Xperia Announcement April 2021

  • Published on Apr 14, 2021
  • Speed and beyond - Xperia’s new line up has arrived:
    *Multiple language subtitles available from settings.(English / 日本語 / Español / Français /中文(繁体字)/中文(簡体字)/ русский язык / Deutsch)
    Watch the announcement and discover our new range of Xperia devices.
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    00:00 - Introduction
    05:42 - Xperia 1 III
    08:49 - Photography
    16:35 - Cinematography
    18:25 - Cinema
    20:04 - Mobile Gaming
    24:55 - Audio
    27:34 - Other features
    29:26 - Xperia 5 III
    32:07 - Xperia 10 III
    32.45 - Closing
    #Xperia1III #Xperia5III #Xperia10III
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Comments • 70

    RODRIGO CARTENS 8 hours ago

    Will Sony smartphones be available in Mexico? Thanks! 😀

  • TreetHoown
    TreetHoown 17 hours ago

    Goddamn this is one amazing presentation. No joke the music in first section got me tearing up.
    Really psyched for Xperia 1 III

  • Avi Nash
    Avi Nash Day ago

    Plz come back in 🇮🇳

  • Server Asia
    Server Asia Day ago


  • Eduardo Muñoz
    Eduardo Muñoz Day ago

    Regresen a México, ya escribo en samsung y esta horrible!!

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar 2 days ago

    Waiting From India...I m big fan of Sony relaunch again in India 🇮🇳

  • Nazmus Sakib
    Nazmus Sakib 2 days ago

    Not your typical selfie taker!

  • Ivoney Santana
    Ivoney Santana 2 days ago

    Algum BR fanático aguardando esse lançamento?🤔❓

    MATCHA 2 days ago

    Bring back deep sea black color plz.

  • Geordin Padinjakarayil

    Please comeback to India 📱

  • Cresswon Dicaprio
    Cresswon Dicaprio 2 days ago

    If sony bring walkman again, everything will change the world mibile phone

  • Anon Bin Anon
    Anon Bin Anon 2 days ago

    I hope the phone comes out in a month, last time we had to wait 5 months, the excitement just dies by then.

  • noX 1988x
    noX 1988x 3 days ago

    Sony is ❤ Greetings from Germany

  • eL21
    eL21 3 days ago

    I sony

  • Rauno Repomies
    Rauno Repomies 3 days ago

    Sony makes the best phones of modern day. Sony, can you send me #Xperia1III for free? I'm broke.

  • karan solanki
    karan solanki 3 days ago

    Come back to India. .. or release it for worldwide on Amazon and Flipkart so sony lover buy this mobile ..

  • Know How KH
    Know How KH 3 days ago

    Now 2021 why Sony still leaves the edge of the phone big like this? And no 8k video recording, no fingerprint sensor under the display. You made me feel disappointed ☹️

  • doc fmf
    doc fmf 4 days ago

    Is this really compatible with US wireless providers? I'm on TMobile and constantly losing 4g connection with my Xperia 1ii. And recently found out some incoming calls weren't coming thru.

  • Flazerator
    Flazerator 4 days ago +1

    Anyone who said to bring the Xperia back to the International regions. Well, of course not. Sony has already offered 89% Xperia phones and sold in the International markets. Apparently, Sony has to release the new Xperia phones in this year, Xperia 1 III, Xperia 5 III, and Xperia 10 III, when it comes out early summer. However, Pricing will come out of the release Xperia 1 III, Xperia 5 III, and Xperia 10 III. I don't know how it is going to happen. But please, be nice, be patient, and be calm. Sony has to think about the Xperia phones market off the International regions and could try to bring them back in the future. Also, the compact phones has for Xperia 5 III, you should come and see 29:56 playback.

  • John Breaker
    John Breaker 4 days ago

    Sony still making phone too expensive than it actual worth, but with this xperia 1iii, I can feel it's worth it. Looking forward to get one for myself.

