• Published on Sep 10, 2015
  • Stormzy returns with the latest instalment of his viral web freestyle series "WickedSkengMan" and it is arguably the best episode to date. This time he takes on JME's legendary 'Serious' instrumental. Edited by Kaylum Dennis.
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  • Khamari Verified
    Khamari Verified 5 days ago

    0:58 my favorite part!

  • Michael Chimdike Atuegwu

    Do he just said I like porn I like peng ting

  • Jibril Bille
    Jibril Bille 15 days ago

    Ngl there bare support in this video community showing love youkno👌

  • Talvin Bal
    Talvin Bal 16 days ago

    Man like Wilfred

  • valf156115
    valf156115 19 days ago

    Why he keep touching his nose like that?

  • Unique
    Unique 23 days ago

    The noises he makes at 4:44😂

  • Tamagochi boy
    Tamagochi boy 28 days ago

    King of uk.nuff said.

  • Sauly Bee
    Sauly Bee 28 days ago

    Haha Segway

  • Elizabeth Robson
    Elizabeth Robson Month ago

    poo poo poo

  • dakota krueger
    dakota krueger Month ago

    Lukaku done bits

  • Theo Peroulakis
    Theo Peroulakis Month ago

    Is that micheal daphah in the background

  • Daddy-Kun
    Daddy-Kun Month ago +1

    just relised michel dappper at 4:27

  • Malaku Monge
    Malaku Monge Month ago

    What the hell 😂 big Shaq before the 1 month of fame

    • Leo Lion
      Leo Lion Month ago


  • Alexander Kotecha
    Alexander Kotecha Month ago +126

    Who else is watching this in 2019 for no reason at all 😂

    • Nadia aka gonads
      Nadia aka gonads 8 days ago

      It's on my play list, I've been watching it for 3 years never gets old, stormzy is gonna be a classic one day, bopping to this in my nursing home with soup down my nightie

    • Nadia aka gonads
      Nadia aka gonads 8 days ago


    • Rich_OnexYT
      Rich_OnexYT 14 days ago

      Alexander Kotecha me

    • Pharell Lewis
      Pharell Lewis 23 days ago

      Alexander Kotecha me

    • Leo Lion
      Leo Lion Month ago

      This is,sick

  • Mango Sorbet
    Mango Sorbet Month ago

    "your like 9, not even 10 yet" ahahah

    • Leo Lion
      Leo Lion Month ago


  • Cryptic8 HD
    Cryptic8 HD Month ago

    I swear that was zaha at 1:45

  • Ronald Reynolds
    Ronald Reynolds Month ago

    Man ya ruff u fuck Peace

  • J B
    J B Month ago

    All the bredrins out n dat

  • Eater
    Eater Month ago

    Shut up: *coca cola spit bars*
    Wickedskengman 4: *pepsi respond*

  • Sean FlatEarth
    Sean FlatEarth Month ago +1

    If you got a B.E.T bring it out
    Wait you don't shut your mouth

  • Lennon Walker
    Lennon Walker Month ago

    Any1 else spot big shaq

  • Samuel Jean
    Samuel Jean Month ago

    London is sweet

  • Aldrin Ferrer
    Aldrin Ferrer Month ago +12

    Bruh his boys get so hyped he always gotta refilm 😂

    • Leo Lion
      Leo Lion Month ago


  • Beatz Maker
    Beatz Maker Month ago

    My man just came in corrupted the white girls and went lesson of the day #merkyy

  • Rahmir
    Rahmir Month ago

    Lukaku of uk drill

  • Joe Owen
    Joe Owen 2 months ago

    Few lambos woulda been beta

  • MoTiOnLeSs iN wHiTe
    MoTiOnLeSs iN wHiTe 2 months ago

    That‘s amazing. I normally listen to Metalcore but that‘ amazing!!!

