• Published on Apr 25, 2016
  • Stormzy returns with a brand new track produced by the one and only Sir Spyro.
    Filmed & Edited By: Kaylum Dennis (@kaylumdennis)
    Co-Directed By: Cordell Johnson (@CordellJay)
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  • Aaron Allwood
    Aaron Allwood 15 hours ago

    This is the perfect Tyson fury vs Anthony Joshua Song!

  • Rzvived
    Rzvived 2 days ago

    Bang out of a tune!

  • лагана тензија

    stormzy a legend, we listening!
    greetings from Delije Belgrade, Serbia :D

  • andrew garcia
    andrew garcia 6 days ago

    First time hearing this.....Dope AF 🔥

  • Ciánoneill
    Ciánoneill 7 days ago

    Aight imma go start a fight

  • Jazib Qamar
    Jazib Qamar 10 days ago +5

    “You can tell me to shut up, we both say shut up, when I say shut up, I get a plaque” certi one of the best lines in grime

    ICE QUEEN 11 days ago


  • Alfie Cruse
    Alfie Cruse 12 days ago

    4 years later and this is still better than most raps right now

  • Lewis Haddow
    Lewis Haddow 16 days ago


  • Darlene_Rose Strickland

    I beg man come to Canberra !!

  • uuhh dink dink dink
    uuhh dink dink dink 18 days ago


  • Lee Pownall
    Lee Pownall 19 days ago

    Notice how he use the beat for little t deeper

  • Kekou Dicedd
    Kekou Dicedd 20 days ago

    4 years later BARZZZ!

  • PoPPA HoBBiT
    PoPPA HoBBiT 20 days ago

    So you coming into a nuclear strike you respect and a person walking into a trap but I'm just a slithery snake has just sleeping around eating what I can wrap my calls around you and putting them in your face
    Taking a dump over your face why your mum's tush is getting f***** by unicorn
    And here comes the Mutiny angel demon the spit on your fame that's we all know that you getting your money through a paycheck which is supplied by Boris Johnson we all know that you hate him to bits but you need to realise something at the curiosity which is making me dig deep into my mind if these words are not clarify then don't rhyme
    Shut this manip seriously somebody get a 9mm and Poppins chess until there's nothing left scrapers from mains off the ground and put it through a cycle cooking roast in and eat him why my stomach is still grand like a vicious beast like a Devil Inside Of Me talking to me

  • #######
    ####### 22 days ago

    Yo stormzy bru lit

  • vXn
    vXn 23 days ago

    Shut up mate this song is always a banger

  • Thales Fróes
    Thales Fróes 29 days ago


  • Ciánoneill
    Ciánoneill Month ago +1

    Love the start

  • Tryvon
    Tryvon Month ago +1

    I'm confused, why did he show him in a noose in the beginning?

  • FunkyFunkoPop
    FunkyFunkoPop Month ago +2

    No amount of money can get you real talent and that is what stormzy has

  • Natasha Reynolds
    Natasha Reynolds Month ago +1

    For an old song its Still nice to listen to

  • anette n’anya
    anette n’anya Month ago


  • Yvan Sainathan
    Yvan Sainathan Month ago +1

    "When I say shut up i get a plaque"
    This line is fucking genius😂

  • Dane Thomas
    Dane Thomas Month ago

    Raaa stormzy bra some sick sick bars

  • Hugo Schonborn
    Hugo Schonborn Month ago

  • Katerine Onyemali
    Katerine Onyemali Month ago


  • ossuwhy
    ossuwhy Month ago

    Fucking mental!!!

  • Street panda-mobile


  • Robert Collins
    Robert Collins Month ago

    This is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Daniel Zech
    Daniel Zech Month ago

    Bruvs grime to the max

  • J'See
    J'See Month ago +2

    This song does sound like
    Dot Rotten - To The Max
    Either way this tune is one of my favourites from Stormzy 🔥

  • ezekiel Bessié
    ezekiel Bessié Month ago

    Très très lourd !!!!!!