  • SteveFamily
    SteveFamily 4 days ago

    Sony returned to north asia :)

  • Photographer AD
    Photographer AD 4 days ago

    Poor 3.5 mm jack 😑💔

  • Romka Om
    Romka Om 4 days ago

    Sony Xperia top

  • matthew kühl
    matthew kühl 4 days ago

    Oh, that 5 III looks amazing

  • Cip Con
    Cip Con 5 days ago

    I love sony phones but to announce a phone now and relice it in half ear from now on is wryly stupid and annoying

  • St George
    St George 5 days ago

    TVs and SO FORTH

  • At night Times
    At night Times 5 days ago

    Love Sony product

  • Michi Rocket
    Michi Rocket 5 days ago

    GREAT work! And the only one with Micro-SD support this year 👍

  • Melki Shrif
    Melki Shrif 5 days ago

    Does it have Dolby vision?

  • Thushara Ihalagedara

    I don't know why in some of south asian countries sony is not available officially (global version). Few of sellers import au,docomo version but it does't feel new , i think they are refurbished do some thing we are waiting untill you launch sony global version in south asian countries where it does not available. You have large market , plz access it, fans are waiting....Also i recommend not to compete like other brands doing, the way you going is Right and better.....(From Sri lanka 🇱🇰 )

  • Anay Parab
    Anay Parab 5 days ago

    I m big fan of sony. Sony come back to india

  • お拖把茶
    お拖把茶 5 days ago

    SONY , get this million dollar idea for free !!
    Right button for taking photos will be used for shooting enemy in games,
    Volume buttons, move them up and they will be used for zoom in camera, or as two additional buttons in games (like L1,L2 in PlayStation controller).
    For more ideas, please contact me.

  • お拖把茶
    お拖把茶 5 days ago

    AMAZING !!!
    They're hitting every aspect very accurately.
    - Photographer
    - Audiophiles
    - Gamers
    KEEP it up SONY !!!

  • Sharma Ji Vlog
    Sharma Ji Vlog 5 days ago

    Sony Xperia please comback to India

  • Min Grg
    Min Grg 5 days ago

    But where is the phone ?not avaiable😣😣😣😣rip

  • Manuel Mendez
    Manuel Mendez 6 days ago

    I really wanted to love Sony over Samsung years ago… I’m still interested because they come from a long way

  • 愛新覺羅
    愛新覺羅 6 days ago

    Samsung S22 & SnapDragon 888+ is coming , why are you so late .........

  • Parnashree Pal
    Parnashree Pal 6 days ago

    Free তে gift পেলে খুব ভালো হয় ।

  • Haji yasir Arafat
    Haji yasir Arafat 6 days ago

    Nice and beautiful cell phone

  • Angel R.A.
    Angel R.A. 6 days ago

    All our Xperia still work (from 2010). SONY is truly LIKE.NO.OTHER!
    But please repair software bugs from the lower's 10II and L4 that are shown in Community Forum and let Gcam compatibility for any Xperia device!

  • Rony A
    Rony A 6 days ago

    Plzz lunch in India...

  • Bo-Laurids Jähde
    Bo-Laurids Jähde 7 days ago

    Would love to see a foldable Xperia

  • Casper Tong
    Casper Tong 7 days ago +1

    The 3.5mm headphone jack and sd card tray is a deal breaker

  • Rot Tech
    Rot Tech 7 days ago

    I trust Sony, in my opinion they are the most serious and do not compromise on quality. I have never been disappointed with Sony products. I only use Sony Xperia phones.

