De Beek: QUALITY! | Manchester United 4-1 Istanbul Basaksehir | Post-Match Review

  • Published on Nov 24, 2020
  • Manchester United bounce back in the UEFA Champions League with a 4-1 win over Istanbul Basaksehir. Goals coming from Bruno Fernandes, Daniel James and a penalty from Marcus Rashford! Here is my in-depth review of Man United's performance... What did you make of the game? Let me know in the comments.
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Comments • 70

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni Month ago

    What we’re forgetting is that wan bissaka has tarted moving with the ball more comfortably

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo Month ago

    Graphics are mint. Howson is mint.

  • S 5000
    S 5000 Month ago

    Always so critical on tony lmao

  • John Ngottny
    John Ngottny Month ago

    Quality howson Quality rkid

  • Joe Goh
    Joe Goh Month ago

    Can we fuse Mata and James into one player?

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo Month ago

      Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !

  • Mark Pugh
    Mark Pugh Month ago

    Makes that pathetic shit show in Turkey more embarrassing as we showed this team is shit and that pathetic result will cost us now as I can't see us getting a point we need off either Leipzig or PSG if they both get the chances this shite got we are out and back in the fucking Europa League shit after Christmas

  • Damien Daly
    Damien Daly Month ago

    now if ole dropps beek for wkend game and we loose hes back under pressure

  • Ads
    Ads Month ago

    Sell Pogba. Buy a new CB. Play Maguire CDM.

  • Jordy Kingston Grows

    Great quality graphics so far, absolutely smashing it. Keep up the great work 🔥

  • Steven K
    Steven K Month ago

    Great insignt on the average position! Might've just been me but definitely thought it was postioning and not actions. Brilliant content as always Ste

  • Amar Akram
    Amar Akram Month ago

    Fred is dogshit

  • Frank Edward
    Frank Edward Month ago

    Vdb should be played with Fred in all games. Pogba has to earn his place in the team and start performing.
    A new mobile CB should be a priority. Winning trophies should be the goal not just being satisfied with a run of game wins

  • Nathan Forbes
    Nathan Forbes Month ago

    I’m saying 2-2 for Southampton
    3-2 to us for PSG
    And 4-1 to us for West Ham

  • Dan Mufc1999
    Dan Mufc1999 Month ago

    Question now i know fifa and real football are a lot different to each other but am not great when it comes to setting tactics up on fifa and basically i use the 4231 similar to what ste showed here but on fut and in the pivot 2 at the moment i have either ndidi sissoko or donny but cant decide who i should go with then i have someone like bruno in the number 10 role? Also in terms of the instructions when am attacking with it should i keep both of them stay back when attacking or have one on balanced and let them go forward but who would you have out the 3 cant deicide who to go with with the team i currently have? Sorry for asking but not great when it comes to making teams on fifa

  • Noelle Francisco
    Noelle Francisco Month ago

    Bruno is just beautiful isn't he

  • Jim Mellor
    Jim Mellor Month ago

    Donny was brilliant, carrick-esc, loving the previews👍🏼

  • Sari Mira
    Sari Mira Month ago

    Van De Beek was amazing! His interceptions were critical to providing security in front of defense and as Steven has pointed out, his forward passing was spot on!

  • 4Bester
    4Bester Month ago

    Telles did nothing that Shaw hasn’t been doing apart from volume of crosses. Bruno is doing what Pogba was doing when playing in an advanced role under both Jose and Ole

  • Rahul parthasarathy

    I like pogba. But everyone gives excuses like he needs better players. Van de beek came to this team and did so well. He can just do his job first before worrying about players around him.

  • Brian Pedron
    Brian Pedron Month ago

    I like Shola Shoritire. He's mint.

  • MrSehen7
    MrSehen7 Month ago

    Vdb is a pressure release valve

  • Saddam Mall
    Saddam Mall Month ago

    Alex,Harry, axel, AWB this is our backline, Sir Marcus on the RW, DVB will make make Fred topknoch, sorry for Paul, cavani kan do the kane dropping deep, Tony with less pressure on him is more dangerous, this time next year the prem title is a reality, STOP wat your doing LIKE this, can i use this on my T-SHIRT

  • Brian Asciak
    Brian Asciak Month ago

    Cavani will enjoy the crosses from Telles once they train mor together i think, VDB just kept kool in the midfield, once Bruno did his job Pogba can come replace his spot. Matic can replace Fred. Williams now replace WBska. We can rotate more now

  • Brian Pedron
    Brian Pedron Month ago

    Axel is suspended so we can play Harry & Axel against Southampton and give Victor well needed rest.

