TIER LIST: Premier League Strikers - Who are the best ever?

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • Do you agree with my ranking of the best Premier League strikers of all time? Leave a comment below!
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Comments • 1 605

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper Day ago

    Wayne Rooney might back in the premier league with Derby country possibly next season.

  • Juan Diego Andrade
    Juan Diego Andrade Day ago +1

    Could we include Alexis Sánchez form at Arsenal? He was very good at arsenal, I would say he was the best player at the prem at 2016/2017. I know what happened to him at Man U but we can't deny he was a beast. I think he scored 80+ goals

  • Plop Polar bear
    Plop Polar bear Day ago

    Where's Callum Wilson?

  • antriksh singh
    antriksh singh Day ago

    goals to games ratio would have been a much better way to subject this tier list tbh

  • Ashton Simmonds
    Ashton Simmonds 2 days ago

    Matt le tissier ?????????

  • Arslan Hyder
    Arslan Hyder 2 days ago

    Your criterias ruined everything.

  • Georg hmu
    Georg hmu 2 days ago

    can’t stand him anymore

  • Georg hmu
    Georg hmu 2 days ago

    he’s dumb for judging based on who has 100 lmao suarez was there for 2 season 😂

  • Paul Heyes
    Paul Heyes 2 days ago

    You are clearly a manc fan, all the liverpool players in the not scored enough category and dwight yorke above them all 😂😂😂😂 dear me

  • Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson 3 days ago

    Here come all the 12 year olds who never even saw heskey calling him crap because of ksi😂 one of the best hold up strikers in prem history on his day

  • Rob Illustrates
    Rob Illustrates 3 days ago

    Anelka is double decent, Sheringham in particular and Yorke should be ranked higher because they won the treble, some of these players never came close to a UCL. These guys actively contributed to that achievement. Kane needs to win the league to be ranked higher as good as he is. A UCL with Spurs last season would have helped though if it had happened. Andy Cole won 5 to be hero but a couple of others won three and got ranked double decent. I'm a United fan (obviously) but Drogba is in the legendary category, he scored big goals in big matches constantly in his time at Chelsea.

  • OfficialZardes
    OfficialZardes 3 days ago

    Vardy broke the goal scoring record and he still hasn’t made the cut...?

  • Jake Silvester
    Jake Silvester 3 days ago +1


  • Heskey for the ballon dor 20000000045

    Cole not in top tier disgusting

  • Joe Sawyer
    Joe Sawyer 3 days ago

    RVN clearly takes this. Career threatening injury, only Messi and ronaldo have better goals to games ratio in the CL. Only Henry is in the discussion for this, but RVN's goal scoring record in terms of goals to games is superior.

  • MothArmy
    MothArmy 3 days ago

    No Matt le Tissier even mentioned?

  • Ginger T
    Ginger T 3 days ago

    Stick to West Ham mate, judging players off goals scored is not a way to judge the best strikers ever you judge it on quality, Bergkamp is better than most as well as Firmino Suarez Vardy and Cantona, Torres and Salah are Prem heroes because they were and are just unbelievable.

  • Marcus Beattie
    Marcus Beattie 3 days ago

    This is parody right?

    GTAISOMODS 4 days ago

    Your categories ruined it, you could of just said 100 goals to be on the list an not have the ‘not scored enough’ torres suarez bergkamp should easily be at the top

  • Nikolai Chin Hong
    Nikolai Chin Hong 4 days ago

    Happy to see a Trinidadian make the list. Dwight Yorke one of our best.

