TIER LIST: Premier League Strikers - Who are the best ever?

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • Do you agree with my ranking of the best Premier League strikers of all time? Leave a comment below!
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Comments • 100

  • Jeff Rogers
    Jeff Rogers 8 days ago

    So hazard was in neither video for midfielders or strikers. What gives

  • Adam Blackwood
    Adam Blackwood 12 days ago

    Lol at Suarez in bottom tier. This guy rating players is a joke

  • ra bless
    ra bless 14 days ago

    vardy is top tier, van persie is top tier, drogba way too high man wow

  • Mason Coleman
    Mason Coleman 28 days ago

    no dimitar berbatov?????

  • Killian Walsh
    Killian Walsh Month ago

    Crouchy over bergkamp

  • Victor Locks
    Victor Locks Month ago

    Firmino and berkamp can’t be judged by goals

  • Con robo
    Con robo Month ago +1

    Puts kane who never won anything above Michael Owen who has more prem titles, a ballon d’or and more goals than kane

  • Fat Kej
    Fat Kej Month ago

    Clearly more comments than not are from either ignorant or deluded fans. Actually watch the video properly. Yes salah has scored the most goals in a season, but he hasnt scored enough goals yet. In a few years id say he goes up, actually listen.

  • Rohit Subramaniam
    Rohit Subramaniam Month ago +1

    What I'm seeing a lot of people do in the comments is overrating players who played earlier on, in the '90s and '00s. Realize that the premier league nowadays is more competitive than it has ever been before. It is much harder to be a great player in the premier league these days, with tons of international players coming in and higher television audiences than ever before. Harry Kane, Wayne Rooney, Jermain Defoe, and a lot of the players that are getting hate in the comments are all fantastic players, and what Spencer said at the end of the video was absolutely spot on: it's hard to think of these players as legends because they're still playing. I guarantee you that 20-30 years down the line, Harry Kane and Wayne Rooney will both be considered legends of the modern game, and more importantly, the premier league.

  • Ronan Mccaughley
    Ronan Mccaughley 2 months ago

    Where robbie keane lad

  • Jason Glasser
    Jason Glasser 2 months ago

    Hasselbaink is too low, even under the criteria used.

  • Jake Donald
    Jake Donald 2 months ago

    I can’t remember a time when spencer wasn’t at 1.9 million subs

  • vlerson 23
    vlerson 23 2 months ago

    Anelka ain’t better then berkamp

  • vlerson 23
    vlerson 23 2 months ago

    Kane way above berkamp

  • Rocking Rayyan Hamid
    Rocking Rayyan Hamid 3 months ago +1

    Underrated Bergkamp
    Underrated Cantona
    Underrated Torres
    Underrated Van Nistelrooy
    Underrated Suarez
    Underrated Berbatov
    Underrated Vardy
    Underrated Mane
    Underrated Salah
    Underrated Crouch
    Underrated Hasselbaink
    Underrated Defoe
    Underrated Sherringham
    Underrated Ferdinand
    Underrated Wright
    Underrated Fowler
    Underrated Van Persie
    Overrated Anelka
    Overrated Kane
    Underrated Cole
    Underrated Drogba
    Overrated Aguero
    Bergkamp Prem Hero
    Cantona Better Then Most
    Torres Double Decent
    Suarez Double Decent
    Van Nistelrooy Better Then Most
    Berbatov Better Then Most
    Vardy Decent
    Mane Decent
    Salah Double Decent
    Crouch Double Decent
    Hasselbaink Double Decent
    Defoe Prem Hero
    Sherringham Better Then Most
    Ferdinand Better Then Most
    Wright Prem Hero
    Fowler Prem Hero
    Van Persie Prem Hero
    Anelka Double Decent
    Kane Double Decent
    Cole Prem Legend
    Drogba Prem Legend
    Aguero Prem Hero
    Rest Is Double Decent

  • PlayToGame
    PlayToGame 4 months ago

    20:52 now its "AGUEROOOOOOOOO"

  • Bear Grylls
    Bear Grylls 4 months ago

    Vardy won the League with Leicester, he should be at least 'Decent'. I mean Leicester winning the league at this time was against all odds and Vardy played a really important role in that squad besides Kante and Mahrez. He deserves a place above bottom tier

