Breaking: FOOTAGE of Jay Deas caught spiking Deontay Wilder during Tyson Fury rematch?

  • Published on Nov 24, 2020
  • Boxing News: Jay Deas caught spiking Deontay Wilder during Tyson Fury rematch? Jay Deas is seen pushing a towel into the mouth of Deontay Wilder during the Tyson Fury 2 rematch, then after a white bag (possibly) falls out of the towel. #DeontayWilder #TysonFury #WilderFury2
    Footage used is from BT Sport here on FLash-player and used under the rules of fair play to prove statements:
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Comments • 70

  • Sporting Icons
    Sporting Icons  Month ago +54

    Watch until the end and ALL clips, you’ll also hear my verdict at the end which is the same as most people think....See im not a hater 🤷‍♂️😂

    • Barry Wilson
      Barry Wilson Month ago +2

      @Shak hussain No doubt bro... 👍🏾 These "delusional" 🥴 totally misinformed DCAF'S really think that DELETING 😆 my last comments is going to change the "Fate" 🤭 of Tyson Fury "name" and boxing career LEGACY 😭 that is now "completely" DESTROYED.... FOREVER!!! 😂 👍🏾

    • Shak hussain
      Shak hussain Month ago +1


    • Big Van Vader
      Big Van Vader Month ago

      @Barry Wilson it’s over for the brown bummer 😂

    • Barry Wilson
      Barry Wilson Month ago +1

      @Shak hussain Thanks bro 👍🏾😉....These demon palm colored ✊🏻 people BRAINS are "useless" when their EYES 👀 can't see the TRUTH!!!

    • Barry Wilson
      Barry Wilson Month ago +1

      @MrErnieHanks Facts!!!! 👍🏾😄

  • Amiin Abdi
    Amiin Abdi 2 days ago

    fake news

  • Iksjon Niebieski Ptak
    Iksjon Niebieski Ptak 3 days ago +1

    Its a bag of coke from the Oscar de la weirdo himself.

  • Lehuma Nthite
    Lehuma Nthite 4 days ago

    Which round was this?

  • R
    R 7 days ago

    Before watching the video: Highly sceptical about this.......sounds like a load of B.S to me.
    After watching the video: This STILL sounds like a load of B.S - purposeful misinformation. I think youve done this because your understandably sick of all the B.S Wilder throws Furys way, the excuses and allegations and this is a retaliation, your way of doing the same back to them. Personally Id rather leave that behaviour to them. People know the truth. Fury won fair and square and Jay Deas did NOT spike Wilder with that cotton bud lol. No hate btw. :)

  • Joseph Barker
    Joseph Barker 7 days ago

    Could literally be ice

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones 8 days ago

    Hahahahaha wow if it’s not the heavy suit it’s his water being spiked or fury had an egg weight in his gloves hahahahaha, I’ve got one wilder has finally fought someone who is clearly a better boxer and out classed him twice

  • Joey Williams
    Joey Williams 11 days ago

    All of you must go to prison , what if Tyson killed Wilder

  • Joey Williams
    Joey Williams 11 days ago

    Jaydea how much did Tyson paid you to drug Wilder

  • Titanium Zone
    Titanium Zone 12 days ago

    He pushed a tampon up his ass

  • Cantona Kye
    Cantona Kye 12 days ago

    CONCLUSION: The white item dropped from wilders hair piece 👌 look at the back of his head the other one is tied to his hair at the back of his head...

  • kane king
    kane king 13 days ago

    Devils so unoriginal...copy cats!!!

  • Lenny Tamesing
    Lenny Tamesing 14 days ago

    Wilder is just a cheat and still couldnt win.

  • TakeAHike
    TakeAHike 14 days ago

    And Charlie Zelenoff is Still undefeated. These clowns wouldn't stand a chance

  • azertu2u2
    azertu2u2 14 days ago

    Cocaïne ?