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan Month ago

    Id like to see chong play more

    KEVANI Month ago

    Could we plz give the captaincy to Bruno . It may even help Maguire ?

  • Utd4ever Podcasts
    Utd4ever Podcasts Month ago

    We've scored 24 goals in our last 7 European matches at Old Trafford! Smoooooking!!

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger Month ago

    Bruno FC

  • J A
    J A Month ago +1

    All these man sleeping on pogba till he comes back and lights it up. Don't have short memories yk he's class

    • el Baixinho
      el Baixinho Month ago +1

      I hope Pogba is done with United tbh. He's clearly lacking in confidence and the hate he gets is disgraceful. Fans that treat players like that don't deserve any sort of glory

  • Ryan Wisbey
    Ryan Wisbey Month ago

    Van De Beek over Pogba all day long. Get rid he doesn't want to be at Utd anyway

  • MusicAli
    MusicAli Month ago

    when is 5 things we learned?

  • Matt Wyatt
    Matt Wyatt Month ago

    VAN DE BEEK shits all over Paul Pogba, sell him.

  • Edwill Jonas
    Edwill Jonas Month ago

    Graphics are good just a bit small when showing win/loss. My team DDG, AWB,AT,HM,AT,FRED,DONNY,BRUNO,MR,AM,MG

  • silverace08
    silverace08 Month ago

    now that was a united performance, playing with their hearts on their sleeves holding nothing back, the difference cavani and vdb made was phenomenal by starting, vdb brings fresh optimism always trying to get the ball forward with every pass or dribble and cavani played like a mature leader, truly, they are the reasons others got alot of the opportunities they got, telles also played great crossing highup, brunos first strike wow, good to see greenwood back his pace alongside james was onpoint, after cavani holdup play he was still charging in showing energy even if hes not the fastest, martial and rashford on the wings holding the widths and to see rashford taking a penalty again was superb, honestly like his style more than bruno's although bruno has been delivering, it makes me nervous, that jump, lindelof's long pass was a breath of fresh air, de gea with a couple of great low saves, altho we got a bit lucky with the cross bar which would have made it a nailbiting 3-2 otherwise good to see the dominance in keeping on going forward looking for more goals till very last minute of injurytime, maguire could still do with better positioning at times, awb's fine defensively, and fred there to help out the back, what more can a fan ask for, if we keep this up we could be a force to reckon with @5:40 goodpoint about number of shots comparison with westbrom 17 then 16 today but looked much more confident incontrol

  • General Hargrievous

    Maguire was class

  • Momo Yakub
    Momo Yakub Month ago

    Shaw's gonna struggle to get into this team. Two world class crosses lead to goals 1 and 2. Pogba should just move on in the summer. It hasn't worked out for both parties and both should just move on amicably. There is still some very obvious deadwood like JONES who unlike Pogo and shaw won't even keep the bench warm but we have a very good foundation to build upon going forward as long as we invest in the right players.

  • TheShizaarius
    TheShizaarius Month ago

    Maradonny proves his worth! Loved the three new guys' performances yesterday

  • Stephen Berlin
    Stephen Berlin Month ago

    Cavani has to play against PSG, surely? So I'd put Martial up top at the weekend. Greenwood and Rashford on the wings, bring Martial off for Cavani and James on for Rashford around 75 mins.

  • Stephen Berlin
    Stephen Berlin Month ago

    Against Southhampton I'd play De Gea, Telles, Tuanzebe, Maguire, AWB, McTominay, Bruno, VDB, Martial, Greenwood, Rashford.

  • Adrian Bascombe
    Adrian Bascombe Month ago

    Give uguys. Ateam udon't do shit

  • Adrian Bascombe
    Adrian Bascombe Month ago

    You utube coaches. Make me laugh

  • Elvis Ng
    Elvis Ng Month ago +1

    VDB was excellent. He positions well, passes well, presses well, tackles and won his personal duels. Handles the pressure well. Quick release passes often surrounded by 2-3 oppositions and passes the correct ones too. Not backwards passes to Maguire or square ones to LB/RB. He doesnt slows the game down like others.
    He makes that midfield engine ticks. A vital cog.

  • Green and White
    Green and White Month ago +1

    This is the 4th biggest team in Istanbul we’re talking about here, with Demba Ba up front and they cut us open at will, even in the “perfect” first hand performance!