  • shanmugam s.s
    shanmugam s.s 7 days ago

    Sony mobile phone fans r waiting for your mobiles when u come to India sony mobile

  • shanmugam s.s
    shanmugam s.s 7 days ago

    I like sony,Samsung mobile phones

  • sunset002007
    sunset002007 7 days ago

    " microSDXC support (up to 1 TB)" oh yes, oh yes, oh yes ! )) now i have a real reason, thx sony !!! Seems that new model is amazing, seems to have all the interesting tech inside..even a 3.5 jack..!! bye bye samsung... really a pity, i (simply) wanted at first the new s21, but with no microSD, all ways ( now, if that sony keeps is promises.. fantastic ) Crossing fingers the photos automatic filenaming is now the same than samsung though, with just date, hour and seconds in the filenames..and will be absolutely perfect for me.. crossing fingers ))

  • shanmugam s.s
    shanmugam s.s 7 days ago

    Sony mobiles will come to india. India in 3 stages people living in India low & medium & luxury stage this stages people in India to buy mobiles & mobile accessories,television,music player,home theatre,sound bars,computer,etc

  • Sri Rama
    Sri Rama 7 days ago

    Sony Xperia is great, it's a fact, most people agree this. Its price is the only concern. Price cut can take Sony Xperia a long way.

  • Anuradha Mallick
    Anuradha Mallick 7 days ago

    Sony you aren't bringing it to INDIA ? are you ?

  • Muhammad Minhaz Quraishi

    Please launch in India 🇮🇳

  • Biswajit Roy
    Biswajit Roy 8 days ago

    Does sony xperia 5 iii launched in India ?

  • mikldude
    mikldude 8 days ago

    Nice phone but narrow display real estate spoils it , if it was galaxy note size or iPhone pro max size it would be palatable.

  • truly blessed
    truly blessed 8 days ago

    the fact that they have added a 3.5mm audio jack made this flagship smartphone different and a winner compared to other flagship smartphones. I hope they start selling worldwide again. I'm a fan of audiophile/high-resolution music, this makes me really excited.

  • truly blessed
    truly blessed 8 days ago

    im a fan of Sony, my last 3 smartphones were xperia, because they are the trendsetter and the others are just copying their innovations, like the super slow-motion feature on camera,

  • Joe
    Joe 8 days ago

    Sony does better events than Samsung

  • FUN TV
    FUN TV 8 days ago

    When it will be released or Launched in the Indian Market. I and as I more lover of SONY are waiting since 2019, please come up with a new business strategy in India.

  • Alamgir 443
    Alamgir 443 8 days ago

    I like Sony I love sony

  • Nin [Cypher NX]
    Nin [Cypher NX] 8 days ago +2

    360 audio from speakers? Wow, can't wait to try that!

  • Gaming Word 87
    Gaming Word 87 9 days ago

    Camera top

  • adrian wong
    adrian wong 9 days ago

    Does the camera feature 10-bit color for video like the iPhone? does it feat picture profile like cin2 and s log?

  • Neil Mar Castro
    Neil Mar Castro 9 days ago

    Sony all the way.

    • jigar prajapati
      jigar prajapati 6 days ago

      I want to also buy ..but it is not launching in india

  • Benjamin Zsoka
    Benjamin Zsoka 9 days ago

    I love Sony and Xperia smartphones. But please leave the presentation to the non tech people who speak better english.
    My next smartphone will be from Sony cause LG smartphones died even with the higher price tag. The design from sony is fine with me.

  • Юрий Шамонов

    Когда возобновят компакт модели?

  • Sir Lancelot
    Sir Lancelot 9 days ago

    Why compromise
    Like no other's
    Make and believe
    It's a SONY

  • Noman Ahamed
    Noman Ahamed 9 days ago

    please come back

  • vhal santos
    vhal santos 9 days ago

    i wish i cud have one of this amazing smartphone,, Comeback sony mobile with a bang

  • Vladislav MVP
    Vladislav MVP 9 days ago

    У меня Sony Xperia Z2 и я абсолютно доволен этим телефоном, он безусловно хорош и сегодня. Но технологии не стоят на месте и я ждал достойной замены и наверное дождался. Нужно признаться до этого начал присматриваться среди других производителей. Надеюсь что меня удовлетворит этот шедевр. Но уже могу сказать что стоимость высока.

    NESMAL FAZIL 9 days ago

    Come back...we want u in favourite brand

  • Muhammad Mubeen
    Muhammad Mubeen 9 days ago

    I'm a big fan of sony.
    Please bring this to pakistan also.