Soulja Boy - She Make It Clap (Official Video)

  • Published on Apr 30, 2021
  • Official Video for "She Make It Clap" by Soulja Boy (Draco)
    SODMG Records/Virgin Music/Warner Chappell
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  • Johnny
    Johnny 14 days ago +2716

    Yes BIG DRACO Goooooooo! over a million views in 2 days. WELL EARNED AND DESEREVED. for the bandwagon soulja fans that havent been listening or keeping up with him musically since 2011 here are some gems to go run up the numbers on.. these are must listen tracks:
    "Make it Rain"
    "New Designer"
    "Talking Winning"
    "Jeopardy" [feat Rarri & Hammon]
    "Walk in the Mall"
    "Drop the Top"
    "Im On Now"
    "Woo" [Feat. Chief Keef]
    "Flex for the Summer" [Feat. 24hrs]
    "Withdrawl" [Feat. Gudda Gudda]
    "Drip on Me"
    "Turn Up" [Feat. Fredo Santana & Tadoe]"
    "Red Bottoms & Balenciaga"
    "Ridin' Round"
    "In the Air"
    "Came From the Bottom"
    "We Ready" [Feat. Migos]
    "Triple Chain Gang" [Feat. Young L]
    "Come Try It"
    "Im Up Now" [Feat. Chief Keef]
    "Wake n Bake"
    "Overseas Drip"
    "New Drip"
    "Actavis" [Feat Migos (Takeoff)]
    "Cotton Candy"
    "Trigger Finger" [Lil Wayne Feat. Soulja Boy]
    "Spend it All"
    No particular order.. all Soulja hidden Gems that need to be RAN UP! Support this man! Trust me youll be thanking me later

    • Mission
      Mission 11 hours ago

      Wheres Top Back

    • roberto5red5rocky
      roberto5red5rocky 2 days ago

      Funnyhow Sosa people robbed Soulja in the studio but since he finally got another him Sosa came through for the video lmao

    • DJ Dav Phantom
      DJ Dav Phantom 2 days ago


    • HG
      HG 3 days ago

      Don’t forget BINGO with Gucci and Waka

    • Shabooya baby
      Shabooya baby 3 days ago

  • Easton Kerr
    Easton Kerr 8 minutes ago

    Love the jamaican colours

  • Easton Kerr
    Easton Kerr 9 minutes ago

    Big draco up again

  • Car guy
    Car guy 11 minutes ago +1

    kshmr pack

  • Grewsome6ix
    Grewsome6ix 35 minutes ago

    Big up JA an all Dancehall artist. Big up to TRINIDAD

  • G O O D C H A R A C T E R
    G O O D C H A R A C T E R 36 minutes ago

    Big dracooo couldn't wait to stop the versing and go back to " she make it clap clap clap"

  • Quartier Ndoleh
    Quartier Ndoleh Hour ago

    yall better give this man some food

  • Nicki Grande
    Nicki Grande Hour ago

    Isnt this the lavish song leak by nicki

  • LANDO57
    LANDO57 Hour ago

    Here after the Joe Budden interview.

  • Rello Rose
    Rello Rose Hour ago

    They see u now keep making 🔥🔥

  • Perfecto Jose
    Perfecto Jose 2 hours ago

    Thats a shit

  • Axel Storm
    Axel Storm 2 hours ago

    Let’s be really real. This shit is damn awful.

    PURIZE 2 hours ago


  • MetdzQLife
    MetdzQLife 3 hours ago

    Comeback!! Soulja boy tell's em

  • j batter Wayne workshop

    So you mean to tell me Soulja Boy is out so Drake he is out Sol Lil Wayne he is out sold future he is out sold Young Thug

  • j batter Wayne workshop

    He make it crap

    JOE CRUUZ 3 hours ago +1

    this is awful lol

  • Ci Fasho
    Ci Fasho 4 hours ago

    Should of stopped at the chorus!!! Smfh

  • Dwayze On Blaze
    Dwayze On Blaze 4 hours ago

    Soulja got a hit for every era 😂

  • Zo On'Go
    Zo On'Go 4 hours ago

    what’s up, it’s ya boy Zozo aka Zo On’go on all major music platforms. If you haven’t heard my music already make sure you go checc it out today and see what you’ve been missing!

    MC CABE 6 hours ago +2

    The Rap is off Beat WTF 😂 that’s wack

  • artsykilla
    artsykilla 7 hours ago

    OCEAN GANG 🌊🌊🌊

  • WILL M.
    WILL M. 8 hours ago


  • Montavio
    Montavio 8 hours ago

    If i would have known the whole song was the title i could have listened to the song by reading the title didnt need to click

  • Montavio
    Montavio 8 hours ago

    Dam i didnt know that i listened to the whole song just by reading the title

  • kiddchronic901
    kiddchronic901 8 hours ago

    Great job my guy fuck tik tok its goin up in memphis my boy

  • Nethanel Honsinger
    Nethanel Honsinger 9 hours ago

    the actual song so trash then on tiktok lol

  • It’s kyra_potato
    It’s kyra_potato 11 hours ago

    This video is wak

  • Baker Maker
    Baker Maker 12 hours ago

    Lyrics : She make it clap clap clap ...