  • Donagozo84
    Donagozo84 Month ago

    lion heart

  • garroig whelan
    garroig whelan Month ago

    Can't wait to see this king of grime in Dublin sep 2020

  • ZELA17
    ZELA17 2 months ago +89

    No naked girls, no autotune just raw talent

    • ZELA17
      ZELA17 23 days ago +2

      @matthew tomczyk what you are saying is that you dont need autotune if u are rapping right? First of all everybody uses autotune and you cant tell because they blend it in so that you cant tell if they use it or not, you have rappers like Lil uzi vert, Lil yachty and they are rapping(mumble raping not singing, they dont call themselves singers thus rappers). So yea you need autotune and Stiff Chocolate does not m8

    • matthew tomczyk
      matthew tomczyk 23 days ago +2

      you dont need autotune if ur not singing

    • Ciánoneill
      Ciánoneill Month ago +1

      Yes yes

  • m b
    m b 2 months ago

    your the fucking reason i dont rate grime any more. Came here to make it known your wakk. Otherwise would never give your video a view

    • m b
      m b 2 months ago

      @Aaaa Aaaa glad u noticed

    • Aaaa Aaaa
      Aaaa Aaaa 2 months ago +1

      well, you already gave him a view

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 2 months ago

    looks like a twig, how many scars u got

  • O G
    O G 2 months ago


  • Jade Botting
    Jade Botting 2 months ago

    This song makes me want to hit someone with a shovel 🤪

  • Oluwaseun Majekodunmi
    Oluwaseun Majekodunmi 2 months ago

    The guys blacker than me and am dark-skinned 😂😂😂😂

    • Denisha Murray
      Denisha Murray Month ago

      Like Tupac said the blacker the berry the deeper the roots!!It's a shame black!! people go against darker black people isn't it enough that white people love seeing it and it makes they day!!damn🤔🤔🙄🙄😠😠

  • digLess
    digLess 2 months ago

    Cadell was SCARIER duppied him on his own riddim

  • 副ぶちょー
    副ぶちょー 2 months ago

    0:12 what does he say?

  • Oluwaseun Majekodunmi
    Oluwaseun Majekodunmi 2 months ago

    I’m black myself so it’s not racist.

  • Oluwaseun Majekodunmi
    Oluwaseun Majekodunmi 2 months ago


  • Oluwaseun Majekodunmi
    Oluwaseun Majekodunmi 2 months ago

    Darskinned road man.

  • B N
    B N 2 months ago +4

    AJ had this on repeat for 6 months ready for RUIZ 2

  • Slo niu
    Slo niu 2 months ago

    Why noy say name on diss track?
    Check Cadelll III worldwar diss stromzy ;)

  • Gautam Sane
    Gautam Sane 2 months ago +1

    Man who Stormzy was coming like this??

  • Hayden Birch
    Hayden Birch 2 months ago

    All my skeng man where you at

  • Mary B.
    Mary B. 2 months ago


  • official gamer
    official gamer 3 months ago

    Anyone 2020

  • entity x
    entity x 3 months ago +1

    Lol it's Ksi but better

  • Swag Star
    Swag Star 3 months ago

    This is Stormzy at his best, wish he would drop an EP just with Grime !!

  • Baileyteh0g
    Baileyteh0g 3 months ago

    Just saying he's still undefeated

  • ticktocksully
    ticktocksully 3 months ago

    rahhh did yall hear dat ?

  • Bhggh Ghjhv
    Bhggh Ghjhv 3 months ago

    Man 4 years already wha the fuck

  • alex bauer
    alex bauer 3 months ago


  • tanbeer3 -_-
    tanbeer3 -_- 3 months ago +1

    This is mad

  • Blue Not bloo
    Blue Not bloo 3 months ago


  • Ridwan Hussein
    Ridwan Hussein 3 months ago

    Stormzy back wid a bang

  • JordanxKing
    JordanxKing 3 months ago

    I had to turn up the brightness on my phone I legit couldn't see him. I'm black btw

  • Blue Bean
    Blue Bean 3 months ago


  • -Dylan- -DBM Collective Reptiles-

    Fucking straight metal head first time listening to stormyz fucking cry and dancing WTF this dude hits a spot you never knew you needed hit

  • Martin Wells
    Martin Wells 3 months ago

    that vid is banging who ever filmed this good on ya keep this up and stormzy on point as always

  • Snoozer 死
    Snoozer 死 3 months ago

    love it

  • T0m S4WY3R
    T0m S4WY3R 3 months ago +4

    Beat so fire 🔥🔥🦹‍♂️👑

  • FCM M
    FCM M 3 months ago

    This is scary😨😨

  • FA schoen
    FA schoen 3 months ago

    The black master of not so underground rap

  • James Midgley
    James Midgley 3 months ago +1

    Stormzys gone hard on these tracks 🔥🔥

  • Hopfolk
    Hopfolk 3 months ago

    What utter shit.

