Crew Demo 2 (Launch)

  • Published on Jun 1, 2020
  • Part 1: Launch
    Part 2: Coast -
    Part 3: Approach/Docking -
    On Saturday, May 30th, Falcon 9 successfully launched Crew Dragon’s second demonstration (Demo-2) mission from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This test flight with NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on board the Dragon spacecraft initiated the return of human spaceflight to the United States.

    Demo-2 is the final major test for SpaceX’s human spaceflight system to be certified by NASA for operational crew missions to and from the International Space Station. With this launch, SpaceX helped initiate the return of human spaceflight to the United States with one of the safest, most advanced systems ever built. NASA’s Commercial Crew Program is a turning point for America’s future in space exploration that lays the groundwork for future missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.
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  • YoshiPeach Mario
    YoshiPeach Mario 22 hours ago

    SpaceX makes space launches and travel cool. Boeing makes you want to fall asleep before you wake up and hear they failed.

  • Adriana Itzel
    Adriana Itzel Day ago

    Tank you elon Musk tank you spacex tank you 😍😘🤗

  • Emil Catalin
    Emil Catalin Day ago

    Could 2 or 4 of the Super Draco abort thrusters be used as an emergency back-up for landing, in the unthinkable and extremely undesirable event of parachute deployment failure at landing? This situation caused the very first inflight fatality in the history of spaceflight.

  • ً
    ً 3 days ago


  • german alexi leal lopez

    Más falso que una moneda de cuero

  • 420 Dab
    420 Dab 5 days ago +1

    When they don't have to breathe out of an oxygen tank on the walk up😁

  • Garen Zheng
    Garen Zheng 6 days ago

    00:00:00 lift off

  • Joshua Ado
    Joshua Ado 6 days ago


  • Joshua Ado
    Joshua Ado 6 days ago


  • TheRMP123 Roblox
    TheRMP123 Roblox 6 days ago +2

    In the past years SpaceX was only a small company with Falcon 1, but now they are a big company with all this.

  • johnthinkpad
    johnthinkpad 6 days ago


  • B B
    B B 6 days ago

    some sort of aircraft flying across??? Can anyone explain

  • J&M dealings
    J&M dealings 7 days ago

    UFO @ 4:28:46

  • Martin Coté
    Martin Coté 8 days ago

    Does anyone know when they're coming back???

  • Christian Mark
    Christian Mark 8 days ago

    Congrats to bob and doug kerman

    OGHUVWU BLESSING 8 days ago +2

    Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  • Dylan Reyes
    Dylan Reyes 9 days ago

    That Falcon 9 Definitely won’t be thrown away it will prob be in a museum

    • 420 Dab
      420 Dab 5 days ago

      They will reuse

    • Lmao.
      Lmao. 8 days ago

      They’re reused tho?

  • Daniel Spencer
    Daniel Spencer 9 days ago +2

    4:03:49 the thrust nozzle placements make them look like a face

  • The Coin Alley
    The Coin Alley 9 days ago

    Very cool personalized plates ISSBND. Such attention to detail.

  • staunchutefan
    staunchutefan 9 days ago +2

    For anyone in the know, it seems to me compared to other launches the full force of the water suppression system is about 1/2 second late. Am I imagining things?

    • Al T
      Al T 4 days ago

      If you’re right, I’m glad that the only hiccup was sound suppression turning on a tad late.

  • staunchutefan
    staunchutefan 9 days ago +5

    “Let’s light this candle” gives me chills every time. Does anyone know the history of that saying? When or who first said it. Thanks

    • Al T
      Al T 4 days ago +1

      Alan Shepard said it during all the delays of his first launch. “Fix your little problem and let’s light this candle” is the exact quote.

    • Gabriel Mazzitelli
      Gabriel Mazzitelli 8 days ago

      when the first or somewhere rocket had 4 hours of delay sheppard was upset so he yell "lets light this candle" saying that he wants to liftoff asap regardless the risk

    • Giovanni Molina
      Giovanni Molina 8 days ago

      Alan Sheppard, check out Joe Scott’s FLash-player video of the American Badass.