  • Sean Dolan
    Sean Dolan 5 months ago

    You should have rated them by quality... poor criteria

  • Chase Savage
    Chase Savage 5 months ago

    2019: Liverpool suck
    2020: Liverpool is undefeated

  • malek hussein
    malek hussein 5 months ago


  • dylanW
    dylanW 6 months ago

    ian wright should be higher

  • Astoria
    Astoria 6 months ago

    i know Ronaldo was a winger back then but he even on that position he was still a more legendary striker than all of those lol.

  • Fahad Al-Maajoun
    Fahad Al-Maajoun 6 months ago

    Berbatov has scored 94 goals and 40 assists and only played in prem for 5 years

  • Andria Prostoserdov
    Andria Prostoserdov 6 months ago

    Actually Dennis Bergkamp was a "classic 10" so, I think this tier list is quite relevant and correct.

  • Hoegni Lindenskov Funding

    Tbh you’re just ranking who’s scored the most goals. Example: Cantona is 10x the footballer that lukaku is. But in this tier list its all about goals, which is good.

  • Travis Reany
    Travis Reany 7 months ago

    Everyone complaining about having Heskey and crouch and bent listen to the video he isn’t discounting them he’s just saying they haven’t scored enough in the prem

  • purolanpastori
    purolanpastori 7 months ago

    Firmino over Aubameyang?????????

  • Henry Grigg
    Henry Grigg 7 months ago

    Where’s le god

  • Casey Munyakazi
    Casey Munyakazi 7 months ago +1

    Yessssssss Thierry Henry and agueroooooooooo in top

  • Casey Munyakazi
    Casey Munyakazi 7 months ago +1

    Harry Kane?!?!?!?

  • Casey Munyakazi
    Casey Munyakazi 7 months ago +1

    I know all of these players but I'm 11. Is there something wrong with me?

  • smokey the dude
    smokey the dude 7 months ago

    DECENT!!!!! you sir have lost all the respect i had for you...... god heskey decent are you mad?

  • faisal Bn mohmaed
    faisal Bn mohmaed 7 months ago

    Where is Diego costa

  • Luke Ryba
    Luke Ryba 7 months ago

    Do primary assists not matter at all?

  • ddd mmm
    ddd mmm 7 months ago

    Switch van persie and kane

  • Luke Girling
    Luke Girling 7 months ago


  • JamJam Games
    JamJam Games 7 months ago

    Spen. Come on. You’ve forgotten the main man!! Fabio Borini!

  • Joe Slade
    Joe Slade 7 months ago

    rip gary lineker lol

  • Matty Hollinworth
    Matty Hollinworth 7 months ago

    Darren bent "didnt do it for long enough" it felt like he was around for 40 years wdym

  • Jona Magdy
    Jona Magdy 7 months ago

    they could be an amazing striker but play for a lower tier team and not win the premier league and you’d put them low though

  • football skillz31
    football skillz31 7 months ago

    Cantona not involved but Heskey is that has to be a joke surely

  • Sukhdev Sohal Year 13
    Sukhdev Sohal Year 13 7 months ago +1

    How was kane better than RVP? English bias.

  • Luca Parejo de Araújo
    Luca Parejo de Araújo 7 months ago

    Didnt even give a shout to CR7 who scored 84 goals in 6 seasons, and was actually the best player to ever play on the PL (NOT THE BEST PL PLAYER, just the best to have ever played there, that 2007/08 season was probably the mosto amazing season in PL)

  • Sukhdev Sohal Year 13
    Sukhdev Sohal Year 13 7 months ago +1

    Jermain Defoe was never better than Romelu Lukaku

  • Sukhdev Sohal Year 13
    Sukhdev Sohal Year 13 7 months ago +1

    Isnt Yakubu meant to be in not scored enough?