  • Hassan Khaleel
    Hassan Khaleel 13 hours ago

    soulja made chief keef

  • Cliff Hanger
    Cliff Hanger 13 hours ago

    2.82milliom? He's still the man

  • Asia
    Asia 13 hours ago

    Why tf is he rapping like that 😂

  • Warren Anderson
    Warren Anderson 13 hours ago

    Flava Flav?

  • Victor Jdm
    Victor Jdm 13 hours ago

    Soulja boy the only guy who can “fall off” and come back like nothing man he the goat🔥

  • 45 Askel
    45 Askel 13 hours ago

    #sodmg 🇯🇲🔥

  • Public Nuisance
    Public Nuisance 13 hours ago +1

    Now we need an x-rated version.

  • Fish Stickz
    Fish Stickz 13 hours ago

    bruh if i only i had made it here before tik tok did-

  • Giovani Matheus
    Giovani Matheus 13 hours ago +1


  • Nicoll G. Rodriguez
    Nicoll G. Rodriguez 14 hours ago

    This song sounds like Piri by Dreamcatcher released on 2019:)

  • Cynical Brandon
    Cynical Brandon 14 hours ago

    U got this beat off youtube lol

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 14 hours ago

    He did shit for rappers he had every one in this song

  • Brennen Smith
    Brennen Smith 15 hours ago

    This man the king of comebacks

  • Nart Sllamniku
    Nart Sllamniku 16 hours ago


  • 21. Hlompho
    21. Hlompho 16 hours ago +1

    Tik Tok reviving careers outchea.😂🤣

  • Super -DY
    Super -DY 16 hours ago +1


  • Katlego Godfrey
    Katlego Godfrey 16 hours ago

    the rap are wack thou

  • Paul D
    Paul D 16 hours ago


  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 17 hours ago

    somebody give this man a sandwich or 2 .. mans gotta stay away from those drugs b

    SHINOBEATZ 17 hours ago

    i can be your producer

  • Curtis Brown
    Curtis Brown 17 hours ago

    Half the song she make it clap clap 🤦🤦

  • MrjoelFlex
    MrjoelFlex 17 hours ago

    Big Souljaaaa nigga

  • Lucas Possnien
    Lucas Possnien 17 hours ago

    how did soulja boy manage to make himself a one hit wonder a second time? u know what I mean

  • Henrison Cruz
    Henrison Cruz 17 hours ago

    sucesso my nigga

  • Gabriel Bilodeau
    Gabriel Bilodeau 17 hours ago

    I didn't know he was alive

  • Cedric Watkins
    Cedric Watkins 17 hours ago

    Bro did it fr I’m still proud

  • Loretha Rodney
    Loretha Rodney 19 hours ago

    Yes. I can make it clap 😅😅😅

  • Inanc Sezair
    Inanc Sezair 19 hours ago

    20 darby hupa in nem Huracan

  • Weslley Ramos
    Weslley Ramos 19 hours ago

    O pai nunca foi !
    Soulja o pai dw todos

  • 2c davi
    2c davi 19 hours ago


  • Eric Vianna
    Eric Vianna 19 hours ago


  • Amiral Budila
    Amiral Budila 20 hours ago +1

    Soulja come back 🔥

  • Bag Seed Grower
    Bag Seed Grower 20 hours ago +1

    This recorded in a library

  • RetY Wrld
    RetY Wrld 20 hours ago

    I love this fckng Song

  • lisa poole
    lisa poole 20 hours ago

    What is this TRASH, and why are y'all on here capping this noise up? 🤦🏿🤦🏿🤦🏿

  • FreshWave
    FreshWave 20 hours ago

    what the hell is this man?

  • Daniel Kennedy
    Daniel Kennedy 20 hours ago

    Soulja changed the game

  • Haisha
    Haisha 20 hours ago

    Like it's wild, I get off the internet and ish for like 4 or so weeks and soulja is back, and trending, I can't leave again what else will I miss

  • Cordell Mueller
    Cordell Mueller 21 hour ago

    Aye yo you stole my boys beat deadass my friend made this beat 2 years ago and you just now stealing it lol

  • Darjai Anderson
    Darjai Anderson 22 hours ago

    I didn’t know this was u bro yeahhhhh stop SLEEPING ON THIS FUCKING GOAT