  • Bradlee Phillips
    Bradlee Phillips 10 days ago +1

    at the end it made me have tears

  • milo tv
    milo tv 10 days ago +3

    'AMERICA HAS LAUNCHED' me just picturing like 10,000 F1 engines lifting america

    GIANNA MURRAY 11 days ago

    Now mount the dragon on the falcon heavy

  • xygomorphic44
    xygomorphic44 11 days ago

    The 380 dislikes were from Boeing's management team

    • 420 Dab
      420 Dab 5 days ago

      No they were from blue origin employees 😄

  • Squinty Kostiuk
    Squinty Kostiuk 11 days ago +1

    Anybody hear of Bob and Doug Mckenzie? These astronauts reminded me of the space arm bit, youll probably omly know if youre an older Canadian since its before my time

  • حسين اياد حسين اياد

    Starlink mission come to Iraq 🇮🇶 please . We are waiting you to come❤

    • Al T
      Al T 4 days ago

      2021 probably

    • A Random Orca
      A Random Orca 5 days ago +2

      Ignore the guy above me

    • 420 Dab
      420 Dab 5 days ago

      No thanks, 3rd world country

  • حسين اياد حسين اياد

    Starlink mission come to Iraq 🇮🇶 please . We are waiting you to come❤

  • Gaming Console
    Gaming Console 12 days ago +1

    Hi stranger

  • John
    John 13 days ago

    Whats the white objects that look like some kind of material moving around on the mvac engine at 4:26:12? Curious...

  • Lofi Wurld
    Lofi Wurld 15 days ago

    Literally watched this 3 times in its entirety🤦‍♂️

  • Mário Marcos Martins de Souza Filho

    -/-----🏳️‍🌈❓😒🚨Tesla Asus Uk12---------Laser anti Yiff

  • Mário Marcos Martins de Souza Filho

    Thank you =D

  • SDtoby123
    SDtoby123 15 days ago


  • Foreign guys
    Foreign guys 15 days ago

    Damn,Their suits probably are inspired by Interstellar.

  • QuantumSpin
    QuantumSpin 15 days ago +1

    If I could smash the like button several times I would. This is a great culmination of a tremendous effort by NASA and SpaceX.

  • Mimiet
    Mimiet 16 days ago

    4:26:07. wt*k is that 2 things flying by ?????????????!!!!!!!!?!!!????

  • Jose Miguel Martinez Martinez


  •  18 days ago

    Discover the story of this mission (falcon 9 and Dragon capsule) On our new video.

  • Christian Stiker
    Christian Stiker 18 days ago +2

    376 Blue Origin employees disliked this video

    • Odysseus Rex
      Odysseus Rex 3 days ago

      @Christian Stiker Actually, SpaceX has signed a contract with Axiom Space to book tourist flights starting next year.

    • 420 Dab
      420 Dab 5 days ago

      @NebTheWeb Blue origin is working towards commercial space exploration for the wealthy There most likely will never be a cheap way to go into space That ordinary people can afford in our lifetime

    • Christian Stiker
      Christian Stiker 16 days ago

      NebTheWeb well SpaceX doesn’t have real plans for tourism - the dragon is meant, at least right now, for exploration. Also a Blue Origin ticket would be suuuuuuper expensive cause the rocket can only fit a few passengers. I don’t have a problem at all with BO, it’s just that they’ve been in a race to send a person into orbit for a while now and SpaceX just won.

    • NebTheWeb
      NebTheWeb 16 days ago

      Why? If ordinary people ever get to go to space, it will be in this rocket. A trip on a Musk rocket will only be for the rich and famous and will not be cheap (for the oridinary folk)

  • The AngryManc
    The AngryManc 18 days ago +2

    Not even a million views?. Sad Sad times!...

  • william Greene
    william Greene 19 days ago +6

    4:35:30 You can see the sun reflecting off the plumes of the Draco thrusters out the window.

  • Jorge Luis Perez Cortez

    4:26:07 What was those lights?

  • Bill Koenig
    Bill Koenig 19 days ago +1

    In 1969 I sat in a school gymnasium folding chair and watched Neil, Buzz and Mike land on the moon. And this just shortly after losing 3 men on the launching pad. We were all holding our breath until they were pulled (alive) from the capsule and were back safe on mother Earth. Up until Demo-2 this was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. We are now watching the future of our species - provided we don't find a way to kill our world with weaponized virus strains or drain off 100% of our resources before finding a way to do what we do without them. I hope I can find a way to hang around long enough to see how we came out....

    • Odysseus Rex
      Odysseus Rex 3 days ago

      Apollo 11 was two and a half years after the Apollo 1 fire, and why were you in school in July? Are from down under?

  • Bill Koenig
    Bill Koenig 19 days ago +1

    So what happens to the stage 2 engine and fuel tanks? Does it just endlessly float around in orbit? If Spacex ends up launching tens of thousands of Starlink satellites then there is going to be a lot of space debris to worry about. As space gets even busier that's going to be a severe junk yard crowding problem.

    • Odysseus Rex
      Odysseus Rex 3 days ago

      It reenters and burns up.