  • Al Jackson
    Al Jackson 7 months ago

    kanes way too high and wrights way too low. hasslebank for defoe as well imo

  • Alex Bunn
    Alex Bunn 7 months ago

    Rank referees

  • Kiran Bridges
    Kiran Bridges 7 months ago

    Would have been interesting to see a goals per season average
    Like total goals/prem seasons played

  • Mini P
    Mini P 7 months ago

    I agree with the majority but how on earth can you put bergkamp that low he’s hero at least

  • Abdus Chowdhury
    Abdus Chowdhury 7 months ago

    Wtf is Torres doing down there?!🤯

  • Gareth Ford-Elliott
    Gareth Ford-Elliott 7 months ago

    That is DISRESPECT to Dwight Yorke and Ian Wright. Effectively saying they're not better than Defoe? Definitely better than most. Minimum.

  • Shantanu Shrivastava
    Shantanu Shrivastava 7 months ago

    Cantona scored 70 and assisted 56 more in 156 matches over 4 seasons. Also he retired at 30 years of age. Scoring these many goals while not being the main striker coupled with the fact that he played with ageing squad/kids in 4 seasons makes him Premier League hero. He was the catalyst that started the Fergie's era of dominance.

  • A N
    A N 7 months ago

    Aguero top easily

  • trooical gameing
    trooical gameing 7 months ago


  • Merlin Alvarado
    Merlin Alvarado 7 months ago

    Drogba is a legend that's is not even debatable.

  • 25 Cent *
    25 Cent * 7 months ago +1

    Torres: 3rd in Ballon d or and champions league winner

  • DinMT
    DinMT 7 months ago

    Do wingers!!

  • I’m KnownAsTnb
    I’m KnownAsTnb 7 months ago

    Imagine putting lukaku above Suarez torres and salah

  • Nick Chapman
    Nick Chapman 7 months ago

    That bottom tier is stupid

  • Husnain_100
    Husnain_100 7 months ago

    Where is ole gunnat solskjaer?

  • Jon Hardy
    Jon Hardy 7 months ago

    Bergamp= Legend. Two prem titles , unbeaten season, and most assists in one season in the prem

    • Hamza Omar
      Hamza Omar 7 months ago +1

      Jon Hardy three prem•

  • Георгий Богачев

    Kane over RVP is nonsense, let alone the likes of heskey and bent being above basically everyone from the low tier

  • LK Reviews
    LK Reviews 7 months ago +1

    Spencer: You have to have have won the premiere league to be a legend
    Liverpool fans: Aight ima head out

  • deadend4u
    deadend4u 7 months ago


  • Michael Orme
    Michael Orme 7 months ago

    Imagine having Defoe 2 tiers above bergkamp cantona Suarez Torres rvn salah

  • Zach Harrison
    Zach Harrison 7 months ago

    I don't think you can put Aguero over Drogba

  • imm a beast
    imm a beast 7 months ago

    U should do top wide players as well m8 but it was a great video Spencer keep up the good work

  • cHAY
    cHAY 7 months ago

    If your going by goals alone you might aswell put Walcott on the list 😂

  • Aiden Ash
    Aiden Ash 7 months ago +1


  • James Cooper
    James Cooper 7 months ago

    Wayne Rooney might back in the premier league with Derby country possibly next season.

  • Juan Diego Andrade
    Juan Diego Andrade 7 months ago +1

    Could we include Alexis Sánchez form at Arsenal? He was very good at arsenal, I would say he was the best player at the prem at 2016/2017. I know what happened to him at Man U but we can't deny he was a beast. I think he scored 80+ goals

  • Plop Polar bear
    Plop Polar bear 7 months ago

    Where's Callum Wilson?

  • antriksh singh
    antriksh singh 7 months ago

    goals to games ratio would have been a much better way to subject this tier list tbh

  • Ashton Simmonds
    Ashton Simmonds 7 months ago

    Matt le tissier ?????????

  • Arslan Hyder
    Arslan Hyder 7 months ago

    Your criterias ruined everything.