  • Social Chelsea
    Social Chelsea 4 days ago

    Putting Kane in the same list as Drogba is a disgrace

  • Ben Mackay
    Ben Mackay 4 days ago

    Kame should be double decent mb better than most TOPS. He's not won anything. Ik it sounds biased (as I am an Arsenal fan) but it's an insult to anyone who watched both play that Bergkamp is thar much lower than Kane. Ik he didn't score as prolifically but just use a bit of common sense here. In what universe is Harry Kane even close to one of the PL's all time greats. (Cantona too)

  • Alessandro Coppola
    Alessandro Coppola 4 days ago +1

    Sometimes I hope Kane goes to City so people can truly see how ridiculous he is... mid 30 goals a season in the prem alone

  • Ben Good
    Ben Good 4 days ago

    No Chris Sutton in not scored enough? Scored 83 in PL era

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago

    That not scored enough category is so stupid. Emile Heskey above Van Nisterooy and Bergkamp come on Spencer

  • Jacob Riley
    Jacob Riley 4 days ago

    The way u have done this is a bit dumb

  • 100%treefrog
    100%treefrog 4 days ago

    definitely do more of these

  • Mohammed Alsafwani
    Mohammed Alsafwani 4 days ago

    After watching this video, I have come to the conclusion that spencer is fully stupid. Ronaldo is not on the list. He has won everything with united and not only that but he has also won a Balondor. West ham has 4 major trophies and Ronaldo has 5 balondors and that is more then all of west hams cups

  • Ethan_ Holder
    Ethan_ Holder 4 days ago

    Bring back some Fifa series, like player career, Moore then a legend, wheel of futune etc

  • Eddie Alexander
    Eddie Alexander 4 days ago

    Do a fifa 20 series

  • John Vicks
    John Vicks 4 days ago

    Great vid. Do one for midfielders but if you say anything other than Lampard as the best you are wrong

  • Nikolai Kartzow
    Nikolai Kartzow 4 days ago

    love youre videos man, have been a subscriber since 2014 much love from norway

  • S Joseph
    S Joseph 4 days ago

    It's about how many premier League titles they have won.
    Puts Kane at the top

    • Mika Harinen
      Mika Harinen 2 days ago

      His goalscoring record outshines his dusty trophy cabinet

  • Gary Covey
    Gary Covey 4 days ago

    I agree goals important for a striker but even as a Man U fan you’ve missed Gianfranco Zola? This guy even for anyone was a pleasure to watch and defo deserved a mention

  • Pogchamp Taks
    Pogchamp Taks 4 days ago

    aguero: premier league legend

  • Federico Rigau
    Federico Rigau 4 days ago


  • Dhruv Mishra
    Dhruv Mishra 4 days ago +1

    Aguero's goals per minute ratio is scary. Deadliest striker in the box.

  • _j0_s05
    _j0_s05 4 days ago

    Do premier league goalkeepers

  • Tuga Dave
    Tuga Dave 4 days ago

    Bergkamp started he’s career as a wide midfielder then became striker then second striker either way he is still under STRIKER regardless of first or second striker. He was still a striker END OFF

  • Pedro Quinones
    Pedro Quinones 4 days ago

    I love spurs even if they haven't been great this season but even I can't deny Kane is overrated.

  • David Dudgeon
    David Dudgeon 4 days ago +2

    “Bergkamp cannot be in the conversation because he didn’t score enough goals”
    5 mins earlier
    “I’m not just thinking about the goals I’m thinking about the quality of the goals”

  • Joshua Presdee
    Joshua Presdee 5 days ago

    Kane that high ruins the list 😂

  • Adib Haidar Jool
    Adib Haidar Jool 5 days ago

    Rename the title to "My Favourite PL Strikers" would do this video some justice.

  • NYCFC Edits
    NYCFC Edits 5 days ago

    Defoe has been in the league for 20 years, Cantona was in the league for 6. So basing it on goals....

  • full-time fallout
    full-time fallout 5 days ago

    Teddy sheringham surely should of made the list somewhere unless I somehow missed him pretty sure he hit 100 prem goals and if not should of atleast made it in the not enough goals category

  • Adam Piechota
    Adam Piechota 5 days ago

    Were is Ronaldo

  • Matei Mihaila
    Matei Mihaila 5 days ago

    imagine putting lukaku over torres and suarez

  • Mr Bolognese
    Mr Bolognese 5 days ago

    I've watched 10 seconds towards the end of the video and it's the biggest load of bollocks I've ever watched.