  • Ronnie Mckinney
    Ronnie Mckinney 14 days ago

    I thought wilder was throwing up

  • Curtis Frierson
    Curtis Frierson 14 days ago

    I implore anyone to watch this FIRST MAJOR FOUL in Wilder-Fury II:
    Then, watch it again at 25% of the normal clicking on the 3 dots at the very top of the FLash-player screen.
    When you do that and replay it, you will clearly see that Wilder was hit with the OPEN PALM LACES side of Fury's left hand, and then immediately clubbed down with Fury's right arm, not even his fist.
    Wilder even used his arm to BLOCK that punch from landing. The dent on Wilder's head and his busted eardrum came from another bare-fisted punch, much later in the fight.
    When you Google The Rules Of Boxing, it plainly states, most of what Fury was doing all throughout that fight, was 100% ILLEGAL and those ageless cheating tactics, Bayless was looking right at....UGGH!!!
    Bayless saw all of it, and he still allowed it all to be scored in favor of Fury, without a point being taken away, or even giving Fury a verbal warning!
    Then, to add insult to injury, the one time Wilder did a payback, Bayless jumped right in and gave Wilder a verbal warning.
    This is professional BOXING, and NOT WWE styled wrestling for a reason!

  • Shepherah Ochir
    Shepherah Ochir 14 days ago

    I wasted my time to watch this senseless video that has hurts my feelings than when I lost my keys during the winter night

  • Scotty Dontyeah
    Scotty Dontyeah 14 days ago

    Smelling salts son

  • mohammed Kadeer
    mohammed Kadeer 15 days ago

    What was that

  • George Barajas
    George Barajas 16 days ago

    It's getting embarrassing the excuses for the lost.. he got beat up that's that but the amount of excuses after have made the loss much worst..

  • Jace Tomorrow
    Jace Tomorrow 17 days ago

    Wow giving him coke

  • Avacado
    Avacado 17 days ago +1

    Bloody hell that looks suspicious, maybe nothin happenin but it looks dodgy as fuck! 🧐🤔

  • Peasants Revolt
    Peasants Revolt 17 days ago

    Why in Christs name would a trainer sabotage his own fighter who only makes him richer the more fights he wins? For this to even be a topic of discussion is INSANE. Wilder lost and is still pulling a Donald Trump about his loss.

  • Ricky Brown
    Ricky Brown 17 days ago

    If Fury truly won, then just do it again in a 3rd fight tie breaker

  • Jonnie french.
    Jonnie french. 18 days ago

    Whatttttt???? A cotton pad????
    Are you maddd???
    Hrs a blatant fkin cheater

  • clint
    clint 18 days ago

    Sad so sad wilder got out boxed can not deny this. Then whaaaaa whaaaa took my belt . Hahahaha

  • lljulezjay
    lljulezjay 19 days ago


  • R A
    R A 21 day ago

    That was his sniff lol

  • Clayton Dillard
    Clayton Dillard 21 day ago +2

    He didn’t spike the water Gauze is the white thing Wilder confirmed it was gauze. Fury cheated why do thing he was cheating in sparring. He did that to get use to punching with his fist in the wrist.

  • joelillo09
    joelillo09 21 day ago

    Its a bag of coke.

  • OV Garner
    OV Garner 22 days ago +2

    It's gauze, anyone that thinks it's drugs is a fool.

  • Mr Moon
    Mr Moon 23 days ago

    Cotton wool

  • bennjenn929
    bennjenn929 24 days ago

    So... Fury cheated to win and Wilder “cheated” to lose worse? Okay then...

  • war lock2069
    war lock2069 24 days ago

    Check out the bead from wilder hair that what you are on the floor.

  • kuzivakwashe henry
    kuzivakwashe henry 24 days ago

    Just stfu 🤬

  • Rage against The mainstream

    It’s a bit of cotton wool for fuck sake!!! It’s blowing around in the wind before it was picked up. Enough of this silly shit now, it’s boring

  • Troy Grissom
    Troy Grissom 25 days ago


  • Little Cobra
    Little Cobra 25 days ago

    It’s just fluffy wool 😗☁️

  • T.Y. TwoLit
    T.Y. TwoLit 25 days ago

    Most these comments are fake accounts lol yall really good at hiding the real deal truth. Its crazy how compromised all major platforms and sports are. They use these racist folk to push there agenda. Creating false narratives to blind us from the truth. Now a days if you share something that exposes the corruption you get suspended. So obviously they control whats seen and not seen. Why are these negative liars in the comments the only ones seen lol come on now. The guy who made this video lost credit when he started off on one point but ended it on a weird note. Yall need God this world is so corrupt in this new era we live in this is the land of the lost souls smh

  • Prophet Ascending
    Prophet Ascending 27 days ago

    Wilder lacks manhood, and is of unintelligent...a dangerous combination.