  • M Shati
    M Shati Month ago

    get something for pogba maybe a swap for a dcm, don't see him getting back into the team and making us any better. the funny thing is the teams he wants to join doesnt look better than us, and doesnt look like their near future will be either

  • Awesome MAv
    Awesome MAv Month ago

    Whenver Maguire picks his head to pick a pass, i just knew we lost fucking possesion again

  • EyeInTheSky
    EyeInTheSky Month ago +1

    Rather annoyed the 2 times Greenwood did not lay it off for Cavani. Would be good to get him on the score sheet early in his career here to add to the one he already has. However, the frightening pace and power the Greenwood showed to get to those positions and carry the ball like that is SCARY! Hopefully, he will calm down a bit and help get easy goals via assists

  • EyeInTheSky
    EyeInTheSky Month ago

    Talk about Teles amazing fucking corners!!!! A revafuckinglation!!!

  • EyeInTheSky
    EyeInTheSky Month ago

    Keep talking about how Bruno gives away the ball allot (leave out the part of him winning it back allot from those giveaways) and make sure you don't mention that his ball retention and ball loss stats are slightly better than KDB and every other world-class player.

  • Park Lane Threads
    Park Lane Threads Month ago +1

    Anyone that thinks Pogba should be starting would be the same fans that would want Ozil to start if they supported Arsenal. Heads gone!

  • Jakub Ryl
    Jakub Ryl Month ago

    I get giddy about how much of a captain bruno is, he's just a true leader and he deserves every bit of the badge and armband

  • StefAcho
    StefAcho Month ago +1

    Howson covered it pretty good as usual. Just wanted to give a shout out for the pass from Lindelof to Rash for that penalty. Happy to see VDB from start as well. GGMU😈

  • Messymouf Entertainment

    Maguire was a mess against ba so what's he going to do against mbappe ole will play 5-4-1and no tuanzebe

  • Diabetic Rai
    Diabetic Rai Month ago

    If donny can get a string of games in and puts constantly good performances like yesterday, I don't think it would be farfetched to say united don't have to worry so much about the time when pogba inevitably leaves. Of course he'll still be missed a bit because whether people want to admit it or not, prior to his injury last season he was constantly united's best player along with de gea and even out of form having a player like that on the bench is never a bad option. However now the club wouldn't have to worry about immediately reinvesting whatever money they get for him to find a replacement.

  • Messymouf Entertainment

    It's so annoying when ppl say pogba is our best player.i judge players simply by there output for the team and if you know bruno is our best player new club record and best midfielder in europe atm.example neymar having all the skill and ability but Lewandowski should have balon dor.

  • Stephan Showers
    Stephan Showers Month ago

    Stats in a paddy hat ✊🏽

  • Alvin
    Alvin Month ago

    Think for the weekend we get back to mcsauce and Fred with Bruno starting with martial up top. Rashford and greenwood in the wings. Back 5 picks itself

  • David Biggs
    David Biggs Month ago

    Bruno doing the #18 shirt no harm
    Wingers giving us width

  • Rav Hirani
    Rav Hirani Month ago +2

    Cavani was brilliant didnt score but his movement off the ball runs moved defenders and put in shift defensively too.

  • Dean T
    Dean T Month ago

    Martial's awareness and reading of the game was dreadful!

    • Haywood J'blome
      Haywood J'blome Month ago

      @Derrik Carter How? It's painfully obvious, he's right

    • Derrik Carter
      Derrik Carter Month ago

      Lol, has anyone told you that you are a clown. You are the only person that thinks that.

  • adewale kotun
    adewale kotun Month ago

    Vdb needs to work on his strength

  • Kevin McKie
    Kevin McKie Month ago

    cavani did a great job

  • Kevin McKie
    Kevin McKie Month ago


  • tomp231288
    tomp231288 Month ago +7

    Everyone so overrating Cavani if Martial had just played like that Up-Front be getting slaughtered for not scoring or doing enough

  • Niyaz15786
    Niyaz15786 Month ago

    Loving the new set up can visually see what you predict what going to happen great work

  • Jerry Ajavon
    Jerry Ajavon Month ago

    I think if Mctominy plays along side with Van De Beek, the team will be far better with the rest of the players playing against Istanbul.

  • nicooo win
    nicooo win Month ago

    Who bought bf & vdb? Poch?

  • Khairul Anuar
    Khairul Anuar Month ago

    United need to keep the width.. a rw.. looking at you ed..

  • Devesh Gusain
    Devesh Gusain Month ago

    VDB one touch link-up play was brilliant. Valuable player

  • Devesh Gusain
    Devesh Gusain Month ago +1

    It's quite intriguing to see Cavani's work rate and his love to play football at 33. gr8

  • Myles high
    Myles high Month ago

    Goal difference doesn't matter. It's head to head that matters so if we draw with psg we will finish above them . Likewise if we finish on the same points as RB we can afford to lose 4-0 to them.