James - Live in Manchester 2001

  • Published on May 11, 2017
  • All rights reserved of the copyright owner, publisher and authors.
    Filmed live at the Manchester Evening News Arena, December 7th 2001. Set List :
    Say Something 00:00
    Waltzing Along 04:47
    Sometimes 08:48
    Laid 13:07
    God Only Knows 16:01
    Someone's Got In For Me 20:27
    Vervaceous 25:53
    Protect Me 32:29
    Out to Get You 36:50 38:07
    Johnny Yen 44:55
    Getting Away With It 50:47
    Tomorrow 55:54
    Born Of Frustration 1:00:04
    Ring The Bells 1:05:23
    Top Of The World 1:12:27
    Sound 1:17:35
    Space 1:29:10
    She's A Star 1:33:49
    Come Home 1:37:38
    Sit Down 1:42:48
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  • Thomas Beddows
    Thomas Beddows 2 days ago

    Best band ever

  • Mr Goldrick
    Mr Goldrick 5 days ago

    fuck if jonny still on fire after this time, were all fooked.

  • blootoof blue
    blootoof blue 8 days ago

    That scout hut where he first sang is literally on the other side of the old track(Now called the Fallowfield loop) from where I'm stood now.

  • Ian Edmonds
    Ian Edmonds 24 days ago

    In 1992-3 at the uni union we all used to sit down on the dancefloor.
    assumed it was normal for the time.
    Wow italics?
    Luv and Peace.

  • Ian Edmonds
    Ian Edmonds 24 days ago +1

    Getting away with it all messed up is my theme tune.
    Luv and Peace.

  • Rebelbhoy
    Rebelbhoy 25 days ago +1

    One of the best bands live ever

  • Steve Crammond
    Steve Crammond 29 days ago

    Best live band ever.. im so taken by how they gell together in one moment and change the song 🎵 and makebit so better

  • Blake Murdoch
    Blake Murdoch Month ago

    Their Sydney performance was easily one of the best I've ever seen from any
    band, and what a great band they are.

  • Roland De Leon
    Roland De Leon Month ago

    Is that Andy Diagram?Trumpet player of the Pale fountains.

    • Roland De Leon
      Roland De Leon Month ago +1

      @StillCloser Ah...Ok thanks for the info Brother!!!!

    • StillCloser
      StillCloser  Month ago +1

      The same. He also played with A Certain Ratio and Durutti Column...

  • blootoof blue
    blootoof blue Month ago

    If Say something or Waltzing cant get us all back together then we are all fucked up.

  • Stephen Gale
    Stephen Gale Month ago

    I wonder how many of James knew any of the guys in The Chameleons being from the same Region around the same period . There’s a ‘ builder ‘ in the Bournemouth area whom is an absolute Spitting Image of Tim. , Their philosophies though are polar opposite for a start.....although Steve has a heart somewhere I’m sure.....🏴😇❤️

  • Jay de rocker
    Jay de rocker Month ago

    Where's all the old songs !!!!!!

  • Jay de rocker
    Jay de rocker Month ago

    Love James ' and the lads in 2nd field regt did ! Mancunian gunners

  • mujin70
    mujin70 2 months ago +2

    That time in 1992 when I went to see Neil Young and ended up loving the opening band's performance far more than Neil's. That band? James. Ethereal performance.

  • Marcos Quispe
    Marcos Quispe 2 months ago +1

    Sus canciones son únicas saludos desde Perú

  • Girl in white anklesocks andtrainers

    Haha Larry broke it! Love you Larry ❤

  • ChainNonSmoker
    ChainNonSmoker 3 months ago

    Why aren't they wearing wigs as are every other Manchester/Britain Indie band of their period doing.

  • Adam Wroot
    Adam Wroot 3 months ago

    Great memories of this gig... 😁
    One of them being my dad singing at the top of his voice.. The next minute fast asleep in his seat.. Obviously nothing to do with the copious amounts of alcohol 😁

    • Simon & Ann
      Simon & Ann 3 months ago

      Sat in garden listening to this happy days to all

  • axel usul
    axel usul 4 months ago +1

    Got to hope I will see James LIVE with an audience without any "worries" in the world. April '20. Anyone here?.......

    • axel usul
      axel usul 4 months ago

      @Big Chap SOUND 🎤!...

    • Big Chap
      Big Chap 4 months ago

      I will Ring The Bells when that happens

  • Nelson Cardoso
    Nelson Cardoso 4 months ago +1

    Não há melhor..... Grandioso Tim booth

  • Jason Leach
    Jason Leach 4 months ago +3

    need this in my life now , james makes me happy and i was there too , stay safe peeps xx

    • Simon & Ann
      Simon & Ann 2 months ago +1

      You should always need James in your life, not just now

  • Артем Иванов

    Шикарное исполнение!!!