  • Vince V
    Vince V 28 days ago

    he was dealing coke around the ring as side hustle, one of the bags found it's way into the towel

  • Bonnie Wilde
    Bonnie Wilde 28 days ago

    yo im not being funny yeah if you cant see clearly that its a cotton wool ball bro got to opticians

  • Misc
    Misc 29 days ago

    Yea you pointed out that out so easily but fury’s entire history of cheating ignored
    What a form of evil

  • From a Twisted Mind

    The white thing? Its anti Gypsy curse talisman..... or Wilders last brain cell?......or it's part of the globe lining of Fury that got rammed into Wilders face.....or it's part of the HEAVY suit he wore that got attached to him, slowing him down..... or it is part of a Wilder fanny tampon? Or smelling salts? 🤔😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Colleen Mcphee
    Colleen Mcphee Month ago

    I think why D hasn’t fired him was for pain releaf that’s why he wanted to go out on sword pain releaf to keep him going for tha one hit wonder

  • Troy Harewood
    Troy Harewood Month ago

    There is no denying fury's glove looks funny. Cant show me another boxer with a glove like that

  • Lukas Blue
    Lukas Blue Month ago

    It’s fucking cotton wool and deontay accused brealand not deas

  • joecramerone _
    joecramerone _ Month ago

    Satire right?....

  • areton senner
    areton senner Month ago

    Smelling salts?

  • Vídarr Odinson
    Vídarr Odinson Month ago

    Looks more like he's giving Wilder a PED. Not a muscle relaxant, but an adrenaline enhancement or something. The problem is that it didn't help and now he's projecting.
    But the most likely explanation is that it's a bit of cotton to absorb blood.

  • James Cotter
    James Cotter Month ago

    So let me get this straight a man that has knocked down or knocked out every man he got In the ring with is all of a sudden a coward and a liar? Is that what you want me to believe with this video?

  • CeaserTAMG
    CeaserTAMG Month ago

    They should take videos like this down when it’s easy t see there’s no proof. A waste of fuccin time

  • Joshua Woods
    Joshua Woods Month ago

    Looks like smelling salts to me. In the old days they were a common used in the ring.

  • Charles Pleasant
    Charles Pleasant Month ago

    This is straight BS!!

  • Thomas Wolf
    Thomas Wolf Month ago

    Wilders trainer spiked his outfit!

  • Mighty Villan
    Mighty Villan Month ago +1

    You put blunt objects in.
    You took some padding out.
    In, out, in, out.
    I'm twerking all about.
    I am Deontay Wilder.
    And I am a clown.
    That's what it's all about!
    Whoa - I am Deontay Wilder!
    Whoa - I am Deontay Wilder!
    Whoa - I am Deontay Wilder!
    Knees bent - arse out. Rah! Rah! Rah!

  • Jayden Johnson
    Jayden Johnson Month ago +1

    It’s probably smelling salts that wakes you up and gets you all pumped up people in the world strongest man use it before doing the lifts but wilder just needs to grow a pair of balls and get over the loss

  • Drew King
    Drew King Month ago

    Smelling salts. To wake wilder up. Coz he was. Exhausted an hurt bad

  • Cody Ping
    Cody Ping Month ago

    Lol wow morons

  • black belt troll
    black belt troll Month ago


  • black belt troll
    black belt troll Month ago


  • Stu Wilson
    Stu Wilson Month ago

    I could be smelling salts fs

  • Chad Ochocinco
    Chad Ochocinco Month ago


  • Chad Ochocinco
    Chad Ochocinco Month ago

    Honestly bro, I'm so glad I stayed and listened the entire time cause when you got to the end you made me think this is the most probable. Cause I kept thinking something was wrong with Wilder. But I didnt think the gypsie king did anything at all. WILDER purposely dosing himself as he knew he was starting to lose the fight makes such a better case then everything else that's been said. Good looks on the video man and the hard work you put in.

  • Busy Rabbit
    Busy Rabbit Month ago

    Fury did not cheat he just whipped deontays ass

  • Thomas Newell
    Thomas Newell Month ago

    Watch the fight immediately after this moment the uk sky sports commentator says Wilders eyes suddenly look clear unlike previous rounds

  • The Notorious Gamer Big j

    Boxing's is ded get ya ass over to UFC

  • danwarb1
    danwarb1 Month ago

    Smelling salts.


    Its cotton like those big tips, for nose bleeds yall stretching for clicks, dont turn our sports into the victim culture world you created already outside of sports.