  • FlossyHD
    FlossyHD 2 months ago

    7:34 on right. Russ Splash 😂

    D ACRNM 2 months ago


  • Gavin Davison
    Gavin Davison 2 months ago

    skiddy pop pop

  • Luke Harvey
    Luke Harvey 2 months ago +1

    Real quick cheeky tho
    Wait two secs, let me spark this zoot
    My niggas, they don't talk, they shoot
    Roll up slow, then I park that coupe
    And the game got fucked by the darkskin yout
    Oh well, should've been watching
    He was gone by the time that they clocked him
    What's the last one? Yeah, #PROBLEM
    They should've stopped him, I don't run out of bars
    Just like Chip, I don't run out of bars
    Walk in the rave , put the glass to your face
    Look, I make fuckboys run out of bars
    Big 45 might bun out your clart
    No safety, that might dun out your dance
    Knock on your door like oi rudeboy, look
    Forget the hype, just come out the yard
    See the lightskin girls used to cuss me
    Now the lightskin girls, they love me
    Word to J Hus, man are ugly
    But this rap ting's sick, man, trust me
    Nobody can't claim that they buss me
    Cuh man was out there on a fuckery
    Plus we don't even talk too much
    That's the reason why your girl wanna fuck me
    I don't really care about your friend
    Bare likkle fish, never been on the ends
    Yeah, you go hard but we go harder
    You shut down but nigga, we leng
    You turn up but nigga, we rep
    Why do man love getting me vexed?
    Here for the lightskin girl with the big bumper
    And the black bredrin with the breasts

    Everyting blessed, what's your name?
    Where you from? Roll up, grab your girl, then I'm gone
    Why do they wanna know what I'm on?
    Get one chance, one chance and it's gone
    Man go down, put amm in a bong
    This go down on the man at the front
    Nigga, stay there, stop tagging along
    Look, wait, look
    If you got a BET, bring it out
    Oh, you don't? Shut your mouth
    Man just chat shit, I cut them out
    Know where I come from, I'm from the south
    Fuck out my house, peak when I press play
    Niggas go gym but they're missing out leg day
    My worst days are some of your best days
    Punch a grime MC off his segway, pussyhole
    Don't make me slap you
    Look, like, wait till I catch you
    Look, man are like "that's that black yout"
    Went Jools Holland in my tracksuit
    Rep for the scene like yeah man, I had to
    Just run a sick beat I can rap to
    Everybody calm down, it's a tracksuit
    What the fuck, man? I ain't gonna stab you
    Look, I don't wanna argue
    But if you talk shit, man, I'll par you
    Look at the size of my fist, I will spark you
    I'm the grime scene's Lukaku
    6'5" black guy, mad fly, put me up top
    Man down, everybody down when I buss shots
    Jump onstage, bare rage when my dub drop
    You did grime for a sec, then you fucked off
    Rap boys hate me cuh I do grime
    Grime boys hate me cuh I do rap
    Good youts hate me cuh I'm too crud
    Bad youts hate me cuh I don't trap
    Fake youts hate me cuh I'm too real
    And the real youts hate me cuh I don't act
    Well, um...
    Suck your mum, yeah, go and do that
    My name's Michael, Big Stormz
    I like peng tings, I like porn
    I've got a 16 bar full of corn
    I breathe fire every time I yawn
    Stormzy's this, Stormzy's that
    Stormzy's blick, Stormzy's black
    Stormzy's hairline's going way back
    But I still fuck your girl, go and retweet that little nigga, yo
    Man are saying that I blew up too fast
    Man are saying that I came up too quick
    Rudeboy, look on the FLASH-PLAYER, darg
    Mandem are putting in the graveyard shift
    Dem man there straight wash
    Brudda, don't blame me, go and blame God
    Every MC wan' try and take shots
    Tell 'em boy there hard work pays off
    Anyway, everybody wanna do grime now
    Real talk, let's not lie now
    Yeah, look brudda, this my house
    That's my laptop, that's my sound
    That's my people, that's my crowd
    That's my kingdom, that's my crown
    Look, one phone call, man'll fly around
    I lay one vocal then I sign out, anyway
    Go Bluejays for a lunch and a brekky
    Make that thing bu-bu-bang like Fekky
    Got mad skill with the ting, I'm tekky
    Onstage, go back to back with Skeppy
    When I'm on the ball, I'm cool like Messi
    Man just talk, don't talk, be steady
    Tell 'em that I'm down for the war, I'm ready
    Them man change circles, they're... wait

    Them man just wanna rap like me
    Put their city on their back like me
    Creps on my feet, yeah, they're white like Cons
    But the car that I drive, that's black like me
    Man can't call me cold or more
    Cuh I'm past that, when I'm on the track, I freeze
    Them man there spit ammi and bud but
    None of them don't spit crack like me like
    Me vs. you don't make no sense
    Might go gym, might go get hench
    I go in, I go intense
    In year 8, I was like 5'10"
    But anyway, fuck that
    Used to roll through the ends in my rucksack
    Me and Mermz got caught but we bussed that
    Touch one of my mandem, you get touched back
    But fuck that, Stormzy man, I go sick
    No, I ain't calling man for no brick
    Know about 40 man that hold sticks
    So no, I ain't warring man for no chick
    Please don't call me fam, you're not Flipz
    Ask that Morley's man for more chips
    It's not just cameramen that hold clips, shit
    Kill 'em with the skengman sound
    Skengman flow, skeng man down
    What's your postcode? Send man round
    10 man up, 10 man down
    Wait, wait, kill 'em with the skengman sound
    Skengman flow, skeng man down