  • Neil Senior Senior
    Neil Senior Senior 6 months ago

    I like music...I LOVE James music

  • Marco Antonio Mata Cabrera

    Los mejores
    Gracias James

  • Matthew Boulter
    Matthew Boulter 7 months ago +2

    Still watching 2020 now

  • Matthew Boulter
    Matthew Boulter 7 months ago +1

    watching everyday for the last week of xmas awesome and have downloaded it

  • mikey
    mikey 7 months ago +1

    Blessed 🍀

  • Steven Harrison
    Steven Harrison 8 months ago +2

    Manchester music

  • alfredo castro rosas
    alfredo castro rosas 8 months ago +33

    Its 2019 and i still watching This Great Band One of the bes of all time

    • Tiago Figueiredo
      Tiago Figueiredo Month ago +1

      2020 and im here! ;)

    • Guto Heyerdahl
      Guto Heyerdahl 6 months ago +1

      2020 and still here

    • Jason Leach
      Jason Leach 8 months ago +2

      and this was my first gig in Manchester and without doubt one of thee best gigs ever

    • Jason Leach
      Jason Leach 8 months ago +1

      saw them at bingleyweekend ,, formaly bingley music live and james as per never disappointing,,,,,,, one of the best bands ever

  • Johnny Diamonds Music
    Johnny Diamonds Music 9 months ago +1

    I used to knock about with Dave the drummer in the early 80s and he played percussion on one of my bands demos.

  • Dek T
    Dek T 9 months ago


  • Ida Lina
    Ida Lina 9 months ago +20

    This is one of the things that has to be watched every once in a while and makes me feel safe and sound everytime. You can totally rely on it, loveee it

    • Raquel Tomé
      Raquel Tomé 6 months ago

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    • Raquel Tomé
      Raquel Tomé 6 months ago +1

      Já Jr dresden ggtgfgfrr55🎉❤️😀

  • Eric Gordon
    Eric Gordon 9 months ago +3

    So many spine tingling moments. Thanks for posting.

  • Christian Eduardo Arias Yika

    Esta banda es quizá una de las mejores de todos los tiempos... infravalorada, pero aún así genial para los que tienen oídos sensibles a lo realmente espectacular....

  • Millie M
    Millie M 10 months ago +2

    Where are you James? Can't find you on Spotify. Are you coming this year to Berlin?✨

    • Tanner Geddes
      Tanner Geddes 5 months ago


  • Why Monkey
    Why Monkey 10 months ago +2

    at 37:33 does anyone know what went wrong? was it the tone of Gott's guitar?

    • Why Monkey
      Why Monkey 10 months ago

      @StillCloser oh alright. I can't hear it though... must be a professional musician ear thing.

    • StillCloser
      StillCloser  10 months ago

      Turn the captions on, Tim says "It's feeding back big time" ;)

  • Joe fish
    Joe fish 11 months ago +4

    The greatest gig I was never at, wow! I've had this on CD for years and just watched it recently for the first time, and then watched it another hundred times since. Love James, so positive and should be on the wireless non stop rather than the negetive bullshit that's being pumped into our kids these days. Keep her lit, James ❤️

  • Neil Evans
    Neil Evans 11 months ago +2

    glad to see a new upload where the second half of the concert is not out of sync with the singing, class band.

  • jesshendriks.xx
    jesshendriks.xx 11 months ago

    Saul Davis is my BFF’s dad...

    • Girl in white anklesocks andtrainers
      Girl in white anklesocks andtrainers 3 months ago

      Lucky friend! Saul is really nice I have met him and Jim and they were so kind as to talk a while and sign some stuff for me! James rule 🙂nothing but love ❤

      CHRIS DENLEY 11 months ago

      Tell him hes a legend. Truly talented. I think hes brilliant not cantankerous;)

  • Daniel Hdz
    Daniel Hdz 11 months ago

    Esto debería ser considerado patrimonio de la humanidad.

  • Jon Cook
    Jon Cook 11 months ago

    Shame on you FLash-player for putting a fucking advert right in the middle of "Sound"!

  • Jon Cook
    Jon Cook 11 months ago +3

    One of my most favourite bands ever - love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!

  • Paul White
    Paul White 11 months ago +4

    I was at this gig with my great friend Mark Atkins....Tomorrow is a song for Felicia

  • Talorc MacAllan
    Talorc MacAllan Year ago +1

    traveled down fom Aberdeen....got steam boats and missed concert, what a bus journey for nothin........never mind i love jimbo, and the jimbo fans are epic.....we had some day and i seen my mate

    CHRIS DENLEY Year ago +1

    Great playset. Cant be topped..ever. love this bands music. Hope I get 30% of this next week.