    • Dimas Gilang Bagaskoro
      Dimas Gilang Bagaskoro 16 days ago

      I'm sure they deorbit the second stage to burnt in atmosphere or they throw it to junkyard orbit

  • Cola Cube
    Cola Cube 20 days ago +2

    I’m proud of USA 🇺🇸. Respect ✊🏻 💙🇺🇸🗽

  • Peter Westerlund
    Peter Westerlund 20 days ago +1

    What is said at 4:22:27 ? "Stage 1 takes..." something? I have played it in slower speed but just can't figure it out.

    • Delay
      Delay 20 days ago +1

      "Stage 1 tanks pressing for flight".
      This is probably a comment related to pressurization.

  • 2nd3rd1st
    2nd3rd1st 20 days ago +1

    Water tower flies 150 meters: 4.2 million views
    first humans fly to ISS: barely 700k

    • Odysseus Rex
      Odysseus Rex 3 days ago

      The original live stream had over 10 million. It's natural that after they broke it up three ways to get around the 24 hour rule that each one would get rather less. Each of the three has well over half a million though.

  • UCISwagnSwole _
    UCISwagnSwole _ 20 days ago +4

    Rip to everyone who couldn't live to see this 💔 in 2020

  • NCTr
    NCTr 21 day ago

    1:43:17 the space x logo of the ninja

  • Jehad Abukhalid
    Jehad Abukhalid 21 day ago

    Has anybody heard about a mouse? Around six minutes fourth seconds after launch you can see a object that looks like a mouse move around.

    • NebTheWeb
      NebTheWeb 16 days ago +1

      @Delay Correct. Just ice debris formed from some sort of venting. In the following video (which I will cue up to start at the point of interest), you will see the ice form, then slide down into that groove, and then slide around into the back of a bunch of other imaginary "mice", and eventually, you will see a few of them slide off the edge of the rocket into the abyss. Once the rocket shuts down even more 'mice' will jump to their deaths ;)

    • Delay
      Delay 20 days ago +1

      It isn't, it's ice - more specifically, solid oxygen.

  • DAChipBAG
    DAChipBAG 21 day ago +2

    I hope this helps to discover new medicines for the new pandemic.

    • Mr Juan
      Mr Juan 8 days ago

      The pandemic wont last more than 5 years, space is the literal future of humanity. Plus enough people are already looking for a cure, stop being salty about amazing achievements.

  • Bernardo Saavedra
    Bernardo Saavedra 21 day ago

    WTF IS THAT MOUSE IN THE SPACE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Odysseus Rex
      Odysseus Rex 3 days ago

      You mean the grey thing, several feet long, with no head, no tail, and no legs? That thing? A puff of frozen oxygen.

    • 111danish111
      111danish111 10 days ago

      @Delay hahahahahahahah!!!!!

    • NebTheWeb
      NebTheWeb 16 days ago +1

      Bernado Saavedra sorry pal, that is not a mouse, hamster, gerbil, or even a rat. Just ice that forms from some type of venting behind the rocket. Here you can see it form, and then it slides down into that groove where it accumulates with other imaginary mice, and then falls of the end of the rocket. Watch carefully.

    • Delay
      Delay 20 days ago +2

      Solid oxygen is typically not referred to as a mouse.

  • Charles Belhumeur
    Charles Belhumeur 21 day ago +1

    Oh man! This is all so great! I was a kid during the Gemini and Apollo launches. We had our first black and white TV one winter. TV broadcast stations normally shut off between midnight and 6 AM would start up at 4 or 5 in the morning. I was preschool and my dad would wake me in the wee hours to watch the launches with him. This kinda brings it all back with the belief such great things can be done along with the excitement. I can't wait to see Starship and Super Heavy fly. I'm an old guy now. I don't how much of this space age I'll live to see. Gonna try to hang on to see as much of it as possible. This revived interest is a good thing for me at my age. Thank You SpaceX! By the way I've heard designing the thrust structure for Super Heavy is challenging. No doubt. I have a suggestion. Build three tank sections just like being done for Starship now but make them about half the diameter. Bundle them together to make a full diameter tank section. Notice the curved triangle in the center forms a natural downcomer for fuel. You've mastered making steel tubes already, this is just a tweak of that. I think this will give you more loadbearing capacity per kilogram of steel than trying to put all the steel in the outer hull. You could tweak this design a little like still make an outer full diameter hull and make the curved outer sections of the inner tanks straight and one plate of steel out to the full diameter hull. Only the inner part of the tanks would be circular with straight plates attaching them to the outer hull. Something like that. You could keep all the tanks separate pressure vessels or cut holes in the sections between them to make one big tank. You'd have to look at the pros and cons of either. The three tubes making up the bundled sections could be continuous tubes from thrust puck to thrust puck with bulkheads and holes where and how required. I'm sure you get a lot of design suggestions so I humbly submit this one with that in mind. And I am an accredited engineer in real life. Once again, Great Work SpaceX! Keep it up! Oh please do keep it up! Let's see Starship and Supr Heavy fly this year!