    [Bars from "Nigo Duppy"]
    Look, I put my city on my shoulders
    You ain't cold, I'm cold, I'm the coldest
    Put my Adidas creps with my Nigo top, you can't get this yet, man are jokers
    Yeah look, I made a tune with Nick Jonas
    They said I sold out, that's bogus
    I do a Fire in the Park, 5 million views, now it's album time and I focus
    Look man, I'm the one they all fear
    I was the man of the year last year

  • OTMedia
    OTMedia 2 months ago +5

    There's bare gs here, krept and konan, shaq, cadet lmao

  • RIZ 720
    RIZ 720 2 months ago +1

    Cadet 0.52🙏🏿❤️

  • Mamsy Maps
    Mamsy Maps 2 months ago

    Big shaq

  • Денис Тищенко

    1:45 wilfried zaha ???

  • ItzShortzz
    ItzShortzz 2 months ago +5

    Stormzy knew everyone before they blew up damn🤣🤣🤣

  • YT IComboYew
    YT IComboYew 3 months ago

    2:12 is that oboy (kuku)

  • B2LLY _
    B2LLY _ 3 months ago +4

    where is that kid today stormzy let him but he was goin ardd

  • abafore
    abafore 3 months ago +1

    At 1:10 he was so trash and anyone 2019

  • carlos munoz
    carlos munoz 3 months ago

    mans not hot on the left

  • Jack Young
    Jack Young 3 months ago

    Zaha at 1:46

  • Shane .Kelliher
    Shane .Kelliher 3 months ago

    sick freestyle bro. Big up the mandem

  • Danushant
    Danushant 3 months ago

    Man like Shermar

  • Sequoia Baker
    Sequoia Baker 3 months ago

    Thats crazy how in Uk they got no guns but they stay pulling the trigger.

  • unknown gamer
    unknown gamer 3 months ago


  • Drama allert Yt
    Drama allert Yt 3 months ago +10

    Stormzy gets done up by a nine year old

  • Yourmothers Left testicle

    Wilfs a gooner ❤️

  • V
    V 3 months ago

    1:22 So basically.....he can’t rap for shit. And grime is basically the UK version of mumble rap. Hip hop is officially dead.

  • Phil Gomeze
    Phil Gomeze 3 months ago

    Big up blue jay✊

  • Eazy Squad
    Eazy Squad 3 months ago +1

    Even Ice Cube feels this 😎

  • Oli Smif
    Oli Smif 3 months ago

    What dus the little kid say??

  • illhorse
    illhorse 3 months ago +112

    Wonder if he ever imagined back then he'd be headlining Glasto. He's come so far, all thru his own efforts. Mad respect 🔥

  • Firell Parker
    Firell Parker 3 months ago

    This freestyle bangs. This one imo fully put him on.

  • deep house
    deep house 3 months ago


  • AidanHD
    AidanHD 3 months ago +1

    0:56 russ and that

    • AidanHD
      AidanHD 3 months ago

      Tahmal Carter it was a joke

  • Billy Banton
    Billy Banton 3 months ago

    whers that stormzy gone, he just sings now

  • TheEel
    TheEel 3 months ago

    What a load of crap. No wonder communities are slaughtering one n other having kids rapping about shootings

    • TheEel
      TheEel 3 months ago +2

      @illhorse true true.... guess I'm growing old.... I've had a word with mysejf and straightened myself out. Pushing 40 these days. Grew up on pac n the early stuff. Anyway nuff said

    • illhorse
      illhorse 3 months ago

      Yeah cos that never happened before Stormzy 😒

  • Adam Smithwicks
    Adam Smithwicks 3 months ago +1

    Anyone see krept 5.23

  • Austral Opithecus
    Austral Opithecus 3 months ago +4

    Well, I'm old and loving this! Stormzy is a very talented young man! I'm super proud of you!