  • na nana
    na nana Year ago +2

    I Love One of his Guitar Player

  • na nana
    na nana Year ago +2

    Love u..😊 guys

  • Carlos Pereira
    Carlos Pereira Year ago +3

    although i've already seen in concert live U2 and The Waterboys...for exemple, i'me sure James are the best in this style of performance

  • Harry Bland
    Harry Bland Year ago


  • steve thomson
    steve thomson Year ago +2

    brilliant, after Morrissey, and the smiths, this is my fav.

  • RonniStyles
    RonniStyles Year ago

    I am better on my own.

  • RonniStyles
    RonniStyles Year ago +10

    his voice helped me get through high school.

  • Carlos Pereira
    Carlos Pereira Year ago +6

    Thanks to Tim Both, and James musicians for this kind of music

  • Kimura
    Kimura Year ago +1


  • Razza J
    Razza J Year ago +3


  • Jack Moyes
    Jack Moyes Year ago +3

    Seeing them at Heaton park tomorrow. Great band can’t wait.

    • Jack Moyes
      Jack Moyes Year ago

      Was gutted that they didn’t play Laid but was brilliant with Tim Booth coming round to the crowd...

    • David Charnock
      David Charnock Year ago

      Me too James are my fav band of all time and for some bizzare reason never seen them live but I'm there today can't fucking wait

  • Louis Welbrock
    Louis Welbrock Year ago +1

    whos watching in preparation of Heaton Park

  • Carlos Pereira
    Carlos Pereira Year ago +1

    ( Oasis are now called the Bidy Eye...or something like this. Well, who cares? )

  • Carlos Pereira
    Carlos Pereira Year ago +2

    Without a doubt one of the best bands from the British Isles. Blur, Oasis, The Verve, Happy Mondays...where are they now?

  • Melitta Marr
    Melitta Marr Year ago +2

    Cannot compare this band to anyone else. The best live performers I've ever had the privilege to see...

  • Martin Ison
    Martin Ison Year ago +1

    average... he believes a llittle too much in his own hype.
    Still, no matter... that is the way of fools.]
    great gig, though.

  • Christopher Day
    Christopher Day Year ago +2

    Been listening to Tim n co since 89 WOW just WOW best band ever by a million miles love em were ya hair gone Tim were lol

  • S R
    S R Year ago +1

    Meanwhile Nickleback exists for some reason

  • João De Oliveira
    João De Oliveira Year ago +1

    The best

  • Erika Torres
    Erika Torres Year ago +1


  • duncan w craig
    duncan w craig Year ago +2

    Imagine being so good that you can open a gig with Say Something.

  • Edmilson Lima Pereira

    Adoro essa banda, JAMES, músicas ótimas

  • Leon Brookes
    Leon Brookes Year ago +4

    I was there that night, totally unforgettable!

  • Chegs 2006
    Chegs 2006 Year ago +21

    I still think james such an under rated band

    • Ian Edmonds
      Ian Edmonds 24 days ago

      @Hughesy Plays So awesome live.
      Amazing band.
      So much to empathise with for me.
      Luv and Peace.

    • Hughesy Plays
      Hughesy Plays Month ago +1

      Too right. Awesome band 🍺🤘

  • Darren Buckley
    Darren Buckley Year ago +3

    Still Quality 20/03/19.

  • Daniel Hdz
    Daniel Hdz Year ago +2

    La voz de Tim es tremenda.

  • Janey Boo
    Janey Boo Year ago +4

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing. I was there at the time. Bloody love this band so much. ❤❤❤❤

  • Gerry Boothman
    Gerry Boothman Year ago +7

    I've added this performance to my death bed playlist

  • Mike Thirling
    Mike Thirling Year ago +3

    I was number one fan now my daughter is can't get enough

  • martin williams
    martin williams Year ago +10

    great band id like to see them performing live in 2019.

  • Oscar Schenone
    Oscar Schenone Year ago +2

    Thanks! I love James!

  • Geronimo Condori Mamani

    Este concierto en vivo de James, es lo mejor que he visto. Gracias

  • Rui Santos
    Rui Santos Year ago +4

    Deeply into my soul! love you James! You make me cry, you make me think! You make me feel alive!

  • wieso nicht
    wieso nicht Year ago +3

    Would have been a dream to experience it live

  • J. Schmitz
    J. Schmitz Year ago +10

    My favorit song: Waltzing long - I love it!

  • Matthew Rawsthorne
    Matthew Rawsthorne Year ago +3

    When I talk about highlights of going to gigs this is one of my top 5. It was more than music it was.... Connection between band and audience , think Queen live aid

  • Lesley Macdonald
    Lesley Macdonald Year ago +2


  • Anthony Hardy
    Anthony Hardy Year ago +2


  • Dave Red
    Dave Red Year ago +3

    1:44:02 and some 8000 people singing your lyrics back to you. Priceless.