    • S W
      S W Month ago


  • Lewis Haddow
    Lewis Haddow 4 months ago +1

    Same I really want to punch someone

  • edward gray
    edward gray 4 months ago +3

    Does anyone else think about how Luxembourg went to world war 1 with 80 soldiers and come back with 81 and wonder how the f**k that even happens?

  • Paul Knight
    Paul Knight 4 months ago

    Songs like this Promoting violence and bad behaviour should be banned

  • Young Mesrine
    Young Mesrine 4 months ago +2

    I'm from Gabon and i can never forget this song...the flow , the lyrics, the word play with syllables rhymes.. Stormzy = Monster

  • Eloquent Paradox
    Eloquent Paradox 4 months ago

    Thank Dot for the flow on this.. if you know u know

  • James Bond
    James Bond 4 months ago

    Man sold his soul

  • Malik Hoff
    Malik Hoff 4 months ago +1

    Check out my music.
    I'm a rockstar Rapping 🔥👽🤘🏾

  • Malik Hoff
    Malik Hoff 4 months ago

    Song: *Playing*.
    Me: Check my Music Out.

  • Alf Žiga
    Alf Žiga 4 months ago


  • Yusuf K
    Yusuf K 4 months ago

    This HARD😈

  • louis dee
    louis dee 4 months ago

    Stormzy, scary, big for your boot, disappointed,

  • Wideband Atlanta
    Wideband Atlanta 4 months ago +1

    Stormzy chatting lyrics fa real..
    Only way to clash stormzy is to come original which is hard because the people who could potentially clash and win have built their whole ting around samples etc pirate etc piracy at some point so can't ever win.

  • Jules Bowen
    Jules Bowen 4 months ago +2

    Pure Grime! 🤢🤮

  • Paul Tidswell
    Paul Tidswell 4 months ago

    I can rap I have a fight to but I like hip hop instruments a might try cross it

  • Angel Panchev
    Angel Panchev 4 months ago +2

    This song it mad makes me go crazy in school I have many haters makes me bust them up and

  • Wideband Atlanta
    Wideband Atlanta 4 months ago +1

    1:48 JME and others should think twice before silently or loudly dissing stromzy again...

  • Kingsley Gardner
    Kingsley Gardner 4 months ago


  • Castle Clash Raw
    Castle Clash Raw 4 months ago +4

    2020 and still the best stormzy track ever.

  • Elixter
    Elixter 4 months ago

    Bella per lukaku 💙🖤

  • Ines Ferreira
    Ines Ferreira 4 months ago

    Not at 1:27

  • Ines Ferreira
    Ines Ferreira 4 months ago

    At 3:21 his eyes are red

    • memsefer
      memsefer 4 months ago

      Hugo Diallo yea nice joke no one liked this

  • Herb G
    Herb G 4 months ago

    Dot’s coming bro....

  • VampzGrime
    VampzGrime 4 months ago +1

    Check my new Stormzy - Still Disappointed Dark Grime Remix, You won't be disappointed!

  • Casanova Frankenstein
    Casanova Frankenstein 4 months ago +1

    "pop" yeh? man vanquished Cadells entire spirit without mentioning him once 😤😤😤 about pop Kmttttt

  • xenia lewis
    xenia lewis 4 months ago +3

    Love him angry❤️ 🤣 I’d piss him off just to hear this kinda delivery 🔥😩😇

  • Silifa AA
    Silifa AA 4 months ago

    From here this is when i knew you couldn’t play with Stormzy

  • Kaizoku -o
    Kaizoku -o 4 months ago +6

    Who is searching for wiley’s mom?

  • GrumpyGrebo
    GrumpyGrebo 4 months ago +3

    This doesn't sound like Dot Rotten's flow haha

  • Iulian Bizga
    Iulian Bizga 4 months ago

    Respect!!! Omerta!!!

  • Neil
    Neil 4 months ago +1

    Wiley man why you fck with our boy stormzy soso... So Disapointed!!