  • George IDC
    George IDC 7 months ago

    can’t stand him anymore

  • George IDC
    George IDC 7 months ago

    he’s dumb for judging based on who has 100 lmao suarez was there for 2 season 😂

  • Paul Heyes
    Paul Heyes 7 months ago

    You are clearly a manc fan, all the liverpool players in the not scored enough category and dwight yorke above them all 😂😂😂😂 dear me

  • Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson 7 months ago

    Here come all the 12 year olds who never even saw heskey calling him crap because of ksi😂 one of the best hold up strikers in prem history on his day

  • Rob Illustrates
    Rob Illustrates 7 months ago

    Anelka is double decent, Sheringham in particular and Yorke should be ranked higher because they won the treble, some of these players never came close to a UCL. These guys actively contributed to that achievement. Kane needs to win the league to be ranked higher as good as he is. A UCL with Spurs last season would have helped though if it had happened. Andy Cole won 5 to be hero but a couple of others won three and got ranked double decent. I'm a United fan (obviously) but Drogba is in the legendary category, he scored big goals in big matches constantly in his time at Chelsea.

  • OfficialZardes
    OfficialZardes 7 months ago

    Vardy broke the goal scoring record and he still hasn’t made the cut...?

  • Jake Silvester
    Jake Silvester 7 months ago +1


  • Powernittro HD
    Powernittro HD 7 months ago

    Cole not in top tier disgusting

  • Joe Sawyer
    Joe Sawyer 7 months ago

    RVN clearly takes this. Career threatening injury, only Messi and ronaldo have better goals to games ratio in the CL. Only Henry is in the discussion for this, but RVN's goal scoring record in terms of goals to games is superior.

  • MothArmy
    MothArmy 7 months ago

    No Matt le Tissier even mentioned?

  • Ginger T
    Ginger T 7 months ago

    Stick to West Ham mate, judging players off goals scored is not a way to judge the best strikers ever you judge it on quality, Bergkamp is better than most as well as Firmino Suarez Vardy and Cantona, Torres and Salah are Prem heroes because they were and are just unbelievable.

  • Marcus Beattie
    Marcus Beattie 7 months ago

    This is parody right?

    GTAISOMODS 7 months ago

    Your categories ruined it, you could of just said 100 goals to be on the list an not have the ‘not scored enough’ torres suarez bergkamp should easily be at the top

  • Nikolai Chin Hong
    Nikolai Chin Hong 7 months ago +1

    Happy to see a Trinidadian make the list. Dwight Yorke one of our best.

  • Social Chelsea
    Social Chelsea 7 months ago

    Putting Kane in the same list as Drogba is a disgrace

  • Ben Mackay
    Ben Mackay 7 months ago

    Kame should be double decent mb better than most TOPS. He's not won anything. Ik it sounds biased (as I am an Arsenal fan) but it's an insult to anyone who watched both play that Bergkamp is thar much lower than Kane. Ik he didn't score as prolifically but just use a bit of common sense here. In what universe is Harry Kane even close to one of the PL's all time greats. (Cantona too)

  • Alessandro Coppola
    Alessandro Coppola 7 months ago +1

    Sometimes I hope Kane goes to City so people can truly see how ridiculous he is... mid 30 goals a season in the prem alone

  • Ben Good
    Ben Good 7 months ago

    No Chris Sutton in not scored enough? Scored 83 in PL era

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 months ago

    That not scored enough category is so stupid. Emile Heskey above Van Nisterooy and Bergkamp come on Spencer

  • Jacob Riley
    Jacob Riley 7 months ago

    The way u have done this is a bit dumb

  • 100%treefrog
    100%treefrog 7 months ago

    definitely do more of these

  • Mohammed Alsafwani
    Mohammed Alsafwani 7 months ago

    After watching this video, I have come to the conclusion that spencer is fully stupid. Ronaldo is not on the list. He has won everything with united and not only that but he has also won a Balondor. West ham has 4 major trophies and Ronaldo has 5 balondors and that is more then all of west hams cups

  • Ethan_ Holder
    Ethan_ Holder 7 months ago

    Bring back some Fifa series, like player career, Moore then a legend, wheel of futune etc

  • Eddie Alexander
    Eddie Alexander 7 months ago

    Do a fifa 20 series

  • Jonathan Vickers
    Jonathan Vickers 7 months ago

    Great vid. Do one for midfielders but if you say anything other than Lampard as the best you are wrong