  • K B
    K B 3 months ago

    You're like 9 you're not even 10 yet 😂

  • CA R.
    CA R. 3 months ago +1

    One of the first rappers who exactly remember the "freestyle" lines in the next come up.... Pure skills, effort, and discipline to present. Stormzy is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Carl Walton
    Carl Walton 3 months ago

    Love it

  • Joseph Dagnall
    Joseph Dagnall 3 months ago

    This man is incredible 👏👏

  • Saamiyah S
    Saamiyah S 3 months ago

    Who’s with a light skin now ✨✨! Still love the mans

  • Alexander Arolinna
    Alexander Arolinna 4 months ago +7

    0:50 RIP CADET 🕊️💔💔

  • Azad Dogan
    Azad Dogan 4 months ago +1

    Stormzy this Stormzy that Stormzy blick Stormzy black Stormzy hairline gone way back but i still fucked ur girl so go retweet that

  • emiliano silveiro
    emiliano silveiro 4 months ago +1

    0:25 someone give me their ig 😂 its for a friend

  • Mike Hocksbig
    Mike Hocksbig 4 months ago +1

    This an eminem beat

  • Abdullah Sillah
    Abdullah Sillah 4 months ago +1

    Krept wilfried zaha even cadet

  • Zak Drammeh
    Zak Drammeh 4 months ago +1


    JAY DESIGNS 4 months ago

    I don’t run out of bars but not long ago lost a rap battle to a 9yr old and ran out of bars

    JAY DESIGNS 4 months ago


  • GadgtMag
    GadgtMag 4 months ago

    Cadet at 0:50 been supporting from day 1 😭

  • Barnie Woodward
    Barnie Woodward 4 months ago +2

    5:05 it’s big shaq in the background😂😂

  • EliDaKid
    EliDaKid 4 months ago

    Who’s here from bigupUk

  • TY-9z
    TY-9z 4 months ago +1

    Man like Micheal dapaah

    • TY-9z
      TY-9z 4 months ago

      Blue Bandz Yhyh 🤣🤣

    • Blue Bandz
      Blue Bandz 4 months ago +1

      TY-9z u seen that on ig innit 😂

  • Cody Comb
    Cody Comb 4 months ago

    This gut is the best came to bike stormz 8

  • Damn- ThatsNutty
    Damn- ThatsNutty 4 months ago +1

    1:16 what what what what what

  • Stora namn
    Stora namn 4 months ago


  • abdi omar
    abdi omar 4 months ago

    uno it’s hard when my can’t even drop 6 lines without the crowd going mad

  • Dimeji Bello
    Dimeji Bello 5 months ago

    Syck your mom yknow

  • amir ahmed
    amir ahmed 5 months ago

    Who’s this kid with the cp beanie 0:44 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • CrAzYxProductionZ
    CrAzYxProductionZ 5 months ago

    “You did grime for a sec then u fucked off” didn’t age well

  • Gagandeep Singh
    Gagandeep Singh 5 months ago

    is it only me or anyone else noticed stromzy was in this vid too.

  • Dontworry NJ
    Dontworry NJ 5 months ago +1

    stormzy is tooo tall for the mandem look at the camera, u can barely see the mandems necks at the back looll

  • branden watson
    branden watson 5 months ago

    I think he was dissing Afghan Dan???

  • Woody Hewitson
    Woody Hewitson 5 months ago +1

    Big shaq in the background

  • Guillaume E. Samnick
    Guillaume E. Samnick 5 months ago

    Man said Wilfred Zaha 1:45

  • swirly hedgehog
    swirly hedgehog 5 months ago

    Your like nine what whta waht

    X_SINGHZ Yt 5 months ago

    1:10 rappers that Eminem is afraid to diss

  • stcecilla
    stcecilla 5 months ago +1

    My man big shaq 👊🏻🤘🏼

  • karl def
    karl def 5 months ago +10

    I see big Shaq...he one of the videographers 💯😂😂😂😂...BIG SHAQ WE LOVE U IN USA 💯

    • Chief
      Chief 5 months ago +2

      Stfu pagan go suck off ya likkle lil pump

  • Flam _Pvp
    Flam _Pvp 5 months ago +1

    1:19 😂

  • c s
    c s 5 months ago

    Stormzys this Stormzys that, Stormzys Blick, Stormzys black, yeah my hairline is going way back but I still fuck yo girl go and retweet that

  • Urmumstilllivesinatent
    Urmumstilllivesinatent 5 months ago +1

    6:03 when u realise there’s a kid there 😂😂😂

  • Louie Jay Hayward
    Louie Jay Hayward 5 months ago

    Big Shaq

  • tsage Thapa
    tsage Thapa 5 months ago


  • ninja ninja
    ninja ninja 5 months ago

    2:00 is that Big Shaq?

  • Jonathan Odong
    Jonathan Odong 5 months ago +1

    Most of stormzy tracks have "rude bwoy"

  • Bally u wont know its me

    To this day im banging this