  • Jacob_ Nugget
    Jacob_ Nugget 21 day ago +2


  • wanderley alves
    wanderley alves 21 day ago +1

    I really appreciate it. Congrats from Brazil 🇧🇷

  • Sulthan Julieri
    Sulthan Julieri 22 days ago


  • Fharel Stark
    Fharel Stark 22 days ago

    When I grow up I won't to be like elon

  • Lorens Rewolle
    Lorens Rewolle 22 days ago +8

    imagine the amount of anticipation you would have if you were sitting in that capsule a few seconds from launch

  • 100 subscribers with no videos challenge

    Former Soviets watching this: blyat if motherland didnt dissolve we've should focked their space missions up

  • Muhd Musa
    Muhd Musa 22 days ago

    There is one thing bothering me all the time watching this, how they going to pee after get into suits? How long they hold it? Sorry my question sound funny, but I really thinking about it😂

    • Muhd Musa
      Muhd Musa 19 days ago

      @trueblue W ooh, I just found out it's call "maximum absorbency garments"

    • trueblue W
      trueblue W 21 day ago +1

      I know this might be weird but im pretty sure they have some sort if like a diaper in there suit and anyways, peeing in there suits are the least of there worries

  • HNK GG
    HNK GG 23 days ago

    why are nasa people talking as if they did something?

    • Odysseus Rex
      Odysseus Rex 3 days ago

      NASA funded, and was deeply involved in the development of, the Crew Dragon. It is very much a partnership.

    • 111danish111
      111danish111 10 days ago


    • NebTheWeb
      NebTheWeb 16 days ago +2

      The rocket was launched at THEIR facility, their pad, the very same pad where Apollo 11 launched 50 years ago to go to the moon....and it is also THEIR astronauts.

  • Chase Koobi
    Chase Koobi 23 days ago +1


  • Jianmim Wang
    Jianmim Wang 23 days ago

    4:26:42 mouse

    • Odysseus Rex
      Odysseus Rex 3 days ago

      A mouse? Several feet long? Grey? With no head, no tail, and no legs?

    • Al T
      Al T 4 days ago

      Frozen O2

  • Ying Gaming
    Ying Gaming 23 days ago +2

    Sini orang indo ngumpul😂

  • Viviane x
    Viviane x 23 days ago +1

    It was very exciting.I prayed for these astronauts...a lot of emotion..God bless.
    I watched here from amazon Brazil.Wonderful day !.

  • JointSnipe
    JointSnipe 23 days ago

    I was really surprised that they were allowed to touch their family just after 1:03:08 and walk around the crowds with their faces exposed during this covid situation. I was fully expecting them to be in complete and max level isolation. Why is this? If they get sick up there it's over right? Wasn't this a huge risk regardless of whether their family or nearby people had symptoms?

  • artzenkraft
    artzenkraft 24 days ago

    The anomalies observed during CREW DEMO-2 Falcon 9 First Stage re-entry at ≈[T+00:06:01] and at ≈[T+00:06:15] are here on You Tube:

  • Through the Eyes of a TJ
    Through the Eyes of a TJ 24 days ago +1

    Here is an interesting fact: This was all made possible because of the Russians. If the Russians sold Elon the ICBM he wanted at a reasonable price before forming Spacex so he could launch a greenhouse to Mars, that would have probably been the end of it, no Spacex. But, the deal was never made which motivated Elon to create Spacex; which as of now will be saving us billions of dollars that would've been going to Russia for tickets to space. I bet Russia is now pretty pissed about that loss of future revenue lol. Would have been a better investment to just give Elon that ICBM for free back then. So lets all take a minute to thank Russia for bringing human spaceflight back to the great US of A.

  • ooga booga
    ooga booga 24 days ago

    That was wicked. Wow

  • Unotch
    Unotch 24 days ago +1

    Oh come on Elon! Give Bob an orange suit!

    • Al T
      Al T 4 days ago

      I wish

    ЗЕФИРКА 24 days ago +1

    1:38:09 ahahahah, why does it make me laugh?

  • KuboF Hromoslav
    KuboF Hromoslav 25 days ago

    Great job, SpaceX! Go to ISS, go to Mars!