  • Chewjacka
    Chewjacka 5 days ago +3

    "So first off is Bergkamp"
    Every Arsenal fan:

  • Caleb Short
    Caleb Short 5 days ago

    How is Ronaldo not on the list. He scored over a 100 goals I know he wasn’t there for a super long time but still

  • Fuck
    Fuck 5 days ago

    Bergkamp was a second striker in the 442 days, and under Wenger's specific system, this was technically more of a playmaker role than an out and out goal scorer. Bergkamp would often drop back to collect the ball from a deeper position, occupying pockets of space similar to what we now call a number 10. Bergkamp literally occupied spaces that Ozil did for arsenal. The number 10 wasn't established back then. Henry on the other hand would run into space in and behind defenders and act as your classic 9 when partnered with Bergkamp. Look up Bergkamp's assist record for perspective. Everyone knows that Bergkamp was the creative outlet in that side and would create and assist before scoring, as was his role under Wenger. So I agree that Spencer was right to leave out Bergkamp in this one, but for different reasons. Spencer is just saying Bergkamp was a striker who didn't score enough goals which isn't fair. If Spencer was to do a tier system on the epl's greatest playmakers, then for sure, Bergkamp must be included.

  • Seamuscafa84
    Seamuscafa84 5 days ago


  • Char Beast
    Char Beast 5 days ago

    Henry is the best of all the time for arsenal

  • kayla cosgrove
    kayla cosgrove 5 days ago

    Harry Kane should not be in the premier League hero category!

  • mo NUS
    mo NUS 5 days ago +6

    salah: only player to score 32 goals in 38 match campaign
    Spencer: salah worst tier

  • R T
    R T 5 days ago

    Bergkamp was a cf/cam spencer come on he is top 5 foreign prem players ever

  • AL Animations
    AL Animations 5 days ago

    I share the same birthday as Spencer event tho I'm gonna be 12 but anyway my birthday is October 15 2019

  • Blunt Katana
    Blunt Katana 5 days ago

    Wouldn't say Bergkamp or any of those current Liverpool forwards are strikers tbh. Not like the rest at least

  • ljummingen
    ljummingen 5 days ago

    Hasselbaink is disrespected, should atleast be double-decent

  • Derpkid 234
    Derpkid 234 5 days ago

    He’s putting people like mane salah and berkamp in this but they are not strikers

  • Conan Mc daid
    Conan Mc daid 5 days ago

    Can you do the same but only best midfielders I think Robbie Keane will be in the top

  • Sabin Radulescu
    Sabin Radulescu 5 days ago

    Me seeing the didn't score enough tier: ?????????????
    Spencer you just made a fool of yourself of putting Darren Bent and Heskey above all those great players

  • Cragg 13
    Cragg 13 5 days ago


  • The Virus
    The Virus 5 days ago

    The not scored enough list is a joke and for that reason... I'm out and not watching the rest of the video

  • Riemer Jager
    Riemer Jager 5 days ago +1

    What I disagree with is that the total amount of goals often doesn't mean a player is better or worse and so do prizes. A relegation club player should be able to be a legend if he's loyal to his club.

  • owendavies2704
    owendavies2704 5 days ago +1

    Kane over fowler? No

  • phill nufcsuperfan
    phill nufcsuperfan 5 days ago

    Please do midfielders and that that will be fun to get your opinion

  • Ga Ro
    Ga Ro 5 days ago

    Good thing he didn’t say Ronaldo😂

  • Max Thompson
    Max Thompson 5 days ago

    Is this video meant to be a joke

  • Kate Perry
    Kate Perry 5 days ago +1

    Can you please do one of your manager career modes for your 2 millions subscriber special. Maybe could it be Dortmund or someone you did in the past before

  • Swedes
    Swedes 5 days ago

    The disrespect of Bergkamp, one of the premier league greats...