    • Joe fish
      Joe fish 11 months ago

      On it now. Whoop!

  • brannomagic
    brannomagic Year ago +1

    Just seen these in Perth WA
    Still fucking awesome

  • Chris Dunn
    Chris Dunn Year ago +2

    How good ?

  • James Smith
    James Smith Year ago

    Does tim wear those hats because hes from bradistan?

    • Hughesy Plays
      Hughesy Plays Month ago +1

      @James Smith he is actually that's correct

    • James Smith
      James Smith Month ago

      Hughesy Plays sure hes from bradford

    • Hughesy Plays
      Hughesy Plays Month ago

      He's from Yorkshire,Halifax

    • Alex Butters
      Alex Butters Year ago

      He is a manc though

    • James Smith
      James Smith Year ago

      Anthony Hardy speak english mate im not from from bradford

  • Bigworld DDD
    Bigworld DDD Year ago +2

    17 years ago. :( stillcloser….thanks for posting this gem!! Good on you!!!

  • robert barry
    robert barry Year ago +2

    Beautiful and brilliant stuff

  • Sergej Lovrekovic
    Sergej Lovrekovic Year ago +1

    the best !

  • João Valente
    João Valente Year ago +3

    Best band live.........i Saw them on Lisbon.....unforgetable....

  • Henry Lazaro
    Henry Lazaro 2 years ago


  • Uni BlackSister
    Uni BlackSister 2 years ago

    Surprised 9/11 wasent mentioned tbh

  • Deano Essex
    Deano Essex 2 years ago

    Poor quality with all the audio drops, 2 in waltzing along alone.......................

    • Rene Perez
      Rene Perez Year ago +2

      thank you for uploading this man

    • Deano Essex
      Deano Essex 2 years ago +2

      Video is good, Its a shame that this happens on You Tube with audio.. If this happens to me i just re-upload it until its right.. No nastyness in my comment intended :-)

    • StillCloser
      StillCloser  2 years ago

      First off, thanks for the input. Regarding the drop-outs, I guarantee you there is none in the video that I uploaded. In fact, this is a recurring problem with many of my videos, but these usually appear at 10:13 and 15:33 if the audio is encoded in AAC 256 kb or at 8:06 and 1:57:07 with an audio bitrate of 390. I have no idea why this happens, I even tried different encoders but the problem persists... For example, this video also has an audio drop, at the same timestamp, at 8.06 flash-player.org/video/C12JHxqE8sU-video.htmlm
      I've used the uncompressed PCM track from the DVD, the sound is not too compressed, the relative loudness is -2.6db and I even fixed some drops due to layer transition. Here's a list of the layer transitions in the DVD :
      32:13.560 - 43ms (fixed)
      1:28:35.120 - 43ms (fixed)
      According to my notes, these are the timestamps where you can hear the FLash-player drops :
      08:06 (Waltzing Along), 1:46:02 and 1:47:49 (Sit Down)
      I reported this problem to the Help Forum some time ago, but they don't seem to care... You can read the thread here productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/youtube/wjQPo7EbBYI
      Besides the drop-outs is there any other issue you'd like to address (meaning, the "poor quality") ?

  • Richard Muir
    Richard Muir 2 years ago +2

    One of the best live bands on the planet ...... awesome!

  • Duriense 1975
    Duriense 1975 2 years ago +3

    Absolutamente fantástico...;)
    Obrigado, Portugal love “James”!

  • Appaloosa Dreams
    Appaloosa Dreams 2 years ago +3

    13:06 Laid :) :) :) Damn, he has a flawless voice!!!!!! I wonder what sparks would fly in a duet with Dolly Parton :) :) :) They could do some Irish tune. She never got the chance collaborate with John Denver; I know there's some real musical geniuses out there, like Booth, to make magic with

  • Richard Connor
    Richard Connor 2 years ago +11

    I was at this. It was bloody brilliant.

  • Ian Gavin
    Ian Gavin 2 years ago +4


    • Rene Perez
      Rene Perez Year ago

      nuff said ¡. greetings from banana republic

    • John Boy
      John Boy Year ago +1

      malkinmario James, Stone roses, the smiths,oasis, the hollies, happy Monday’s, courteeners, the verve (wigan)
      To name a few

    • malkinmario
      malkinmario Year ago

      What 6 bands are you referring to? I'm in the US.

    • Mana
      Mana Year ago

      There's something in that rain!

  • Jonas Reverte
    Jonas Reverte 2 years ago +2

    James a unique band to which we owe his art and creation, I want them will never leave my heart of Melomano.