  • Tony Tang
    Tony Tang 25 days ago


  • Gio-el Croes
    Gio-el Croes 25 days ago

    4:28:45 UFO bottom right near the booster

  • Adrián Pavlačič
    Adrián Pavlačič 25 days ago

    Lets set up patreon or gofundme for SpaceX

  • Tim Jin
    Tim Jin 25 days ago


  • edembadro888
    edembadro888 26 days ago

    31:57 name of the music???

  • ertic yusa
    ertic yusa 26 days ago

    I did not know that the earth curve could bend the other way. lol

    • Sailor Man
      Sailor Man 23 days ago

      @ertic yusa It's a wide-angle lens.
      A fish-eye lens is not the same.

    • ertic yusa
      ertic yusa 26 days ago

      I know it is fish eye lens

  • jenny Schmidhauser
    jenny Schmidhauser 26 days ago

    bueno los extraterestre lo estan esperando , que fieton

  • Marc Abelha
    Marc Abelha 26 days ago

    I was watching the countdown and playing Civ6's Sogno Di Volare in my head.

  • widprism
    widprism 26 days ago

    Human advance with one step forward

  • James Edmonds
    James Edmonds 26 days ago +1

    "... as we set sail we ask God's blessing on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked."
    - President John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    Rice Stadium; Houston, Texas
    September 12, 1962

  • BFB-DanceySteve
    BFB-DanceySteve 26 days ago

    No banana 🍌 dispenser in the cockpit?

  • Fernando Sanchez
    Fernando Sanchez 27 days ago +1

    @4:20:34 UFO caught flying lighting fast on the left side of the screen.

  • Code on Mars
    Code on Mars 27 days ago

    Subscribe to the channel Code On Mars to stay updated with the latest videos on algorithms

  • long chin man
    long chin man 27 days ago

    [Fades to black]
    *500 YEARS LATER*

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham 27 days ago

    No where near as impressive as those shuttle launches

    • Odysseus Rex
      Odysseus Rex 3 days ago

      True dat. We won't regain the kind of capabilities we had with Shuttle until Starship becomes fully operational.

  • Unknown Secret
    Unknown Secret 27 days ago

    4:37:10 they stay like that for 90 hours?

    • Cornerback3141
      Cornerback3141 26 days ago +1

      I think it's 19 hours, and they can take off the space suit and move around in that time.

  • Meable Gaming
    Meable Gaming 27 days ago

    4:22:42 is the rocket launch

  • Iker Ortiz
    Iker Ortiz 27 days ago

    Alguien traduce por favor como un resumen por favor

  • vesko besko
    vesko besko 27 days ago


  • Filexmaster
    Filexmaster 27 days ago

    ese auto esta la raja

  • BlackAuT Draw
    BlackAuT Draw 27 days ago +3

    Hello USA, i am from Russia, congratulations with launching! It is awesome, now you are first in the space! (sorry for my english)

    • Odysseus Rex
      Odysseus Rex 3 days ago

      Your English seems better than many Americans I have encountered.

  • T.Watcher
    T.Watcher 27 days ago +1

    Man that first minute sure goes by fast!

  • trade the trend
    trade the trend 27 days ago

    Demo 2 mission

  • martin phonela
    martin phonela 27 days ago


  • farah khoury
    farah khoury 27 days ago

    good luck

  • Dario Turchi
    Dario Turchi 27 days ago

    I'd like to know. Why those Spacex workers are wearing black clothes with numbers

    • NebTheWeb
      NebTheWeb 16 days ago

      @Dimas Gilang Bagaskoro The Space-X Black Ninjas

    • Dimas Gilang Bagaskoro
      Dimas Gilang Bagaskoro 16 days ago

      It's Elon Musk's order. He wants the ground crew to wears some fancy outfit. And for the numbers, it helps for identifying who is who (bc they wore masks)

  • costafilh0
    costafilh0 27 days ago +31

    SpaceX: launches people in to space
    Me the hole time: please don't explode please don't explode

    • olivier.
      olivier. 3 days ago


    • Vegan CarboRaider
      Vegan CarboRaider 3 days ago

      @olivier. Yep. This was one of the safest launches in history. AND, very few accidents have happened with people on board.

    • olivier.
      olivier. 5 days ago

      I was never scared, there are little engines that can pull the astronauts away from an exploding rocket safely. Heres a vid of that:

    • Andrew Mitchell
      Andrew Mitchell 27 days ago

      I think everyone was thinking exactly the same thing. So glad it went off without a hitch because we all know that rocket fuel is no joke! Just one tiny thing goes wrong and it's game over. I've just finished watching "NASA & SpaceX: Journey to the Future" on the journey to the final launch here. It's a good to see how much they've done to get where they are now.