  • Thijs Mekel
    Thijs Mekel 5 days ago

    RVP>Drogba, don't @ me

  • JanniPhedon
    JanniPhedon 5 days ago

    Theirry haha

  • Hakim Adams
    Hakim Adams 5 days ago

    Where tf is Aubameyang? You've got to at least consider his Goal to Game ratio???

  • The True Fox and Totts fan - Tottenhan

    Do Wembley Cup 2019

  • Kasi Prasath
    Kasi Prasath 5 days ago

    Spin the wheel!

  • ggghhhmhn
    ggghhhmhn 5 days ago +1

    I would put rvp in prem hero because of that man u season

  • Marcelo Dino
    Marcelo Dino 5 days ago

    When he mentioned it mainly being about longevity I knew all the English players who have won nothing would be higher than all the foreign players who have still won league titles. Just because English players don’t really play in any other countries bar a few.

  • Joseph O'Connor
    Joseph O'Connor 5 days ago

    owen ballondor top

  • Ethan Toby
    Ethan Toby 5 days ago

    Didier drogba is definitely in top tier he stoped a bloody war

  • Dion Olsen
    Dion Olsen 5 days ago

    Anyone notice his eyelid

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones 5 days ago

    Do a fifa20 wheel of futune

  • Matthew Branston
    Matthew Branston 5 days ago +6

    So you’re saying slippy g isn’t a prem legend because he didn’t win the league

  • Jackson Chambers
    Jackson Chambers 5 days ago

    Don't know how can is in the second category

  • Louie Breakspear
    Louie Breakspear 5 days ago

    Please do a fifa series like wheel of futune again
    Also have u and Alex got a new boyfriend/girlfriend

  • Joseph Odisho
    Joseph Odisho 5 days ago

    Oh yeh, I forgot that this channel existed

  • Ashleigh Murphy
    Ashleigh Murphy 5 days ago


  • Debden Boggerz
    Debden Boggerz 5 days ago

    Where’s aubameyang

  • Simon Carlos
    Simon Carlos 5 days ago

    Dwight Yorke was better than Double Decent I think, under utilised early in his career and sometimes was forced to play in midfield. Had he played purely as a striker in one of the big teams when he first came over he would be in your hero category for sure.

  • Marcus Vinicius Neves

    what about cristiano ronaldo, why wanst him even mentioned??

  • Business Email
    Business Email 6 days ago

    Ian Wright better than most HAS TO BE IN THERE

  • Adam Braniff
    Adam Braniff 6 days ago

    Does spencer not do FIFA anymore cams back after 3 years to watch wheel of misfortune

  • crabbytomb97
    crabbytomb97 6 days ago

    Like yeah, at first 100 goals seems like a solid cut-off point but longevity will sway that stat. Crouch just was not a better striker than Van Nistelrooy, simple as that. Maybe average upper teens-20 goals per season with maybe a five-season limit would be a better standard imo

  • ADAJ3
    ADAJ3 6 days ago

    Where's the GOAT Yakubu?

  • PlayboiKwame
    PlayboiKwame 6 days ago

    Great video💞

  • Yallow
    Yallow 6 days ago +1

    At first I wanted to say "where the heck is Emmanuel Adebayor in this ?"... but turns out he "only" scored 97 Goals, thoug my main man did more than that 😐

  • Коби
    Коби 6 days ago +1


  • Evan Hegarty
    Evan Hegarty 6 days ago


  • Luke
    Luke 6 days ago


  • Matthew Ashley
    Matthew Ashley 6 days ago +1

    Can you do another video ranking the best Midfielders in the Premier League. It would be interesting to see who you'd put in the top category out of Gerrard, Lampard and Scholes