ago


  • Fadinq_Zak
    Fadinq_Zak 7 days ago +8

    hes come from rapping in the park to shutting down London

  • BrooklynPatriot
    BrooklynPatriot 7 days ago

    People from Britain make Shut Up sound like a cuss word. I swear I would fight y'all you tell me that.. Lol

  • Josiah Trelawny
    Josiah Trelawny 7 days ago

    How can this pass for music all it is is some low toned mumbling with some stupid tune over it. You lot here should listen to some real music. Mozart or Beethoven. Not this crap.

    • Josiah Trelawny
      Josiah Trelawny 7 days ago

      @James why would I do that. The poor dont deserve to hear it. We all know the poor listen to this rubbish

    • James
      James 7 days ago

      State your name cuz

  • Noice
    Noice 7 days ago

    0:48 check your bum,

  • Hektor G
    Hektor G 7 days ago

    This the gayest shit I ever heard. This ain't rap man. This uk b.s

  • OsoWxvy
    OsoWxvy 8 days ago

    Why does that short guy look like konan

  • Chris Molloy
    Chris Molloy 8 days ago

    You dunnit bro Rochdale massive here

  • desmond lato
    desmond lato 8 days ago

    Mr merky went from making tunes in the hood to shutting down the whole of london. You got ma respect man

  • Frank Blanco
    Frank Blanco 8 days ago

    Man deserves millions

  • Hamza Faisal
    Hamza Faisal 8 days ago +2


  • iKwondo
    iKwondo 8 days ago +15

    Judge: Is there anything else you'd like to add?
    6ix9ine: Stormzy told his nan to shut up.

  • Karl Max
    Karl Max 8 days ago

    from there to the cover of the time magazine, who would have thought that. Shout out to Stormzy, mad respect you made it dude.

  • broken bot
    broken bot 8 days ago

    I just wanted to see some UK rap other than American πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but I like it it's good but try America's rap

  • Aruun Subavarathan
    Aruun Subavarathan 8 days ago

    _state ur name cuz_

    *career starts*

  • POLO_PCs
    POLO_PCs 8 days ago +2

    Who came from Stephen Tries

  • Theo Taylor
    Theo Taylor 8 days ago +12

    Can’t believe I actually shook this mans hand at trsnmt 2019 even missed example one of my favourite artists just to get to the from for him one of greats

  • Enkhbat
    Enkhbat 8 days ago

    Recommend me more rappers who has british accent

  • Adrian Sani
    Adrian Sani 9 days ago


  • LilGabbo
    LilGabbo 9 days ago +1

    the mental roadman mandem

  • Rizzte
    Rizzte 9 days ago +1

    I just realised how tall this guy is fam πŸ˜‚

  • Lil' timmy 2
    Lil' timmy 2 9 days ago

    Stormzy IN IT

  • V9s Uncle rasheed
    V9s Uncle rasheed 9 days ago

    0161 manny on the map

  • Miguel Requejo
    Miguel Requejo 9 days ago +2


  • Virus
    Virus 9 days ago +2

    stormzy in it

  • Slobodan Zivkovic
    Slobodan Zivkovic 9 days ago

    Lukaku innit

  • Bung Memes
    Bung Memes 9 days ago +2

    My Dad asking me to tidy my room tell my dad shut up

    I did it and I got smacked with Nike Shoes

  • vivian otieno
    vivian otieno 9 days ago