The Worst Movie Sequels: The Sequel

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
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    Written by - Stephen Tries and Tom Cooney
    Tony Wright: tony_wright97
    Ryan Lock: ryan_lock22
    Max Smith: GongWe
    Devon Newton: devon_newton
    Erin McCullagh: erinmccullagh
    and my sweet self
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  • Joel RL
    Joel RL 24 days ago

    stephen tries boxing match against Jake paul, deji or Aneson Gib

  • Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait

    Why do I genuinely want to watch some of these movies.

  • Curtis Wigram
    Curtis Wigram Month ago

    someone's been watching the kevin bishop show

  • Fred Paterson
    Fred Paterson Month ago

    Should have been the sore spank prevention

  • Conjar
    Conjar 3 months ago

    Love how they go to my local. The Old Pint Pot near Salford Uni. 😂😂

  • The Gamer12
    The Gamer12 4 months ago

    Sore Spank Redemption got me good

  • inkzry
    inkzry 4 months ago

    1:14 the old pint pot pub my local haha

  • Your Smexy Object
    Your Smexy Object 4 months ago +2

    1:22 ¬Well now I know... anything turns me on.

  • Looking For My Halo
    Looking For My Halo 4 months ago +1


  • belle
    belle 4 months ago +1


  • Matt Derrick
    Matt Derrick 5 months ago +1

    What was Stephens video in 2016

  • YegoLoda
    YegoLoda 5 months ago +1

    Smosh is looking different.

  • Jasford
    Jasford 5 months ago

    so just a video full of shit puns... great

  • ØûtXxv ZiNq
    ØûtXxv ZiNq 5 months ago

    thE sOaR sPaNnk rEdeaMtiOn

  • Cloud-9-Designs
    Cloud-9-Designs 5 months ago +1

    2:32 the 1 sat next to steven looks like charlote richie

  • ReeceWD
    ReeceWD 5 months ago

    whens the response tho


    0161 Stephen tries he'd get nicked if you were wise to the pics on his hardrive

  • Harry isnt cool
    Harry isnt cool 5 months ago

    0161 Stephen tries, he gets stiff when children cry

  • Freddie Murray
    Freddie Murray 5 months ago +1

    you look like john from peaky blinders

  • Chinemerem Njoku
    Chinemerem Njoku 5 months ago +2

    Mango unclaimed lol

  • Paladin 115
    Paladin 115 5 months ago

    What's the good 2016 vid

    • GetawayComics
      GetawayComics 5 months ago

      Fionnán Lynch probably How to be Stormzy

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 5 months ago +1

    Anyone remember the Kevin bishop show that use to be on sky did alot of parodys like these 😂

  • Random Opinion
    Random Opinion 5 months ago

    Stephens vids r going downhill.

    • Random Opinion
      Random Opinion 5 months ago

      Believe it or not, me too. Bring back how to catch a predator!!

    • Fuitgumy
      Fuitgumy 5 months ago

      Stop, I'm crying

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide 5 months ago +1

    DAMN does Steven suit that porn star attire 🤙

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 5 months ago +1

      Shit a brick! Stephen Tries is making decent content again!! The world is normal

  • Banana Gaming XD
    Banana Gaming XD 5 months ago

    What's the song at 2:27?

  • Emily An
    Emily An 5 months ago

    Respond to Callums Corner pussyo

  • Baran Blyat
    Baran Blyat 5 months ago +19

    Lawrence of the Labia was a missed opportunity.

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay 5 months ago +2

    Who else loves the way that he uploads once a month Oh just me 😂

  • Cailan Neville
    Cailan Neville 5 months ago +1

    Boys: wait, that’s illegal

  • peaches
    peaches 5 months ago

    0:00 uh oh

  • Angelic Torture
    Angelic Torture 5 months ago +1

    Findlers lisp 😂😂😂

  • InesXkane -
    InesXkane - 5 months ago +1

    This is like dem old smosh vids

  • Synyster Gaming
    Synyster Gaming 5 months ago +1

    'Beauty and The Yeast' lmao

  • Dan Lewsey
    Dan Lewsey 5 months ago +1

    Anyone remember the Kevin bishop show that use to be on sky did alot of parodys like these 😂

  • Phoenix Tatakai
    Phoenix Tatakai 5 months ago +1

    bring big jake back or riot

  • fuck my arse
    fuck my arse 5 months ago +1

    sore spank redemption got me ded

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 5 months ago +1

    Tuesday Night Fever is needed to complete the trilogy. Also why is a bouncer at the club if it isn't open?

  • Luke Bishop
    Luke Bishop 5 months ago +1

    Shit a brick! Stephen Tries is making decent content again!! The world is normal

  • daft banna
    daft banna 5 months ago

    Could of used microphones

  • Sadie
    Sadie 5 months ago +1

    okay but Stephen dumb thiccc

  • Screenbrew
    Screenbrew 5 months ago

    This is so 2011 FLash-player... and I love it

  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson 5 months ago +1

    This was class

  • That aint it Chief
    That aint it Chief 5 months ago +1

    stephen tries on trending? nice

  • killer planets
    killer planets 5 months ago +1

    The old pint pot, weyyyyy!!

  • Frθzen Pizza
    Frθzen Pizza 5 months ago +1

    Max I'll buy that exact shirt off of you if you promise not to wash it 😍

  • Epictoad11
    Epictoad11 5 months ago +2

    1:15 the book Stevens got? Is he alright?

  • Matt and Ros homemade videos

    DAMN does Steven suit that porn star attire 🤙

  • PlumpPlatypus
    PlumpPlatypus 5 months ago +2

    1:22 James Charles has some competition... Thick BOI

  • SadEars A
    SadEars A 5 months ago +1

    3.06 was iconic

  • dakota krueger
    dakota krueger 5 months ago

    Steven tries is a loser always changing American footbl teams

  • Rory Quirke
    Rory Quirke 5 months ago +1

    Why is the bouncer there if its closed

  • Charis Reid
    Charis Reid 5 months ago +1

    This reminds me of the golden age of FLash-player

  • Jack Hubball
    Jack Hubball 5 months ago +1

    Trending woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Dr.Pepper
    Dr.Pepper 5 months ago +1

    So goood!!!!

  • A Random Guy
    A Random Guy 5 months ago +1

    Ryan higa

  • BoykieM
    BoykieM 5 months ago +1

    Congratulations on trending

  • Si Hopebgood
    Si Hopebgood 5 months ago +1

    I watched this cos it was *gasps* only four minutes long!

  • 0121 Do won
    0121 Do won 5 months ago +2

    0121 do one
    Not an 0161 but hay ho

  • Hype gamer
    Hype gamer 5 months ago +1


  • Mcfc pat
    Mcfc pat 5 months ago

    Reply to callums corner